The Truth Needs To Be Told


 The vast majority of mothers who go to abortion clinics are never told the truth about the persons in their wombs

 Rockford IL April 28 2010For years sidewalk counselors at the Rockford abortion mill have spoken with mothers who have told us that when they were in the Northern Illinois Women’s Center,  they were not told about the development of the children in their wombs.  Some of the mothers even had ultra-sounds done and were never shown the babies alive within them.

 80% or more of mothers choose life if they see an ultrasound

We know why abortion mills try to hide the results of an ultra-sound from a mother.  Because they know:
1. An ultra-sound shows and proves the growing person within the mother is her child.
2. Studies show even mothers who are fully convinced they want an abortion choose life after they see the babies living in their wombs.
3. Abortion is about lies.  The lie is that a person in the womb is not a person.  An ultra-sound rips the mask off this lie.
One young mother recently told a sidewalk counselor that after she had an ultra-sound and asked to see it and was refused, she used Google images on her Internet capable cell phone to see what the ultra-sound of her baby would look like.  When she saw the beautiful child in the womb, she came immediately out to the pro-life sidewalk counselors for help.
"Only half the patients who go into an abortion clinic come out alive"  Post-abortive mother
Over the years pro-lifers have heard the horror stories of what it’s like inside of the Rockford abortion mill.  We have spoken with mothers who have chosen life because they said:
1. When they were waiting inside the clinic, everyone seemed to be crying.
2. The staff seemed so cold as if they were blaming me for being there.
3. It was the most depressing place I have ever been.
4. I was going in for an appointment, and they wouldn’t let me take my born child inside.  Why are they afraid to let born children inside?
5. I could just feel something was wrong in there.
“Whoever is careless with the truth cannot be trusted with important matters."  Albert Einstein
Please follow this link    to learn more about how the full truth is not being offered to mothers who enter the Rockford IL abortion mill.
We are in the process of and have already collected numerous stories of mothers who have received less than the full story about abortion, life, and the development of a child in the womb in Rockford’s abortion mill. 
If you have a story to share with us or know someone who does, please contact us at
All information will remain confidential, but it will be a tremendous help in our efforts to ensure no mother has an abortion without knowing the full truth of what will happen.  May God bless you




The Culture War

10 Reasons Pastors Avoid the Culture War

As far as I’m concerned, a silent or waffling pastor in today’s paranormal climate is about as necessary as Rosie O’Donnell is to CPAC. I don’t care
how much the minister likes kitty cats, candy canes, and if he cries at Celine Dion concerts. Look, voiceless vicar, if you’re not currently in the middle of this crucial cultural squabble, pointing out what’s putrid and cheering on what’s proper, then you’re Dr. Evil in my book.
Given that this is an election year and that the culture-dividing issues are more obvious than Joan Rivers’ last lip implants, it is mind-boggling to me that many ministers are mute or side with parties, policies and principles that are antithetical to the Christian worldview. I don’t know if you got this memo in seminary but pastors are not only supposed to salvage souls but also build good society.
In some kind of ascending order, it seems to me there are 10 reasons why pastors and priests avoid political and intense cultural issues and thus aid and abet evil.
1.  Fear of man. If you purport to be a man of God then your regard for God and His opinion must trump the trepidation of the creature God created from spit and mud. Come on, man of God, don’t fear the crowd … we’re ants with cell phones who’ll shoot Botox into our foreheads. We’re weird and fickle weather vanes of what’s en vogue. You’ve got to lead us. Therefore, go to the mountain … get a fresh dose of holy terror and move into Moses mode and command us to be and do what is holy, just and good. The grinning, mild, subtle Oprah approach doesn’t seem to be stemming the current flood of filth.
2.  Ignorance. Most people are not bold in areas in which they are ignorant. I know keeping up with all the pressing political issues is maddening, but that’s life, brother, and if you want to be a voice in society and not just an echo, you have got to be in the know. Staying briefed, running each political issue through the gauntlet of Scripture and determining God’s mind on a certain subject are par for the course for the hardy world changer.
3. Division. Y’know, I hate the current non-essential divisions in the church as much as the next acerbic Christian columnist. Squabbling over the color of the carpet, who’ll play the organ next Sunday or who is the Beast of Revelation, is stupidity squared. Hey, divisive Christian rebel without a clue—get a life, por favor! Or become a Satanist and go screw up their church. Do something other than make mountains out of   your little molehills. There’s a time and place for a biblical throw-down and an ecclesiastical split from political policies and parties. For a minister to seek unity with secularists when they are trashing and rewriting Scripture with impunity is to side with vice and to allow darkness to succeed. On these kinds of issues, the minister cannot group hug or sing a James Blunt song to the secularist or the apostate Christian.
4.  Last Days madness. Many ministers do not get involved in political issues because they believe that "it simply doesn’t matter" since "the end has come," and Jehovah is about to run the credits on this failed earth flick. These defeatists believe that any change in the jet stream, war, earthquakes, a warming globe, the success of a corrupt politician, are "proof that God is getting really, really ticked off and that His only recourse is to have Christ physically return and kick some major butt.
They see the church and themselves as impotent and having no real ability to change things culturally with any long range ramifications. Thus, any stab at a better tomorrow is simply an exercise in futility for this rapture crew. Attempting to right culture is, in their eyes, equivalent to polishing brass on a sinking ship; therefore, they are content to simply pass out tracts, tramp from Christian rock concert to Christian rock concert, eat fatty foods and stare at Christian TV.
5.  Sloth. Classically defined, sloth is lethargy stemming from a sense of hopelessness. Viewing our nation and the world as an irreparable disaster, where our exhortations, prayers, votes and labors will not produce any temporal fruit, leaves one with all the fervor of a normal guy who’s forced to French kiss his sister.
If you’re wondering why your flock is so apathetic, ask yourself if you have stolen the earthly hope that their valiant efforts can actually prevail in time and not just in eternity. If you constantly pump the doom and gloom message, if you teach them that evil will ultimately triumph on our terra firma, if you spew messages that consciously or unconsciously convey "big devil" and "little God," then you have effectively zapped what’s left of your parishioners’ passion.
6.  They don’t want to lose their tax exempt status. Many pastors, priests and parishioners have been cowed into inactivity by the threatened loss of their tax exempt status if they say anything remotely political. This can make pastors who don’t, or won’t, get good legal advice about as politically active as Howard Hughes was during the flu season. The church may, among other things, register their members to vote, pass out voter guides, invite all candidates to speak (even if only one of them shows up) and speak directly about specific issues.
Off the clock, in his personal capacity, the pastor or priest can endorse and support (or oppose) whomever or whatever he wishes—like any other citizen. There are no limitations to the individual; the ones that do exist under the 501(c)(3) statute are only for the church entity and/or the pastor in his official capacity, not for the pastor or members who make up the church.
7.  They bathe in paltry pietism. Pastors avoid politics because such concerns are "unspiritual," and their focus is on the "spirit world." Yes, to such imbalanced ministers, political affairs are seen as "temporal and carnal," and since they trade in the "eternal and spiritual," such "worldly" issues get nada.
This bunch is primarily into heavenly emotions and personal Bible study, and they stay safely tucked away from society and its complicated issues. How sweet. They forget that they are commanded to be seriously engaged with our culture or fall into the worthless category Christ warned them of (Mt. 5.13).
8.  They have bought into the Taliban comparison. Pastors have muffled their political/cultural voices because they fear being lumped in with Islam by the politically correct thought police. The correlation made between Christians’ non-violent attempts at policy persuasion and the Taliban’s kill-you-in-your-sleep campaigns is nothing more than pure, uncut crapola. Ministers, please blow off the tongue-wagging blowhards who try to intimidate you into silence by making quantum, ludicrous, scat-laden and analogous leaps in equating the implementation of a gracious, biblical worldview with the Islamo-fascists’ cross­ eyed bad dream
.9.    They    can’t    say   "no"    to minutiae.Some ministers can’t get involved in studying or speaking out    regarding    pressing    issues simply because of the ten tons of junk they are forced to field within their congregations. Spending time wet nursing 30-year-olds without a life and being bogged down in committee meetings over which shade of pink paint should be used for the women’s ministerial wing of their church, ministers are lucky if they get to study the Bible nowadays— much less anything else.
This is the fault of both the ministers with their messiah complexes and the congregants with their me-monkey syndromes, and they must all have their foreheads thumped if the church is going to tackle cultural issues.
10.  They like the money. The creepy thing about a lot of ministers is their unwillingness to give political or cultural offense when offense is needed, simply because taking a biblical stand on a political issue might cost them their mega-church, which means their seven homes, their Bentley and their private jet. Oh well, what do you expect? Christ had His Judas, and evangelicalism has its money loving hookers.
If the ministers within the good old US of A would crucify their fear of man, get solidly briefed regarding the chief political issues, not sweat necessary division, not get caught up in last days madness, maintain their hope for tomorrow, understand their liberties under God and our Constitution, not become so heavenly minded that they’re no earthly good, focus on the majors and blow off bowing to cash instead of convictions, then maybe . . . just maybe … we will see their righteous influence cause our nation to take the needed sharp turn away from the secularist progressives’ speedily approaching putrid pit.
[By Doug Giles]
Comment:The very last thing we want to do is to "bash" our shepherds, who have dedicated their lives in service to the Lord! Something however is drastically wrong with the majority of shepherds, when 87% of our population claim to "know God", yet this nation is in a free fall into the unrelenting, unquenching fires of Hell. We cannot escape the fact that we will all have to account for allowing our nation to degenerate into debauchery, hedonism, murder of the innocents, the abomination of homosexuality, and countless other grave sins, while countless souls are perishing! OK, you may say that we are critical, but when have you heard these critical issues addressed from the pulpit? Shall we say NEVER!!!
"Do not be afraid. Go on speaking, and do not be silent, for I am with you. No one will attack and harm you, for I have many people in this city."
[Acts 18:9-10]
"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid."
[Ronald Reagan]
"For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad."    [2 Cor. 5:10]

Three saves this past week!

Praise God! Three saves this past week! Many wonderful articles below. Please read on.

 On Friday April 16, an estimated 15 children died inside the Rockford abortion mill.  A sidewalk counselor was able to explain briefly to two of the clinic nurses about the new pro-life state laws that have recently been passed.  The workers listened without saying a word. 
The first case from Nebraska outlaws some types of abortions because of the excruciating pain it causes a child in the womb. Here is a link for more information.     The second law that was explained to the clinic nurses is a Dakota law that bans decapitating a child in the womb or crushing a child’s skull
As these nurses were walking into a building to participate in the killing of children, it was hard to tell if the facts about these new laws to protect children in womb had any effect on them as they both remained stone-faced as they listened.  But through out the morning as 15 children were brutally, painfully, killed and dismembered, it is hoped that these nurses may have had a spark of conscience because the merciless and inhuman things they are doing to children are being outlawed in other parts of the country.
Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Better to be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud.  Proverbs 16: 18-19
It was a sad spectacle to see two people who showed up at the mill this morning to promote abortion and try to give away free condoms.
Please follow this link  to read a more in-depth look these abortion supporters and the attitude they displayed toward human life.
It was sad to see this abortion-promoting couple try to pass off their condoms to a group of young people who came to the mill to pray for life.
These Christian kids stood their ground with "grace and truth", and the condom pushers sulked away.
If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.  2 Chronicles 7: 14
One young couple scheduled for an abortion this morning did turn away from these people promoting abortion;  they humbled themselves, walked away from the killing center, turned from the wickedness of abortion, and chose life for their child. 
We can all take heart that at least one child was saved from abortion in Rockford this morning.  We can also pray for the children who died and for the repentance and healing of their parents.
On April 21, an estimated 14 babies were killed inside Rockford‘s abortion mill.  Today was a grim day for children in Rockford because the out-of-state late term abortionist paid a deadly visit to Rockford‘s killing center. 
It was noticed that at least half of the cars that drove into the mill parking lot had Wisconsin license plates.  We believe one of the reasons fewer Rockford residents are choosing to end the lives of their children at Rockford‘s abortion mill is because of the work of two local web-sites. and have documented and exposed the years of hatred, vicious bigotry, racism, anti-Christian malice, and the posting of medical information in the windows of the clinic building. 
The thousands and thousands of people these web-sites have reached with videos and stories have informed a large number of people in Rockford about the evil that motivates the killing of children in the womb that takes place at Rockford‘s abortion mill. 
Please do what you can to share these web-sites and this newsletter with others.  When some people see the depraved, poisonous, and malignant attitudes of this clinic and its supporters, they can clearly see through the lie of abortion. 
The noxious atmosphere of this clinic seems to be affecting the clinic nurses as well.  It looks like a new nurse or two have begun working here recently, and a couple others have left.  When we see these nurses first start working at the mill, they like to walk in smiling to show us how much they like their job. 
But it only takes a short time until we never see those smiles again.  The nurses generally drive into the mill lot with angry looks, get out of their cars, and walk into the mill with expressions that are fitting for someone who is about to participate in the killing of a child.  They look callous, hard, and depressed.
Through the grace of God on the sidewalk, it’s a different story.  Prayer was the order of the day.  Serious, faith-filled, sustained prayer surrounded the killing center this morning.  Sidewalk counselors were able to offer love and support to the mothers entering the mill, and by the grace of Jesus Christ, two mothers chose life this morning at the Rockford abortion mill.
Love, faith, and prayer will one day bring an end to the killing of these innocent children in Rockford.  But until that day comes, please continue to pray, work for life, and share the truth about this evil place with everyone you know.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
What The Promotion And Use Of Contraception Has Led To In Rockford
Prayer For Such A Time As This
Thursday May 6th, 2010, 59th Annual Observance

Coronado Theater
7:00pm, Prayer Walk @ 5:30pm

Rockford praying with one heart & one voice

CATHOLIC CHARITIES Presents Fr. John Corapi, S.O.L.T.
March 26, 2011 at Northern IllinoisUniversity
ConvocationCenter, DeKalb, IL Tickets on SaleJune 11, 2010
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For group ticket sales please email:
All Day Conference
Doors open at 7:30 a.m.
4 Talks will be given by Fr. John Corapi
Celebration of Holy Mass (Fulfills Sunday Obligation) at 4:30 p.m by Most Reverend Thomas G. Doran 
and Concelebrant Fr. John Corapi
Sacrament of Confession available throughout the day
Proceeds from ticket sales and donations will benefit Catholic
Charities Programs and the thousands of people we serve throughout
the Diocese of Rockford
At the Radisson Hotel in Rockford, IL from 9:00Noon and
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission is free. Books and items
will be available for sale for Fr. Corapi to sign.
For more information call Michele Crosswhite (815) 387-3374.
Another Undercover Video Shows Kentucky Abortuary Failing to Report Child Sex Abuse
LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, April  21, 2010 ( – As part of the latest installation in a long stream of evidence against abortion centers nationwide, the student-led pro-life group Live Action released footage Wednesday of Kentucky’s only abortion provider, EMW Women’s SurgicalCenter, ignoring the sexual abuse of a child and giving misleading abortion counseling.
The footage was taken by Live Action President Lila Rose and actor Jackie Stollar, who posed undercover as minors, with Rose telling the staff that she was 14-years-old and impregnated by her 31-year-old “boyfriend."
In the video, the EMW counselor named “Wendy” determines that Rose is “14 to 15-weeks pregnant,” and Rose expresses that she wants to keep the situation secret from her parents. Though Rose gave no indication that she would face abusive parents, the clinic directs Rose to call Louisville attorney Mickey Adams so that she can obtain a judicial bypass around Kentucky’s parental consent law and avoid parental knowledge of the abortion or sexually abusive relationship.
In the state of Kentucky, sex between a 14-year-old and a 31-year-old is rape in the third degree and would reasonably be considered sexual abuse of a child, which must be reported to law enforcement immediately. The clinic failed to ask the questions necessary to file a child sexual abuse report, and did not communicate to Rose about the illegal or dangerous nature of her sexual relationship.
Instead, "Wendy" assures the girl by telling her that "we have minors in here all the time" and that the lawyer "doesn’t think it’s gonna be a big deal getting you a judicial bypass."
Rose, a UCLA student, says this sort of disregard for the law is typical at abortion centers.
“In abortion clinics across the country, our undercover videos document the widespread cover up of sexual abuse. Abortion clinics like EMW in Louisville center attempt to fast track underage abortions on vulnerable girls, shut out parents, and blatantly ignore their legal obligation to report the sex predator to police,” says Rose.
Live Action has previously released videos of statutory rape cover-up at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Bloomington, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Memphis, TN, Birmingham, AL, Los Angeles, CA, Tucson, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, and Milwaukee, WI. Prompted by a Live Action video, the Alabama Health Department placed the Birmingham clinic on probation after conducting its own investigation, which found 9 legal violations.
Rose urges officials in Kentucky to follow suit. “State authorities need to investigate this Louisville abortion clinic and hold them accountable to the law,” Rose insists. “Until they do, young girls will be put at risk of continued sexual abuse.”
North Dakota Measure Seeks to Ban Decapitation, Skull Crushing during Abortions
MINOT, North Dakota, April 14, 2010 ( – A measure to prohibit physicians from decapitating and crushing the skulls of live unborn children during abortions is seeking clearance to begin gathering signatures for the November ballot, a North Dakota grassroots pro-life organization has announced.  
Daniel Woodard, head of North Dakota‘s Stop Decapitation Network, filed the paperwork to the North Dakota Secretary of State and Attorney General on Tuesday.  The group aims to collect 12,844 signatures by August 4 in order to place the measure on the 2010 ballot.
"It’s unconscionable and unthinkable that any physician who claims to care for the health of others would remove the heads of children or crush them and toss them in the trash," Woodard told in an interview Wednesday.
Woodard said that he was inspired to pursue the ballot initiative after reading the quotes of abortion doctors who, in federal court hearings regarding the partial-birth abortion ban, testified to decapitating and crushing the skulls of unborn infants in other types of abortions. Woodard’s measure would apply not only to partial-birth abortions, but also to abortions inside the mother’s womb.
During a federal district court case out of New York in 2004, abortionist Dr. Stephen T. Chasen said that “the fetal head is extracted by placing the forceps around it and crushing it.” Dr. Chasen went on to say that he did not have “any caring or concern for the fetus whose head [he was] crushing.” Dr. Carolyn Westhoff, another abortionist, said, “For the vast majority of D&Es [it is] necessary either [to] crush or collapse the fetal skull.” She told the judge she does not use the word “crush” when speaking to her patients.
Chinese Authorities Orchestrate Brutal Sterilization Round-Up of Thousands
By Peter J. Smith
GUANGZHOU, China, April 19, 2010 ( – Chinese authorities in southern China are waging a brutal 20-day campaign to round up 10,000 men and women and have them sterilized for violating the state’s birth control quotas, reports the UK Times Online.
According to the Times, officials in Puning county are exercising coercive methods – such as arresting family members of those who refuse to be sterilized – because the county is getting too populous and making them look bad in contrast to the other counties of GuandongProvince.

Officials are in a bid to get Puning promoted to a second-tier county, but they will fail if they cannot meet all quotas, including the birth quota.

The campaign was launched on April 7 in Puning, which the Times reports has a population of 2.24 million. One village doctor said his team had been performing daily sterilizations from 8 am until 4 am the next morning.
For the thousands who refused to be sterilized, officials have reportedly rounded up relatives, including the elderly, as leverage. Nearly 1,300 people were said to be detained by authorities into cramped conditions, where they would also be re-educated on the rules of the government’s “one child” policy. One detention center was reported to hold 100 people, mostly elderly, within a damp 200 square meter (2,150 sq. ft) room – leaving room only to stand or squat.
“It’s not uncommon for family planning authorities to adopt some tough tactics,” an anonymous official at the Puning Population and Family Planning Bureau told The Global Times.
However, on April 12, just five days into their campaign, Puning officials reported having met half their goal of 9,559 sterilizations, saying they had successfully persuaded people to comply through “education.”
Colin Mason of Population Research Institute described the action by officials as a “kind of second tier action as far as the one child policy goes” after punitive fines and threats fail. Mason spent about two weeks in China in 2009 for an on-the-ground investigation of the Chinese government’s coercive methods to enforce the “one child” policy.
“This is not so much the norm, this is not their first response, but this is what they do to show the counties that they are very serious,” said Mason. Officials generally seek other coercive methods, such as fines, before resorting to the more draconian method of rounding up people for mass coerced sterilization and abortions, which can be bad for public relations and, when severe enough, can provoke riots.
According to the Times report, officials felt pressure to sterilize aggressively in part because families in the countryside were having three or four children. Officials will usually allow a second child for families in the country, if their first child happens to be a girl, but no more.
Mason said it would be very difficult to say what the “breaking point” might be for the Chinese. In general, he said, living with the one-child policy “is just something that they are forced to confront and deal with.”
He added that from his experience in China he found the Chinese had a great deal of “resignation and cynicism” toward the government as they carry on in spite of it.
“People are going to try to have the children that they want, and they are going to try not to get caught, and if they do get caught they are going to try not to pay the consequences for it.”  


We wish you a Blessed & Happy Easter!!!

Jesus’ Resurrection Is Real!
"If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith " 1 Corinthian 15:13-14

The same way that the world has secularized and commercialized our Christmas celebration, so it is with the Christian proclamation of the risen Jesus. The world has upstaged this solemn, holy and glorious celebration with the end of college basketball, the beginning of professional baseball, or by the Easter bunny, marshmallow chicks, or chocolate rabbits.
What the world fails to realize, "Claiming to be wise, they became fools." -Rm. 1:22, is that without the resurrection, we are trapped in sin, doomed in death, and "the most pitiable of men" and women. Because Jesus is risen, our faith is the ultimate, full, true, and precious meaning of life. Because of the resurrection, Jesus conquered sin, death, Satan, hell, and damnation. We are the most blessed of men and women.
" We were buried with Him by Baptism into death, so
that as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of
the Father, we too might walk in newness of life."
[Rom. 6.4]
Rejoice dear brothers and sisters, we have been bought with the precious Blood of the sinless Lamb. What a privilege to be called sons and daughters of God our Father, and brothers and sisters of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Yeah!!!
We wish you a Blessed & Happy Easter!!!

What The Promotion And Use Of Contraception Has Led To In Rockford


The Northern Illinois Women’s Center Has Become The Final Solution For The Complete Failure Of The Contraception Culture






When Contraception fails, and it does every day, the final solution often becomes the killing of a child in the womb. This picture above shows the "condom monster" a take off on Sesame Streets "cookie monster."  The Rockford abortion mill has used the "condom monster" to promote condoms among children in Rockford. 


The Rockford abortion mill is in the business of making money off of abortions.  When condoms are given to young people it promotes promiscuous behavior.  When the condoms fail they offer an expensive abortion as the answer, and make a lot of money doing it. As you see in the picture above the clinic landlord who brags about how much money he makes off of abortion happily welcomes the couple who give out free condoms.  From the clinic perspective why not – condom use breaks down morality and decency and increases abortions.
The Rockford abortion mill and its supporters pushing condoms is one of the most effective tools of the abortion industry to promote and increase abortion.  Here’s how it’s done across the country:
The Church warned us of all this when Pope Paul VI predicted grave consequences that would arise from the widespread and unrestrained use of contraception. He warned, "Upright men can even better convince themselves of the solid grounds on which the teaching of the Church in this field is based if they care to reflect upon the consequences of methods of artificially limiting the increase of children. Let them consider, first of all, how wide and easy a road would thus be opened up towards conjugal infidelity and the general lowering of morality. Not much experience is needed in order to know human weakness, and to understand that men—especially the young, who are so vulnerable on this point—have need of encouragement to be faithful to the moral law, so that they must not be offered some easy means of eluding its observance. It is also to be feared that the man, growing used to the employment of anti-conceptive practices, may finally lose respect for the woman and, no longer caring for her physical and psychological equilibrium, may come to the point of considering her as a mere instrument of selfish enjoyment, and no longer as his respected and beloved companion" (HV 17).

No one can doubt the fulfillment of these prophetic words. They have all been more than fulfilled in this country as a result of the widespread availability of contraceptives, the "free love" movement that started in the 1960s, and the loose sexual morality that it spawned and that continues to pervade Western culture.

Indeed, recent studies reveal a far greater divorce rate in marriages in which contraception is regularly practiced than in those marriages where it is not. Experience, natural law, Scripture, Tradition, and the Christian history, common since all testify to the moral evil of contraception.

Ten Reasons Contraception Ruins Lives.
1. It separates people from God: God is a Trinity of three divine persons. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, who live in a union of total self-giving love. God’s love is life giving, creative, complete. God created us in His own image and likeness to love and be loved. The beautiful marriage union of a man and woman is meant to be both life giving and love giving. Contraception destroys both. It makes the marriage act a lie. The spouses say to each other I am not giving myself completely to you, and I am not open to God’s gift of life.
2. The health risks of the pill: It has been proven in countless studies the serious and even life-threatening effects of the birth control pill. From mood swings and depression to heart disease and cancer, the birth control pill blocks a healthy function of a woman’s body, and her body rebels.
3. Condoms don’t work: The failure rate for condoms varies depending on the quality of the material, storage time, and the knowledge of the users. Failure rates range anywhere from 9%-25%. There are many STD’s that are so microscopic that a condom will NEVER protect against them. Combine that with the false sense of security called "safe sex" that promoters of condoms preach, and you have a recipe for disaster.
4. The devaluing of Children: Since contraceptives became widely used in the late 60’s, the incidents of child abuse have skyrocketed. It is directly linked to the contraceptive mentality that treats children as a burden, intruders, unwanted liabilities, and even as a disease. Quite often when a contraceptive fails, the unwanted child is treated as just that, an unwanted child.
5. Women as objects: Contraception has freed lust and enslaved women to a deadly pill. Since contraceptives became widely used in the late 60’s, the incidence of abuse of women has massively climbed. This is a direct result of the lessening of respect of men for women caused by the sexual revolution. Many men no longer believe they need to care for and protect women. With contraception women are on their own; if a mistake happens, it’s the woman’s fault. Some men now more than ever look at women as sexual objects (pornography is one of our nations largest industries grossing more money than the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NASCAR combined!!!), and this is a direct result of the contraceptive mentality.
6. STD’s: In the beginning the promoters of contraception extolled all kinds of lofty ideas. One of them was safe sex. In the mid 1960’s there were about 25 known STD’s. TODAY THERE ARE OVER 70 with some of them being deadly. Contraception has said to people, "Have all the sex you like". Our bodies and souls are rebelling against this false idea with deadly results.
7. Unbridled lust: Contraception has unleashed horrific consequences on society. It rejects God, life, and love, and promotes selfishness in our most intimate relationships. Just look at our books, magazines, movies, TV, billboards. Sex without love has become our #1 pastime. It’s destroying the character, purity and goodness of our people, especially the young. Look at the number of teenage abortions, STD’s, suicides, and unwed teen mothers.
8. Abortion: The promoters of contraception promised no more unwanted children, no more abortions. As we know, contraception unleashes lust on society which has resulted in countless single mothers, countless broken homes, and a staggering number of children who, now being thought of as an intruder, a disease,  are killed in the womb. Contraception is the single greatest contributor to abortion in the world.
9. Divorce: Married couples who use contraception have a 50%-60% divorce rate. Married couples who use Natural Family Planning have a 1-3% divorce rate. GOD HAS GIVEN US A NATURAL, EFFECTIVE, SAFE, INEXPENSIVE, LIFE GIVING, LOVE BUILDING, WAY OF SPACING CHILDREN. It is called Natural Family planning. If you want happiness, love and a lasting marriage, use NFP.
10. Jesus said, "Only the pure of heart will see God".  Contraception destroys purity and your relationship with God. It ruins your life here and hereafter.

The Face and Philosophy of "choice" in Rockford

Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away. Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.  Psalm 37

 Rockford April 16, 2010 -(As reported by Rockford Life Initiative- On a cool April morning when Rockford’s abortion mill was open to end the lives of children in the womb, a couple showed up to promote condoms and abortion.  They carried signs ridiculing Jesus Christ that said "condoms for Christ" and walked up and down the sidewalk, attempting to hand out free condoms and promoting abortion. 



Pro-life advocates were able to engage them in a few brief conversations, and these exchanges clearly expose the mind-set of many who turn a blind eye to and even support the killing of children in the womb.

 "To accept the fact that after fertilization has taken place a new human being has come into existence is no longer a matter of taste or opinion….it is plain experimental evidence."   Father of Modern Genetics, Dr. Jerome Lejeune

 A pro-lifer who was carrying a large picture of a child in the womb  asked one of the abortion supporters if she had any concern for persons in the womb.  The response was, "It’s not a person.  It’s a fetus."  When the pro-lifer kindly explained to the abortion supporter that fetus is simply a Latin word that means "little one", the abortion supporter looked again at the picture and refused to say anything else.  He clearly saw that a fetus is a fully human person but refused to acknowledge the proof right before his eyes.



The couple continued to march up and down the sidewalk finding no takers for their free condoms.  They were asked about the signs in the abortion mill window that mock people with the HIV virus.  They were told about the sign indicated that people with HIV will "rot and die."

All the abortion supporter would say about this was,  "They do rot and die.  So what?"



Their eyes are shut so they cannot see, and their minds closed so they cannot understand.  Isaiah 44:18


When the people trying to pass out condoms where asked about the very high percentage of condom failure rates including independent sources who have proven condoms fail, lead to promiscuity, and higher abortion rates the only response of one of the condom pushers was "Christians are behind all the reports."

 "For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires."  2 Timothy 4:3

 As they continued their death march around the abortion mill where over 50,000 children have been killed, the female abortion supporter started chanting, "God gave us free choice, and she wants us to use it."   It was assumed that her "goddess" wants children in the womb aborted.  One pro-lifer asked her if "free choice" meant we can kill people, and she chanted all the louder.



In a rather amusing turn of events, the condom couple had a friend show up on his moped.  The friend had a handwritten note attached with masking-tape to his helmet and jacket that said "PRESS."  This gentleman from the "press" greeted the couple with a smile and proceeded to take a picture of their "Condoms for Christ" sign. 


When the gentleman from the "press" was asked what news outlet he represented, he said cryptically "I’m from out of state."  He did ask one pro-lifer a question about abortion, indicating abortion would solve the problem of "all the unwanted children." 


The pro-lifer clearly told him that in the United Stated, we have over 550,000 couples waiting to adopt babies. In Rockford our newspaper is full of ads from couples wanting to adopt, and at the clinic we have many couples who would gladly adopt any child.  It was also explained to the "reporter" with the masking tape press pass that pro-lifers will help any mother in need raise her child for as long as she needs help and that every child is a wanted child by someone – and even if the mother doesn’t want the baby, brutally killing the child in the womb will never make anyone life better. 

 The gentleman from the "press" did not like this answer and didn’t even take the pro-lifer’s name for his "story."  We hope he has a safe trip on his moped back to his "out of state" news organization! 



As if promoting the murder of children in the womb weren’t heartbreaking enough, a question asked of the condom couple showed where believing a human child is a choice that can be murdered will lead us. 


They were told that this Rockford abortion mill has hung rubber chickens by nooses which has offended African Americans.  Numerous comments that have been made at this mill by abortion supporters that we need abortion to "get rid of …………… (a word we won’t print ,used against African-Americans)."  What was the condom couple’s response?  "It’s freedom of choice."



One young woman who held a sign that said, "I regret my abortion" attempted to engage the condom couple in conversation – they would have none of it.


"And if we can accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"  Mother Teresa



What we saw this morning was "choice" personified.  They looked at a beautiful picture of a child in the womb and refused to care; not even the smallest ounce of compassion was shown.  The bizarre mantra about a she-god and signs insulting Christ with condoms, combined with  the complete lack of empathy and compassion for African-Americans, people with HIV, and post-abortive women are examples of how our acceptance of the murder of children in the womb shows that nothing seems to matter except our selfish personal desires.


What did the condom couple have to offer this morning?

1) Support of the death of children in the womb;

2) Refusal to see reality;

3) Refusal to show compassion for those who are attacked, wounded, or killed by the  culture of death.



But in the end, as the condom couple was pathetically trying to flag down passing cars and give way their free condoms, a mother, father, and child left the abortion clinic. 


The child was alive and safe in her mother’s womb – they had chosen life. 

 As they neared the corner where the condom couple was frantically waving condoms at cars and a pro-lifer was praying and holding the very same picture of a baby in the womb which the condom couple had refused to acknowledge as human, the young couple took a long look at the picture………….and  mom and dad gave the thumbs up as the family drove away from the killing center.


Rockford Life Initiative

An estimated 19 children were killed inside of Rockford’s abortion mill;    Thank God-Two Saves.  Read on;     Rockford Police get involved;    Prayer For Such A Time As This;     Testimony of a woman who had an abortion entitled;     First-Ever Abortion Ban Based on Fetal Pain Passes in Nebraska;     Expose’ Video Shows Planned Parenthood Pressuring Young Woman to Get Abortion Soon;     Governors Issue Proclamations Highlighting Trauma of Abortion;     Doctor Who Killed “Wrong” Unborn Twin Has License Revoked;     Excellent report from RLI this week.  Be sure to read it all…..

On Friday April 9, an estimated 11 children died inside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.  One young mother who wanted help and stopped to talk with two pro-life sidewalk counselors did not stand much of a chance this morning.  As the sidewalk counselors were speaking with her, a police officer got on the loud speaker of his squad car and yelled at her to get moving into the clinic.  The next moment the clinic security guard got on his loud amplified sound system and yelled at the scared young mother also. 
She wanted help but didn’t know how to react when the Rockford police department working in union with the Rockford abortion mill  threatened her because she chose to speak with a sidewalk counselor. 
This sad spectacle of the police and the abortion mill hitting this young mother from in front and from behind with loud speakers was exacerbated when shortly after this incident occurred, the two police officers walked straight into the abortion clinic. We don’t know why they went inside.
John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, "I am the voice of one calling in the desert, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’"
The ability for a sidewalk counselor to speak with a mother who stops for help was for all practical purposes shut down this morning because of the loud speakers of the police and the clinic working together.
Thankfully one pro-life man would not let his offers of help be silenced.  He arrived at the mill today with a pair of stilts on which  he can walk up and down the sidewalk.  These stilts raise him high enough to see over the fence around the mill parking lot so his voice cannot be drowned out by the loudspeakers coming from the mill or the squad car.
Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, a time is coming and has now come when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear will live."  John 5:25
Thank God-Two Saves.  Read on.
And one mother did hear the voice of Christ through the voice of a pro-life Christian.  A voice that called out in truth and love.  A voice that offered a real alternative to abortion.  A voice that so many are trying to silence using anything from a bubble zone to loud speakers surrounding a scared, young mother.  Yet this mother heard the offers of help, the truth that abortion kills a child, and she left the abortion mill with the child in her womb alive and well.
On Wednesday April 14, an estimated 8 children were killed inside of Rockford’s abortion mill. 
One young father who was trying to talk his girl friend out of an abortion stopped to speak with sidewalk counselors because he said the clinic staff wouldn’t even let him inside the mill with the mother of his child because he was against the abortion.
A well dressed couple who spoke with sidewalk counselors said they were just at the mill "to talk" with the abortionist and made other excuses because they were clearly embarrassed to be at this facility for an abortion.  When they looked at the condition of the rundown building and the hate filled signs in the windows they seemed very disturbed and were to ashamed to admit what they were there for.
The mill itself had a few new vulgar signs in it’s windows that aren’t worth mentioning except that they seem to be defending how profitable and well run the baby killing business is in Rockford.  The reason this is of interest is because of the power of prayer the numbers of murdered children in this clinic continues to be less than a third of what it was just a few years ago.  These signs seem to be a vulgar, desperate attempt of the clinic to convince themselves that there business isn’t dying.
Jesus said, "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." (John 10:10)
This morning on the sidewalk we had a minister and priest in prayer and many people from different Churches around Rockford.  The result of the grace of Jesus Christ brought to this place of death by the prayer of these and other people again resulted in a life saved.
A mother entered the mill parking lot and the distress was clearly seen on her face as she looked at the killing center.  Mom went inside for a brief moment then came out in tears and left this place of death for good and did not return. 
The power of prayer, offers of love and support to mothers, and a strong pro-life public witness is driving the numbers of abortions down and saving many lives in the city of Rockford.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice. 
Prayer For Such A Time As This
Thursday May 6th, 2010, 59th Annual Observance

Coronado Theater 7:00pm, Prayer Walk @ 5:30pm

Rockford praying with one heart & one voice

 Testimony of a woman who had an abortion entitled:
A Letter From Friend
We at the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative received this email from a wonderful woman who has been wounded by the culture of death in Rockford.
She has prayed many times outside of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center in Rockford for an end to abortion. She is also on the life long journey, as we all are, to grow in faith and the beautiful forgiveness, grace, and love of Jesus Christ.
Hello dear friends!
I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers for the young people today and for myself.  As soon as you all started praying for me yesterday, after I sent out my plea for help, my thoughts started coming together!  Seriously….the power of prayer is so amazing!  I FELT it!  You are awesome prayer warriors!  And the talk went very well. 
Fr. Black shared something I had never heard before and never thought about from this perspective before and it blew me away.  He was talking about how people mark the place where people die, like in accidents, with crosses and things and how they can visit that place where death occurred but also that they can leave it too.  He said in abortion, the womb is where death has occurred, where the baby has died, but a woman can never "leave" that place, she can never escape that place, how it is always with her.  And from this comes a hatred for the body, a desire to punish the body.  I always understood the idea of punishing the body….drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity….and Father mentioned body piercing and cutting today….but I had never thought about the idea of the womb being the place where death happened and how we can never leave that place, escape that place.  Father talked about the emotional problems associated with this reality for women.  Wow.  So….again, God amazes me!  I’m not so sure today had anything to do with anything I said to those young people!  I think God wanted me to hear Father’s words!  Crazy!  It certainly opened my eyes and gave me much more insight for future bible studies and work with post abortive women.  Wow.  I’m still pondering the magnitude of that insight from Father. 
So…thank you again friends!  I love you all and am praying for all of your intentions!
(name withheld)
 If you have any interest in what’s going on with abortion in Rockford, the following article is a powerful, “must-read”.  Please follow the link. 
Description of an abortion performed by Rockford abortionist
First-Ever Abortion Ban Based on Fetal Pain Passes in Nebraska
By Peter J. Smith
OMAHA, Nebraska, April 13, 2010 ( – The Nebraska legislature has given final approval to a new law banning abortion after 20 weeks gestation on the basis that an unborn child feels pain at that age.
The new law is the first of its kind in the United States and pro-life advocates believe it could pose a direct and historic challenge to the 1973 Roe v. Wade case, which deprived the states the power to regulate or restrict abortion.
The “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” (LB 1103), authored by Speaker Mike Flood, passed Tuesday on the third and final reading of the bill by an overwhelming pro-life majority of 44 in favor and 5 against.
Gov. Dave Heineman is expected to sign LB 1103 into law.
The law’s passage is especially historic, because it portends a fresh new challenge and look at the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton cases, which led to the virtual legalization of abortion on demand. The Nebraska law applies a different standard – that of the unborn child’s ability to feel pain – for restricting abortion, while the high court used the standard of what they then considered to be point of fetal viability.
"The Nebraska Legislature took a bold step today which should ratchet up the abortion debate across America," said Julie Schmit-Albin, Executive Director of Nebraska Right to Life in a statement today.
"LB 1103 creates a case of first impression for the courts to acknowledge the capability to feel pain as a compelling state interest to protect those unborn babies from an excruciatingly painful death.”
The legislation, which now awaits the governor’s signature, bans abortions after 20 weeks of post-fertilization age with two exceptions: first, when the pregnancy puts the mother in danger of death or “substantial and irreversible” physical harm to a major bodily function. The second exception was added in an amendment and allows an abortionist to perform late abortions for the sake of increasing the probability of a live birth, or to preserve an unborn child’s life and health after a live birth.
Although the topic of fetal pain is still under much discussion (and controversy, owing to its implications to the abortion debate) a growing consensus of medical knowledge has pointed to the fact that unborn infants experience pain by 20 weeks and possibly earlier. The pain may even be more acute than for older humans, as some research indicates their immature nervous systems have not developed coping mechanisms that help the body better endure pain.
The law notes that unborn children have been observed to “seek to evade certain stimuli” in a manner that “would be interpreted as a response to pain.” Additionally, the bill says unborn children exhibit “hormonal stress responses to painful stimuli” that were reduced with the application of pain medication.
Abortionists who break the law would face a Class IV felony charge, which carries a penalty of a five year maximum prison sentence, $10,000 fine, or both.
The bill would allow women and even the fathers of aborted unborn children to sue and seek damages from abortionists who violate the law.
The law, if passed and signed into law, would become operative on October 15, 2010.  Developing …
Expose’ Video Shows Planned Parenthood Pressuring Young Woman to Get Abortion Soon
Milwaukee, WI ( — A new undercover video taken of staff at a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin shows them pressuring a woman to have an abortion. The video also has staff members giving medically inaccurate abortion counseling and distorting basic facts of fetal development at the taxpayer-funded abortion center.

The video, the third to document problems at Planned Parenthood abortion centers in Wisconsin and one of several showing problems nationwide, was released today by Live Action.

It shows a young woman going to the abortion facility pretending to be a pregnant potential abortion customer.During the September 2009 counseling session with Planned Parenthood staff, the woman is pressured to get an abortion.

Staffers emphasize the difficulties of adoption and urge her to obtain an abortion as quickly as possible, saying images of babies killed in abortions are fabricated and saying an unborn child at 6 to 8 weeks has no "identifiable parts" and is just "fetal matter."

"You know, there’s midnight feedings, diapers, money," the staffer says,emphasizing the "problems" of keeping the baby. "I mean, the state can help you with insurance, but after that, babies do cost a lot and right now the economy’s pretty bad."
Telling the young woman that having a baby is expensive, the staffer adds, "Yeah so I mean if you don’t feel financially stable or you don’t feel ready to have a baby, then I would go with an abortion."

In the video, a Planned Parenthood employee tells a woman who is reportedly 6-8 weeks pregnant that her unborn child has "no arms, no legs, no heart no head, no brain" despite medical and scientific facts of fetal development.

"There’s not a baby at this point," the Planned Parenthood official tells the young woman considering abortion. "You wouldn’t be able to identify any parts of the fetus whatsoever. But at this point there’s nothing developed at all. There’s no leg’s no arms, no head, no brain, no heart. At this point it’s just the embryo itself." Full story at
Governors Issue Proclamations Highlighting Trauma of Abortion
By Peter J. Smith
UNITED STATES, April 12, 2010 ( – The U.S. governors of Texas and Minnesota have both issued official proclamations that put the spotlight on the traumatic effects of abortion on individuals and families and the healing that is available, by declaring April “Abortion Recovery Awareness Month” – drawing praise from pro-life groups and ire from abortion advocates.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota noted in their declarations that abortion recovery services are fostering “a culture of life and hope” and playing a critical role in helping women, fathers, and their families cope with the after-effects of an abortion.
Abortion groups in Minnesota, however, told the Minnesota Independent that the governor’s declaration is nothing more than “pure” politics.” Linnea House of NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota told the Independent that she hoped the declaration was “an April Fool’s joke” and said the proclamation was “nothing more than Gov. Pawlenty pandering to the anti-choice organizations in the state.”
Brian McClung, spokesman for Gov. Pawlenty, rejected the assertion, pointing out the governor’s strong consistent pro-life record, and his previous declaration of April as “Abortion Recovery Awareness Month” in 2009.
“Recovery programs can help individuals heal by providing counseling, support groups, encouragement, and education,” McClung told (LSN) in an e-mail interview. “While critics may say this is just ‘politics,’ women who have been helped by these programs would strongly disagree.”
McClung explained to LSN that the Minnesota chapter of Silent No More, an organization dedicated to giving a voice to women struggling with the pain from having an abortion, had requested the proclamations.
Texas Gov. Perry stated in his declaration that April is “a time to highlight and reflect on the traumatic effects of abortion,” a tragedy that encompasses not only the loss of the child’s life but also the “physical and psychological trauma” to the mother, and “often leads to lasting emotional and mental health problems for the mother, father and other involved family members.”
“At this time, I urge all Texans to learn about the lasting ramifications of abortion and the support and counseling options available after an abortion. Together, we can make a difference,” said Perry.
Both governors emphasized that abortion recovery programs serve to help individuals find healing after an abortion through individual counseling, support groups, mutual encouragement, and education.
“Abortion Recovery Month encourages and promotes healing opportunities and raises awareness of the aftermath of abortion experienced by individuals and families,” stated Minnesota’s Pawlenty.
Doctor Who Killed “Wrong” Unborn Twin Has License Revoked
By James Tillman
TAMPA, Florida, April 12, 2010 ( — The Florida Board of Medicine has revoked the medical license of a Sarasota doctor who killed the “wrong” unborn baby in a "selective reduction" procedure.
Selective reduction is a procedure in which a doctor kills one or more of multiple unborn children by injecting a feticide into the fetus slated to be aborted.  Its use has increased because of modern fertility treatments, which often result in women carrying multiple babies.
In 2006, Dr. Matthew Kuchinas attempted to kill one of two twins because it had Down syndrome and a possible heart defect, despite the fact that he had never performed the selective reduction procedure before. He found out a week after performing the procedure that he aborted the wrong fetus; the other child was killed shortly thereafter.
According to Health News Florida, he defended himself by stating that his patient knew he had never done the technique before and that he hated to tell patients "no." Kachinas has also said that there must have been a problem with the ultrasound machine he was using to target one of the fetuses.
Such testimony was found unpersuasive, and the Florida Board of Medicine revoked Kachinas’ license last weekend. He has now been involuntarily hospitalized after telling a reporter that he intended to kill himself.
Kachinas had also been charged with two, less-serious offenses.  In 2002 he attempted to smuggle the anesthesia drug Propofol with him when going to his job in Tampa by taping vials to his legs beneath his pants.  He said that the clinic did not keep it in stock and he preferred that drug to others.
In 2004 he allegedly falsified records by claiming that an aborted fetus had died naturally.
Dr. Kachinas had also previously been accused of headbutting pro-life protestor Linda McGlade after she attempted to speak to him peacefully.

Description of an abortion performed by Rockford/Madison abortionist

"Abortion kills twice. It kills the body of the baby, and it kills the conscience of the mother. Abortion is profoundly anti-women. Three-quarters of its victims are women: Half the babies and all the mothers."  ~ Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

We recently sent out a link to a Youtube video of Madison and Rockford abortionist Dennis Christensen killing a child in the womb.  We don’t know who posted the video on Youtube, why Dr. Christensen allowed himself to be filmed ending the life of a person in the womb, or why the video was pulled from youtube (hopefully it is because youtube saw this video and understood the fact that it was of a child being murdered and wanted no part of it).  For those who did not get a chance to see this video before it was pulled or did not want to see with their own eyes a child being killed, we will provide a brief description of the video with commentary below.
We provided this commentary on the Christensen abortion video not in an effort to sensationalize abortion but to clearly show that abortion is the murder of a human person – and this video shows that beyond any doubt.                 
In Nazi Germany many claimed they didn’t know what was being done to millions of Jews.  When we meet God, many of us will claim we didn’t know what was being done to "the least of His people."  This video and others like it leave us with no excuses.
1. The video clip begins at Dr. Christensen’s Madison abortion mill with young mothers talking with their backs to the camera about how difficult it is to be a mother at this time in their lives.  It’s clear these young women are getting little or no support from boyfriends, family, or our secularized culture.  Here are some beautiful 4D ultra-sound photos of what these mothers’ children would have looked like:
Commentary:  It’s clear these young mothers are scared and lonely.  But as with most abortion clinics, we don’t see anyone at the clinic offering the mothers any real choices such as adoption, support, material or spiritual help not to kill the child inside  them.  The abortion mill offers only one choice, a dead child.  As one young mother found out when she faced an unplanned pregnancy, "I learned, as so many pregnant women have before and since, that life is the one choice that pro-choicers won’t support."  
Thankfully, pro-lifers have started over 3000 free pregnancy care centers in North America to help mothers and children in need; here are a few resources:  National Life Center 1-800-848-LOVE,  Birthright  1-800-550-4900,  Care Net1-800-395-HELP,  Catholic Charities Maternity Hotline1-800-CARE-002      Elliot Institute1-888-4-OPTIONS,  Nurturing Network  1-800-TNN-4MOM,
2. The next thing we see is Dr. Christensen ending the life of a child in the womb.  Here is a link to a non-graphic description of how an abortion is done
Here is a link to see a real abortion
Commentary: As Alice von Hildebrand has said,  "One thing is certain: When the time has come, nothing which is man-made will subsist. One day, all human accomplishments will be reduced to a pile of ashes. But every single child to whom a woman has conceived will live forever, for she has been given an immortal soul made to God’s image and likeness."  If we really believe we have the right to "choose" to kill a child, then we have truly lost our soul.                           
3.  Then we see abortionist Christensen flipping through the body parts of the dead baby.  The reason they reassemble the dead child after the abortion is so no body parts are left inside the mother that may cause an infection.  We see abortionist Christensen measuring the child’s dismembered foot in order to determine her age.  We clearly see the hand, arm, and body of the child that was just killed being reassembled like a broken toy.  Then we see the face of a once beautiful baby now mutilated, a person who was created to love and be loved now lifeless.   Follow this link to see what abortion does to God’s children and our sisters and brothers
Commentary: To see this dead child was heartbreaking and horrifying.  But very telling was the reaction of abortionist Christensen trying to describe the procedure to the camera.  He could only briefly look at the lens; then he had to look away.  Even the abortionist couldn’t look someone in the eye and describe what he had just done to a beautiful child.  Follow this link to see what many former abortionists have said about how and why they finally realized abortion is murder and have repented
4. As abortionist Christensen is piecing the body of the child back together, he talks about how the mother can now, "get on with her life–she had been planning to go to school."  Follow this link to read over 500 studies done that show the devastating effects abortion can have
Commentary:  Can anybody really "get on with her life" after killing a child?  We know the proven medical and scientific facts of how abortion can destroy a mother physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Alcoholism, suicide, drug abuse, broken relationships, depression, addiction, and many other destructive behaviors can follow the emotional trauma of a mother "choosing" to end the life of  the son or daughter in her womb. 
We also know that to kill an innocent person has moral, ethical, and eternal consequences.  The mercy of God can heal anyone, but many mothers feel so ashamed, they don’t turn back to God.  The saddest thing of all are the people who participate in an abortion who feel they have no need of repentance.  This refusal to repent may well be one of the "sins against the Holy Spirit" that Scripture says can’t be forgiven.  It’s not because God won’t forgive them; He died on a cross for every one of us, but if we kill a child and refuse to repent, what "choice" have we left God but to give us for all eternity the same mercy we gave that child in the womb?   Follow this link to read about the heroic women and men who have turned to Christ after abortion and been forgiven and healed
Killing a child in the womb doesn’t help someone "get on with her life".  It burdens her with so much destructive heartache that only Jesus Christ can bring hope, forgiveness, and true healing.
Conclusion: To put it in the simplest possible terms, abortion is the killing of a person created in the image and likeness of God, the killing of a person loved by God, the killing of a person who is our sister or brother.  The simple fact is abortion is destroying us as individuals and a society – and turning back to Jesus Christ is our only hope.  Let us pray and work for this to happen before it’s too late.

The Proposed Bubble Zone Scheme

  Five Reasons the Proposed Bubble Zone Is A Deception That Will Result In Death for Children In The Womb
Revised Article, 4 10 10 :  We have received an anonymous tip from a pro-lifer that there could be some validity to Mr. Webster’s accusation of someone hitting a car window.  If anyone has any information and proof regarding this alleged incident we would ask them to please share that informtion with us.  We assumed that if such an incident had occurred, Mr. Webster would have brought it to the attention of the police.  All we are intereste in, here at the Pro Life Corner, is the truth.
Thank You.

The Proposed Bubble Zone Scheme to Take Away Free Speech Rights from citizens Offering Help to Mothers in Need is Being Promoted by a Coordinated Strategy of Misinformation and Duplicity.
1.         In a recent story in the Rockford Register-Star, Alderman Elyea claims the bubble zone would increase safety at the clinic.  That’s interesting seeing that there has not been one single documented incident of a mother who was entering the clinic being harmed in over ten years. 
It’s amazing that alderman Elyea is so concerned with her alleged safety issue when she has the most crime and drug-filled ward in Rockford to deal with.  Hopefully, she will consider working on the real problems of her ward one day soon.
We have seen videos of the drug and crime ridden eleventh ward; the beatings, stabbings, shootings, home invasions, prostitution, and the fire bombings that take place there.  It would seem that Ms. Elyea’s ward could be at the top of the crime infested districts of the city.  The citizens are so concerned and feel so desperate that they had to take situations into their own hands.  There have been television and print documentations that the citizens of the eleventh ward have been so afraid for their lives and property that they have put in place a network of over seventy video cameras in the hope of documenting the endless attacks against the citizens of the ward. 
One must ask, since Ms. Elyea has been elected city alderman what legislation has she proposed to curb or stop these hate filled attacks against the citizens of her ward?  As near as we can tell little or nothing has been done to stop these documented real problems in her ward.
            What with the fire bombings, home invasions, drug infestation, prostitution, robberies, beatings and shootings, one would think that the deplorable condition of Elyea’s ward would have prompted her to have taken or made any one of these issues a top priority on her “to do” list for her constituents in the eleventh ward.  Wrong!  She decided to go after a alleged noise violation and then puts the blame on the wrong side.  Let’s cut through it all.  The bubble zone will only add to the problems at the abortion mill.  The solution to the problem is for the city attorneys, the mayor, and the police department to enforce existing laws equally and fairly on both sides.  Then the problems at the Rockford abortion clinic will cease to exist.
We must remember that Mr. Rilott has shown to the city council that in over ten years there were no documented incidents of violence from a pro-life advocate towards a pro-abort.  There have been no documented incidents of a pro-lifer blocking the sidewalk; the only documented acts of violence have been from the abortion supporters towards the pro-lifers.  The only documented infringements of the right to assembly and the right of free speech have been from the pro-abortion side towards the pro-life side, i.e. using amplified beepers and threats of arrest from the clinic speaker system to a prospective mother if she did not immediately move her vehicle and come inside.  These complaints have been ignored by many city officials and alderman Elyea.
2.         In the same Register-Star article, the Rockford abortion clinic spokesman/clinic building owner and counter protestor, Wayne Webster, said people are blocking the clinic driveway and in his words "beating on car windows."  It has been alleged that this is an outright lie.  We already have a federal law in place called the "The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE or the Access Act, Pub. L. No. 103-259, 108 Stat. 694)"  
The Rockford abortion mill has over a dozen video cameras that record every move of every person at the mill.  If a sidewalk counselor ever tries to block a car or "pound on the window" of a vehicle entering the mill, he or she would be in violation of a federal law, and the videotape from the mill would show that.  It is unsubstantiated at this time that any sidewalk counselor has ever blocked this clinic driveway or "pounded on a car’s windows."  If any such incident had occurred, the police who sit in a car across the street would have a video in hand from the clinic security system and the pro-lifer would be arrested and it would be a matter of public record.  To our knowledge, no such proof exists. 
3.         Alderman Elyea, who appears to be working with the clinic building owner, Wayne Webster, has said she has had complaints from clinic neighbors about protesters.
We are sure she is telling the truth about this; pro-lifers have heard those complaints also.  These signs below have been displayed in the yard of a neighbor who has allegedly been seen going into the Rockford abortion clinic and into the store owned by Alderman Elyea.  He has complained about Christians, pro-lifers, and African-Americans many times.  Please hear his complaints for yourself by going to this link:   It seems there is a close working relationship between the clinic, the alderman, and this man.  This is the kind of free speech they want for themselves while taking away the ability of citizens to offer help to mothers in need. 
The bubble zone is a promotion of her pro-abortion agenda, not a response to an alleged problem at the Rockford NIWC.  It is a documented fact that Karen Elyea had for years promoted on her business website, the links to radical pro-abortion organizations such as NARAL Pro-Choice, ACLU/Drug policy alliance, and she actively promoted the March for Women’s Lives held on April 25, 2004 which openly promoted abortion rights and protested the ban on partial-birth abortion.  The following is a small taste of what Wikipedia had to say about the event and who some key players were:
            “A rally on the Mall began at 10 a.m., and was followed by a march through downtown Washington, with a route along Pennsylvania Avenue. Notable celebrities who appeared at the march included Peter, Paul and Mary, Indigo Girls, Moby, Ani DiFranco, Susan Sarandon, Whoopi Goldberg, Ashley Judd, Kathleen Turner, Ted Turner, Ana Gasteyer, Janeane Garofalo, and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright; also appearing were veteran abortion rights leaders, such as Kate Michelman of NARAL Pro-Choice America and Gloria Steinem, and many members of Congress. Sponsoring organizations included NARAL Pro-Choice America, Choice USA, the Feminist Majority Foundation, Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the National Organization for Women, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Code Pink, and Black Women’s Health Imperative.”
It is clear that she has been a pro-abortion activist for years; did she make her radical pro-abortion position clear to her constituents when she was a county board member and to her now constituents in the eleventh ward?  She comes on the scene acting as if she discovered a problem, when in reality it looks more like she is simply promoting her pro-abortion agenda and using her position as alderman to do so.  Some might charge that she has not been open and upfront with those she should be representing.  
4.         At times there is noise in the neighborhood of the abortion clinic, and it can come from both sides of this issue.  But none of this noise comes from the pro-life sidewalk counselors whom the clinic and Alderman want to strip of free speech rights.  The sidewalk counselors quietly offer love, help, and an alternative to abortion. 
During our recent 40 Days for Life, these sidewalk counselors played a part in the saving of 13 human lives.  These lives were saved because of the gentle and loving-kindness of these brave men and women who offer life and help.
The noise at the clinic comes from a number of sources.  Some pro-lifers do call out to mothers in the parking lot to encourage them to choose life.  This is a constitutionally-protected right to talk to another person.  The main point about this is the bubble zone would have no effect whatsoever on people talking to the mothers in the parking lot of the clinic since they are more than 10 feet away.
 It seems the reason the abortion mill and those who seem to be doing its bidding want a bubble zone is not to stop noise in the neighborhood. They know full well that the sidewalk counselors normally try to speak in a conversational tone to a troubled mother entering the clinic. 
(Sometimes the counselors must talk louder to try to overcome the amplified beepers and speech suppressing loud noise coming from the clinic speaker system.)  The real documented noise problem comes from the clinic itself with its amplified sound system.  There are numerous loudspeakers surrounding the clinic property which blare anything from anti-Christian rants to loud music to threats of arrest against anyone who stops to talk with a sidewalk counselor.  This is the only noise alderman Elyea could possibly be hearing at her place of business one block away.   What these abortion supporters want is to stop help being offered to mothers because, in the pro-aborts opinions, too many women are choosing life. 
    5.. We all know the long and sordid history of the bigotry and hatred displayed by this abortion clinic.  We don’t need to go into that pathetic story again.  What we are dealing with here are fabricated complaints of safety for people at this mill and an attempt to silence opposition to abortion.
The pro-aborts put forth all kinds of rationalization on their bogus support of abortion and in this case, alderman Elyea’s promotion of the freedom-destroying bubble zone, arguments that can always, through intelligence and logic, be refuted.  But there is only one reality, only one truth about all this and it is an inescapable fact:  Alderman Elyea, Wayne Webster, and Keith Sterkeson all support the killing of babies, referred to as “abortion on demand”.  Below you will find three examples of what really goes on inside the Rockford killing center, known as NIWC.
These persons you see below are the ones whose safety is at risk as they are butchered unmercifully inside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center, and no matter what law, ordinance, or buffer zone is ever passed, their screams will always be heard by people of compassion and love.  Their cries will NEVER go unanswered by God or any decent person who cares about children in need.
 (pictures of aborted children)
   If one is pro-choice; choice implies that all options are open; that’s where the sidewalk counselors come in.  They truly bring choice to the mothers and the fathers who are contemplating an abortion.
 We encourage you to contact your alderman and the mayor and respectfully ask them to vote down the so-called “bubble zone”.  The sidewalk counselor is the last hope for a mother to choose life and to save her from a lifetime of regrets.
Call or e-mail your alderman today.
"Hayes, Patrick"
"Morrissey, Larry"