Emma’s Story: A story of life, love, and devotion

Please take time to read Emma’s story. It is a story of life, love, devotion, and above all faith in God.
Several months ago we received a prayer request for a newborn girl named Emma. She was born with serious heart defects and had to undergo surgery; sadly, this was only one of little Emma’s problems. We recently received an update from Emma’s mother as to her condition over a year later.
We think you will be so impressed by the courage of not only Emma, but the courage of her entire family. Please take time to read Emma’s story. It is a story of life, love, devotion, and above all faith in God.
Emma’s Story
PROGNOSIS…according to the dictionary prognosis means foresight or prediction of the probable course and outcome of a disease; the likelihood or recovery from a disease.

Many people lovingly ask (and we appreciate) ”What is Emma’s prognosis?" Well here it is-she is very complicated. Her heart, believe it or not, is probably the simplest part of her. We have come to grips with and for awhile have known in our hearts that most likely with all of her complications and chromosomes effected we may not be able to have her with us as long and we have prayed for. It’s been almost a year now. Wow a year! I can’t believe my baby girl is almost a year.

Emma has been re-hospitalized for I believe the 11th or 12th time now, this time from fever due to infections. She has had a second heart surgery and would have to have at least two more for a complete fixed heart, plus future surgeries for small repairs. She has dislocated hips that can only be fixed through a surgery as well. Her latest set back is not being able to control her body temperature, which is a neurological issue. She had seizures after her last heart surgery and is on preventative medication for this. She has hearing aids that help with her hearing loss. She has Coloboma in both eyes (significantly in her right eye). She cannot take anything by mouth and is fed by a G-tube button in her belly. Her head control is so-so, her muscle tone is weak, and she cannot sit up, but can roll from side to side. Emma smiles and will giggle from time to time.

 Emma loves her brother and sister and responds the best with them. Tannis reads to her and Hailey will put make-up on if front of her and dance. Emma loves to snuggle and loves her "Nuky". Emma looks in to her Daddy’s eyes longingly and likes to play with the "Little People" Daddy got her. Emma loves it when Mommy gives her a bath and snuggles her. And she loves her daddy’s i-pod with special music he picked out for her. We love our Em and will cherish every single second with her and thank God everyday we are all home together as a family.

Shane and I know from her recent chromosomal findings that we will continue to love and protect Emma and enjoy her as long as she is with us and will continue to do so when she is gone. We pray for years, but only God knows, just like only He knows when it is our time for all of us. Emma has proven doctors wrong many times and has drawn people closer to God, more than I ever could have ever imagined.

Because of Emma new friendships have been made and old friendships have been made stronger. Because of Emma families have bonded closer. Because of Emma I have seen such courage and strength in someone so little that I ask myself how do I have a right to complain of anything when she is the one that has to go through so much?
It breaks my heart a thousand times to write this. I will continue to believe and have faith that God has a purpose for Emma as he does for all of us. I will continue to thank God for showing me what true faith and strength and unconditional love is. God is everywhere yes, but since Emma has been born He has been everywhere 10 times over.

God brought us to a fantastic hospital with amazing doctors and nurses. We feel so close to all of them like a big family and that is how we are treated. Emma has had and continues to have great care and love from Hope Hospital, Oak Lawn and we are and will continue to be forever grateful.

I love you Emma Kate! I pray that through God’s help you can prove your "prognosis" once again wrong. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and love you so much!

Here is a letter from Emma’s great aunt who is close to the family and has been helping raise funds for their difficult times. It helps give a little more background on Emma’s situation.
My sister Mary Isenberger’s (Davis, Illinois) son Shane Schultz and his wife Jackie (German Valley, Illinois) had a beautiful little girl they named Emma Kate on June 9, 2009. She was born with many health issues, a hole in her heart, to name one, that was made aware to them before birth. They knew then that they were going to have to pull their boot straps up and hang on tight, ask for lots of prayers and support from family and friends. With two older children (Tannis and Hailey) at home, their lives were going to change dramatically. Jackie, who ran her own home daycare would now have to close. The daycare would compromise Emma’s immune system. Shane, an EMT lost his job due to absenteeism. The family now spends more time at Ronald McDonald House and Hope Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois than anywhere. They rely heavily on grandparents to help take care of Tannis and Hailey and get them where they need to go.
In October of 2009, a fund raiser was organized by parents of Jackie’s daycare kids. It was held at the German Valley Fire Station. Friends, family and strangers came from all over. It was a huge success, but the funds soon ran out as Emma was still in Oak Lawn. Prayers were constantly going up for Emma and the whole family. Churches from all around, near and far have them on their prayer lists.
It was brought to my attention that money was needed to pay for their stay at Ronald McDonald House. The cost was minimal, but over time, it adds up, so my husband and kids and I were given the opportunity through the church I work for to participate in the Mission March held in Maquon, Illinois. We would collect sponsors for our march and meet in the Village Park early one morning. My personal goal was to collect $1,000.00. We collected over $900.00. The money was sent to Ronald McDonald House in the Schultz name to pay that bill. It covered what was owed and some was kept on account for future visits. Needless to say, this account was soon exhausted. The Mission March will be held in Maquon again this August 21st. I am already in preparation to collect sponsors. We live 2 ½ hrs south, so we can’t be there for them in other ways. Emma requires round the clock care. Shane & Jackie are her soul caregivers. Shane still has no job and Jackie is a stay at home mom. They have no income other than what family & friends give them from time to time. They continue to this day making constant trips to Oak Lawn for care, hospitalizations and follow-up visits while staying at Ronald McDonald House. I had the privilege of visiting there. It is a wonderful place! Hope Children’s Hospital is remarkable! The doctors and nurses there are very compassionate. They are like family. They take wonderful care of Emma.
In the meanwhile, my husband and I made a trip north to my niece Carrie’s (Emma’s Aunt) daughter’s  college graduation party on May 30th and spent the night at my sisters when we first discussed the idea of creating a cookbook dedicated to Emma to once again raise funds for her care and her medical expenses. This excited me as I am “cookbook poor” (I love cookbooks and come from a long line of good cooks). That was when my sister Mary came up with the title “Heart of the Family”. (Emma’s heart problems have been the main focus of her health issues and she is so heavy on our hearts and has touched so many.) That next week I contacted the cookbook company (Morris Press) that has published several of the area cookbooks and requested a kit. I set the goal of collecting 500 recipes from family, friends, and extended family and friends. Coming from a family that has 80+ immediate members, I knew this would not be a problem. My goal was to also sell 1,000 cookbooks. “Piece of Cake” I told myself and others!
We received an invitation to Emma’s 1st birthday party for June 12th, so once again we took a trip up north taking Emma’s great-grandparents (Don and Audrey Benson ages 87 & 85 and great uncle Larry and great aunt Sharon) with us. By God’s plan things were falling into place. The cookbook kit arrived just in time to make copies of recipe collection sheets, advertising posters, advance book sales receipts and news release forms to distribute at Emma’s party and get opinions from other family members about the book. My sister Mary and I made the announcement to both sides of Shane and Jackie’s families about the project, setting the deadline for recipe submission at June 30th. Everyone was excited about it and Shane and Jackie were very grateful. Before I knew it, recipes were arriving by mail, e-mail, facebook and in person from all over, even Emma’s doctor and nurses submitted recipes. 
In the meantime, I worked on the personal pages of the cookbook. Emma’s mom, Jackie sent down copies of articles, bible verses and good wishes they had received over the last year. This book is about Emma and her fight to stay healthy. Our goal is to raise funds for her care and medical expenses, but to also make aware the bond and love this family has for each other and the strong faith in God that each of us have. Without God, faith, love, family, hope and prayer, there is nothing. There is nothing else but these things to keep Shane, Jackie, Tannis, Hailey, Emma and each one of us going.
525 recipes were submitted. We had exceeded our goal! By July 9th, the rest of the cookbook came together and everything was sent to the company. Emma’s “Heart of the Family” hard-cover, 3-ring binder cookbook is rose in color, a large heart in the center with a lot of other hearts coming from it. It is packed full of 525 diversified recipes. The eight category dividers are in pastels and the pages are trimmed in bows and hearts. The personal pages have Emma’s precious picture on it along with some of the bible verses and good wishes that were sent to her and a picture of the whole family at Emma’s first birthday party followed by the letter Jackie wrote to Emma that includes her prognosis. It was confirmed by e-mail on July 12th, just one month from when we announced the project, that the cookbook information had been received by the company. Since then there’s been a lot of buzz about it within the families and around our hometowns. Everyone, even my great nieces and nephews are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Emma’s cookbook.  The books are expected to arrive by September. We have several cookbooks already reserved by many and a special account has been set up at my local bank, the Bank of Yates City, Yates City, Illinois for all of the proceeds from the cookbook and any donations. Checks can be made out to “Family and Friends for Emma” and sent to Janet Windish, 620 Knox Road 2150 East, Yates City, Illinois 61572 with your order. The cost of the book is $15.00 each. Please add $5.00 for shipping.
I am Emma’s great aunt. I feel very blessed to be a part of this cookbook. God continues to do good work in my life. He is my rock! He does good works for all and for the good of all. We are not to understand why things are the way they are, but I know this, Emma has touched the “hearts” and lives of more people than she will ever know. Through her, we have strengthened our faith and our bond with each other. We have been blessed by the life of Emma Kate Schultz in so many wondrous ways! God wants us to be in constant prayer. Yes, and I am for Emma and all that are involved in her precious life. Emma is beautiful! She is one of God’s children, His creation.  My love for Shane, Jackie, Tannis, Hailey and Emma is great, and my love for God is even greater, for through him all things are possible. My family and I will continue to support Emma and her family as long as it takes in every way possible by the grace of God and through Jesus Christ, our Savior.
”Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5, 6
After we read the letter from Emma’s mother, we responded and asked her to answer a few more questions we had. Following is the letter she wrote back to us with her responses:
At our 20wk ultrasound for Emma it showed there were 2 major holes in her heart; a hole separating the upper and lower chambers and a hole separating the right and left chambers. This basically means there was one big open hole in her heart mixing all the oxygenated blood with the non-oxygenated blood. We were told her aorta was a little narrow too. At birth she was diagnosed as having AV canal defect with sub-aortic stenosis.
There were no problems in pregnancy; I felt great and Emma, other than her heart, seemed perfect. She was born at 39wks.
Originally our Freeport OB doctor referred us to Rockford Memorial because they could not get a very good picture of Emma’s heart. The Rockford doctor, Dr. Maloney (or Malone I can’t remember now) said that Emma had low set ears, sandal gap toes and a heart condition. She said she was almost positive Emma had Down syndrome and said it was not too early to have an abortion. We were in such shock and disgust that she would even say such a thing since we were just coming in for heart issues. She insisted on an amniocentesis to prove that she had Down syndrome, however, this test proved Dr. Malone wrong. Emma did not have Down syndrome. She (the doctor) still said Emma may not be viable for life. We said we would let God decide that. We immediately found doctors at Hope Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn by Chicago. There they gave us much hope and thought she just had heart problems.
We have been on an emotional roller coaster since. Emma was intubated (put on a breathing machine) at birth to give her heart a break. She was never allowed to drink by mouth and had to be fed through her nose. She had her first surgery at 30 days old to put a stint in her PDA and had pulmonary banding done to help with blood flow. She stayed in the NICU from birth till this surgery.
A few months later we found out she had 80% hearing loss in one ear and 50% loss in the other. They also found she had coloboma in both eyes. As a fetus her eyes did not form correctly so optic nerve damage was done. Her right eye may be legally blind; her left is not as bad. She lived at the hospital for the first four months of life and stayed home only a few weeks here and there. At four months old she had a G-Tube and reflux surgery, so then she would be fed by a tube directly into her belly. Even though she had some ability to swallow they wanted her to save her energy. To do over I would have pushed more oral stimulation because she has trouble swallowing her own secretions and I do not know if she will ever be able to take food by mouth. We also found out she was born with dislocated hips that will have to be fixed by another surgery at the end of this summer. This past March she had another heart surgery enlarging her aortic arch, taking off pulmonary banding and putting a loose band farther down on the pulmonary artery, taking the PDA stint out and attaching a conduit piece to Emma’s aorta for better blood flow.
Emma has been on and off of O2 as needed. For living most of her life in the hospital she is much delayed. After her last surgery she had some seizures, which doctors feel was due to her electrolytes being off so much. After heart surgery it is important for the body to loose extra fluid. Medication is given to "dry" the body so too much fluid is not retained and doctors are able to close up the chest. By doing this it can cause the body’s electrolytes to be off.  Emma had an MRI done and they found that her corpus collosum is a bit thinner than normal and her brain appears to be on the smaller side, which can happen to an organ when it is not being used and from being chronically be sick.
Emma spent a total of 9wks home her first year of life. She was air lifted 4 or 5 times now, I loose track, she has been hospitalized 13 times.
Emma cannot sit up yet at 13 months of age. She rolls over but her muscle tone is very weak.
Her next heart surgery will be next spring sometime. She still gets fed by a feeding tube in her stomach. She has 3 therapists that come once a week and 2 that come once a month. We have recently found out that she has neurological issues with controlling her body temperature. She can be as low as 94 degrees and up to 101.0 without being sick. This makes it hard to know if Emma is sick or not. When Emma is home, Shane and I are the only ones that take care of her. We have no nursing care at this time. We take turns staying up with her in the night, .ready to suction her if she coughs or give her O2 if she needs it. She needs 24 hour care. We are in the process of getting nursing care, but like anything with the state this takes time-way too much time.
Her last hospitalization was last week due to a regular virus. She was in the hospital for five days. Her fevers were controlled by Tylenol, Motrin and cool baths, but on the third day nothing would help. Her temp reached 106.1 in the ER.
Emma’s illness has been very hard. Before Emma was born I ran a daycare out of our home in which we loved, but were forced to close. My husband Shane lost his great job as a paramedic after using all of his FMLA. He has had no luck and we have had no income since April. We are suffering financially. We have been blessed by being able to stay at a Ronald McDonald House, which is right across the street from the hospital, every time Emma is hospitalized,. We have been blessed by help from friends and family. A benefit was held for us last October in German Valley and we were so thankful for this, but we struggle yet again.
Emotionally my husband and I have felt torn this past year. While our other two children Tannis (boy, 8) and Hailey (girl, 5) were in school my mother would stay with them and we would see them on the weekends. We were hardly ever all together. This got very depressing for a family that always did everything together. I miss my old life, my daycare, our family times, being able to go anywhere together as a family. I love Emma with all of my heart, but it is hard especially to see her suffer and struggle, but she is a fighter. She wears hearing aids in both ears and has been through a lot. We are overjoyed with the little things in life; a good wet diaper means she is not retaining fluid, a smile which is not very often, a day without a fever or a day she tolerates therapy without getting too winded or her heart rate not getting too high.
Our other children had a hard time at school last year. Both teachers would say they were more quiet than usual, not as involved in classroom activities. This broke my heart. I would cry so many times and question "Why God? Why us? Why did this have to happen?" I ate right and took care of myself. There was nothing I did different this pregnancy. I don’t smoke or do drugs. How could I have such a sick baby?
We have had tons of support and have met many wonderful people at the Ronald McDonald House. We share stories and give advice. We cry together, pray together and give thanks together.
This experience has definitely made me see how I have taken life for granted. I look at things so differently and cherish every second I can spend with each child. We took the older kids out of school a couple of times to do fun family things and had them talk to counselors which helped, but being together helps the most.
They expressed that their fears were that Emma would die. How awful for an 8 and 5 year old to be scared that their baby sister was going to die. Those worries should only be what parents fear, and they have to carry such heavy burdens themselves.
This situation has brought our families and friends closer to God. We have met some great doctors and nurses at Hope Hospital who actually come and visit us. They brought Christmas presents to our family last year. We have become friends. We have had great opportunities to witness to others about having faith and staying strong; that God only gives us what we can handle and when we have no more strength to pray or go any further God carries us and prays for us.
I will be honest though; recently both Shane and I have felt very down. With Emma progressing so slowly and not knowing what her outcome will be or how long she will live or even if she will ever walk or talk or eat, it gets very depressing. We know God has a purpose for her as he does for everyone. We work with her a lot, but she is always so tired. We can’t take her out in public very much due to exposure to illnesses. We see other one year olds playing and going places and it makes us sad and discouraged but we try to stay strong and keep the faith. We cry a lot and pray a lot, but most of all we love a lot. Tannis and Hailey love Emma so much too. They are such great helpers, but you can tell it saddens them that they can’t play with her like they should be able to.
Thank you for your time; sorry to go on so much and jump around, there is just so much to tell.
God Bless,
Jackie Schultz
Since we at the www.prolifecorner.com began getting information for little Emma’s story, we have learned she has taken a turn for the worse. Please hold Emma and her family in your prayers.
If you would be interested in helping this young family in their time of need, cookbooks are being sold to raise needed funds for them. Here’s how you can get “Heart of the Family” the cookbook dedicate to Emma Kate: 
Checks can be made out to “Family and Friends for Emma” and sent to
 Janet Windish
 620 Knox Road 2150 East
Yates City, Illinois 61572
The cost of the book is $15.00 each. Please add $5.00 for shipping.


Rockford Pro-Life Initiative for 7 28 2010

Two Possible Saves An estimated 17 children were intentionally killed inside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center this past week;     Woman Injured By Abortion In Rockford / Serious Dangers To Rockford Because Of Out Of State Abortionists;     Powerful Sermon Exposes The Racist Agenda Of Abortion;     Abortionist from Notorious Rockford Abortion Facility Claims Victimhood in NYT Article;      The Pro-Life Action League is Coming to Rockford;      Moms Take Babies Saved from Abortion by Pregnancy Help Centers to Congress

On Friday July 23, an estimated nine children were killed inside Rockford’s abortion mill.  We clearly saw this morning what abortion has to offer the world and what Christianity offers as well.
On young woman who brought a friend in for an abortion had some interaction with a sidewalk counselor.  When she was offered help for her friend, she angrily said, "Life sucks,  and the baby is better off dead."  She went on to say that she has children and that if she ever gets pregnant again, she would kill that child.
The sidewalk counselors treated her with patience and understanding.  Sadly, she was a prime example of what abortion teaches our young people.  If life is difficult, it is better to murder a baby than be unconvinced. 
"We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ."  1 Thessalonians 1:3
We also saw this morning the inspiring faith of dozens of Christians who stood in a driving rain storm for three hours to offer the love of Jesus Christ to mothers and children in need. 
A few lightning strikes were too close for comfort, but not one of these people stopped praying or left.  They knew they could be  the last hope a child might have this morning.
This hope might have had a life-saving effect today.  One car driven by a young lady passed by the mill four times.  Each time she looked at the people praying, some of them on their knees in the rain, but when she slowed down near the abortion mill driveway, she did not go in.
She kept driving around, but it seemed every time she saw the women, men, and children in humble prayer in the pouring rain, she could not bring herself to enter the mill.
Another young woman and her friend looked at the people praying in the rain, especially at the Priest who was praying near the driveway, before they entered the mill parking lot.  They only stayed a short time and then left.
"You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."   Acts 1:8
Those who pray and work for life anywhere are all Christ’s witnesses to life. The witnesses to Christ and life who stood in the rain this morning offered love and help and gave hope to at least two mothers and possibly saved two children.
On Wednesday July 28, an estimated eight children were intentionally killed inside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.
Scripture reading and Rosary confounds pro-aborts At Rockford Abortion Mill    http://www.prolifecorner.com/node/384 
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.

Woman Injured By Abortion In Rockford / Serious Dangers To Rockford
Because Of Out Of State Abortionists
Powerful Sermon Exposes The Racist Agenda Of Abortion.  This video is an important message to the people of Rockford.
Christians who pray at Rockford’s abortion mill have seen first hand exactly what this Pastor is speaking about; 
the direct connection between racism and abortion.
Abortionist from Notorious Rockford Abortion Facility Claims Victimhood in NYT Article
The Pro-Life Action League is Coming for a
Rockford Face The Truth Tour
Tuesday August 10, 2010
(please note the revised times)
Corner of Riverside and Alpine 9:30am – 11:00am
Corner of Alpine and E. State St.  11:30am – 1:00pm
Lunch at the Old Country Buffet 525 South Perryville Road
$9.00 per person / 6.00 per child / free for non Rockford area residents
Corner of E. State St and Perryville Rd. 3:00pm – 4:30pm
In Rockford , babies—and their parents—have been saved from abortion by Face the Truth—a bold and effective pro-life initiative that exposes the truth about abortion:
We Need Your Help To Save The Lives Of Rockford’s Children
We need you to help show the people of Rockford that abortion is the deliberate taking of an unborn child’s life. If you believe that abortion is murder, this is your chance to stand up and be counted.
Join us at the above locations as we line the roads at major intersections of Rockford to show our city what we have done to over 50,000 babies in Rockford.
Go Forth and Teach
Jesus told His followers to "go forth and teach." Face the Truth responds to the Gospel call by teaching the truth about abortion. The truth is that abortion kills innocent human beings, made in the image and likeness of God. That is why we must take the pro-life message to the streets of our cities.
We are living in the midst of a national atrocity. Since the 1973 Supreme Court abortion decisions, over fifty million children have been destroyed before they were born.
Our signs depicting prenatal life and the aborted child reveal the hidden victims of this atrocity.
While the signs are displayed along the roadways, other volunteers distribute literature to passing motorists and pedestrians to help them understand the gravity of the Culture of Death.
Pictures Expose Lies
Photographs and films of human beings stacked like cordwood outside Nazi concentration camps exposed the murderous truth of Nazi genocide. Disturbing as these images are, we all recognize the value of squarely facing the truth of the Holocaust.
Similarly, our pictures of aborted children lay bare the blatant lies and hypocrisy used by the abortionists to conceal the wholesale slaughter of unborn babies. Photos of these aborted children rip off the mask of "choice." The truth hurts, but the lie hurts so much more. Once people have faced the truth, they are less likely to become involved in abortion.
A Graphic Reminder
When Christ died for us, it was in a very graphic way—a public crucifixion. His body, twisted, disfigured and covered with blood, hung on a cross for three hours in full public view.
He said He had to be lifted up in order to show His love for us and to show us the seriousness of sin.
Likewise, our pictures graphically portray the reality of abortion in the public square, and show the seriousness of taking the life of an unborn child.
The Tragedy of the Culture of Death
One of the tragedies of abortion is that innocent children cannot be sheltered from the truth that one-third of their brothers and sisters, classmates and friends have been aborted. We use large warning signs to help parents shield their children from our pictures, but the only way to really protect our children is to stamp out the Culture of Death. We invite all concerned parents to join us in restoring a Culture of Life.
Awaken the Nation
Nationwide, Face the Truth Tours are showing Americans the hidden slaughter of its unborn children. If people are troubled by these graphic pictures, they should stand up against the killing the pictures expose.
We need your help to make our neighbors face the truth. Join us!
Moms Take Babies Saved from Abortion by Pregnancy Help Centers to Congress
WASHINGTON, D.C., July 26, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Women who rejected the “choice” to abort their babies will be bringing their children to Washington D.C. this week to tell Congress how thankful they are for the life-saving work of pregnancy help centers. 
Babies Go to Congress, a Heartbeat International project, provides an opportunity for women to speak publicly, on Capitol Hill, about their gratitude for the support they received when faced with an unexpected pregnancy.  Heartbeat International, founded in 1971, is a Christ-centered association of more than 1,100 pregnancy help centers, maternity homes, non-profit adoption agencies, pregnancy help medical clinics and abortion recovery programs in 50 countries.
One of the testifying moms, Danica Fountain of Arizona, says she felt pressured to abort her baby before she arrived at the Women’s Center of Tucson, a local pregnancy resource center. “I was absolutely shocked to see that this so called ‘blob of tissue,’ the term I so commonly heard people use when referencing a pregnancy this early on, was in fact a fully formed baby! She had a head, arms and legs," says Fountain.
“When I saw my baby’s heart beating I knew I would do anything to protect my child."
Fountain is scheduled to meet with members of Congress this week. “The emotional support I received from the pregnancy center helped me realize that I could succeed as a single mom," she said. "So I continued in my full time position at the bank, knowing they were there if I needed more encouragement or practical help.  I can never thank the Women’s Center of Tucson enough.”
The visits will occur only weeks after news broke earlier this month that U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) would introduce a bill, known as the "Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women’s Services Act," to restrict the activities of pregnancy resource centers. The measure aims to force such centers to loudly advertise their lack of abortion services, and is strongly supported by NARAL and Planned Parenthood, who have complained of the centers’ siphoning off customers from "legitimate reproductive health care centers."
“Congress needs to hear from the women served by nonprofit pregnancy centers,” said Heartbeat President Peggy Hartshorn. Praising the moms for sacrificing their time for the campaign, Hartshorn added, “This is a testament to the fact that our elected officials need to support public policy that preserves the bond between mother and child.” 
“These moms and babies put real faces on the abortion issue as they testify to the fact that pregnancy help centers are serving communities by uniting thousands of individuals passionate about life,” said Heartbeat Director of Public Policy/PR Virginia Cline.
Cline pointed out that pregnancy resource centers affiliated with Heartbeat “provide options and resources for pregnant women who are not satisfied with the choice to abort a child." "Our families and the future of our country are strengthened by the life affirming work of pregnancy help ministries," she said.
Another mom heading to Congress, Terrie Thompson, said the volunteers at her local center "have been my rock" as she struggled to raise her daughter.
"When I lost my apartment, they helped me find shelter.  When I couldn’t work, they supported me financially, and when I needed support, they were there for me emotionally.  They listen with an open ear and heart, and always help me find solutions," she said. "For that, I thank them.”
With this trip, Heartbeat’s Babies Go to Congress will have brought the stories of real-life moms and their pregnancy resource centers to 125 congressional offices.
Heartbeat affiliates provide the emotional support and practical help needed to sustain a healthy pregnancy.  Without any financial gain, Heartbeat’s network provides the information that it says women need to make an informed decision, including the facts that abortion providers often leave out. 
Utilizing more than 25,000 volunteers, Heartbeat says its network saves about 2,000 babies a week from abortion.  The organization notes that doctors, lawyers, nurses, social workers, educators and other professionals are pregnancy center volunteers, many of whom have had a personal experience with an unexpected pregnancy.  

Scripture reading and Rosary confounds pro-aborts.

Three Pro-Aborts Show Up At Rockford Abortion Mill Then Head For the Hills When Rosary Begins. One of the abortion supporters walked up and down the sidewalk chanting, "O help us goddess." 

 Rockford IL July 28, 2010 – Three abortion supporters showed up at Rockford’s infamous abortion mill to promote and support the culture of death in Rockford.  The abortion mill landlord was waiting for them as they arrived with a huge box filled with "keep abortion legal" signs in the back of his truck.

 He seemed to have been expecting more support for his abortion mill and displays mocking God but could only find three people to show up. 

At least one of the three was a past paid employee of the mill

 Over forty pro-lifers arrived at the mill to read the Gospel of Luke in unison, sidewalk counsel, and pray.  We were blessed this morning with both a Minister and Priest to lead the faithful in prayer.

 The silent prayerful witness of these Christians was interrupted occasionally by the abortion supporters, one of whom told a pro-lifer, "it would have been better if you had been aborted."  Another abortion supporter seemed so angry that Christians were praying the Scriptures in public she loudly called out, "everything your god says is full of sh…"

 When one of the abortion supporters called out to an abortion minded woman who was walking into the mill, "you have a right to do what you want with your life."  A pro-lifer showed both women a large picture of a baby killed in the womb by abortion and said, "This baby has a right to her life."

 The pro-lifer turned to the woman walking into the mill and said, "Don’t let them do this to your daughter or son."

 The mother stared at the sign then went inside the mill.

 The abortion supporter muttered something derogatory about God and walked on down the sidewalk. 

 As God has done so many times at this abortion facility He used what those promoting the killing of children intended to further their cause and turned it back on them for the cause of life and love.  A short time later before the abortionist arrived, the mother who heard the interchange between the abortion supporter and the pro-lifer left the mill.

 As she left the mill she gave a huge smile to the pro-lifer still holding the sign and waved at him.  God truly works in wonderful ways.

 A couple of interactions between the Christians and abortion supporters were very interesting.

 The oldest of the abortion supporters seemed proud to say, "I was once Catholic and have been excommunicated 75 times over."  She then mockingly laughed.  A pro-lifer standing near her responded by saying, "Jesus told us he will forgive 7 times 70 meaning an infinite number of times if you will truly repent and come back to Him."  The abortion supporter didn’t quite know what to make of this and walked away.

 One of the abortion promoters began chanting that what is in the womb is not a person.  A grandmother who was praying heard this and made it very clear to her that the child inside of her daughter’s womb at this moment is very much a part of our human family.

 When another pro-lifer asked this same abortion supporter, "Why do pregnant women say, I just felt my baby kick and move,"   "Why don’t they say I just felt my tissue or non-person move," the abortion supporter oddly began singing and humming so loud she couldn’t hear anymore.

 Maybe the most telling thing this morning was when a large group gathered to pray the Rosary and the three abortion supporters were standing right next to them. 

 A man named Sam said, "It’s time to pray" and over twenty five people made the sign of the cross in unison and began the Rosary.

 At the very moment, that very second, the pro-lifers made the sign of the cross and began the Rosary the three abortion supporters pulled out their car keys, quickly walked to their cars, left and did not return.

 Thanks be to God and to God be the Glory!




Two Videos Below



Sound Familiar

One little Pastor Ronnie Wallace climbs up a tree outside the
"Family Reproductive Health" abortion mill in Charlotte, North Carolina
because they will not allow him to speak on behalf of the unborn.

 He climbs the tree and informs the police that he will not come down.  No power on
earth will make Ronnie Wallace come down.  

They had already arrested him the Saturday before for being on his ladder
pleading the case of the fatherless.  Like the prophet Elijah before him, he
took his stand.  God saw the faith of this faithful Pastor and sent fire
from heaven.  The transformer on the telephone pole outside the abortion
mill exploded in flame, consuming the top quarter of the pole and frying the
electronics inside the abortion mill.  For four blessed days there were no
babies killed at "Family Reproductive Health."  Ronnie Wallace came down
from that tree when he saw the power of God unleashed for all to see.

We serve a God who answers by fire.  Fewer babies were killed this past week
of the National Event in the city of Charlotte than in the past twenty
years.  Thank you for allowing the theology of the church house to become
biography in the streets.      

Electrical Fire

Operation Save America 2010 0001

Obama is the Abortion King

Powerful Sermon Exposes The Racist Agenda Of Abortion.  This video is an important message to the people of Rockford

Christians who pray at Rockford’s abortion mill have seen first hand exactly what this African American pastor is speaking about;  the direct connection between racism and abortion.
From rubber chickens hanging by nooses, to a racist abortion supporter being directed by the clinics public address system, to a former Rockford abortionist admitting in the New York Times that her experiences with the poor, " just solidified my feeling that I wanted to provide abortions.”
We know as Christians Jesus calls us to, "love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with your entire mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment.
The second is like it; you shall love your neighbor as yourself. The whole law and the prophets depend on these two great commandments."  Matthew 22: 34
We cannot love God if we do not love all of God’s children, no matter their race, age, religion, or if they are a child in the womb or a sick or elderly person. 
All people are our sisters and brothers in Christ.
The sin of abortion naturally leads to other sins such as racism.  If you can kill a person in the womb because she is young and small it is just as easy to hate a person because of the color of her skin.  Racism and abortion both teach that if someone is inconvenient for you to deal with you have a right to "choose" to dehumanize that person; then you can do with them or to them as you wish.
The Christian pro-life community of Rockford Illinois completely rejects this kind of hatred.   We believe and are trying to live what Jesus told us;
“Love One Another, As I Have Loved You”
Obama is the Abortion King


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Rockford Abortion Facility Claims Victimhood in NYT

Abortionist from Notorious Rockford Abortion Facility Claims Victimhood in NYT Article

By Kathleen Gilbert and John Jalsevac
NEW YORK, July 23, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The author of a recent New York Times article on modern abortion providers may have made a strategic misstep in the abortionist that she chose to feature, if her intent was to paint a sympathetic picture of abortion practitioners. The lengthy article shines the spotlight on abortionist Emily Godfrey, who worked for several years at what may be the United States’ most bizarre abortion clinic – the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC) in Rockford, Illinois.
While Godfrey attempted to paint a grim picture of a threatening crowd of pro-lifers who allegedly “surrounded” her as she walked to and from the notorious Rockford abortion facility, one of the leaders in the Rockford pro-life movement has countered that the claim is demonstrably baseless. Kevin Rilott has pointed out that pro-lifers are not even allowed on the property of NIWC, let alone able to approach anywhere near the abortionists.
LifeSiteNews.com (LSN) has frequently reported on NIWC’s use of vicious, threatening and blasphemous messages, evidently meant to intimidate the pro-life protesters outside. The abortuary was only recently in the news, after a staff member emerged from the building wielding a running chainsaw, with which he attempted to drown out the voices of pro-life counselors.
On another occasion the owner, Wayne Webster, was caught on camera communicating over the clinic’s outdoor PA system with an enraged local pro-abort with a pit-bull in tow, who was confronting the pro-life protesters. After the antagonist, by the name of Keith Sterkeson, had called the pro-lifer who was videotaping the encounter a "ni**er" 19 times, shouted the word "f**k" at him 36 times, and called him a "degenerate" 16 times, Webster warned Sterkeson that he had heard over his police scanner that the police were on their way. He also assured Sterkeson that he was acting no crazier than these “a**holes” (the pro-lifers).
In the recent NYT article, however, abortionist Emily Godfrey complained to the author, Emily Bazelon, about the pressure caused by the presence of the pro-life witnesses when she worked at NIWC.
“I’m a Catholic girl from the suburbs. I’m a yoga student. I like calm and serenity," Godfrey said.
Throughout the time Godfrey was working there, NIWC was undoubtedly anything but "calm and serene." In addition to the two encountes mentioned above, the chilling displays erected in the windows of the building, which continue to grow, include a nun in a coffin, a crucified rubber chicken, and rubber chickens hanging from nooses. Another sign in the window of the facility suggests that the abortionists have conducted "50,000" abortions while Jesus Christ (presumably through the actions of the pro-life counselors) has saved only "50" children; other signs direct personal insults at individual pro-lifers.
Bazelon, describing Godfrey’s account of life at NIWC, wrote that, "Protesters surrounded her when she walked into the clinic." "One day, a clinic resident left his lunch in the car and said he’d rather be hungry than go back to get it," wrote Bazelon.
Godfrey left the mill in 2008 to work at the University of Illinois: "By taking jobs on university faculties, the young doctors avoid walking to work through a scrum of screaming demonstrators," Bazelon explained.
However, Rockford pro-life veteran Kevin Rilott said that the crowd of pro-life witnesses that have kept vigil outside the bizarre abortuary for years are peaceful and, since they unable even to enter the clinic parking lot, can do nothing but pray and offer help from a distance to women entering the clinic.
"As any of you know who have prayed at Rockford’s abortion mill, the Christians who stand on the sidewalks at this mill literally can not get within 200 feet of a person who is walking into the building," wrote Rilott on his blog.
"Abortionist Godfrey parked in the back of the mill lot so pro-lifers could hardly even see her, let alone ‘surround her,’" he added.
Rilott also took issue with Godfrey’s account of her disappointment at the number of living children she delivered to poor women in Chicago – an experience that she says prompted her to pursue a career killing the unborn.
"Bringing so many unwanted children into the world, or children who wouldn’t be readily provided for because their mothers were on drugs or who were taken away at birth — well, that just solidified my feeling that I wanted to provide abortions,” Godfrey told Bazelon. She said she had tried, but failed, to stem the problem by giving poor women IUDs just after delivery – and was only thwarted by Medicaid’s refusal to cover the second procedure.
"Considering that she was working in Rockford at an abortion mill that hung rubber chickens by nooses that offended African Americans," said Rilott, "this seems like another statement from a eugenics-minded person whose answer to African Americans living in poverty was not to eliminate the poverty, but to eliminate the African Americans."

See related LifeSiteNews.com coverage:
Abortion Clinic Owner Responds with Chainsaw as Radio Blares: ‘God Bless Pro-Lifers!’

Vampire Logic

        Father Euteneuer has received a lot of attention here in Rockford recently.  He just sent out a very interesting newsletter which we would like to pass on to you.

Vampire Logic
By Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
      With the issuing of the third movie in the Twilight series I have to speak out about our culture’s twisted fascination with vampires. I don’t hesitate to tell people that I am totally disgusted with the new fad sweeping over our youth culture these days. It is not just kids that are taken up with the wiles of the dark world either: many moms of teens are swooning for them too. I think that these seductive creatures are simply the spawn of the Harry Potter culture that has for over a decade now been indoctrinating kids to think that the occult world is normal and that all this evil messaging is harmless when dressed up as entertainment. That’s vampire logic – and just what the devil wants us to think.
Gone are the days of Bella Lugosi’s Dracula (1931) where good was good and evil was evil. A crucifix would drive Dracula away and then he had to go into his infernal coffin when the first streaks of dawn appeared. He was in every way presented as a creature of evil, dark of heart and dread to encounter. He drank human blood too, a feature that was supposed to strike terror in every person who valued his life’s essence. The image of a blood-sucking creature who lives in slime and darkness and will pounce on you to drain out your very essence should terrorize every decent person. This is because vampires used to be images of demons. That’s what demons are all about: the vanquishing of all human decency and life. They represent the spiritual vortexes of the demon world that drag down to the depths of hell all who fall prey to their wiles.
But, my, how vampires have come up in the world these days.
Nowadays vampires are divided into good and bad – no longer intrinsically evil. The good ones rescue vulnerable women instead of biting them and, allegedly, drink only animal blood (well, we haven’t seen the last Twilight movie yet…). And crucifixes? Don’t think you’ll see any of those driving away bad guys in these movies. The heroes are the "good" vampires, not the Church or religious faith in Christ.
These super-star vampires also walk around in sunlight and, as a matter of fact, their skin just happens to glisten like diamonds when exposed to direct sunlight. Isn’t that wonderful? The glam vamps are gentlemen, chaste and well-intentioned, yet they are always hovering around the edge of "falling" and in seductive situations which cause young people to think that they are capable, like their hero vampire, Edward Cullen, of going just so far and pulling back, out of self-control. That’s teaching them to play with fire, not a real chastity message for kids.
The worst part of this fascination with vampires from a faith point of view, however, is its blasphemy of the Eucharist. "Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you," said our Blessed Lord in Chapter 6 of John’s Gospel. He is the One who offers His flesh and blood for the life of the world. The vampires eat (bite) the flesh and drink the blood of victims rather than give their own to redeem others. Their bites corrupt and transform their victims into vampires like themselves. They have no life in them. They are the "living dead" by their own estimate.
How sad that this generation has been so taken in by those who represent the very antithesis of the core reality of our Faith – the Eucharist. Vampire logic is anti-Eucharistic logic, and it’s very dangerous for our kids. In their obsessive fascination with such darkness, kids (and adults) turn their backs on the One who actually died for them.
To those who say, "Oh, Father, it’s only harmless entertainment," I say simply: You’ve been warned.
Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
President, Human Life International
New books by Fr. Euteneuer…
          Learn the real spiritual force behind the modern abortion industry in Demonic Abortion, and learn more about the Church’s battle against the evil one, and about how pop-occult fads are increasingly and negatively influencing the young in Exorcism and the Church Militant. Visit  www.exorcismbook.com

Abortionist Godfrey spoke of botched abortion. PT 3

Abortionist Godfrey Exposes In The New York Times Extreme Dangers To The People Of Rockford Because Of Out Of State Abortionists  Abortionist lets slip the case of an abortion in Rockford she committed that went terribly, terribly wrong.

          This is part three of a report on Godfrey, a former abortionist in Rockford.  To keep the article below in context we suggest that you follow the links to part one and part two before proceeding to part three.  More Lies From the New York Times: http://www.prolifecorner.com/node/373   Abortionist Godfrey & the New York Times pt. 2  http://www.prolifecorner.com/node/375   
The very disturbing case of former Rockford abortionist Emily Godfrey is of concern to all residents of this city.  In a recent New York Times story she lied about Rockford pro-lifers and made an extremely disturbing statement about abortion being used to eliminate the poor. 
The People Of Rockford Deserve Much Better Than This
Also in her interview in the New York Times she admits to a near tragedy in Rockford when an abortion went seriously wrong.  Abortionist Godfrey, along with both abortionists who kill children at the Rockford mill presently, is from out of state.  As far as we know they do not have any admitting privileges at local hospitals.  This is a catastrophe waiting to happen.
Here is how the abortionist describes the horrific botched abortion at the Rockford mill: 
Quote: "And then one snowy day in 2007, Godfrey had a patient with a serious complication who needed to go to the hospital. She called the OB-GYN who was supposed to be on call. He was out of town. She called Sunni, who told her to get the patient to the local hospital. But Godfrey had no admitting privileges there, and the doctor on call seemed unwilling to admit the patient. “She said, ‘How dare you come here,’ ” Godfrey remembered. She looked down at her salad, her face flushed.
“You were really out there all alone,” Sunni said. Godfrey nodded. “Yeah, I remember you said that,” Godfrey said. “And I was like, God, you’re right.” Godfrey called George Tiller, the veteran abortion provider who was later killed at his Kansas church in 2009, to ask his advice. He told her to call an ambulance and send the patient to the hospital."  Stop Quote
We had an abortionist in Rockford who had a woman in very serious condition after an abortion and she turned for answers to the infamous late term abortionist in Kansas whose claim to fame is he offered to baptize babies after he killed them by abortion! 
This is a dangerous, frightening, and even bizarre threat to the health and welfare of the people of Rockford.
We all know that in every abortion a child is killed.  The last thing that is needed is for a woman to be permanently injured or worse because the Rockford abortion mill only has out of state abortionists working for them. 
These traveling abortionists come to Rockford for a few hours a week, kill babies, grab a pay check, and then go home to another state leaving the women of Rockford hours away from the person who committed their abortion.
If the signs of hatred for God and children in the womb that litter the abortion mill building windows is any indication of the care or professionalism that is offered women in this abortion mill, this dangerous situation needs to be investigated.