A Tribute To A Special Priest

By Annarae–  (Monroe, WI.) On November 11, 2010 Monsignor Thomas Campion was called from this life to rest with our Lord.
Monsignor was a remarkable man in many ways.  Over 40 years ago he started the Apostolate to the Handicapped; his dedication to those who had handicaps of one type or another was known far and wide.  Each week he would go from Monroe, WI, where he was chaplain of St. Clair hospital, now the Monroe Clinic Hospital, to Madison to offer a Mass for shut-ins, which was televised by a Madison, WI television station.

He had a special gift for remembering people, even if he had not seen them for several years.  Many, many people have special stories about Monsignor; remembrances of special events in their lives, the kindnesses he showed to the elderly, the handicapped, those who had one problem or another which they would bring to him, hoping for his advice and prayers. 
I, too, have such a remembrance.  For many years we took care of my mother, who had suffered the loss of a leg from a diabetic condition.  She was in St. Clair hospital for months and then came home to live with us.  After some years, she had a stroke and was rushed back to St. Clair.  Her condition worsened and we were not able to return her to our home for care, so she was transferred to a local nursing home.  As she grew progressively worse, we knew we would not have her with us for much longer.  One day when we were visiting her, she was particularly incoherent and thrashed about.  The doctor at the nursing home informed us that he felt the end was near.  Although my Mom was a practicing Christian, I never knew if she had been baptized or not. It was something we had never discussed so I was very concerned.  When we went to the hospital to see if Father Campion was available, we were told he was getting ready to go to Madison.  When we told him of our concern, he dropped everything he was doing and rushed with us to the nursing home where he conditionally baptized my Mom.  We held her head, since she was unconscious and so restless and was agitated and thrashing about, and her head seemed so heavy in our hands.  When he poured the water on her and said the words “I baptize you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”, and immediately a sense of peace came over her.  Her head, which seemed so heavy, suddenly became almost weightless in our hands. As Father was leaving, he leaned over to Mom’s ear and his parting words to my mother were some I will never forget:  Anna Belle, pray for me”.  Less than two hours later, my mom passed on to be with the Lord.  Now I ask of Father Campion:  Pray for us, Father Campion.
Monsignor said: “…whether you were disabled or abled, rich or poor, young or old, black or white, single, married, widowed, orphaned or part of a colony-sized family, religious or not – everyone belongs. Everyone deserves respect and help. In his eyes, we were all one family and we need to care for one another.”  He also said: "Every single one of us is handicapped in some way." We all have disabilities, some more visible than others. You will learn more from spending one day with a person who is ‘disabled’, than you will if you spend a lifetime with someone ‘abled’.”
I include a comment from the Monroe Times, made by some of the many people Father touched in his lifetime.  This seems to sum up how most people regarded Monsignor:
“Today, we as a family in Monroe, Green County, southern Wisconsin and the world have lost someone very special. His memory may fade over time, but his legacy and meaning will survive.  He was our saint. He was our hero. He was our friend, our grandfather and our brother. He was our Father Tom.”
Rest in Peace, Father Tom.


Anger and impatience are often signs of a deep pride or selfishness. I am aroused when matters do not go as I wish. The occasions for a just anger are rare enough. Most of the time I be­come angry because I lack understanding, or sympathy, or patience, or a willingness to suffer any more than I must. How would Our Lord take those same situations? There is my Model!
A dear friend sent this from “My Daily Bread” on the subject of anger.  As I read it, I can certainly hear our Lord speaking to me.  Perhaps you will hear His words in your heart as well. 

CHRIST: MY CHILD, anybody can get along with those who are quiet and mild-tempered. It is no great accomplishment to associate with those whom you like, or with those who see things your way. True greatness is proven by getting along with people who are difficult and contrary, or with those who are thoughtless and selfish.
2.  Some live at peace with themselves and with those around them. Some on the other hand, have no peace within  themselves,  and they seem determined to ruin the peace of others.
3.  You will find peace only if you are willing to bear patiently what you cannot remedy. He who knows how to suffer patiently for My sake, will receive My gift of peace. He is master of himself, a friend of Mine and an heir of Heaven.
4.  If troubles come to you, do not let them disturb you. Look to Me, and at least give Me the loyalty of being patient with My Will. If human efforts fail to bring a solution to your troubles, it means that I want you to bear this trial. I want this for good reasons, which you may not understand just now.
5.  Above all, avoid anger when matters go against your wishes. Let no word of resentment fall from your lips. Give a good example of faith and confidence in Me. Let your patience shine before men.
6.  Do not force others to share your troubles by making them feel your impatience, anger or self-pity. Follow My words in these matters, and your present trouble will bring you a joy greater than you can imagine.
Our Lord speaks of meekness and humility as two of His special lessons to me. Meekness is the virtue of gentleness with others, especially with those who arouse me to anger. Jesus wants me to take this as a personal lesson from Him. Anger and impatience are often signs of a deep pride or selfishness. I am aroused when matters do not go as I wish. The occasions for a just anger are rare enough. Most of the time I be­come angry because I lack understanding, or sympathy, or patience, or a willingness to suffer any more than I must. How would Our Lord take those same situations? There is my Model!
Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like Yours. Make this petition one of my frequent prayers. You want me to be like You. I seem to think that life would be unbearable if I practiced meekness with certain people. Let me understand that meekness is not weakness, but strength—the strength of virtue. You want me to practice meekness? I am willing to try it for Your sake. Show me how to do it. Let me no longer give in to my pride and my selfish desires by the sin of anger. When things are not going my way, let me act as You would act if You were in my place. Make me more and more like You. O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like Yours. Amen.

Do I Trust In God And His Ways?

It is Good To Ask Ourselves Some Questions. The Pro-lifers of Rockford have been dealing with what a writer for the National Catholic Register has called, "The most infamous abortion clinic in America."   Inside Rockford’s abortion mill tens of thousands have been murdered and God is mocked.  This abortion mill has a destructive power that reaches well beyond the bloody confines of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center. 

Through it all, the pro-life Christians of Rockford have been models of faith, hope, and love.  Persevering for over 25 years, they have been playing a part, through God’s grace, in the saving of thousands of children’s lives. 
But we need to be aware that the brutal, sustained, and openly demonic killing of so many innocent people for so many years can have an effect on us also.  We cannot  give in to hatred, bitterness, or despair.
We need to be on guard against the thinking of the Pharisees who only saw evil in the world and thought of themselves without sin.  When we work for the lives of the unborn, the attitude of the tax collector would serve us best: "But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’
Below are a few questions we can ask ourselves to strengthen us in our ministry to love Christ, the unborn, and every person we meet at the Rockford abortion mill.
1. Am I ever mean-spirited in the cause of "righteousness"?
2. Do I operate only by laws (like Pharisees) or by love (like Jesus)?
3. Do I trust God will end abortion in His way and in His time?
4. Do I encourage forgiveness, healing, and exorcism or discourage it (as the Pharisees attempted to stop Jesus)?
5. Am I humble, or pretentious?
6. Do I honor God with my lips while my heart is far away from Him?
7. Am I confident, patient, and persevering in prayer?
8. Do I strive to control my passions?
9. Am I grieved by sin, and am I grateful to God?
10. Do I love what God loves and hate what God hates?
Cleanse my lips, O Lord, that everything I say and everything I do be pleasing to you. Amen.

Rockford Life Initiative 11 24 10

An estimated 30 children were killed in Rockford’s abortion mill this past week;     The Abortion Mill Will Be Closed On Friday November 26;     Many Still Opposing Help To Mothers And Children At Rockford’s Abortion Mill;     Rockford Po-Life Initiative Makes Case To City Council for ultrasound parking space;     Ten Things Pro-Lifers Have Learned In Rockford;    Prayer Vigil For All Nascent Human Life November 27;     A Step Toward Enforcement Of Parental Notice Of Abortion Act;     Freeport Newspaper Prints Article On Rockford Abortion Mill…..

On Friday November 19, an estimated sixteen children were killed inside the Rockford abortion mill.  In the last week the number of children killed has shot up, way up.  We have had a few inquiries about how we estimate the number of abortions per day.  Here is how we do it.
1. The only services NIWC offers are abortion and contraception.  When people we know have called the Rockford mill, the receptionist goes directly into selling abortions.  So we know that abortion is the big money-maker for them, and that’s what they push.
2.  When a mother is scheduled for an abortion, she is told to wear loose fitting clothing.  If a car pulls into the lot with a girl in sweat pants it is pretty clear why she is there.  When she spends three to five hours inside the mill, we know for sure she is not there for contraception information.
3. We can also tell by the look on the woman’s face and her body language.  Some mothers come into the mill parking lot, hiding on the floor of the car, heads down, faces covered, in tears, hoods over their heads, eyes cast down, a broken, blank, or lifeless look on their faces.  It is easy to see in the face of a woman, who is on the way to kill her child, that this is a choice she knows is wrong.
4.  We can also tell by how she is treated by the person or persons bringing her into the mill.  Many of the mothers are very reluctant to go into the mill.  But they have boyfriends or parents who sometimes have to physically get them out of the car and take them by the arm and lead them into the mill. 
5. We have sidewalk counselors who have up to 25 years experience, offering help to women going into this abortion mill.  Through these years of talking with mothers on their way into the abortion mill, seeing them walk into the mill, and speaking to mothers who have aborted their children,  these sidewalk counselors can see the despair and pain of a mother who is about to make the most tragic decision of her life.
6. One of the most beautiful things these sidewalk counselors see is the face of a woman who has chosen life.  It’s the difference between night and day when contrasted with the face of a woman on her way to end the life of her son or daughter.  When a mother chooses life, she is beaming with beauty and life.  When a woman is on the way to end the life of her child, her face is full of what this abortion clinic offers the world – pain, suffering, and death.

With the numbers of children being killed in Rockford by abortion going up, our greatest hope is prayer.  Please consider joining us in prayer on the sidewalks outside the Rockford abortion mill.
On Wednesday November 24, an estimated fourteen children were killed in Rockford’s abortion mill.  Humanity still has countless reasons to be thankful and they all have their foundation in Jesus Christ.
We can be thankful that every child who died in the mill is now with God.  We can be thankful that so many Christians stood in bitter cold weather out of love for Christ and His children.
We can be thankful that God’s forgiveness is waiting for any mother of father who truly repents for ending the life of their child.  We can be thankful for the gift of eternal life that Christ won for us on the cross.
We pray you and your family have a blessed thanksgiving.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.
The Abortion Mill Will Be Closed On Friday November 26.
Many Still Opposing Help To Mothers And Children At Rockford’s Abortion Mill
Rockford Po-Life Initiative Makes Case To City Council for ultrasound parking space.
Ten Things Pro-Lifers Have Learned In Rockford
Prayer Vigil For All Nascent Human Life November 27, 7:00pm, at St. Peter Cathedral
Bishop Thomas Doran in solidarity with Pope Benedict and Christians throughout the world will be praying for a greater recognition of the dignity of the human person.    http://www.zenit.org/rssenglish-30524
A Step Toward Enforcement Of Parental Notice Of Abortion Act.
Thomas More Society Rallies Illinois State’s Attorneys in Support of Parental Notice “Friend of the Court” Brief Submitted in 15-Year Battle for Parental Notice of Abortion.
Freeport Newspaper Prints Article On Rockford Abortion Mill (Rockford Register Remains Silent)

Fundraiser for the Pregnancy Center in Monroe, WI

PLEASE NOTE:  DEC. 6 IS THE CORRECT DATE:  Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser on December 6, 2010.  If you can participate, the proceeds will help this wonderful pro-life organization. If you cannot attend, please consider sending them a freewill offering…

Our Pregnancy Center’s Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser that is scheduled for Monday – December 6.   Here are the specifics:
Monday – December 6, 2010
4:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Hope Community Center
2902 – 13th Street – Monroe, WI
Adults $6.00            4-12y/o $4.00     under 4 free
Take outs available
Vegetarian spaghetti sauce available
Tickets Available at the Door
Donations of desserts are needed and can be dropped off at the church
after 2:00p.m. the day of the dinner.  To donate a dessert, please
Call: 608-325- 5051 or e-mail: pregnancycentered@tds.net

Rockford Po-Life Initiative Makes Case To City Council For Ultrasound Parking Space.

Rockford IL, November 22, 2010 – In the hopes of gaining a permit for a reserved parking place near Rockford’s abortion mill, two members of the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative spoke to the city council on Monday evening.

 The obstacles the city of Rockford and the abortion mill have put in the way of offering free ultrasounds to mothers in Rockford have been well documented. 
John Smith and Gary Knoll made the case to the city council on Monday night that a reserved parking place for the mobile ultrasound motor-home would save human lives and be good for all the people of Rockford.
The city council pushed the vote on this permit back until Monday November 29.  We will keep you informed.
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Video Below:   Rockford Pro-Life Initiative Presentation To City Council


Motherless: 'A Gift to the Age'

A great Christian tradition that has deep roots in both the Old and New Testaments is teaching through storytelling. Bestselling Catholic novelist Brian J. Gail draws on this tradition with motherless, the second volume of "The American Tragedy in Trilogy," and the result is a stirring work that confirms the comeback of the Catholic novel.

With Motherless, Gail continues to weave a tapestry of stories bursting with tragedy and hope; stories brought to life by the intricate and memorable characters of the trilogy’s first volume, Fatherless. Now in its sixth printing, Fatherless has earned a reputation as a work that stirs the hearts of readers young and old, men and women alike. Originally intended for Catholic audiences, the real life issues and moral truths have drawn readers from many faiths and has sold 20,000 copies in nearly 20 countries. The storylines manage to capture something within every reader and Gail effortlessly weaves solid pro-life catechesis into the flawed lives of his protagonists. Motherless follows in this same light, earning the endorsements of prominent Catholic and intellectual leaders of our time:

"…In a remarkably captivating manner, Motherless depicts our troubled age as it is and as it will continue to be unless we seek the help of the Mother of God…"

+Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura

Motherless we see the deepening of the characters’ struggle between good and evil as family and business conflicts begin to play out on the world stage. From the first bittersweet scene of Father John Sweeney’s hilarious bedside visit with his ailing mother all the way to the heated exchange between old friends as they wrestle with business decisions that have real life or death consequences, Gail uses his 40 years of experience as a husband, father, CEO and entrepreneur to create moments of great humor and stark reality.

"…Motherless is alive with vivid characters, wonderful dialogue and real issues. From start to finish you can’t put it down…"

+Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M.

Brian Gail’s greatest strength as an author, however, may be his unique ability to explain the moral teachings of the Catholic Church through the difficulties and dialogue of the characters. Mystery and intrigue abound as Gail unmasks the architects of the Life Sciences Revolution and sheds light on their diabolical plans for mankind’s "Final Solution." Eerily convincing antagonists plot in boardrooms and laboratories around the world to remake Man in their own image. As their plans become known to the flawed and powerful central characters, hard choices have to be made that not only affect their careers and families, but threaten their lives.

"Fiction has long served as a powerful medium for social criticism and for issuing warnings rooted in a profound concern for fundamental justice and moral truth. Are contemporary fiction writers up to the task? In Motherless, Brian J. Gail proves that he certainly is."

-Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

The problems in the Church are exemplified by the storyline involving a Catholic Hospital owned by a religious order that profits from immoral practices occurring inside its corridors. This all begins to change with the arrival of new CEO Maggie Kealey who, in addition to dealing with serious personal challenges, realizes that her Catholic hospital is dispensing oral contraception, referring for In Vitro fertilization, and profiting from the creation and destruction of human embryos.

"Brian J. Gail’s Motherless depicts the true essence of human embryonic stem cell experimentation and ingeniously intertwines science with a fiction thriller to expose it. Embryonic stem cell research is not about treating our loved ones who suffer from disease. It is ultimately about human cloning. The sheer boldness of Motherless frightens me…"

-Dr. Theresa Deisher, Managing Partner, AVM Biotechnology

It is through this courageous and difficult battle for the soul of Catholic Medicine that Maggie, an abandoned mother of 5, is guided through her greatest personal and moral challenge with the help of Fr. John Sweeney. In these and other intense moments Gail reveals his ability to reach readers of all ages with this a powerful witness to the dignity of human life and the truth of the Church’s moral teachings.

"Brian J. Gail has masterfully and with startling accuracy told the story of our culture. Motherless is both heartbreaking and hilarious, but most of all it is powerfully exposes the cultural and spiritual battles my generation faces today…. I couldn’t put it down."

-Lila Rose, 21 year old Student Activist and Founder, Live Action

Motherless carries a precious thread throughout its pages rooted in the life and character of Father John Sweeney. The author uses this priest, a model of redemption, as an unspoken reminder to all of us that in times of trouble we can always count on the wisdom of Holy Mother Church. This singular Catholic novel builds on the promise of Fatherless, and leaves the reader hungry for what will be the conclusion of the trilogy, Childless, set for release next Fall.

Brian J. Gail has in Motherless the potential of another Catholic Bestseller within the same year as Fatherless! No doubt, this novel will move even more persons of faith and good will to see more clearly the wisdom of the Church, and the urgency of the fight for life and family in which we find ourselves today.

"Motherless…..a gift to the age"

-Philadelphia Bulletin

Motherless is on sale now!
Click here to purchase.

Click here for more information on Fatherless and Motherless.


We Must Help Pro-Life Students Facing Arrest, Discrimination

by Kristan Hawkins | LifeNews.com | 11/22/10 8:33 PM Thank you to everyone who sent a Thank You Note to the four pro-life student members of Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) pro-life group, Lifeline, who were arrested on October 4th for conducting a peaceful pro-life demonstration on campus.

As you know, the students were arrested for holding graphic signs of aborted children in the public “quad” on campus. Soon after the arrests I did an interview with Ruth Lobo, the president of the group. Listen to it here.
Now, these brave students need your help once more.
Two weeks ago, Carleton Lifeline (the pro-life student group at Carleton) was notified that the school Student Association would be decertifying the group in less than a week, on November 18th, unless they renounced the pro-life beliefs expressed in their group constitution. The Carleton University Student Association (CUSA) is using the school’s “Discrimination on Campus “ policy, which upholds “a woman’s right to choose” to justify discriminating against the pro-life student group.
If Carleton Lifeline loses their official group status, it will be a significant loss and will hinder their activities on campus by denying them the student space, resources, and funding all other student clubs have access to.
For student pro-lifers, being on campus is fundamental to the mission of educating other students about abortion and helping women facing unplanned pregnancies.
Today, whether you are American or Canadian, will you take a few moments to stand with Carleton Lifeline?
ACTION 1: Add your name to our petition protesting Carleton University’s discrimination against pro-life students here: www.standwithcarleton.com
ACTION 2: Call and e-mail Dr. Roseann O’Reilly Runte, President and Vice-Chancellor of Carleton, and tell her to stop the discrimination against pro-life students. Her office phone is 613 520-3801, and her e-mail is: presidents_office@carleton.ca.
ACTION 3: Next, please DONATE to the Carleton University Lifeline group. They need help to pay their attorney fees and launch new educational projects on campus. Just $5 would help this group! Please know, 100% of all funds will be donated directly to Carleton University Lifeline and all American donations are tax-deductible. 
ACTION 4: Get More Info: Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for Canadian pro-life groups to face discrimination and censorship on their university campuses. A number of groups have fought for the right to exist on campus and for fair and equal treatment from their student unions and administrations. For more info on the challenges Canadian students face and on Canadian campus pro-life activism in general, visit the National Campus Life Network’s website:
Thank you for all that you do everyday to save lives and help women.

Conditions Worsen At Rockford, IL Abortion Clinic.

Police and city officials are of no help. We fear for the safety of Rockford pro-life citizens. A death threat against a pro-life citizen brings no response from Rockford Police. Will a pro- life citizen end up being attacked and injured, as documented in the past, or even murdered before the police and city officials take action? The death threat to a Rockford sidewalk counselor was ignored.


Rockford IL, November 19, 2010 – Earlier in the week pro-lifers spoke with a deputy chief of police in Rockford in the hope that what has been happening at the Rockford abortion mill would be taken more seriously by the city of Rockford. If the deputy chief was sincere in what he had to say, it is apparent the word did not get down to the rank and file officers on the beat.


Today we saw the results:

1.        A man in a white SUV came around the corner of Broadway and 10th street wildly screaming inside of his car and giving the finger to pro-lifers as he drove.  He then pulled up to a sidewalk counselor and stopped his car.  When he figured out the woman he was speaking to was pro-life he said, "I wish I could kill you" then drove into the abortion mill parking-lot.
            A police officer at the scene was immediately notified.  After a few minutes had elapsed the officer got out of his car and went to talk with the man who threatened the life of the sidewalk counselor.  The conversation lasted only a few minutes, as the two were joined in conference by the abortion mill landlord Wayne Webster.
            The conversation ended with the man, who moments before had threatened a persons life, shaking hands with the abortion mill landlord and the police officer.  When the abortion mill landlord is shaking the hand of the man who just threatened to kill a pro-lifer, with the police officer standing with them, we knew nothing would be done.  The man and clinic landlord went back into the abortion mill and the police officer went and sat in his car.
2.        Shortly after this happened a woman pulled up and asked the officer a question.  The Rockford police officer quickly pointed at the abortion mill then pointed to the mill parking lot.  The woman quickly drove into the abortion mill.  Now it seems the Rockford police are even directing children to their deaths inside the Rockford mill.
3. Pro-lifers received a letter from city attorney Patrick Hayes that states, "Mr. Webster has been warned to refrain from having the vehicles bearing dealer license plates parked on city streets."
            Of course Mr. Webster had a car with dealer plates blocking the mobile ultrasound parking place again this morning.  The letter from the Rockford city attorney was presented to police officers this morning. The car with dealer plates was allowed to block the parking all morning with no ticket issued and nothing done.
4.        Just last week a pro-lifer was given a $120.00 jay walking ticket by a Rockford police officer for taking a few steps into 10th street.  Today two police officers watched as the abortion mill landlord walked across the exact same spot on 10th street with a sign calling a pro-lifers wife a "Whore."
            The sign also had her phone number and in graphic and disgusting detail listed many perverted sexual acts that the abortion mill landlord fantasizes pro-lifers engage in.  Needless to say no jay-walking ticket was issued to the mill landlord and when pro-lifers requested that action be taken because of the delusional sign put up by the abortion clinic, in essence publicly advertising prostitution, nothing was done.
Sadly, nothing has changed in Rockford.

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Local paper allows truth to be told.

Over 14 years with no inspection at NIWC. As many of you already know, it was revealed on the Pro Life Corner that for over 14 years there has been no health inspection at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC). 

         It is more disturbing to realize that the media treats this and the many other incidents at the Rockford abortion mill as a non-issue. If this negligence occured at any other medical facility it would be front page news for weeks.  However, these deplorable, despicable, unsafe acts happen at the world’s sacred cow, the abortion mill, and everyone in the media appears to look the other way.
          Now for the good news: The Freeport Journal Standard graciously allowed a pro-life commentary to appear on their pages. We are grateful to this paper for allowing this newsworthy article and we hope this is a new beginning of informing the public not only at the Freeport Journal Standard but also at the Rockford Register Star and Rock River Times, who we hope will follow the lead of the Journal Standard.
Go to this link and read the story and please leave a comment. http://www.journalstandard.com/opinions/x151218024/MY-VIEW-Clinic-conditions-speak-to-argument
See Our Story: 

Deplorable Conditions Exposed At Rockford IL. Clinic