Babies Saved Waco TX

The turnout of those standing for life was awesome

Thursday is the appalling day of surgical abortions
committed by Planned Parenthood in Waco.  Over 15,000 abortions
since 1994.

Last Thursday was the first for which the Pro-Life Waco truck was
parked directly across the drive way from the abortuary. It will not be
last.  The day was very eventful.

The new truck billboard features Actress Jennifer O’Neil and the message “I regret my
abortion.”  The turnout of those standing for life on Thursday was
awesome—over 30 standing at one time or another between
7 and 10:30.  Thank you! Thank you!

We thank God for two babies and moms saved. Possibly there were more.

I want to tell the story about the one we know about for sure.  A young
woman driven by a young man entered the abortuary parking lot a little
after 7:30.  They did not stop to talk to us, but had to see our pro-life
witness and the message on the truck.  She soon decided that she
would not allow Planned Parenthood to destroy her young son.  She
then called her father to come and pick her up and take her home. Those
standing for life were not aware of this courageous, life-saving decision. 
The about 8:45 a.m. man drove to Planned Parenthood and did stop to
talk to us. With tears in his eyes, he thanked us for “just being there” and
told us that his daughter had turned away from abortion and that his
grandson would now live!!!  There was much celebration at the sad
location of 1827 Columbus Avenue.  A big point I want to make about the
grace-filled moments last Thursday is that not one person in our group
said a word to the young mom.  It was simply our being present at this
location that helped save the life of a little boy and help save a mom and
her family from a life of regret and turmoil.  I ask you to prayerfully
consider joining the witness for life for a half-hour or hour on some
Thursday morning in the near future.

The other mom chose life over death for her baby AFTER she had already paid
for the abortion with a credit card. Planned Parenthood was giving her the runaround
and took well over an hour before adjusting her credit card for death denied.

And others?  Only God knows. However, we frequently hear about
women being driven to an abortuary and seeing a group of pro-lifers
standing legally and peacefully at the clinic. At times, women will change
their minds at that point and just drive on by.  Those who stand and pray
and hold signs at abortion clinics are engaged in a mighty witness of

Thanks for all you continue to do for the Gospel of Life

John Pisciotta
Pro-Life Waco, Director
201 Harrington Ave. Waco, TX 76706
Now this is the attitude which I attack. It is the view that because we have taken the wrong turn some time ago we must go forward and not backwards. Because we have lost our way we must lose our map also. Because we have missed our ideal, we must forget it.  
G. K. Chesterton, What’s Wrong with the World, p. 174

The Tiller Murder

The Tiller Murder:  The Hypocrisy of the Media Exposed

By Christopher Clukey


 On May 31, shots rang out and three men fell. One’s death touched off a media and political firestorm, while the others were quickly forgotten…along with tens of thousands of murder victims who are also part of this story.


At an Army recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas, two recent graduates from Army basic training, Privates William Long and Quinton Ezeagwula, were gunned down by Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, an American convert to Islam. Long died at the age of 23, and Ezeagwula was wounded. They had been at the office speaking to potential recruits. They had trained for the battlefield, but the battlefield came to them at home.


Earlier that day, George Tiller had also met his end. Tiller had performed abortions at his practice in Wichita, Kansas since the early Seventies. His facility was one of the few that performed abortions all the way through the third trimester of pregnancy. At a conference sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation and held at the offices of the National Education Association in Washington, DC, Tiller even admitted that he had performed abortions up to the day before the mother’s due date. It’s estimated that Tiller performed approximately 60,000 abortions over the course of his career. For this reason, pro-life groups and commentators focused on Tiller as an example of the worst  a despicable industry had to offer.


Tiller was serving as an usher at his church in Wichita when he was fatally shot in the head at point blank range. Police had a suspect in custody by the end of the day, but the media were just getting started.


The abortionist’s murder “was a top story for three days” in the words of Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier, but there was little coverage of a terrorist attack against American troops on American soil. An analysis of the coverage by Jennifer Harper of the Washington Times, published on the Friday following the shootings, found that:


A Google News search on the term returned “George Tiller” brought up 10,000 hits, while searching on “William Long” brought up about 1,400.

A LexisNexis search on “abortion doctor” and “recruiter” returned 98 stories on Tiller and six on Long and Ezeagwula.

“Every day from Sunday to Wednesday, the Associated Press moved three to six different-bylined stories mentioning the Tiller slaying. On no day has it moved more than one separate story on the Long killing.”

The Washington Post had published 28 stories on the Tiller’s murder and 5 on the Long- Ezeagwula shooting.


In many of these stories and the commentaries that also flooded America’s news outlets, Tiller was glorified for his (in the words of the New York Times) “principled devotion to women’s health and constitutionally protected rights,” among other things. No mainstream media outlets mentioned that he had become a millionaire by performing high cost abortions, nor did they mention Christin Gilbert, the 19 year old woman with Down Syndrome who died of sepsis after her late-term pregnancy was aborted by Tiller’s clinic. Since they didn’t report on Gilbert’s death, they also didn’t mention the fact that Tiller and fellow abortionist LeRoy Carhart invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying to a grand jury about the care Gilbert received the day she died. Meanwhile, little was said about the heroism of two young men who just by signing up to be soldiers had declared they were willing to give their lives to protect the lives and rights of people they didn’t even know…people like LeRoy Carhart for instance.


Stranger still, the press took it as a matter of fact that Tiller’s death was caused by anti-abortion rhetoric, but did not even ask what role the religious and political views of Muhammad might have played in his decision to kill recruiters. Though bizarre, broad and completely unsupported accusations against the pro-life movement abounded, the media’s shots against individual organizations and commentators was even more bizarre. USA Today published a flagship editorial blaming Operation Rescue and Randall Terry specifically for Tiller’s death, even though the man had never worked with OR and the organization has preached non-violence for decades. Keith Olbermann told his tiny audience that pro-life activist Jill Stanek was “the worst person in the world” because she had published photos of the filthy environs of  Carhart’s clinic. Olbermann claimed Stanek was trying to get Carhart assassinated by revealing the location of his workplace, but it doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that Carhart spends thousands of dollars in advertising each year to tell people where his clinic is so he can have their business.


Olbermann was one of many commentators who accused Bill O’Reilly of causing Tiller’s death by referring to him as “Tiller the Killer” and reporting occasionally on his show about Tiller’s activities and legal troubles. None of these commentators could point to any falsehoods in O’Reilly’s segments, or point to any reason it was beyond the pale to call a man a “killer” when he made a living stopping the hearts of small children, so they were basically saying that O’Reilly was responsible for Tiller’s death because he had told the truth. For that matter, most, if not all, of the truths O’Reilly reported were publically available.


The media also seemed to take it for granted that anti-abortion violence is a huge and frequent problem.  True, killing Tiller or any other abortionist is, murder, a wrong and inherently hypocritical action for a pro-lifer. But consider this: In the 36 years since abortion was decriminalized, four abortionists and four other clinic workers have been killed by abortion opponents who chose to turn to murder. Tens of millions of people are oppsed to abortion, yet they are so inclined to violence that they have, in the better part of four decades, killed fewer people than the number killed in 23 minutes by two high school boys in the infamous Columbine shootings. More to the point, they have killed half as many people in that time than home grown Islamic terrorists have killed in the eight years since the 9/11 attacks. 


None of these logical gymnastics would have been necessary if the media analyzed the motives of Muhammad, who said he shot the recruiters because of American military actions since 9/11 that he claimed were a war on Muslims. Here the media had a man who had adopted as his middle name a word meaning “wariror for Islam,” who had explained exactly why he had decided to commit terrorism on American soil, but they never bothered to ask who had influenced him. What sort of preaching was he hearing? Was his mosque radical, or was he radicalized by Internet preaching or underground videos? If Randall Terry and other pro-lifers had to explain the murder of Tiller, why was no explanation demanded for Muhammad’s action from people like Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore, who had respectively called Iraqi terrorists “freedom fighters” and “Minutemen?” Why no questions for Congressman Jack Murtha, who acted as a one man jury to convict Marines of mass murder at Haditha, or Senator Dick Durbin, who compared U.S. military interrogators to Nazis and KGB gulag guards? Why no questions about their own coverage?


How would the media cover and describe anyone who considered every Muslim in American a full partner in Muhammad’s crime? They would be called a bigot, and rightly so. Yet they slandered tens of millions of Americans who would never advance their cause through violence.


Privates Long and Ezeagwula were disregarded by the media as they stampeded over their story to make silly political points. But surely their Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, would have a kind word to say about their sacrifice, or something stern to say against the man who had gunned them down. No. On the day Tiller died, Obama issued a statement saying he was “shocked and outraged by the murder” and rightly called it a “heinous” act. But he issued no such statement about the two men under his command slaughtered by a terrorist, not that day or on the following Tuesday when he introduced his nominee for Secretary of the Army. On Wednesday, Obama began a tour of the Middle East and Europe, giving a speech on Thursday in Cairo which apologized to the Muslim world for American policy during the past eight years. Almost three months have passed, but he has still not commented on the murder of William Long.


The Passing of Edward Kennedy

Human Life International’s Statement on the Passing of Senator Edward Kennedy


We must, as a matter of precept, pray for the salvation of heretical Catholics like Senator Edward Kennedy, but we do not have to praise him let alone extol him with the full honors of a public Catholic funeral and all the adulation that attends such an event. There was very little about Ted Kennedy’s life that deserves admiration from a spiritual or moral point of view. He was probably the worst example of a Catholic statesman that one can think of. When all is said and done, he has distorted the concept of what it means to be a Catholic in public life more than anyone else in leadership today.

Obviously we don’t know the state of Senator Edward Kennedy’s soul upon death. We don’t pretend to. We are told by the family that he had the opportunity to confess his sins before a priest, and his priest has said publicly he was "at peace" when he died. For that we are grateful. But it is one thing to confess one’s sins and for these matters to be kept, rightfully, private. It is another thing entirely for one who so consistently and publicly advocated for the destruction of unborn human beings to depart the stage without a public repudiation of these views, a public confession, as it were.

It is up to God to judge Senator Kennedy’s soul. We, as rational persons, must judge his actions, and his actions were not at all in line with one who values and carefully applies Church teaching on weighty matters. Ted Kennedy’s positions on a variety of issues have been a grave scandal for decades, and to honor this "catholic" champion of the culture of death with a Catholic funeral is unjust to those who have actually paid the price of fidelity. We now find out that President Obama will eulogize the Senator at his funeral, an indignity which, following on the heels of the Notre Dame fiasco, leaves faithful Catholics feeling sullied, desecrated and dehumanized by men who seem to look for opportunities to slap the Church in the face and do so with impunity simply because they have positions of power.

It is not enough for Kennedy to have been a "great guy behind the scenes" as we have seen him referred to even by his political opponents. It is also not praiseworthy to put a Catholic rhetorical veneer on his leftist politics that did nothing to advance true justice as the Church sees it or to advance the peace of Christ in this world. Every indication of Senator Kennedy’s career, every public appearance, every sound bite showed an acerbic, divisive and partisan political hack for whom party politics were much more infallible than Church doctrines. Whatever one’s political affiliation, if one is only "Catholic" to the extent that his faith rhymes with his party line, then his Catholicism is a fraud.

As the Scriptures remind us, there is a time for everything under the sun. This, now, is the time for honesty about our Faith and about those who are called to express it in the public forum. If we do not remind ourselves of the necessity of public confession for public sins such as Senator Kennedy was guilty of, then we are negligent in our embrace of the Faith and we are part of the problem. As Pope Benedict has reminded us recently, charity without truth can easily become mere sentimentality, and we must not fall into that error. A Catholic show of charity for the family must not eclipse the truth that is required of all with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Senator Kennedy needs to be sent to the afterlife with a private, family-only funeral and the prayers of the Church for the salvation of his immortal soul.

He will not be missed by the unborn who he betrayed time and time again, nor by the rest of us who are laboring to undo the scandalous example of Catholicism that he gave to three generations of Americans.

Calls on pro-life Catholics to pray for Church amid scandal

Pro-Life Leaders: Tell Cardinal O’Malley Not to Honor Pro-Abortion Kennedy with Public Catholic Funeral




By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 28, 2009 ( – The director of the pro-life group Citizens for a Pro-Life Society (CPLS) is calling on pro-lifers across America to respectfully urge Cardinal Sean O’Malley of the Boston Archdiocese not to allow the passing of notorious pro-abortion advocate Sen. Ted Kennedy to be honored with a public Catholic funeral.

Following the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy of brain cancer Tuesday night, a funeral mass has been scheduled for Saturday morning at Boston’s Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, where President Obama is expected to deliver the eulogy.

Pro-life Catholic leaders say that, since Kennedy may have disavowed his abortion advocacy before his death, a private Catholic funeral would be appropriate.  However, they argue, in the absence of Kennedy’s public repentance, a public Catholic funeral would heap scandal upon the Catholic Church and its pro-life teachings.

American Life League president Judie Brown published her letter to Cardinal O’Malley calling on him to "stop the travesty" of the upcoming funeral. 

"If this funeral Mass proceeds as planned, Senator Edward Kennedy will have spit one more time on Christ, this time from a casket," wrote Brown.

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society director Monica Miller sent an email blast this week to rally pro-lifers to protest the arrangement.

"What’s the issue here ultimately? If someone like Ted Kennedy – who advanced and facilitated the murders of innocent human beings – can be granted a funeral Mass, then this sends the message that the killing of the innocent just doesn’t matter," said Miller.

Miller urged Catholics to contact Cardinal O’Malley to protest the funeral in the hours leading up to the event, and to "pray for the Church."

"Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, needs to hear from thousands of people," she said. "The phones at the Boston Archdiocese should ring off the hook today!"


To respectfully contact Cardinal O’Malley with concerns:
phone: 617 782-2544 

* NOTE: see Effective Communications in Response to LifeSiteNews Reports

Archdiocese of Boston:
phone: 617 254-0100
fax:  617 746-5762

Rev. Ray Collins, pastor
Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
phone: 617 445-2600 
fax: 617 445-1857



What Sticks?

This cartoon speaks for it self.



















Rockford Pro-Life Initiative

An  estimated 21 children were killed at Rockford’s abortion facility;    Twins saved in Rockford;     Must see videos;     Amazing 4-D Footage of Growing Baby;      Obama Promotes "Death Book" for Veterans;     Mayo Clinic Doctor Admits Abortions Hurt Women;     PRO-LIFE, PRO-FAMILY BOOK BY FORMER ROCKFORD RESIDENT A MUST READ…..




On Friday August 21, an estimated twelve children were killed at Rockford’s abortion facility.  About twenty five Christians from many Rockford area Churches came to pray this morning and offer help to mothers in need.


At one point a van pulled up to the curb where the pro-lifers were praying.  A woman got out, opened the side door to her van and invited the pro-lifers to come over and meet someone. 


This same woman had come to the Rockford abortion facility over two years ago for her scheduled abortion.  Through the grace of God she stopped that morning and talked with the side walk counselors.  Because of the love and support shown to her by Christians she chose life that day – and in the back seat of the van were her smiling and happy twins that were scheduled to be killed two years ago.  This mother just wanted the pro-lifers to see her beautiful children and thank them for being at the mill praying that morning and their willingness to help her when she needed a friend.


Every one of you who prays, works, or sacrifices for life and an end to abortion played a part in the saving of these children’s lives and others like them.  It was very good to see the result of God’s grace in action in the faces of these two beautiful children saved from death at Rockford’s abortion mill.  See cartoon here:



On Wednesday August 26, an estimated nine of God’s precious children were killed at Rockford’s abortion mill.      It rained all morning long but that did not stop over 20 pro-lifers from being present at the "foot of the cross" in Rockford.  One of the most remarkable things this morning was the silence at the abortion mill.  Pro-lifers were every few feet on the side walk and not a voice was heard – all that was seen were heads bowed in prayer and a sidewalk counselor offering help to mothers.  The silence was broken at one point when the abortion mill landlord got on his loud speaker to mock Christianity but even that did not interrupt the prayers that were being offered for the parents and children inside of the mill.


In Luke 18:8, the question is asked, "when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?" In Rockford, Illinois Christ will find a killing center that has destroyed the lives of over 50,000 of "the least of My people." 


Christ will also find a pro-life community that does love His children, is standing publicly with them, is praying in their homes, schools, and Churches.  To all of our dear readers, please continue to work and pray for the lives of God’s children and the soul of our city. 

The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education and Personal Sacrifice. 




 Please go to this web-site to see a preview



‘In the Womb’ is Now on the Net: Amazing 4-D Footage of Growing Baby

By Patrick B. Craine

August 25, 2009 ( – The two-hour National Geographic documentary ‘In the Womb’ is now available on YouTube in 9 parts.  Originally aired in 2005, the documentary used revolutionary techniques in computer imaging and 4-D ultrasounds to present stunning images of the developing embryo, taking viewers through the amazing journey of the unborn baby from conception to birth.

 The video presents a remarkable visual apologetic for the pro-life message that human life begins with fertilization.  Showing the continuous development of the unborn child from conception to birth, it shatters all attempts to pinpoint any other time as the beginning of life. 

 While portraying images of the sperm and egg coming together, the narrator explains, "Once within the egg wall, the sperm’s nucleus is drawn toward the egg’s. The two cells gradually and gracefully become one.

 "This is the moment of conception," he declares, "when an individual’s unique set of DNA is created, a human’s signature that never existed before, and will never be repeated."

 The narrator goes on to explain how all of the characteristics of the human body are laid out in the first weeks of life.  "Over the course of the first trimester, or first three months, this single egg will begin to transform itself into a fully-formed baby," he says.  "But all the features of the human body, limbs, nerves, organs, muscles will be mapped out in the fragile first weeks."

Through vivid computer-generated images, we are shown how at 4 weeks the black dots that will become the baby’s eyes have already formed, as well as the "emerging buds" along her body that will grow into her limbs.  By six weeks, the eyes, though still not functional, have become "glassy domes with no eyelids," and by nine weeks the buds have grown into full-fledged limbs.

 We see the beginning movements of the fetus at nine weeks, and through 4-D ultrasound imaging, we witness the initial stepping reflex of the little 11-week child.  The ultrasound shows the child bouncing around in her mother’s womb, "using the walls of the uterus like a trampoline," as the narrator says.

 The documentary takes the viewer into the operating room, where a fetoscope is used to perform surgery on a 26-week-old fetus who has developed a hole in his diaphragm.  Without the surgery, his intestines will have grown into his lungs by the time he is born, not allowing him to breathe.  The doctor puts the fetoscope through an incision in the mother, into the baby’s mouth, and down the back of his throat to insert a tiny little inflatable balloon that will allow the lungs to grow properly (see end of video #7) to beginning of video #8).

 The documentary’s message is self-evident: the child in utero is fully human and her development in her mother’s womb is merely one important phase in her continuous growth.  Concluding the video with the birth of a newborn baby girl, the narrator explains, "She’s gone from egg to embryo to fetus to trillions of cells of newborn baby.  Her birth marks the beginning of her journey in the world, but she has already travelled an incredible path during her 9-month odyssey in the womb.

 "Protected by her mother, and following her own unique genetic blueprint, she has grown a face, eyes, arms, and legs," he says.  "She has a brain and nervous system to control her body.  Stomach and intestines to digest food and a heart to pump blood.  She has learned to breathe, to hear, to feed, to remember, and to tell her parents when she’s hungry, tired, happy, or in pain.  All before being born.  And now, she is ready to face the world."



Obama Administration Promotes "Death Book" for Veterans

By Peter J. Smith


WASHINGTON, D.C., August 20, 2009 ( – Americans worried about President Barack Obama’s health care reforms turning into "death panels" have a new cause for concern: the Obama Administration has mandated that government-run Veterans Affairs hospitals give their patients a handbook on advanced directives including "end-of-life counseling" created by advocates for legal euthanasia.

 Last week, reported that Compassion & Choices, formerly known as the Hemlock Society, is aggressively promoting a measure (sec. 1233) in the "American Affordable Choices Act of 2009" (HR 3200) as the "centerpiece" of health care reform. (see coverage here) The proposal is to incentivize doctors and medical professionals to offer "end-of-life" consultations every five years with elderly and infirm patients, and offer them more frequently as a patient’s health condition deteriorates ever closer toward death.

 However, opponents fear this could lead to medical professionals initiating conversations that could pressure patients into accepting lower-quality care or into denying themselves life-sustaining treatment, such as antibiotics, or "artificially administered nutrition and hydration."

 Since government would control the rate of medical reimbursement, it could substantially increase the financial incentive for doctors to have these conversations, especially in a possible scenario of dealing with runaway health-care costs. Just last Friday, the Obama Administration revealed government deficit would increase $9 trillion over the next ten years, nearly doubling a national debt already totaling $11.67 trillion.

 "There are legitimate concerns that it would give doctors a financial incentive to encourage patients to sign pull-the-plug orders, and that patients would feel pressured to do so by the doctor’s authority," said Jim Towey, a former director of the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives (2002-2006) and founder of the nonprofit Aging with Dignity, in an article written last Tuesday for the Wall Street Journal.

 Towey writes that concerned Americans should look no further than the government’s Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which has an advanced directives manual called "Your Life, Your Choices," authored by Dr. Robert Pearlman, the chief of ethics evaluation at the VA’s National Center for Ethics in Health Care. Towey points out that Pearlman advocated for physician-assisted suicide in 1996 in the US Supreme Court case Vacco v. Quill and also is an advocate for health-care rationing.

 According to his VA bio, Pearlman’s chief expertise is "clinical ethics (especially end-of-life care)" and has focused his research on "euthanasia, medical futility, advance care planning, physician-assisted suicide, and relief of patient suffering."

The 52-page end-of-life planning document, as Towey explained, "presents end-of-life choices in a way aimed at steering users toward predetermined conclusions," and also "lists various scenarios and asks users to then decide whether their own life would be ‘not worth living.’"

 Such scenarios have VA patients consider whether: "I can no longer contribute to my family’s well being," "I am a severe financial burden on my family," and that the patient’s health condition "causes severe emotional burden for my family."

But Towey points out that "the only resource" on advance directives cited in "Your Life, Your Choices" is the pro-euthanasia organization Compassion & Choices, while faith-based or disability-rights advocates are not included as a resource. found that the 1997 version included contact info only for Choices in Dying, a predecessor to Compassion and Choices. However, the official VA link to the version updated this year by the Obama Administration is now disabled. LSN found that the site now only features the first edition, but with the last page on "other resources" conveniently missing.  

"When the government can steer vulnerable individuals to conclude for themselves that life is not worth living, who needs a death panel?" asked Towey, pointing out that the Obama Administration resuscitated the manual after the Bush Administration had banned the VA from giving it to the nation’s wounded and disabled veterans.

Towey added that the VA instructed its doctors last month to discuss "advanced care planning" with all VA patients and "to refer them to ‘Your Life, Your Choices.’"

 Dan Kennedy, CEO of Human Life Washington, told that much of the problem with the massive health-care overhaul of HR 3200 is that the language leaves too much room open for interpretation, and that can have enormous consequences down the road as government bureaus or courts fill in the details.

 "People need to realize, that any health care legislation that is passed, though appearing to be compassionate, will not be very detailed," warned Kennedy. "Unfortunately, the details will be filled in by government bureaucrats in close consultation with Compassion & Choices – the former Hemlock Society. It is true, the devil is in the details."

 "Hopefully, the American people have grown weary of buying on faith what the government has been selling."

The latest polls reveal that just may be the case. According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 54 percent now say that no health care reform this year would be preferable to the current legislation working its way through Congress.



Mayo Clinic Doctor Admits Abortions Hurt Women

Rochester, MN ( — A physician who works for the prestigious Mayo Clinic has written a new factsheet that admits abortions harm women. Roger W. Harms, M.D., a Mayo Clinic obstetrician and medical editor-in-chief, also says abortions can cause women problems with subsequent pregnancies. The Mayo Clinic posted Dr. Harms’ new factsheet, with the title "Does it affect subsequent pregnancies?" on August 6. Harm says there are definitely cases when physicians see "an abortion cause problems in a subsequent pregnancy." "During a surgical abortion, the fetus is removed from the uterus — often with a vacuum device, a syringe or a spoon-shaped instrument with a sharp edge (curette) — as an outpatient surgical procedure," Harms explains. In some cases, "a surgical abortion may weaken the cervix or cause scarring on the inside of the uterus." "If such damage occurs, surgery may be needed to correct the problems before a woman can conceive again or carry a subsequent pregnancy to term," he said.



South Dakota Abortion Centers Must Tell Women Abortion Kills Children

Pierre, SD ( — A federal judge has struck down a South Dakota law that requires abortion centers to tell women that the abortion could increase the mental health risk of suicide. Judge Karen Schreier issue a ruling today striking down the law, calling it “untruthful and misleading.” Concerning the suicide portion of the provision, the judge wrote that "such a risk is not ‘known,’" and, therefore, the "the suicide disclosure language of the statute is untruthful and misleading." However, studies have consistently shown that abortion makes it more likely that women will consider suicide. A March 2004 report from the National Institutes of Health revealed that suicide is now the third leading cause of death among America’s young people. In fact, for teen girls and young women, the suicide rate has tripled over the past 25 years.





To Be A Mother: Adopting God’s Heart The Aftermath of Abortion and the Power of Redemption

 August 24, Raleigh, NC and Denver, CO – When a woman chooses abortion, the lingering psychological effects can be devastating. Deanna Jones, author of To Be a Mother, knows too well the grief and guilt that can haunt these women. As a teenager, an abortion seemed the only answer for Deanna, but the decision caused her great pain afterward. Finally, by opening her heart to Jesus Christ, she was able to transcend her grief and forgive herself. Her memoir, published by Outskirts Press, is a story of hope that will resonate with many women, and inspire all who read it.
Deanna Jones found herself pregnant at the age of 19. In an unstable relationship, and with a musical career starting to take off, she decided she was not ready for motherhood. “No way,” she said. “This is my life, my body.” And so she made an appointment at a local clinic. But she was not prepared for the overwhelming despair that would result. After the abortion she was left with a feeling of emptiness and loss. “Legalized abortion denied me a beautiful gift from God,” she says. “The desperation post-abortion far outweighed the desperation during my brief, unplanned pregnancy, and I was so off balance that I felt as if I would never be able to hold onto anything ever again. A part of me was missing and I would never get it back.”
There is a happy ending, however. To Be a Mother is not focused on Deanna’s loss, but rather, it is a story of redemption, resurrection, God’s grace, and His extravagant blessings. Deanna found that by facing her actions and calling out to the true Father, she would be transformed, forgiven, and enlivened. With the Lord by her side, she was able to move from a difficult childhood and a painful abortion decision to the miraculous redemption of Christ and the healing joy that came from the birth and adoption of her six children.
  “The poignant and compassionate words of Deanna Jones articulate America’s latent sorrow in the aftermath of our abortion culture.  Deanna’s sympathetic perception is borne from a personal
encounter with grief. Listen to her and be illuminated, healed, and refreshed.”

—Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue

“To Be a Mother truly highlights the healing presence of Christ in Deanna’s life. She eloquently travels from her painful past to her redemption and new life in Christ. This book would be an inspiration to any woman, or man, who has suffered, as Deanna has, and is searching for healing.”

—Theresa Burke, PhD
Author of Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion
Founder, Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries

“Finally, in To Be a Mother, Deanna beautifully redefines the term pro-life—pro-life and pro-adoption become one. An elegant portrayal of the choice to give redeeming love that makes receiving it in turn so much sweeter.”

—Carolyn Twietmeyer, Founder/Executive Director, Project HOPEFUL

This true story shows us firsthand that God is compassionate, illustrating the relentless nature of His pursuit to save and claim His children and allow them life everlasting. The Bible declares that the Lord will turn our mourning into gladness and our despair into praise (Is 61:3), and for Deanna Jones, this has become truth. Follow her inspirational story as she is lifted from a wounded child to a place of understanding and joy as a woman of God. To Be a Mother is a celebration of life, of motherhood, and the sanctity of life itself.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-3839-6 Format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback  
Genre: Christian Life / Women’s Issues

About the Author: Deanna Jones was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, and is currently a bandleader and singer for the New York based band The Deanna Jones Orchestra. She considers her greatest assets to be her six children—two by birth, and four by miraculous adoption. Her web site ( <> ) is dedicated to the miracle of motherhood, and she and her husband, Mark, are active pro-life, adoption advocates. For more information or to contact the author, you may also visit




Counseling and sacrifices save lives.

At one point a van pulled up to the curb where the pro-lifers were praying. 




























A woman got out of her van, opened the side door to her van and invited the pro-lifers to come over and meet someone. 

 This same woman had come to the Rockford abortion facility over two years ago for her scheduled abortion.  Through the grace of God she stopped that morning and talked with the side walk counselors.  Because of the love and support shown to her by Christians she chose life that day – and in the back seat of the van were her smiling and happy twins that were scheduled to be killed over two years ago.  This mother just wanted the pro-lifers to see her beautiful children and thank them for being at the mill praying that morning and their willingness to help her when she needed a friend.

 Every one of you who prays, works, or sacrifices for life and an end to abortion played a part in the saving of these children’s lives and others like them. 

It was very good to see the result of God’s grace in action in the faces of these two beautiful children saved from death at Rockford’s abortion mill.

Why Pro-life cartoons

We have been asked “why are we running these pro-life cartoons?”



















 We in the pro-life movement believe that the mayor, states attorney, city council, police department and the pro-life community all want to achieve the same goal; that is to have a safe community for all of us to grow in and coexist peacefully with respect for one another. 

In the past we have had much dialog with city representatives to little avail.  We are also using litigation in some cases to achieve this goal.    We would rather meet with city and police representatives in order to reach a better understanding of our goals, desires, and rights.

  It is our sincere hope that some of these cartoons may spark some interest into some of the problems facing the pro-life community, among which is equal protection under the law and a clear understanding by all as to our legal rights to freedom of assembly; the right to free speech; and to be given proper police protection under the law if in any way someone interferes with our rights; such interferences are now a common occurrence.

 As we grow and learn,  it is our hope that we can have meaningful dialog and solve some of the disagreements at the NIWC (Northern Illinois Women’s Clinic)


War On The Unborn

These casualty statistics will shock you.


 War casualties from the American Revolution up to the war in Iraq equals 1,002,176 lives that have been given in service to our country.     The war on the unborn claims over that figure every month here in the United StatesThis is not a typographical error; please read on.  

Are We Any Better Than Hitler ?

Hitler killed 12 million innocent victims in his death camps over 65 years ago, and no one has forgotten-and rightly so!  What’s different about the holocaust of the unborn?  How come people are indifferent?  It’s because Hitler’s killing was brought out into the light.  The media and many in our government not only allow, but encourage, the killing to go on in silence and darkness.  The killing must stop!

Here are some Abortion Statistics

Surgical abortions in the United States (1965-2005)

Since the first states decriminalized abortion in 1967, it is estimated that more than 1,878,990 reported surgical abortions were performed up until 1973.  In 1973  Roe v. Wade, the  Supreme Court case that lifted all restrictions on abortion was ruled.   An average of 1,300,000 babies are killed annually through surgical abortion.   Approximately 50,000,000 babies have died from surgical abortion since 1973.

Chemical abortions in the United States (1965-2005)

Because many contraceptive measures are abortifacients (drugs that induce or cause abortions), it is important not to overlook the number of children killed by chemical abortions. Since 1965, an average of 11 million women have used abortifacient methods of birth control in the United States at any given time. Using formulas based on the way the birth control pill works, pharmacy experts project that about 14 million chemical abortions occur in the United States each year, giving a projected total of well in excess of 560 million chemical abortions between 1965 and 2005.

Total abortion in the United States (1965-2005)
     If you add up the estimated number of surgical and chemical abortions, the total is more than 600,000,000 babies killed in the
United States alone.

No events in the annals of human history can equal the amount of deaths that are caused by abortion in this country or throughout the world.  Through the grace of God we must resist the culture of death with every fiber of our being.  The future of this country and even our own lives will depend upon us winning this war.

Thanks to for the abortion statistics.