Obama Admin Targets Pro-Lifers

     Obama Admin Targets Pro-Lifers in FBI Training Forum With Pro-Abortion Orgs
by Steven Ertelt LifeNews.com Editor September 30, 2010  Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — Documents LifeNews.com obtained today reveal the Obama administration partnered with leading pro-abortion organizations to host an FBI training seminar in August with the main focus of declaring as "violent" the free speech activities of pro-life Americans……

     On August 25, 2010, the FBI and the United States Department of Justice co-sponsored a training seminar with Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation and the Feminist Majority Foundation.
When information about the seminar, which took place at FBI headquarters in Portland, Oregon, reached pro-life advocates, they asked officials for permission to attend and were granted access to the seminar and the training materials.
FBI and Obama administration officials provided participants with an 84-page document entitled “Resource Guide: Violence Against Reproductive Health Care Providers" that contained print copies of Power Point presentations prepared by the Justice Department and an analysis of alleged pro-life "violence" prepared by the pro-abortion groups.
The so-called violence perpetrated by pro-life advocates mostly contained examples of constitutionally-protected free speech, including activities such as praying, providing women outside abortion centers with alternatives information, and peaceful protesting or picketing.
Matt Bowman, a top attorney at the Alliance Defense Fund, told LifeNews.com today that the cooperation between the Obama administration and pro-abortion organizations to target pro-life free speech should cause alarm.
"The information presented in the seminar raises serious concerns over the United States government’s treatment of nonviolent free speech activities as ‘violence’ subject to investigation and prosecution," he said.
"Abortionist organizations have long lobbied to use the law to silence free speech activities. But in this seminar the FBI and USDOJ included those views in their own training seminar materials," he added. "This raises serious concerns about the United States government investigating peaceful, legal free speech activity in efforts that are ostensibly aimed at violence."
The Obama administration documents, on page 39-41 specifically list the names of pro-life organizations and websites sponsored by peaceful nonviolent groups.
Some of the organizations named in the FBI/DOJ seminar materials include 40 Days for Life, the ACLJ, Concerned Women for America, National Right to Life, Priests for Life, and Students for Life of America.
Julie Abbate of USDOJ, who presented at the seminar, is the attorney who filed a federal lawsuit in August 2010 against a pro-life advocate solely for leafleting while, allegedly, one time, crossing a driveway in front of an abortion center.
"The lawsuit is further evidence that USDOJ is putting its resources into prosecuting peaceful activity on public sidewalks, rather than violence," Bowman said.
Looking at some of the examples of pro-life free speech pegged as violence, pages 5 and 20 discuss and tabulate “violence statistics” including “disruption,” but define “disruption” as including “picketing,” which accounts for almost 90% of all the incidents listed in the FBI, USDOJ materials.
An entire section of the document is devoted to laws that address non-violent picketing in residential locations, at pages 77-84, as do the FMF surveys relied on in “The History of Violence,” page 11.
“The History of Clinic Violence” includes “the use of huge anti-abortion posters” on college and university campuses, and it identifies “boycotts against abortion providers" as another example. It complains of “the ability to publish almost anything on the Internet,” and of free speech lawsuits. These are all summarized as “The landscape of violence and harassment aimed at abortion providers.”
On page 67, the Justice Department says prosecuting federal law includes “gathering evidence” on “Leaflets or pamphlets” that pro-life targets are distributing, and “Signs [the] suspect was carrying.”
The documents indicate Planned Parenthood "maintain[s] a database of names, photos, license plate etc. of anti-choice groups and individuals” and that they work “proactively” with local law enforcement.
Pages 18 and 19 summarize an FMF survey discussing “intimidation,” and includes the distribution of leaflets labeled “Pamphlets Targeting Staff,” and any “noise disturbance.” These would include leaflets that warn women that specific abortion practitioners have killed women in botched abortions. This free speech activity constitutes a significant percent of the survey activities labeled “intimidation.”
The joint Obama administration-pro-abortion FBI training seminar follows on the heels of the Department of Homeland Security engaging in several instances of tracking or monitoring pro-life advocates and concluding they represent a security threat.
Last year, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano included pro-lifers in a report on domestic terrorism.
In the document, the Department of Homeland Security warned law officials about a supposed rise in "rightwing extremist activity," saying the poor economy and presence of a black president could spark problems.
According to the Washington Times, a footnote attached to the nine-page report from the Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis said the activities of pro-life advocates is included in "rightwing extremism in the United States.”
"It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration," the warning said.
After that, in May 2009, details emerged about a terrorism dictionary the administration had put together in March. The Domestic Extremism Lexicon called pro-life advocates violent and claims they employ racist overtones in engaging in criminal actions.
In February 2010, DOHS admitted it conducted an improper threat assessment of pro-life advocates in Wisconsin before an expected rally last year in response to the University of Wisconsin Hospital board decided to allow abortions.
In February 2009, an Oklahoma man with a homemade pro-life sign on his vehicle was pulled over and harassed by police for allegedly making a threat against the president.
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Rockford Life Initiative 9 29 2010

An estimated 22 children were killed inside of Rockford’s abortion mill this past week;     Abortion May be the "Death Knell" for our Society: U.S. Bishop Doran;      It’s Time For The Truth To Be Told In Rockford;     Rockford Abortionist Exposed!;     Bishop Doran letter of September 24, 2010;     Life Chain & Silent No More Event;     A Morning Of Prayer To Honor Our Lady Of Fatima …… 

On Friday September 24, an estimated eight children were killed inside of Rockford’s abortion mill.  With the mobile ultrasound still being kept out of Rockford by the city legal department we had another morning with no saves and with the abortion mill landlord and the woman he has placed on his second floor balcony mocking pro-lifers with some rather disturbing language.
 For three straight hours Christians were at prayer for these mothers who would be wounded by abortion and the babies that would die this morning.
 On Wednesday September 29, an estimated fourteen children were killed inside Rockford’s abortion mill.
The neighborhood in which Rockford’s abortion mill is located has many problems.  This morning as Christians were praying, we saw numerous examples of how this abortion mill is the heart of those problems.
A man who was clearly a pimp came down the sidewalk with "his property", a young girl who looked as if she were strung out on drugs, walking behind him.  The pimps often make their girls walk about ten feet behind them so prospective costumers will know they are selling these young women.
As we know, the abortion mill is ideally located in the heart of the prostitution area of the city.  
But what was so telling this morning was that less than five minutes after the pimp walked by with "his property", an expensive car pulled into the mill parking lot, and an upper middle class, well-dressed man got out of the driver’s seat.
A woman finally emerged from the passenger seat, and as he led her into the building, she was walking about ten feet behind him with her head lowered.
The similarities of how the pimp and this upper middle class man were treating their women were both striking and heartbreaking.
Far from giving women freedom, abortion has taught our society that women are property that can be used with no love or responsibility required and that if a baby comes, that child is property that can be killed.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.
Abortion May be the "Death Knell" for our Society: U.S. Bishop Doran
It’s Time For The Truth To Be Told In Rockford
 My name is Renee’ Scrivano, and I am the Regional Coordinator for the north central Illinois area.  My abortion story was “my little secret” for over 15 years.  I could count on one hand those I trusted to know….    Story: http://www.prolifecorner.com/node/458 _______________________________________________________________________________
Rockford Abortionist Exposed!
The Missionaries to the Pre-born gathered over 100 Christians on a Sunday morning to stand up for Christ and His pre-born children who are facing death.  These faith filled people stood outside the Unitarian church that gives cover to Rockford abortionist Stewart Kernes.  This church is located in Wisconsin……  Story & Video:  http://www.prolifecorner.com/node/459
Bishop Doran letter of September 24, 2010
Rockford, IL- It is with great respect and pride we post this letter from the Bishop of Rockford regarding recent events involving pro-life citizens in Rockford…..  Full letter:  http://www.prolifecorner.com/node/461
Life Chain & Silent No More Event
on Respect Life Sunday October 3, 2010
Life Chain starts at 2:00pm at the intersection of  Highcrest Road and Alpine Road in front of Holy Family Church in Rockford. 
Signs will be available to hold during the Life Chain that say “Jesus Heals & Forgives,”
“Abortion Kills Children,” and “Women/Men Do Regret Abortion.”
The Silent No More event immediately follows the Life Chain at 3:15pm at the Peace Plaza on Perryville Road in Rockford.
Come and hear testimonies of women and men who have experienced first-hand the painful lie of "choice". 
This is a wonderful opportunity to show support for your post-abortive sisters & brothers.
A Morning Of Prayer To Honor Our Lady Of Fatima
On Wednesday October 13, Christians will gather at 7:30am at Rockford’s abortion mill
to seek the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima on this anniversary of the miracle of the sun at Fatima
before 70,000 witnesses on October 13, 1917.
We will pray the Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Stations of the Cross, and special prayers seeking
the intercession of our Lady of Fatima for the protection of children who are scheduled to be killed
inside of Rockford’s abortion mill this morning.
Please join us rain or shine for this morning of prayer seeking God’s grace for mothers and children in need.

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Birth Control Pollution
(by Larry Plachno)Move over global warming and engine exhaust emissions. Some people are now naming pollution from birth control pills as the worst problem facing our society. In addition to harming fish and ecosystems, it has seeped into our drinking water, has affected our children and may be causing serious medical problems. What we already know about the situation is scary, what we do not know is terrifying.

            As early as 1976 and 1977, U.S. researchers found medications and other substances in samples of water from a sewage treatment plant in Kansas City. In the 1990s, environmental scientists in Germany found chemicals in the groundwater under sewage treatment plants. The first nationwide study of pharmaceuticals in U.S. waters took place in 1999 and 2000 when a USGS research team led by Herb Buxton tested water from 139 streams in 30 states. Eighty percent of the streams were contaminated with pharmaceuticals and one stream tested positive for 38 different substances.
            David Norris, a University of Colorado physiologist, was involved in a 2005 study of Boulder Creek funded by EPA. Upstream of the Boulder sewage treatment plant, the fish were normal with equal numbers of male and female. However, of the 123 trout and other fish found downstream of the plant he discovered 101 female, 12 male and 10 were a mixture of male and female. Something was turning male fish into female fish. They decided that the main culprits were estrogens and other steroid hormones from birth control pills and patches that were excreted into the city’s sewage system and went into the creek.
            Sewage treatment plants have safeguards that remove bacteria and toxins but chemicals can slip right through the treatment process. Worse yet, some researchers are concerned that the microorganisms in sewage systems may actually activate hormones.
            Similar problems have been surfacing in other areas. In Maryland, synthetic estrogen has drastically reduced the fertility of male rainbow trout. In Washington State’s Puget Sound, female hormones in the water are making the males of frogs, river otters and fish less male. A test in Canada by University of New Brunswick exotoxicologist Karen Kidd in 2001 and 2003 used the type of estrogen found in birth control pills. She found male fish of all types developed some female tissue and that the flathead minnow population went to almost zero because of disrupted reproductive abilities. Chris Metcalfe, professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University in Ontario conducted lab experiments on aquarium fish. He found that even very low levels of the estrogen found in birth control pills caused intersex and altered sex ratios in the fish.
            From the sewage treatment plants to the rivers and streams, the estrogen then finds its way into our drinking water. Research by New Jersey health officials and Rutgers University scientists found birth control hormones and prescription drugs in municipal tap water throughout the state in 2003.
            Part of the problem is that tons of synthetic and pharmaceutical estrogens are administered to women in quantities much larger than their bodies ever produced metabolically. The natural level of estrogen in an adult female is about 2-20 ppt (parts per trillion) but the level in birth control pills can amount to 300,000 ppt for the average woman. Levels of estrogen as low as 40 to 500 ppt have been linked to breast cancer and levels of estrogen-like chemicals at 2,000 ppt will produce abnormalities in the reproductive systems of clinical rats.
            Excessive estrogen affects women the most, causing health problems such as auto-immune disorders like lupus, fibroid tumors, breast and uterine cancer, osteoporosis, decreased sex drive, depression and irritability. It is also linked to prostate and testicular cancer in men. In the 1940s, Alexander Lipshuts demonstrated that a continuous weak estrogenic stimulus was immensely effective in producing first fibromas, then cancer, in one organ after another. In spite of the popular use of estrogens, the National Toxicology Program (NTP) of the Department of Health and Human Services includes several types of estrogen and synthetic estrogens on its list of substances known to be human carcinogens. Several places have banned the use of meat produced with estrogen and growth hormones because they were deemed to cause cancer.
            How does this estrogen affect our families and our neighbors? Studies have shown that the developing brain exhibits specific and often narrow windows during which exposure to endocrine disruptions can produce permanent changes in its structure or function. Since birth control pills became popular in the United States our daughters are statistically reaching puberty as much as three or four years earlier, most likely because of exposure to estrogen. If estrogen can change the sex of male fish, what is it doing to our sons? How much of the homosexual movement is caused by estrogen in our drinking water? Since birth control pills became popular, hypospadias (a defect in the male urinary system) has nearly doubled in newborn boys in the United States. This problem is linked to insufficient male hormone nine to 12 weeks after conception.
            In nature and a normal pregnancy and birth, estrogen is not a problem. Increased estrogen in the mother halts the growth of breast tissues and replaces them with milk-producing tissues. However, if the pregnancy is stopped short by abortion, or if breast-feeding is not used, then the excessive estrogen level in the blood can promote breast tissues to grow abnormally into cancerous cells.
            Particularly troubling is the fact that breast, cervix and prostrate cancers have increased approximately 50% in Western Europe since the introduction of birth control pills. Several researchers blame estrogen from birth control pills for this increase in cancer. They point out that in both Poland, the most Catholic country in Europe, and in Japan, where contraceptives and premarital sex are frowned upon, the cancer rate is much lower.
            Why is it that we hear so little of this problem with estrogen from birth control pills and patches? An obvious reason is that the research on this topic is still very new and the impact of excess estrogen on our society is not yet fully known. New testing equipment only became available a decade ago to check for the level of estrogens in rivers, ground water and drinking water.
            Another reason is that birth control advocates are putting forth a cultural double standard. When faced with decisions and actions that can impact society or other people, we have a choice of being unselfish and pro-society or being permissive and pro-choice. They feel that others should be pro-society and refrain from causing exhaust emissions and global warming. However, they think they have a right to be pro-choice about birth control chemicals regardless of who gets hurt.
            A third reason is that estrogen is often said to be the most prescribed drug in the United States. Some people are equating the sale of estrogens by pharmaceutical companies to the sale of cigarettes by the tobacco companies. Both create corporate profits and both are linked to cancer. The pharmaceutical companies are happy to treat estrogen-induced depression with Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft or other products they sell. Worse yet, a woman can go to her doctor with symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, sudden weight gain or loss, or lessened sex drive, all of which can be caused by too much estrogen in her system. An unknowing MD may well prescribe more estrogen, thus increasing her problems instead of helping her.
            When is the last time you checked the estrogen level in your drinking water?

Care Net Fundraiser Monroe, WI

Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser for the Care Net Pregnancy Center of Green County

Monday – October 4, 2010
4:30pm – 8:00pm
at the
Hope Community Center
2902 – 13th Street
Monroe, WI 53566
Adults:        $6.00
Children 4-12y/o:          $4.00
Children under $4.00:  Free
Volunteers and donations of desserts are needed.
Please do not cut the desserts in advance.
We saw a very significant decrease in donations this summer so please plan to join us and help make this a very successful fundraiser for the Pregnancy Center.
Mark Your Calendars!
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Green County’s Annual Fundraising Banquet
November 4, 2010
At the Ludlow Mansion
Seating:  6:30pm
Banquet:  7:00pm – 9:00pm
Guest Speaker:  Jill Stanek

Obama Administration Is Chicago Politics At Its Worst

Washington, DC (29 September 2010)American Life League Vice President Jim Sedlak issued the following statement on the federal appeals court decision yesterday to grant the stay requested by the Obama administration and continue public funding of embryonic stem cell research while the case against funding makes its way through the court system.

"This latest move by the Obama administration is Chicago politics at its worst and it comes at the cost of human beings’ lives.

"When the administration instituted a policy of funding human embryonic stem cell research in March 2009, it not only spit in the face of established federal law, it also put the Unites States in the business of funding cannibalism. Let it never be forgotten that harvesting ’embryonic stem cells’ necessitates tearing apart embryonic human beings for their parts.

"Does that sound barbaric, crass, and unsophisticated? It is.

"With this appeals court decision, you can just see the line forming and the bureaucrats writing checks as fast as they can so, by the time the lawsuit is settled, millions of dollars will have been spent, the remains of dead people will fill receptacles, all the pet projects will be funded and, despite current law, President Obama will have secured funding for his friends.

"The first victims in all this are the preborn babies whose most basic human rights have been egregiously violated. The second victims are the American taxpayers who have been made accomplices to this atrocity.

"Mayor Daley would be proud."

American Life League was cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death.  For more information or press inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 540.659.4942.


US News and World Report: Stem Cell Research Funding OK During Appeals Process (29 September 2010) http://health.usnews.com/health-news/managing-your-healthcare/research/articles/2010/09/29/health-buzz-stem-cell-research-funding-ok-during-appeals-process.html

MedPage Today: Flow of Embryonic Stem Cell Funds Extended Indefinitely (29 September 2010)
Katie Walker
Director of Communication
American Life League
1179 Courthouse Road
Stafford, Virginia 22554

A Student-Led Pro-Life Group, Armed With Only Video Cameras And Ideas

Pro-Life Journalist Lila Rose to be Featured on CNN Program Soon by Steven Ertelt LifeNews.com Editor September 28, 2010  Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — Lila Rose, the pro-life activist credited with using new media techniques to expose abuses at Planned Parenthood abortion activists, will finally receive some credit from the mainstream media. CNN, in a program devoted to what it calls "guerrilla journalists," will feature Rose’s work….

Rose is the head of Live Action, a student-led pro-life group that has relied on the use of undercover investigations and hidden camera work to catch Planned Parenthood officials.
The abortion business staffers have been shown covering up cases of statutory rape and sexual abuse, misleading women about abortion’s risks and dangers, and giving women erroneous information about the development of their unborn child.
The CNN program "Right on the Edge" will debut next month, according to an article today in WorldNetDaily.
The network talked about the new type of activist journalists like Rose who are "armed with video cameras and ideas," and "post their videos online to get their message directly to the public, bypassing the mainstream media."

"It’s a new wave of what they say is old-fashioned guerilla (sic) journalism," said CNN, adding that it is done because there’s a "growing distrust of the mainstream media among young conservative activists."
Rose is profiled as one of the activists who have "changed the course of public debate and pushed the envelope of journalism."
Live Action has released several videos and one of the most recent ones concerns a Planned Parenthood abortion center in Indianapolis, Indiana and shows staff giving women faulty information about the development of their unborn child or the risks associated with an abortion in order to persuade a woman to have one.
In the new video, a volunteer acts as a potential abortion customer purportedly 10-weeks pregnant and she asks the Planned Parenthood counselor, named "Sarah," when her baby’s heart begins to beat.
"It’s around I think the 8th or the 9th week that you can hear the heartbeat, Sarah replies.
But Live Action president Lila Rose says medical textbooks such as Moore and Persaud’s well-known work The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology, reveals the heart of an unborn child actually begins beating 3 weeks and 1 day after conception.
The Planned Parenthood counselor also insists, "It’s not a baby, it’s a fetus," which, she claims, is "not like a person."
In the video, Sarah assures the woman that "having an abortion is safer than carrying to term." The woman asks, "The abortion won’t hurt me from having more kids in the future, will it?" and the counselor replies, "Nope."
But a 2009 study from the Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey recently found that a previous abortion increased a woman’s risk of pre-term birth by 20%, and a 2003 report from the Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research notes a 55% increased risk of future miscarriages for women who have abortions.
"Planned Parenthood’s counseling is based on its abortion-first mentality rather than the medical facts that women need," Rose told LifeNews.com at the time. "Planned Parenthood gives vulnerable women misinformation to sell them the abortion."

She says the medically inaccurate information is a violation of Indiana informed consent state law requiring abortion businesses to give women accurate medical information before undergoing an abortion.

"Citizens and lawmakers in Indiana must stop Planned Parenthood from using millions of dollars of taxpayer money to exploit young women," Rose concluded.
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CNN Smears The Pope

Last Saturday, CNN aired a documentary on Pope Benedict XVI that caught the eye of Catholic League president Bill Donohue:
CNN picked up where the New York Times left off last spring when it sought to blame the pope for the sexual abuse scandal. Though it did not succeed in doing so, the well-crafted series of conjectures reveals what’s going on: Joseph Ratzinger is a man long hated by Church dissidents, and this is their happy hour.

Response to CNN Documentary on the Pope
William A. Donohue, Ph.D.
The CNN documentary, "What the Pope Knew," which aired September 25, deserves a response.
The program begins with music and graphics that set the tone: those who think Pope Benedict XVI has been adept at combating priestly sexual abuse must realize that there is "a darker, more complicated story." Dark, yes, but from CNN’s perch, the story is not all that complicated: the pope is guilty of "foot-dragging and, perhaps, obstruction."
We learn from CNN host Gary Tuchman that "For decades, before he became pope, Joseph Ratzinger was a high-ranking Vatican official who, more than anyone else beside Pope John Paul, could have taken decisive action to stem the sexual abuse crisis." Similarly, author David Gibson says the pope "always took the stalling tactic."
It is simply not true that Ratzinger was in charge of this issue "for decades." In fact, he wasn’t given the authority to police the sexual abuse problem until 2001. What is truly astonishing is that Tuchman concedes as much later in the program. After he notes that "By 2001, the sexual abuse crisis was beginning to engulf the Catholic Church," he says, "The pope gave Cardinal Ratzinger and the CDF (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) the power to cut through the bureaucracy and handle all sexual abuse cases directly."
In other words, Tuchman was incorrect the first time when he said that "for decades" Ratzinger "could have taken decisive action." He couldn’t have been in charge "for decades" if he wasn’t given police powers until 2001 (he became pope in 2005).
Nowhere in the program is there any evidence that the pope was guilty of obstruction of justice. This is a serious charge—the most serious made in the course of the documentary. Yet to throw this out, without ever producing evidence to substantiate it, is malicious. It won’t cut it to say that he was "perhaps" guilty of obstruction. CNN intentionally planted this seed and never explicitly addressed the subject of obstruction of justice again.
Gibson’s quip that the pope "always took the stalling tactic" suggests the pope acted irresponsibly. Now this may play well with those unfamiliar with the process of determining innocence or guilt, but anyone who knows better will find his accusation flatulent at best, and unfair at worst. More than any institution in history, the Catholic Church’s development of canon law, which became the basis of many rights in civil law, has long championed the rights of the accused. Why is it that when suspected terrorists are afforded generous rights, over a period of several years, it is generally regarded as an example of America’s commitment to freedom, but when accused priests are given their day in court, charges of "stalling tactics" surface?
The program focuses on four miscreant priests. The first is Peter Hullermann. In 1986, he was convicted of sexually abusing boys while serving in Grafing, Germany. His case is central to the documentary because it questions the pope’s culpability.
After Hullermann was convicted, he was transferred to Munich for therapy. It should be noted that therapy was the preferred method for dealing with abusers at the time, both inside and outside the Catholic Church. Abusers were not seen, as they are today, as offenders deserving of punitive action; rather, they were seen as disturbed persons who could be rehabilitated via therapy. No matter, after his transfer, Hullermann was placed in a new parish.
The critical question is: Did Archbishop Ratzinger know that Hullermann was a convicted molester who was moved to another parish? We know he approved the transfer, but that’s about it. The Vatican maintains that it was Ratzinger’s deputy who placed Hullermann in the new parish.
Importantly, CNN makes no claim to the contrary. Moreover, when the New York Times broke this story in March, the best it could do in establishing culpability was to say that Ratzinger’s office "was copied on a memo." The Times also said that Church officials said the memo was routine and "unlikely to have landed on the archbishop’s desk."
So if CNN has no evidence tying the pope to Hullermann, why bother trotting out this story one more time? And why does reporter John Allen imply that the pope knew about the transfer to the new parish? He has no evidence, either. Worse is Gibson. "If Cardinal Ratzinger in Munich did not know about Father Peter Hullermann, he should have. That’s one of the things that an archbishop does. You always know where your priests are."
In the real world, no leader of any large-scale organization can possibly know where his employees are. It’s not as though priests, or school teachers, walk around with a GPS device around their necks, allowing bishops and school administrators to track their every move. For example, how many school superintendents know that a sexually abusing teacher in their district has been transferred to another district? How many heads of multinational corporations know where their employees are and why they were transferred? We know one thing: in 1980, there were 1,717 priests in the Munich archdiocese.
Gibson then goes for the jugular by asking, "How many other abusive priests may have come under his jurisdiction while he was in Munich as archbishop? We don’t know." But we don’t need to know. All we need to know is that Gibson has indicted the pope by conjecture. CNN did not make the charge because it had no data finding the pope guilty, so it simply passed the baton to Gibson to lay the suspicion.
The case of Father Stephen Kiesle was included not to prove guilt on the part of the pope, but to add to the suspicion that he did not do enough. 
CNN reports that Kiesle’s bishop, John Cummins, wanted him defrocked in 1981 after he was convicted of sexually abusing boys. Vatican officials, however, wanted more information; Cardinal Ratzinger had  taken over as the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith a week after the Vatican office made its ruling. Following Church norms  that existed at the time, Ratzinger said he could not defrock Kiesle because no one under 40 could be laicized, and he was in his thirties. Kiesle could have been ordered to stand trial, but because he was so close to turning 40 (and a trial is not a speedy process), a decision was made to wait. On February 13, 1987, the day before Kiesle’s 40th birthday, he was defrocked.
What CNN did not report is that Kiesle was removed from ministry following his conviction. Nor did it mention the curious fact that in 1982, while still technically a priest, Kiesle married the mother of a girl he had abused in 1973. But to mention such an oddity may have shifted blame away from the pope, thus muddying the bottom line.
Father Lawrence Murphy, who allegedly molested some 200 deaf boys in Wisconsin in the 1950s, is covered in depth. But it didn’t go far enough. What was omitted is startling.
Tuchman reports that "Father Murphy’s case would come to the direct attention of Cardinal Ratzinger." (My emphasis.) The viewer then waits in vain for evidence that Murphy’s case came to the direct attention of the pope. There isn’t any. We know that Terry Kohut, who was one of Murphy’s’ victims, wrote to Ratzinger’s office, but neither CNN nor the New York Times (which first reported on this story) has ever provided evidence that Ratzinger was personally involved in this case.
Jeffrey Anderson, who has made tens of millions suing the Catholic Church, and hates the Church with a passion, is asked point blank by Tuchman, "Do you think Cardinal Ratzinger knew about the case of Father Murphy?" Anderson parses his words in textbook lawyerly fashion. "Well, we know the letters went to his secretary, [Tarcisio] Bertone." This is not in dispute. But was Ratzinger directly involved? Anderson adds, "thus, that Ratzinger was directly involved." So because Bertone fielded the letters, thus Ratzinger was directly involved? That Tuchman never challenged Anderson is telling.
Here is what CNN did not tell the viewer. The crimes alleged against Murphy extend to the 1950s, yet the civil authorities were not formally asked to investigate until the mid-1970s; following a probe, the police dropped the case. Fast-forward to 1996, the first time the Vatican is notified. The Vatican decides to ignore the fact that the statute of limitations has expired and orders a trial. Melodramatically, CNN characterizes the internal inquiry a "secret church trial," as if internal probes at CNN for employee wrongdoing are televised.
CNN, like the New York Times before it, never bothered to interview the one person who may have known about Ratzinger’s knowledge of the case, Father Thomas Brundage. He was the Judicial Vicar, the one who presided over the case between 1996-1998. When asked this year about Ratzinger’s role, he said, "At no time in the case, at meetings that I had at the Vatican, in Washington, D.C. and in Milwaukee, was Cardinal Ratzinger’s name ever mentioned." Brundage added that he was "shocked" when the media tried to tie Ratzinger to the Murphy case.
In CNN’s eyes, if there was one hero in this case, it was the Archbishop of Milwaukee at the time, Rembert Weakland. It credits him writing to Ratzinger in 1996 asking how to proceed against Murphy, noting that Weakland acceded to the Vatican’s request to stop the trial, knowing the priest was dying; Murphy died two days later. But there is much the viewer does not learn.
Weakland was anything but a hero in dealing with sexual abuse. In 1984, he branded as "libelous" those who reported cases of priestly sexual abuse, and was rebuked by a judge for doing so. In 1994, he accused those who reported such cases as "squealing." Moreover, he had to resign when his lover, a 53-year-old man, revealed that Weakland paid him $450,000 to settle a sexual assault lawsuit (Weakland fleeced church coffers to pay the bill).
With regard to the Murphy case, Weakland is again anything but a hero. Last spring, in a section called "Documents Trail" posted on the website of the New York Times (alongside an article by Times reporter Laurie Goodstein) there is a revealing letter from the Coadjutor Bishop of Superior, Wisconsin, Raphael M. Fliss, to the Vicar for Personnel of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Father Joseph A. Janicki. Bishop Fliss says, "In a recent conversation with Archbishop Weakland, I was left with the impression that it would not be advisable at this time to invite Father Murphy to work among the deaf." The letter was dated July 9, 1980. So why did it take 16 years for Weakland to contact the Vatican about Murphy? CNN does not say.
The last case involves Father Alvin Campbell, an Illinois priest who pleaded guilty to sexual abuse of boys in 1985. Bishop Daniel Ryan visited Campbell in prison, asking him to leave the priesthood. After Campbell refused, Ryan asked Cardinal Ratzinger to defrock him. CNN reports that the request was refused because it did not come from Campbell.
This sounds strange, but there is more to the story. Bishop Ryan wanted Campbell defrocked quickly because he wanted to spare the victims a trial. This is understandable at one level, but there is still the matter of  civil liberties: the accused are entitled to their day in court. What CNN omitted from its coverage was that Bishop Ryan had the authority to remove Campbell from ministry, or go forward with the trial, recommending defrocking. He elected not to do so.
As CNN acknowledges, Ratzinger learned from the Campbell case and pressed Pope John Paul II to make serious changes in the way these cases were handled. "And from 2001 forward," says Allen, "the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith became the beachhead for the Vatican for an aggressive response to the crisis." True enough. And 2001 was the year that Pope John Paul II charged Cardinal Ratzinger with overseeing this issue. It is not by accident that these changes occurred on Ratzinger’s watch: he made them happen.
Finally, there is the matter of Father Thomas Reese, the editor of America magazine, who was forced to resign. CNN frames his ouster this way: "His crime? Publishing a magazine." But as CNN likes to say, it’s a "more complicated story." In actual fact, Father Reese was accused of publishing a series of articles challenging the settled teachings of the Catholic Church. He says he tried to "encourage a conversation, a dialogue, a debate in the magazine about issues facing the church." The issues he focused on were abortion and gay marriage.
Tuchman uses the Father Reese case to conclude, "Cardinal Ratzinger was passionate about stamping out dissent. But there was never any public indication he was passionate about getting rid of pedophile priests." This, along with the suggestion that the pope was guilty of obstruction of justice, marks the lowest point in the documentary.
If it wasn’t passion that provoked the pope to speak of the "filth" within the Church—he did so right before being elected—what was it? A cerebral exercise? And what was it that triggered him to reopen the case of Father Marcial Maciel, the founder of the Legionaries of Christ, and then seek to reform the Legionaries? Was it boredom?
Tuchman opines that "Vatican experts say Ratzinger silenced, censored or otherwise punished dozens of theologians during his reign at CDF." The charge is risible on the face of it: there is infinitely more tolerance for dissent in the Catholic Church than exists in the typical American college or university.
Besides a stint in the Air Force, and a year at The Heritage Foundation, I have spent my entire life teaching in a Catholic school or college, or serving as president of the Catholic League, and I can say without reservation that the attempts to silence speech that challenges the prevailing wisdom are more frequently employed in the academy than in the Catholic Church.
From top to bottom, what CNN did was the televised version of what the New York Times did in print form earlier in the year. The goal was to tarnish the image of Pope Benedict XVI, making him out to be a co-conspirator in the scandal. Though it came up empty handed with proof of his culpability, there was enough innuendo to convict Snow White.
The timeline of the scandal, it needs to be said, was from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s. Ironically, those within the Catholic Church who pushed for "progressive" reforms, e.g., making the case for more relaxed sexual strictures in the seminaries, and who then recommended therapy to treat molesters—most of whom were homosexuals—are the very ones today pointing fingers at the pope for the scandal. That’s the real scandal, though it is not likely to be covered by CNN.
Contact Scott Bronstein, co-producer of the documentary: scott.bronstein@turner.com

A Prayer For Pro-Life Citizens

May the God of Issac, Jacob, and Abraham richly bless all of you for the work you do to preserve the culture of life.

A Prayer for Victory
 May the Lord answer you in the day
 of trouble!
May the God of Jacob protect you!
2 May he send you help from his temple
and give you aid from Mount Zion!
3 May he accept all your offerings
and be pleased with all your sacrifices.
4 May he give you what you desire
and make all your plans succeed.
5 Then we will shout for joy over your victory
and celebrate your triumph by praising
our God. May the Lord answer all your requests!
6 Now I know that the Lord gives victory to
his chosen king;
he answers him from his holy heaven,
 and by his great power makes him vic­torious.
7 Some trust in their war chariots,
and others in their horses,
but we trust in the power of the Lord our God!
8 They will stumble and fall,
but we will rise and stand firm!
9 Give victory to the king, Lord;
the Lord will answer us when we call.
PSALMS 20, 21

2010 Annual Life Chain Freeport, IL

Please join other pro-life citizens for the annual Life Chain in Freeport, IL.  It will be held October 3, 2010 from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM at the intersection of West Street and Stephenson Street in Freeport, IL.  Signs will be provided at the event.  We encourage all pro-lifers to participate in their local life chains and take one hour to stand up for life and pray for an end to abortion. 


Rockford You’re Number One

A national Christian Newspaper has named Rockford the home of the “Nation’s most infamous abortion clinic”. 
More than just those who kill children at NIWC have helped our city earn this title.

Please follow this link to read an open letter from the Rockford pro-life community to the city of Rockford.
An Open Letter To The City Of Rockford
On behalf of the out of state abortionist who owns Rockford’s abortion clinic, a thank you should be given to the city of Rockford for the effective ways they have kept the mobile ultra-sound motor-home out of Rockford…..