Is Rockford Becoming "Sin City" U.S.A?

Rockford, Illinois, once a growing industrial city that was home to many churches and was a safe place to raise a family is gaining a national reputation as a city that is home to the most vile, anti-Christian bigotry, racism, and public displays of hatred for God of any city in the country.  It is becoming known as a city that is run by abortion.
Below are just a few examples of how the acceptance or indifference toward the killing of over 50,000 babies by abortion in Rockford is destroying the heart and soul of a city.  

Free Needles For Drug Users But No Ultrasounds For Poor Women
In Rockford we have a city council that has refused to allow a safe place for a free mobile ultrasound to park while many of these same city council members support giving hundreds of thousands of free needles to drug users. Read more here: Of Dogs, Illegal Drugs, And Free Ultrasounds
In Rockford A Rubber Chicken On A Cross Is "Not Offensive" While A Devotional Picture of Jesus Is Confiscated By The Police.
Rockford has an "offensive use of property" law that the city refuses to use against the dozens of public displays of racism, bigotry, and hatred by the Rockford abortion mill.  Yet a pro-lifer had a devotional picture of Jesus confiscated by the city.
Story and video here:  Pro-abortion “Justice” In Rockford
In Rockford A Pro-Lifer Can Be Prosecuted For Offering Help, But Nothing Is Done About The Abortion Mill’s Verbal Threats.
 A pro-lifer is currently being prosecuted by the city legal department for offering help to mothers in need at the Rockford abortion mill because they claim he violated a noise ordinance when he called out an offer of help to her.  The same city legal department has refused to do anything about the abortion mill landlord’s using an amplified sound system to threaten and intimidate women who are talking with sidewalk counselors to enter the abortion mill. 
Strip Club Signs On State Street But No Billboards Of Jesus On Broadway
We live in a city that allows strip clubs to operate on our main city streets with explicit public signs while the city of Rockford will not allow a large sign of Jesus to be put on the Rockford Labor News building. Why are strip clubs and strip club signs acceptable, but a sign of Jesus is refused a city permit?
City Alderman’s Boyfriend Assaults Pro-lifers, And Pro-Lifer Gets A Jay-Walking Ticket
One of the most blatant double standards that show how Rockford protects and defends the abortion mill happened in 2010.  The then live-in boyfriend, James Harnden, of Rockford alderman Karen Elyea walked across 10th street to threaten physical harm to a pro-lifer. Then, in a strange attempt to intimidate pro-lifers, this man began licking the camera lens a pro-lifer was holding.  A clear case of assault the city ignored.  More information here:  Alderman’s Boyfriend Threatens Pro-Lifers
A pro-lifer following a police officer’s orders to "get out of his sight" walked across the same city street and was given a jay-walking ticket.  A Freedom of Information Act search was done, and the results showed that no other person in the city of Rockford has ever been given a jay-walking ticket in this area.  See video here:  Skull On Cops Cap, Rockford, IL
It seems if you’re an alderman’s boyfriend, you can assault pro-lifers at will, but if a pro-lifer even walks across the street, he will be ticketed.
Gambling To Raise Revenues And The Illegal Removal Of A Legitimate Revenue Source
 Rockford is about to approve a gambling casino for our city, and all of the destructive elements that go hand in hand with gambling will follow. 
 If the city of Rockford is in such dire need of revenue, why did the city threaten the company that handles advertising on the city bus benches, Wright Advertising, with canceling the city contract with them if they continued to rent to pro-lifers?
 A case is still in the United States Federal Court against the City of Rockford because it forced Wright Advertising to break its contract with Rockford pro-lifers and remove a bus bench with a pro-life message even though that contract was bringing in revenue for Rockford.  More information here:  Rockford Refuses to Settle with Pro-Lifers
Covering Up For Child Predators And Prostitution
 The landlord of Rockford’s abortion mill has publicly stated, "the only people who come here are nigg…..’s and prostitutes."   The Rockford abortion mill is located in the heart of the prostitution district of the city.  On numerous occasions, pro-lifers have seen women being forced into this abortion mill by men.  We have witnessed the local "pimps" walk their girls to the clinic.
 Pro-lifers have also seen countless young girls brought to the mill by older men.  On one occasion a very distressed young girl was brought to the mill by an older male driver in a van with tinted windows and with no licenses plates.  The police were called but refused to investigate.
 Even though the abortion mill workers are mandated reporters of child sexual abuse, as far as we know in 25 years, they have never reported one case of an underage girl being impregnated by an older man.  They do an effective job of allowing these men to continue to prey on young girls.
See and hear the powerful video of a young girl who suffered an abortion at N.I.W.C., Rockford, IL.
Is Rockford becoming the new "Sin City" USA?  The fact that we even have to ask this question tells us the direction in which our city is going  because of the acceptance and protection of a business that has killed over 50,000 human beings.

Buying Babies The Trend to Surrogate Motherhood

By Father John Flynn, LC  ROME, JAN. 30, 2011 (   Surrogacy and celebrities burst into the news again recently with the announcement that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a new baby daughter, born Dec. 28 to a surrogate mother….

The news came soon after it was reported that Elton John and David Furnish became fathers to a baby boy on Christmas day. As ABC News noted Jan. 4, they join a long list of celebrities who have used surrogate mothers to have children. The lineup includes couples such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, actor Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.
The case of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban drew the attention of social commentators because of a statement issued by the couple in which they thanked the "gestational carrier." Melinda Tankard Reist, writing in the national newspaper The Australian, criticized the term for bringing together both the objectification of women’s bodies and the commercialization of childbirth.
In her Jan. 19 article, she argued that such impersonal language takes away the humanity of the woman who bore the child, and it also denies the intense bond between a mother and her child that develops during pregnancy.
Miranda Devine, writing in the Sydney-based Daily Telegraph newspaper on Jan. 19, was also highly critical of the term used: "Even if she was paid, as most U.S. surrogates are, what she did was an act of enormous personal generosity, and ought not be diminished by weasel words that seek to dehumanize the most intimate human relationship."
Devine explained that she felt uncomfortable with the current fad for surrogate babies, as if they were some kind of fashion accessory, or in the case of homosexual couples, a political statement.
Michelle Higgins, in a commentary published Jan. 21 in the Sydney Morning Herald, sympathized with the pain of infertile women, but objected to terms such as breeder or gestational carrier. Our choice of language to describe surrogacy does indeed matter, she argued, and has an impact on the participants.
From England, in a Jan. 21 article published in the Guardian newspaper, Yvonne Roberts argued that motherhood is not just another branch of the retail industry. Putting up wombs for rent is simply dehumanizing, she stated.
A woman may be said to choose to be a surrogate of her own free will, but this presupposes we live in a society with no serious differences in authority and income, she noted. There are "some corners of the soul into which even those with bottomless wallets should not go," Roberts added.
Other commentators, however, came out in support of surrogacy. Letitia Rowlands, in the Jan. 22 edition of the Daily Telegraph, argued that it is a happy ending for couples who would otherwise not be able to have children.
In Australia, surrogates can only receive payment for their medical costs, but Rowlands favored commercialized surrogacy so that couples desperate for children will have more opportunities to do so.
Two further commentary articles, published the next day in the Sunday edition of the Daily Telegraph, also advocated surrogacy. Claire Harvey called it "an extraordinary gift of love." Surrogate mothers offer to share their gifts of good health and fertility to benefit those not so lucky, she said. "It’s a deliberate gift of compassion, patience and love from one woman to another."
Tracey Spicer recounted her own difficulties in conceiving and said there are thousands of women who suffer from the problem of infertility, but acknowledged that in some cases, such as when women from countries such as India are hired to give birth for Western couples, there is injustice.
Spicer’s reference to India hits a sensitive spot regarding surrogate mothers. Last Dec. 10, the Wall Street Journal published a lengthy article about the new industry of producing babies using women from low-income countries.
PlanetHospital, for example, uses women from countries such as Bulgaria and gets them to give birth in Greece, where lax laws make it easier to operate. Or they have what they term the "India bundle" — a package deal combining egg donors and embryo transfers into multiple surrogate mothers in India.
For a bit extra, PlanetHospital will split eggs from the same donor to fertilize with different sperm, or allow couples to choose the sex of their child. Since 2007, the organization has facilitated about 459 births.
Rights and remuneration
The increasing use of surrogacy has, however, sparked off a series of court battles. In England, where paying surrogates over and above what would be needed to cover medical costs is supposedly not allowed, a judge recently challenged how the law has been interpreted.
In a High Court decision, Justice Hedley said the law on payments for surrogacy was unclear, and allowed a British couple to keep a newborn child even though they had given what was more than what the law terms "reasonable expenses" to the American surrogate, the London Telegraph reported Dec. 8. The justice interpreted the law as applying to only the "clearest case" of surrogacy for profit.
Meanwhile, in the United States, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that the non-genetic partner of a baby born through surrogacy could be given legal parenthood rights, ABC News reported Jan. 20.
Anthony and Shawn Raftopol were legally married in Massachusetts in 2008, and their twin boys were born through a donor egg and a surrogate mother. They live in Holland and were worried that when Shawn, who is not the biological father, travels with the kids he could be accused of trafficking them across international borders.
The court ruled over the objections of Connecticut authorities and declared there was no need to go through an adoption process and that Shawn could be listed on the birth certificates.
Just a short time later, the Family Court in Melbourne, Australia, reached a similar conclusion, the Herald Sun newspaper reported Jan. 22.
A homosexual couple who had paid an Indian mother to give birth to twin girls sought full legal status for the non-genetic father.
"As a matter of law, the word ‘parent’ tends to suggest some biological connection, but … biology does not really matter; it is all about parental responsibility," Justice Paul Cronin decided.
Sometimes surrogates don’t want to hand over the babies once they are born, leading to legal tussles. One that was resolved recently on the side of the birth mother is the case in Britain where an unnamed surrogate was allowed to keep the baby. Justice Baker explained in his ruling that the child should remain with the biological mother as it was in the child’s best interests, the Telegraph newspaper reported Jan. 23.
Not licit
In the 2008 document "Dignitatus Personae" on bioethical questions, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith reaffirmed the Church’s opposition to the use of surrogate mothers.
It confirmed what "Donum Vitae" had stated some 20 years earlier. In that document the Church explained that any birth technique involving people other than the married couple is unacceptable as it is "contrary to the unity of marriage and to the dignity of the procreation of the human person."
It also stated that it is a denial of "the child’s right to be conceived and brought into the world in marriage and from marriage."
The nature of the bond between a husband and a wife means that they have "the exclusive right to become father and mother solely through each other," it added. There’s no denying the very pain of a couple that are unable to have children, but while surrogacy might resolve one problem it creates many others.

Annual Ecumenical Prayer Service For Life

Fourth Annual Prayer for Life Service Held at Stephenson County Courthouse
FREEPORT– Approximately 50 Freeport residents gathered at the Stephenson County Courthouse for the fourth annual Prayer for Life service, held on the weekday closest to the anniversary of the January 22, 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision. The event is hosted by Stephenson County Right to Life (SCRL).

“The reason we hold this at the courthouse is because the travesty set in motion by the Roe vs. Wade decision started in a courthouse, but it’s going to end with the people of this nation on their knees asking God for intervention,” said SCRL spokesman Christopher Clukey. Local ministers who commented on the conflict between the culture of life and the culture of death included Father Michael Bolger of St. Wendelin’s Catholic Church (Shannon, IL), Pastor Kurt Strong of Bible Community Church (Freeport, IL) and Father Timothy Barr of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Freeport. Pastor John Hollis (a frequent speaker at previous services) and Pastor Mark Tipton of the Bridge were unable to appear due to ministry obligations.
“Abortion on demand has warped our nation’s values,” said Strong, calling for a return to the value of life. Barr referred to the vacillations of politicians (especially Catholic ones) on the issue as simply being “baloney” and called on public officials to “stop lying” about the issue. He then led participants in the Rosary.
During the service church bells could be heard softly ringing in the background for 52 minutes, one minute for each million babies aborted since abortion was legalized in 1973. (52 million in all)
The temperature was in the mid 20’s but the wind made it seem colder.  It was cold, but our spirits were warmed by our guest speakers.  Rather than go into what all was said, we encourage you to simply start the videos and hear for yourself.
3 of Our Videos:

Stephenson County Right To Life Annual Prayer Service 2011

2011 Service For The End Of Abortion Pt 2

2011 S.C.R.L. Prayer Service Pt 3

The Hand Of God Saves Lives In Rockford, IL

The Power Of Prayer And Love Combined With The Hand Of God Saves Lives In Rockford
Rockford IL, Jan 28, 2011 – The battle for life in Rockford has taken many interesting and even strange turns in the last few years, but one thing is certain; when pro-lifers are faithful witnesses to Christ and life, the hand of God changes hearts.  God, who can bring good out of evil, did just that this morning and saved the lives of two babies.

Harvest Bible Chapel brought a large group of people to pray in front of the Rockford abortion mill this morning. These faithful Christians were a tremendous witness for life on the cold sidewalks of Rockford.
God, who can bring good out of evil, did just that this morning to help save a baby’s life. 
The abortion mill landlord had cars parked throughout the neighborhood to block the mobile ultrasound clinic again today.  In a fit of anger that borders on the deranged and comical, he called the police to complain that he couldn’t park in every open space this morning because a pro-lifer was holding one of the spots for the mobile ultrasound clinic.  God decided to use his arrogance and evil intentions to help save a life!
As the abortion mill landlord was talking to four police officers, a very timid and scared young mother stopped to talk with sidewalk counselors.  The mill landlord would usually have screamed at and threatened her over his public address system, and this usually frightens the mothers into the abortion mill.  Thankfully, he was too busy complaining to the police about pro-lifers to scream at her. 
This gave the sidewalk counselors the time they needed to speak to her about the free ultrasound available in the mobile ultrasound clinic, and of all the help and support pro-lifers will gladly share with her.
The young mother parked her car, and as a sidewalk counselor walked her to the free ultra-sound, she saw all the people praying and stopped for a long time to look at a statue of Jesus and Mary holding a baby surrounded by flowers.
We will be holding a baby shower for this young mother in the coming months.
A second young woman and her friend went into the mill for her scheduled abortion appointment.  After being inside for over an hour, they came out and went straight for the mobile ultrasound clinic.  When asked why they came out, mom said, as we have heard many times before, "It’s so creepy in there.  I couldn’t stand it anymore."   
So a second mother had a free ultrasound and chose life today.  As mom and baby were heading safely for home, she was asked by the mobile ultrasound clinic driver, "Can we help in any other way, just name it."  
The smiling mother said, "I don’t need any more help.  You have done enough already." 

Tears of Regret, Tears of Love

Mark and LaRee Pickup tell a compelling story of how abortion on demand has affected their lives, even over 38 years after the event.
 They gave the keynote address for the 2010 US National Right to Life prayer breakfast, held in Pittsburgh, PA.  They have kindly granted Pro Life Corner access to their notes; it is our privilege to reprint their notes in this article. 

We hope to be bringing more articles and information from this wonderful Christ centered couple as time goes by.  You can gain more insight from them by going to their website at:
LaRee & Mark Pickup’s speaking notes for their keynote address to the 2010 U.S. National Right to Life Prayer Breakfast, Pittsburgh, PA.
    LAREE: What is the true extent of abortion’s tragedy? Well, of course, the most obvious tragedy is the death of a baby developing in the womb of its mother. But that is only the tip of the iceberg of human tragedy. Abortion kills conscience – both for the individuals directly involved and the collective conscience of a community … and even entire nations.
Canada sanctioned abortion in 1969. In 1971, I became pregnant at the age of seventeen and Mark was the baby’s father. I was living with my grandparents at the time.  I was terrified.  What would I say to them?  What would we say to Mark’s mother?  What would people in town think?
Mark and I had known each other for many years through our family connections.  Like most young couples in love, we spent the majority of our time together.  Mark was the focal point in my life.  I was absolutely devoted to him and knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Once I broke the news that my period was late to my Grandmother, she immediately booked an appointment with a local doctor to have the pregnancy test done.  The news came back positive. 
My initial reaction was both fear and excitement.  I thought about marriage. I thought about our lives together, I thought about struggling financially, but most of all I thought about our love for each other.  I knew exactly what I wanted, … but did Mark?  When the two of us where alone, before anybody else became involved in our decision making, we spoke of marriage, the excitement of a new beginning, we even began thinking of baby names.  Yes, we were both scared but we still dreamed of a future together along with our baby.  Then, others became involved. 
My grandmother began speaking about abortion.  (To be honest, I didn’t even know what an abortion was!) Mark’s mother turned her back on me and treated me like I was a piece of trash that had come into her son’s life and took away his innocence.  In other words, I was the cause of this pregnancy. She told me I had made my bed, and I could lie in it. I remember she would not even walk on the same side of the street as me. I was filled with shame. I didn’t have a friend in town other than Mark.
[I am not telling you this out of bitterness but as an illustration of how people should not behave toward a woman in crisis pregnancy. The woman is in a state of vulnerability. She needs to be surrounded by support not criticism. She needs to know that there are non-judgmental people who will help her make sense of her dilemma. She needs people to affirm the value all parties involved at a time when she may feel cut-off, confused or isolated in making her decision.]
I found myself thinking through my options, I even wrote them down in a letter to Mark that I have kept all these years.  I refer to this letter every once in awhile, just to remind myself of my thoughts during that most frightening and alone time in my life.
  I spoke of the four choices I had, and in these very words (keep in mind I was only 17):
  • I can go to Edmonton and have an abortion, this would free me of all my problems, but it would also take away a big part of me, I love you too much to take away your baby, and I will love that baby as much as I do you, Therefore having an abortion is out.
  • I can go into Edmonton and live in a home for unwed mothers, have the baby, then put it out for adoption, But I have thought this over and have come to the conclusion that I can’t do that either.
  • I can go into Edmonton after the semester, have the baby and keep it, and raise it on my own…I know that by doing this, I am giving up most of my future but I just can’t give up something that is mine or yours for that matter.
  • We can get married.  As for me, I have no hesitations, because I know I love you.  I can understand you being worried about how we are going to live, but you aren’t the only man in the world this has happened to.
Now let me tell you what happened through my eyes. Immense pressure was put on me to have an abortion. I was not provided with any information on how an abortion was performed or how the baby was dismembered throughout the abortion by vacuum suction.
I was not given any alternatives or any specific information on adoption or homes for unwed moms. (Remember, there was no such thing as internet). People I trusted said abortion was the best thing. And if the government is going to pay for the abortion … it must be okay. At 17 years old it didn’t take much convincing. Under Canada’s abortion law of that time, I was required to go through what they called a therapeutic abortion committee. Therapeutic? What a farce! The committee was a rubber stamp process. There was no therapy for me and it certainly was not therapeutic for the baby. I was booked to see a psychiatrist who spent about 2 minutes with me, ensuring that he asked me if this is what I wanted to do. I had already been coerced into believing this was my only way of resolving my problem) by friends, family and boyfriend.
I was placed on a waiting list and a hospital that performed abortions. They called (just in the nick of time) around the 3 month mark since I had conceived. It was late November. The Christmas Season was drawing near. The hospital where my abortion was performed was decorated with festive coloured lights. But there was nothing festive for me or my baby as I walked through the double doors into the hospital for my abortion that late and terrible afternoon. I remember the sadness and fear that I felt. Looking back now, I know that had someone given me another option, given me a hand, a loving embrace – I would have continued my pregnancy. But only the abortionist reach out to me, the pressure was on, and I felt I had no other choice.  I made the wrong choice.
I spent the night at the hospital in preparation for the abortion.  I remember hearing the cries of newborn babies down the hallway and was puzzled at why they would place me within earshot of the crying? I still don’t know to this day why? There was a nurse (and I wish I could meet her now) who came to my bedside twice in the middle of the night, touched my shoulder softly and asked me if I was sure that this is what I wanted to do?
Oh how I wanted to reach out to her and cry out “No! I love this baby.” But I was afraid to change my mind. That meant that I would let everybody else down. How would I face them if I didn’t go through with it?
I was rolled down to operating room and the procedure was performed.
A nurse asked me to count from ten backwards. Oblivion. Just before coming to, I remember hearing the sound of something that sounded like a vacuum cleaner. That sound is forever imbedded in my memory. (I imagine my baby being caught up in that machine!)
A few hours later, back in the ward, a male nurse came in to check me.  I remember asking him if he knew if it was a boy or girl?  He said something to this effect, “It might have been a girl, but I’m not sure….”
I was given a small meal, and told that if I was able to keep the food down, then I was free to leave the hospital.  I threw up the meal, covered up the evidence, my ride had arrived and I was on my way back home.
After the abortion I felt relieved, but very sad. I went to see Mark where he worked and we talked for a short time. The stress was evident in both of us.  Six months later we broke up.
I moved on with my life, and denied ever having gone through the abortion ordeal for many years. Two years later Mark and I met again and we eloped. (Family relations were not good but we were still in love). Three years after that our daughter was born. 
The minute I saw her I realized that she was not my first child.  Memories of my abortion came back. When I looked into the eyes of my daughter I often wondered if the child we aborted would have looked like her.  My daughter was a beautiful baby and she is a beautiful woman.
[Let me share a small grief that persists even 38 years later: (Mothers will understand.)  Every Christmas Season, memories of my abortion always come flooding back to me. If Christmas lights twinkle in a certain way in late afternoon shadows, I have a flashback to my feelings of fear and aloneness that day so long ago. Those feelings mingle and confuse my joy of the Christmas Season and the meaning of Advent. My first child would have been 38 years old today and a contributing member of society.]
Today in North America, a woman can have an abortion for any reason at all, or no reason whatsoever. I am the Executive Director of the Pro-Life Association for the Canadian province of Alberta. My office is directly across the street from a major abortion clinic. They have a booming business. Every day, there is a steady stream of women entering that terrible place. Later they come out that door, pale and unsteady. Some stagger into the back alley and throw up and I think to myself: Nothing has changed in 39 years. Women are uninformed, kept in the dark about the real effects of abortion. Like lambs led to slaughter, their babies are sacrificed on the altar of so-called sexual liberation, and the women are left to pick up the pieces of their life changing decision that may haunt them for years – like it did to me. The abortionist pockets $600 and the woman swallows her internal poverty. Some freedom! Some choice! 
About 25 years after my abortion I learned that in 1929, my grandmother became pregnant before marriage. She lived in a small town and consequently suffered the humiliation and was ostracized by the community. I honestly believe she thought she was doing the right thing in directing me toward abortion. She was trying to save me from people’s cruelty like she suffered. She had no idea about the long lasting effects of abortion.
My grandmother may have suffered humiliation of having a baby out of wedlock but I suffered sorrow and grief for having killed my baby.
Neither of these scenarios are God’s plan. Children should be born into the love and security of a family. Sex should be reserved for marriage. That is where sexuality is legitimately expressed.
In 1984, Mark became incurably ill with multiple sclerosis. It’s degenerative and has disabled him as you can plainly see. I vowed to protect him when the time came that he could not protect himself.  You see, we now live in a society that is advocating the killing of people like my husband. This time, I will stand up for the vulnerable.  Euthanasia advocates are trying to bring their agenda to America, state by state. One thing you have to give to euthanasia advocates – they are persistent.
LaRee is kinder to me than I deserve. I pressured her to have the abortion. I didn’t want to be a father. I wanted sex without consequences. But abortion has consequences for men too.
Sooner or later it was certain that I would face the fact that I did not protect my child,– that  that my hands were bloody too. A great and terrible day came when my conscience would be silenced no more and like God said to Cain: “What have you done?! The voice of your baby’s blood cries to Me from the ground.” My conscience condemned me. I remember thinking “How could you abandon you child when you had such a wonderful father!” My heart broke. I could not even claim ignorance. I knew my baby was not a clump of tissue.
You see, my father kept in his library a Life Science series of books. One was entitled Growth. 
     [LaRee showed photographs of prenatal life from the book.] It was published in 1965. I remember as a 12 or 13 year old boy sitting with my parents and marvelling at these very early photographs of prenatal development. Some of these photos date back to 1957. This baby is at least 45 years old. When we had the abortion in 1971, I knew what we were doing.
In the 1990s I heard a Christian university professor of medicine claim when abortion on demand was accepted into the social fabric of North America (1969 for Canada and 1973 in America) we did not know about the humanity of prenatal life. I had this book with me and showed him the pages I just showed you then said, “If someone as dumb as me knew then surely those who passed the law and the doctors who participated knew.” The strangest thing happened. He looked away, almost imperceptibly rocking in his chair, and started ringing his hands. I don’t think he was even aware he was doing it.  The thought came to my mind: “Pilate.” Not just him. I am like Pilate too, and so everyone who has washed their hands of helping women in crisis pregnancies make life-affirming decisions. Everyone is like Pilate who remains silent when we know that 98% of abortions are not medically required.
    It seems fittingly ironic that now it is me who is vulnerable to the same society that does not protect unwanted or inconvenient preborn children. Indications are that eventually it may not protect its incurably ill and disabled people (like me).
There was a time when I was healthy, athletic and strong. Now I am chronically ill, disabled and weak. The journey from there to here has been long and painful. Is there an eternal lesson I am being taught? Perhaps. I’ve been so dense emotionally and dim spiritually. There were times when I would have given up if I had not been surrounded by people who loved me. I can see how a person can despair and want to die in the isolation of suffering. I cannot even imagine the abandonment of people agreeing to help someone with their suicide.
    I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of 30. It has been slowly destroying physical function for more than 25 years.
My onset of multiple sclerosis in 1984 was sudden. It began one morning when I awoke to find I had no sensation below my waist. I could walk just fine, but I could not distinguish hot from cold or sharp from blunt. Then, overnight I lost the use of my right arm and hand. It initiated years of terror as MS ravaged my body. It would attack taking away a function, then remit and return most, but not all, the previous function. I would go to bed at night not knowing what function I would wake up with, or without, and no guarantee I would get lost function back. It was like was like a wild, savage roller-coaster ride.

          One thing I lost early on was my sense of musical timing, and the coordination in my right hand. This was important to me because music was a huge part of my life. I played guitar, and at the risk of sounding boastful, I was very skilled. I grew up in a musical family. My mother taught music for 60 years. At any rate, about two years after losing my ability to play the guitar, I realized it was probably not going to return. And so I took my beautiful, top of the line instrument and sawed it in half.

LaRee was horrified! She yelled at me, `What are you doing! You`ve lost your mind!“ I put the two pieces of my guitar back in the case and LaRee and I spent the rest of the evening in stunned silence, but I wasn`t sorry. That night after the family was asleep, I got up and wrote a note and put it in the case with the destroyed Fender guitar. May I read you what that note said.
“I sawed my guitar in half today. It was the healthiest thing I have done in a long time. It gave me a release and a feeble way to express my grief. My love was music. As a youth I lived for my guitar and my music. I remember when I would rather play than eat. Now, my timing is gone, so too is the strength in my hands.
On September 27th 1986, my new reality came into clear focus. Life will not be normal again. I realized I must pick up the pieces remaining in life and forget what I`ve lost. Grief that would not focus for 2 years finally came to a head. I couldn`t cry so I sawed my guitar in half.
I couldn`t just give it away; that would only be more things slipping out of reach. There`s been too much of that already. I needed to sever the past with no tiny remnants to haunt me and taunt me.
I sawed to say goodbye to artistic expression. I sawed to say goodbye to a carefree youth. I sawed to say goodbye to life without a cane or other contraptions of the disabled. I sawed to release grief and say Ì hurt! But mostly, I sawed to say goodbye to an old and trusted friend – my guitar – a finely crafted instrument I can no longer play.
It didn`t seem right to just leave it in its case. I sawed my guitar in half today.
And so LaRee and I began a terrifying but illuminating journey with a catastrophic disability.  
It was important for me to know I was loved by someone who was adamantly committed to my natural human dignity. I found it in LaRee who was also suffering.
I want to bring your attention to this aspect of suffering disability or chronic illness. It’s not just individuals who suffer, those who love them suffer too, sometimes more excruciatingly.
     Mark lives with the real symptoms of aggressive, degenerative multiple sclerosis, which have their limits. I am left to witness it all, ― and imagine. Imagination has no limits. I believe it is easier to be than to watch. Despite countless trials love has prevailed. But love is like the two sides of a precious coin.
The two sides of love are this: It is life’s greatest ecstasy but also the cause of life’s greatest agonies and anguish. It is a paradox of love.
The 19th Century author, Victor Hugo said, “To love or to have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life. To love is a consummation.”    — And so it is.
Yet as a wife, mother and grandmother, I want more, and I ask further. 
I want to protect those I love from pain, emotional hurts, disappointments, and even life as it ends—but I cannot.  So often I sat at the bedside of suffering loved-ones and prayed, “Lord give me their pain” – as though there is some quota of suffering to be filled which I can bargain over with God. There is not.
Romantic love begins with a glance and a hello and ends in tears of goodbye at life’s conclusion and separation – or it should. Life begins with the agony of childbirth but is quickly forgotten by the power of love. Such is the love of a mother for her children.
When Mark and I married, he was so healthy and active. For the first eleven years of marriage he was a super-achiever not only in his career but with family life. He was my Superman.
After being diagnosed with MS his career stalled and he was often too sick to participate in family activities he had previously led. Our children were 7 and 5 when Mark was diagnosed with MS. The children had difficulty understanding why their Dad could not play and be active like he used to. 
At the time that Mark was diagnosed with MS, I didn’t even know what the disease was. I had no idea of the impact it would have on our future. And so I began to research the medical literature and even visited a few auxiliary hospitals to see if I could pick out the people with MS:
·                I noticed the canes,
·                the crutches,
·                the wheelchairs and scooters,
·                the van contraptions and curb-cuts. MS meant DISABILITY!!
I looked into the faces of loved-ones of patients with MS and wondered if I could face the heart-break and hurt.
My initial reaction was anger. It was irrational but my immediate response was anger. How could Mark do this to me?! How dare he get sick!
He was supposed to be the strong one. I was the weak one. “Damn you!” I thought. If one of us was to get sick, it should be me. I could cope better with disease. Mark was the one with the most energy. I could accept this much more easily if I was the sick one.
I could just slink away from the world, it would be okay. I was angry, sad, and bitter but most of al … I was afraid.
I wanted to correct the fate God allowed by trying to convince Him he made a mistake. Mark could raise the children, remarry, and go on with life.
“I can’t do this!” I cried. “I cannot sit back and watch this Lord.” I pleaded with God to give me the MS.
Mark’s faith was stronger than mine, his personality stronger than mine, his body was stronger, his upbringing stronger. His ability to make a living was better than mine. Couldn’t God see that?! I was so angry with Mark and GOD! I felt cornered … and so let down by life.
Mark’s MS started changing him. I began to gauge the distance between benches in shopping malls in case he needed to sit with exhaustion. I started fearing places with crowds. He might get impatient and I would see that look of frustration on his face.
Then one afternoon I looked on in horror as my husband began to crawl his way up the stairs in our bi-level house so he could use the bathroom. I realized our life had changed and I had to make some decisions.  The first decision I had to make was whether I was prepared to stay in the marriage.
Many times Satan told me that there was an easier way out. “You’re still young. The kids would get over it,” He whispered over my shoulder. “You can start over like many other women after divorce.” The temptation continued: “You can get help from other family members. They will understand.” Even people at my work asked why I was staying with Mark. (?)
It did not take long to realize I needed to get serious with God and ask for his hand if I was going to jump on the wild MS rollercoaster ride.
My first prayer was to ask for a wheelchair accessible home so we could begin our new life TOGETHER: God, Mark, me, and the children.
We needed a house that would allow Mark to move about without a struggle, a home that would take us far into this disease. Where the MS would take us, we did not know. We had to trust God.
My prayer was two-sided. I had always had a deep longing for permanence, a place to call home. As a child I was moved from pillar to post (37 times throughout Canada). I didn’t want my children living like gypsies. There was nothing I wanted more than a stable HOME, a permanent address and an apple tree in the back yard. The Lord knew this had been my deepest wish.
And so, in 1987, God answered a need and a prayer. He provided us with a wheelchair accessible home in Beaumont just down the hill from the Catholic Church. During difficult times of MS attacks Mark seemed to find comfort sitting near the apple tree in the backyard and looking up the hill at the old church and listen to the sound of its bell. It seemed to draw his heart closer to God.
God has enveloped me with his love in such a way that I don’t need a Superman husband. (I must admit though, when I hear a noise in the night, I send Mark in his wheelchair whirring into the darkness swinging a cane to protect us from the bogeyman.) What more could I ask for?   
     Our home has become a meeting place for family occasions where our children and grandchildren gather. Every August we gather in the backyard to pick apples from the tree. Occasionally I reflect on what began with abortion – the denial of life and love’s potential to blossom (both human and divine). It started a pilgrimage to regain the meaning of life and love.
I started this session by posing the question: What is the true extent of abortion’s tragedy? Perhaps this is abortion’s greatest tragedy. The gift of life – with its limitless potential – is denied, returned to the giver of life unopened, unwanted, unexplored and unrevealed. Nobody has the right to rob another life of its potential. Abortion did not liberate us – it broke our hearts and made Mark and me poorer – much poorer. King David wrote: “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart – These, O God, You will not despise.”
   It was on the foundation of a broken and contrite spirit, first with the abortion and later with a serious and crippling disease that the Saviour began to teach us the purpose of life and love. Out of the tear-soaked soil of regret and sorrow grew understanding. We are loved and forgiven.
I am convinced that the Lord has allowed the MS to continue so that we grow spiritually and learn to depend upon God completely. And I have become convinced that divine love is the only thing that matters. To abide in Christ’s love, and reflect His love to a lost and hurting world, … that’s where the real meaning of life is to be found.
Christ told us to take up our cross daily. I found meaning in my cross because I found meaning in His cross. At the foot of that cross, LaRee and I found divine love. In our brokenness, we have found forgiveness and love and Christ is leading us home.

Rockford Life Initiative

An estimated 21children died inside of Rockford’s abortion mill this past week;     Our Pledge To The People Of Rockford;     Rockford Abortionist Kernes Ashamed Of His Job;     Rockford Doctors Powerful Editorial On Abortion;     Rockford Abortionist Kernes Ashamed Of His Job;      Abortion In Rockford Leads To Black Genocide;     Catholics coming together monthly for a time of prayer and the celebration of the Holy Mass…..

On Friday January 21, an estimated eleven children died inside of Rockford’s abortion mill.  Please follow this link  to learn about the grace filled results of the Rockford Roe V. Wade anniversary prayer vigil at the Rockford mill.
On Wednesday January 19, an estimated ten children were killed inside the Rockford abortion mill.  We saw the clear difference in how the people of life look at the world and how those who support the culture of death see humanity.  
A pro-lifer spoke with a woman who had a conversation with the abortion clinic staff.  She told them she was pregnant with twins and was unsure of what to do. The only option that was offered her by the abortion mill staff member was to kill both babies for the hefty price of $975.00.  
As pro-lifers were praying at the mill today, an elderly homeless man came by and asked what was going on. 
It was explained to him that this was an abortion mill, and we were there offering help to mothers in need.  
The reaction of this humble man was clear and to the point when he said, "They won’t enter the kingdom if they keep doing that."
His reaction was very different from that of the abortion mill employee who put a $975.00 price tag on the lives of two babies
Later that morning the abortion mill landlord stuck his head out the door to share some rather unkind words about a large statue of Jesus and Mary holding a life-like baby doll; the statue was brought by a pro-lifer.  He made it very clear the statue offended him.
A short time after that, a young woman who lives in the neighborhood saw the statue and baby outside the abortion mill and thought it was so beautiful, she came over and kissed the head of the baby and the head of Jesus and said she would be praying for an end to the killing.
In Rockford some people see Christ and His children as a stumbling block and a way to make money from the destruction of children.  Other people see these children as our sisters and brothers to be cared for.  They see Jesus Christ as our God to be loved and God’s kingdom to give our lives for.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.
Our Pledge To The People Of Rockford
Rockford Abortionist Kernes Ashamed Of His Job
Rockford Doctors Powerful Editorial On Abortion
Abortion In Rockford Leads To Black Genocide
Tuesday, February 1, 2011
St. Bridget Catholic Church
600 Clifford Avenue
Loves Park, IL 61111
Rosary 6:40 PM – Mass 7:00 PM
For information call 815.399.4300 #381
In the Diocese of Rockford, Catholics come together monthly for a time of prayer
and the celebration of the Holy Mass offered for the protection
of all life and for the end to abortion. Rosary for Life ● Holy Mass ● Refreshments
● Pro-Life Literature  Prayer does make a difference.  Please join us!
"The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion"
Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Shocking Abortion Statistics Out of New York

We must again state that we have the most intelligent, well-informed posters of any website you might find. We thank all of you for taking your valuable time to send in your thoughts to be shared with others.
One of our posters sent us a link to a terrific video on YouTube and we want to be sure everyone has access to viewing it. Please take time to view the video below.

Shocking Abortion Statistics Out of New York

A Brief History of the Founder of Rockford’s House of Horrors.

Rockford IL.- Has A Long History Of The Lowest Possible Standards For Abortion Mills. The Story Of Abortion In Rockford Is Full Of Pain, Suffering, And The Exploitation Of Women And Children. Here is the story:

Dr. Richard Ragsdale, who died October 23, 2004, was an abortionist who killed tens of thousands of children in the womb in Rockford, IL. Ragsdale opened his Northern Illinois Women’s Center in 1973, after the Roe vs. Wade U.S. Supreme Court case striking down laws against abortion.
Ragsdale filed suit in 1988 to attempt to overturn Illinois laws requiring hospital standards for abortion clinic operating rooms. The case was due to be heard by the Supreme Court in 1989, but the parties settled out of court. The state agreed to establish regulations for abortion clinics that involved few restrictions through 18 weeks of pregnancy.
The Story Of Abortion In Rockford Is Full Of Pain, Suffering, And The Exploitation Of Women And Children
Richard Ragsdale has a number of outstanding malpractice suits, and also is known for having a foster child removed from his home after he tried to have pornographic photos of her developed.

 National Abortion Federation member Richard Ragsdale and his wife were indicted in 1994 on four counts of child pornography involving their three-year-old foster daughter.

One of the photographs showed the child dressed in black lace thong panties, with her genitalia and buttocks exposed.

The charges against both Ragsdale and his wife were dropped after his wife signed a "statement of fact" admitting that the photographs "were of an inappropriate nature and could constitute a violation of state law." But she also maintained that she herself did not consider them inappropriate, that she was "an artist" and the photos were a "keepsake" for the child.

Ragsdale was charged with possession of the photographs, which he picked up after they were developed. Ragsdale told reporters that the situation was a "minor family matter … blown totally out of proportion." He insisted that the prosecution was motivated by opposition to his abortion practice.

Police pointed out that they had merely had the photo lab where Ragsdale had dropped off the film call the number provided with the film, and they then arrested him when he picked the photos up. It had been the technician at the lab who had contacted the police.

The child was placed in another foster home by child protective services upon the Ragsdale’s’ arrest, and was later adopted by an out-of-state family.

Sources: Chicago Tribune 9-24-94, 11-17-94; Courier-News 11-17-94; New York Times 9-24-94; Chicago Sun-Times 9-24-94, 10-16-94; Rockford Register-Star 9-23-94, 9-24-94, 10-13-94, 11-16-94, 11-18-94, 11-19-94; The Oregonian 11-17-94)

Now on to the malpractice suits:

Kelli W. sued after an abortion performed by Ragsdale at Northern Illinois Women’s Center on March 10, 1989. Kelli had sought an abortion due to complications with previous pregnancies, and had selected Ragsdale because he "had been publicized as a promoter of safety and proper procedure through abortion clinics." Within 24 hours after the abortion, Kelli suffered severe pain and blood loss. She called Ragsdale, and was assured this was normal and would dissipate. She was later admitted to a hospital where physicians found "a large percentage of the fetus" still in her uterus. Kelli required additional surgery. (Exhibit A, Wilson v. Ragsdale; Rockford Register Star 10-27-89; Winnebago County Circuit Court Case No. 89L580)

Trace O. sued after an abortion performed by Ragsdale at Northern Illinois Women’s Center on February 24, 1983. Trace said that the abortion failed to terminate the pregnancy, and she underwent an additional abortion. She sued for the loss of her right ovary and fallopian tube, continuing pain, and medical expenses. (Winnebago County Circuit Court Case No. 85 L 101)

Cindy W., age 19, alleged that she underwent an abortion by Ragsdale at Northern Illinois Women’s Center on June 17, 1981. There, a counselor noted that Cindy was "new to pelvic exams – extremely immature, will go along with this without much thought as she is very dependent on male." Cindy’s attorney faulted Ragsdale with failure to diagnose a tubo-ovarian abscess, and said that Ragsdale did not wash Cindy prior to initiating the abortion. Cindy returned to the clinic on June 29, with severe pains in her side beginning a week and a half after the abortion. Ragsdale diagnosed "her left ovary had blood clots," and prescribed ampicillin and Empirin, After 2 weeks, the medication ran out and the pain returned, but Cindy tolerated the continued pain for 2 more weeks. On July 16, Cindy’s father took her to the ER because she was doubled over in pain. The hospital referred her to her family doctor, who gave Cindy medication. On July 17 the family doctor prescribed medication, and told Cindy to return in 10 days. She returned on July 27 per instructions, with such severe abdominal pain that her doctor admitted her to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) with bilateral tubal ovarian abscesses, diverticulum, and periappendicitis related to the PID. Cindy underwent a laparoscopy, lysis of pelvic adhesions, a right salpingo-oophorectomy, an appendectomy, and a diverticulectomy. She had been admitted on July 27, and remained hospitalized until August 8. Her operative report indicated "right adnexal inflammatory mass completely filled the pelvis, was intimately adherent to the posterior leaf of the right broad ligament and to the peritoneum of the right lateral pelvic wall…. There were several loops of small bowel adherent to the inflammatory mass." The operative report also noted a smaller adherent mass on the left side. Cindy was subsequently re-hospitalized with recurring pelvic infection. The case was dismissed. (Winnebago County Circuit Court Case No. 82-2-319)

Linda M. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Ragsdale at Northern Illinois Women’s Center on October 9, 1979. The suit charged Ragsdale with failure to properly examine Linda prior to discharging her from the facility. She suffered pain and infection due to Ragsdale’s failure to remove all fetal parts. Linda required a total hysterectomy. (Winnebago County Circuit Court No. 81 L 116)

Rita C. alleged failure to provide adequate care for a tubal ligation done May 13, 1980 by R. M. Ragsdale, and his refusal to provide follow-up. Rita required hospitalization. (DeKalb County Circuit Court Case No. 82-L37)

Ragsdale, a National Abortion Federation member, successfully filed suit against the state of Illinois, claiming that standards of care laws, passed in the wake of the Chicago Sun-Times investigation of abortion mills, were too restrictive. (New York Times 9-24-94; Chicago Sun-Times 9-24-94; The Oregonian 11-17-94; Chicago Tribune 9-24-94)


Dogs being killed get more attention in the media than the brutal and sadistic murders of babies and their mothers in an abortion clinic.  What has gone on in Philadelphia for over thirty years is unforgivable and must never happen again.  Because of politicians and irresponsible government offices failing to do their jobs, for example not inspecting NIWC for over 14 years, similar events to the Philadelphia horror could happen right here in Rockford….

Dr. E.C.Baptist, M.D.,F.A.A.P. had posted the following article on a link on our web site.  We believe this article is so profound it should be presented to you as an article of its own.  Thank you, Dr. Baptist.

GRUESOME BABY MURDERS:  Where is the outrage?

Errol C. Baptist, M.D., F.A.A.P.

January 23, 2011

Kermit Gosnell, M.D., an abortionist in PhiladelphiaPA, the City of Brotherly Love, was arrested and charged by a Grand Jury last week for  murdering 7 babies who were born alive, by mercilessly killing them shortly after birth.   The Philadelphia DA Seth Williams, said that ‘there were bags and bottles holding aborted fetuses, scattered throughout the building. ”  Williams said that Gosnell “induced labor, forced the live birth of viable babies in the sixth, seventh, eighth month of pregnancy and then killed those babies by cutting into the back of the neck with scissors and severing their spinal cord.”  He had also killed hundreds of other babies born alive.  Many mothers had their bowels and wombs perforated, and others became septic and even died.  There was outrage over this carnage that took place at an abortuary over a period of over 30 years.  And rightly so. 

However, there was no outrage over the babies who were killed before they were born.  These aborted babies would have had their heads crushed, their limbs torn piece by piece, their intestines pulled out, and their lives snuffed out by the pairs of forceps, the pairs of scissors and the knives of this monster.  Did the grand jury, the DA, the media express outrage over those killings as well?  These pre-born babies were also ALIVE before they were killed by the abortionist.

There was a deafening silence.  The only peaceful voices of protest came from Christian groups.  The National Abortion Rights Action League President Nancy Keenan stated that politicians who wanted to cut public tax payer funding of abortions “are out of touch with our country’s values and priorities.”  Dayle Steinberg, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southern Pennsylvania, in The Philadelphia Inquirer, said that abortion was a “highly restricted procedure.”  She is right only if you say that the ban on partial birth abortion (where the baby’s skull  is punctured and the brain suctioned out, while only the head is in the birth canal and the rest of the body dangles out) and the ban on born alive abortion (where the baby is left to die or crushed to death after premature induction of birth) constitute what the abortion industry considers to be a great restriction on their right to kill innocent infants in what should be their safest abode: the womb of their mothers.  She went on to say that “these restrictions caused women to delay abortion procedures, often into the second trimester, where it becomes a higher medical risk and more expensive.”  You can come to your own conclusions on this soul-less statement.

When the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee voted to ban born alive abortions, one Senator voted against it saying, ‘what we are doing here is to create one more burden on women, and I can’t support that.”  The bill to ban this monstrous act was signed into law nationally only on August 5, 2002. Lest we forget, remember again that born alive abortion was legal prior to that. 

Also before our memories fade, let us not forget that the Supreme Court of the United States, in all its wisdom, deemed partial birth abortion (PBA) legal on June 28, 2000. (Stenberg vs Carhart)  It took a long campaign from the pro-life movement, and a change in the composition of the Supreme Court for this dastardly act to be ruled illegal on April 18, 2007 by the same Court.  (Gonzalez vs Carhart)

There is also another telling indictment of our society, our culture and our values.  What is a baby worth?  How upset are we as a nation that hundreds of babies were killed after they were born?  Where are the hurried Press Conferences by our politicians, quick to assign blame for anything that suits them?  Where are the Television media talk show hosts, the pundits, the experts on everything under the sun, when we need them?  Where are the media symposia that drag on for days to analyze other senseless killings and to assign blame?  The SEVEN dogs killed over two years ago by a famous NFL quarterback drew more attention than the 7 babies PLUS the hundreds of other babies killed by this monster in an abortuary. 

Roe vs Wade and Doe vs Bolton written into our laws by our Supreme Court on January 22, 1973 (38 years and 1 day ago) guaranteed that babies would be legally killed for all NINE months of pregnancy, with the blessings of our courts, our doctors, our political class, our intelligentsia, and our silence.   All our involved medical societies and all relevant medical specialty groups support abortion in all its forms.  ThAmerican College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which had submitted an amicus brief opposing the Partial Birth Abortion Act (which you must note, banned the procedure), described the Court’s decision banning PBA as "shameful and incomprehensible," ignorant of medical consensus, and chilling for the medical profession.

Who will stand up for these children?  Where are our consciences?  Why do we not get involved in trying to stop this ongoing carnage?  A fog has descended on the consciences of people everywhere. 

There is a big game today.  Everything else will be put on hold, even long after the game is over.  On hold – until we hear about the next act of carnage.  The chances are even greater that it will not even be reported.  Read the Gospels of Matthew and Luke:  “for in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark.”  In our ultra modern “smart-everything” age we do not see the rising and murky waters of evil around us.

This is a wake-up call.  Wake up before it is too late for the many more lives that will be destroyed in their earliest stages.  “God, the Lord of life, has entrusted to men the noble mission of safeguarding life, and men must carry it out in a manner worthy of themselves.  Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception: abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes.  – Catechism of the Catholic Church   2271.

Jesus said: “See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say unto you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father.”  Matthew 18:10.

Are you ready to follow Him and keep his Word?

Rockford Guild                                                                                                                          Catholic Medical Association





Rockford Blocks Inspection Of Licenses And Physician’s Names At NIWC

Rockford IL, January 23, 2011 – The Northern Illinois Woman’s Center is in one of the most rundown buildings in the city of Rockford.  Rodents have been seen and video taped crawling on the outside of the building and women have reported disgusting conditions on the inside including bio-hazard boxes in the hall ways.  

Combine this with the news out of Philadelphia of an abortion clinic that murdered born and unborn children where conditions inside were so bad it had to be investigated by officials wearing bio-hazard suits.  Because of these conditions Rockford pro-lifers have requested their legal right, according to Illinois Department of Health Regulations, to simply view the licenses and list of physicians inside the Northern Illinois Woman’s Center.
The Rockford city legal department, headed by Patrick Hayes, will have none of it.
Illinois code states:
210 ILCS 5/6) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 157‑8.6)
Each license shall be issued only for the premises and persons named in the application and shall not be transferable or assignable. The licenses shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the licensed premises. A placard or registry of all physicians on staff in the facility shall be centrally located and available for inspection to any interested person.
What this clearly means is any interested person has the right to enter an ambulatory surgical treatment center and check to see if it is properly licensed and the names of it’s physicians are clearly posted.
A very simple, straight forward, and common sense law to help ensure ambulatory surgical centers, which expressly include abortion clinics, are at least held to the bare minimum of standards.
This week Rockford pro-lifers requested the right according to the Illinois Department of Health regulations to view the licenses and names of physicians associated with the Northen Illinois Woman’s Center.
This request for our rights under the law were refused by city attorney Hayes.  He is denying and blocking any attempt for pro-lifers to view the documents that according to state law must be posted inside of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC) and "available for inspection to any interested person."
Please take a look at the condition of the facility that the city of Rockford is blocking a legal inspection of:
The Root Cause Of The Problem In Rockford
It should be noted that, like in Philadelphia abortionist Gosnell’s murder case, the Philadelphia clinic, as well as Rockford’s NIWC, had gone for many years without a state health inspection; in the case of NIWC, it has been over 14 years.  To our knowledge, Illinois state officials are still dragging their feet on an inspection request launched back in late June of 2010.  (See links below)
We hope we are wrong, but it seems as if the Rockford City Legal Department, headed by Mr. Hayes, more often than not appears to be cooperating with and ruling in favor of the antics and disgusting behavior of N.I.W.C.
To our knowledge, Mr. Hayes appeared to be in favor of the bubble zone law to the point of not dissenting against it.     According to the police, it was the city legal department who ordered the mobile ultrasound out of Rockford; that was followed by the process for receiving a permit for it to return being kept hidden from pro-lifers for a month.  City legal, headed by Mr. Hayes is the department that refused to do a thing about the written threats made by abortion mill landlord Wayne Webster against the families and lives of pro-lifers.   
Mr. Hayes continues to haul through the courts a pro-lifer for simply calling out an offer of help to a mother entering the Rockford abortion mill, while he has done nothing about the abortion mill using an amplified sound system, which has been used for over twenty years, to threaten and intimidate mothers who freely choose to stop and speak to pro-life sidewalk counselors.   It is disturbing and impossible for us to understand the double standards put in place by the mayor’s office, city legal, and the Rockford police department.  In any other part of society these double standards would never be accepted, even for a fleeting moment.  Yet it seems, in Rockford, IL, it is a standard operating procedure. 
In February Mr. Hayes’ office will be prosecuting a pro-lifer for jay-walking.  It’s an interesting case because the pro-lifer was simply following a police officers order to "get out of my sight", so the pro-lifer tried to obey the orders of the police office that had a large skull on his cap and a gun.  When the pro-lifer did what he was ordered to do, the policeman ticketed him – now Mr. Hayes’ office is going after the pro-lifer in court.  Of course that morning Wayne Webster walked back and forth across that same street with a sign calling a pro-lifer’s wife a "Whore" and posting her telephone number on the sign, with no charges being brought by Mr. Hayes office.   Would any city official allow such a sign to be paraded in public if it were their wife who was being slandered?  Heads would roll and charges would be brought immediately, we’re sure.  But, as usual, Rockford, IL city officials continue to treat pro-life citizens
On Mr. Hayes watch, pro-lifers will be prosecuted for offering help to mothers and for jay-walking but there will be no inspection of the licenses in the Rockford abortion mill due to city’s lack of enforcement of existing laws. 
Please respectfully contact these city officials and ask them to allow pro-life citizens to view the licenses and names of doctors at the Rockford abortion facility, as allowed by law.
Lawrence J. Morrissey
(815) 987-5590 phone
Patrick W. Hayes
(815) 987-5540
Second Death Threat In Less Than Three Weeks
Rockford Po-Life Initiative Makes Case To City Council For Ultrasound Parking Space.
Conditions Worsen At Rockford, IL Abortion Clinic.
Rockford Traffic Commission Backs Wayne Webster And Abortion
Skull On Cops Cap, Rockford, IL
Deplorable Conditions Exposed At Rockford IL. Clinic
Vandalism and Hatred Strikes Again in Rockford Area
Rockford, IL Continues To Interfere With Free Ultrasound
Three Saves In Spite of City’s Efforts
 Rockford Police Again Do Bidding Of Abortion Clinic