Dolan, Hypocrisy And The Murder Of The Innocent

New York, NY – 5-27-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – It was revealed by the New York Times that the Archdiocese of New York is paying for contraception and abortions for its unionized employees.

The stunning hypocrisy of Cardinal Dolan at the same time he is supposedly leading the fight for religious freedom, to also already be paying for contraception for thousands of Archdiocese employees, is a betrayal of every person who has honestly worked for religious freedom.

It is our sincere hope that Cardinal Dolan or some close representative of his office can clarify their position in this matter.  It is hard to imagine that even as corrupt as the NY Times is, that they would misrepresent the facts involving this most critical issue to the Catholic Church.

The Cardinal’s apparent cold-hearted indifference to the children in the womb, whose  abortions he is paying for, is a sickening reminder of how many Catholic Bishops have betrayed children in the last few decades.

It appears the abuse of children in the Catholic Church is continuing – is it now even being paid for by Cardinal Dolan and the Archdiocese of New York?  The Catholic Church has paid millions of dollars in damages for alleged claims (many unproven) of sexual abuse of children; now the government is forcing the Church to pay for the ultimate child abuse, abortion.

Contact: Cardinal Timothy Dolan:  Phone: 212-371-1000

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12 thoughts on “Dolan, Hypocrisy And The Murder Of The Innocent

  1. No wonder Dolan came out and said Gov. Coumo is a catholic in good standing even though he is a pro-abort. Dolan himself is paying for abortions

  2. You ask a question they will NEVER answer. The Cardinal as head of the Archdiocese is paying for abortions. Would he also pay for lynching if it was required?

    If he said yes it would expose him to ridicule and if he said no then why is he now paying to lynch babies in the womb.

    It is cowardly leaders like the Cardinal that has shown the world that Christians are mostly talk with no real morals.

  3. If you read the article from the new york times carefully, it says in the article that the nursing home and other catholic run organizations whose employees are part of a particular union are forced by law to pay for the contraception and abortion. The diocese was doing this before Dolan became cardinal and they chose to not fight the 1199 union employees (many of whom are not catholic) on this matter in order to continue to provide the same quality of service to the residents and patients.

    It is not so much a hypocrisy scandal as it is more solid evidence as to what the laws are doing in this country.

    • Daniel,

      Cardinal Dolan is paying for abortions, case closed.
      All Dolan has to do is say NO MORE!!!!!

      Tell the union the Archdiocese will NEVER pay for abortions.
      The union can strike, sue, go on a rampage, pull the cardinal out in to the street and kill him…..but under NO circumstances should a Cardinal and his diocese write checks to murder babies.

      NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!!

      • I agree that the fact that the insurance plans force people to pay for contraception and abortion, however, this post portrays the issue as if it was Dolan’s decision to pay for this.
        Let’s look at what can be found in a quick 2 minute Google search about Dolan and this issue:

        The archdiocese agreed to cover its own health workers long before Cardinal Dolan became archbishop of New York As a result, about 3,000 full-time workers at ArchCare, also known as the Catholic Health Care System, receive coverage for contraception and voluntary pregnancy termination through their membership in 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, a powerful health care workers union.

        Cardinal John J. O’Connor and the archdiocese “objected to these services’ being included in the National Benefit Fund’s health insurance plan” when joining the league in the 1990s. But the cardinal then decided “there was no other option if the Catholic Church was to continue to provide health care to these union-affiliated employees in the city of New York,”

        ArchCare, which operates seven nursing homes and a variety of other health facilities, gives its 1199 union employees the same coverage they would get at over 100 other nonprofit hospitals or nursing homes in the New York area, because ArchCare voluntarily belongs to the League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes, a multi-employer organization that negotiates with the union every few years for a joint labor contract.

        Bruce McIver, the president of the league said he recalled that some Catholic organizations had expressed concern about paying for the contraception benefits in the mid- to late 1990s. But in recent years, as the number of Catholic hospitals in the city dwindled, “they just kind of stopped…”

        During union negotiations, “I don’t remember it coming up in the last dozen years or so, ever,” he said. “In a place like New York, their employees, not all of whom are Catholic, would react pretty badly.”

        There is even more in the actual article which can be found here:

        • 1. Dolan should not ever give one penny to murder babies – yet he is paying for abortions.

          2. It doesn’t matter if this came from the previous Cardinal, if it came from Obama, or if it came from Satan himself – No decent person could allow the Archdiocese to pay even one penny for abortions – yet Dolan does.

          3. Fire every employee and close all institutions if keeping them open means participating in the murder of babies.

          4. Dolan has set the standard – by his actions he is telling the world that Catholics can participate in any demonic crime like abortion – that’s it, end of story.

  4. Margaret Thacher said, “We shall stand for principle, or we shall not stand at all.”

    One thing is clear, some in the Church are afraid to take a stand for life and Church teaching.

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