Wisconsin needs your help this weekend!!!

This in from AnyStreet:Most of you have probably been paying careful attention to the Union battle going on in Wisconsin.  There is another battle that is being waged by the Left that needs our attention and most importantly your ACTION!!!

WISCONSIN Supreme Court Election – Tuesday April 5th
The Left has decided to wage war against a currently seated Constitutional Supreme Court Wisconsin Justice because of the Union battle.
Justice David Prosser has been on the Wisconsin Supreme Court since 1998.  He has a proven record as a ‘Rule of Law’ Justice and is not a judicial activist. 
You can learn more about his record here.
His opponent has tried to become a Justice in several courts but has been denied.  She is an enviro-whacko and during the last Governor’s election supported the ‘Green Party’ candidate.  You can learn more about HER record here.
Currently the Wisconsin Supreme Court is 4-3 with Conservative Constitutional Justices holding the lead in the Court.  The Left and Unions want Kloppenburg to win as a referendum on Governor Walker and the Republican majority in the Wisconsin Legislature because they know that Democrats will bring Walker’s common sense Union reforms to the Supreme Court. 
Make phone calls to Wisconsin voters over the next few days to remind them of the election next Tuesday.  You can do this by going to VoterNeighbor
Click on ‘Get Started’ and select the Campaign Code
The following will appear
The big areas that the Left will be hitting are Madison (920 or 608) and Milwaukee (414) but every area needs to be called!  Elections have consequences, the people of Wisconsin elected COMMON SENSE Republicans to help their state which has one of the highest overall tax rates and is one of the states in the worst debt troubles.
In the words of Obama ‘we won’.  The Left and Unions will do anything and everything to keep failed progressive policies in place in Wisconsin regardless of how the majority voted.
A couple of hours of phone calls is not much when the battle is so important.  Please help and forward this to others who will also help.  Time is of the essence.  The future is at stake – not just for Wisconsin but for the other states that are battling the Left and Unions as well. 
"The founders of the labor movement viewed unions as a vehicle to get workers more of the profits they help create. Government workers, however, don’t generate profits. They merely negotiate for more tax money. When government unions strike, they strike against taxpayers. F.D.R. considered this “unthinkable and intolerable.”

"Government collective bargaining means voters do not have the final say on public policy. Instead their elected representatives must negotiate spending and policy decisions with unions. That is not exactly democratic – a fact that unions once recognized." – unknown

Priests and Pedestals

Posted by Fr Longenecker The accusations against Fr John Corapi have unleashed a firestorm of comments from his devoted followers and those who are not impressed by him.I have no opinions at all about Fr Corapi. All I know is that he is a Catholic media star, is supposed to be a holy man, a great preacher and evangelist. If he has fallen I’m sorry, but we should give him the benefit of the doubt…..

Elizabeth Scalia sums up here with common sense and compassion.

I have nothing much to say about Fr Corapi himself, except that these things are complicated. Right now everyone should step back, take a deep breath, with hold judgment and wait to see what happens.

I have no opinions at all about Fr Corapi. All I know is that he is a Catholic media star, is supposed to be a holy man, a great preacher and evangelist. If he has fallen I’m sorry, but we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

I never met the man, but I do–in a roundabout way–have something to thank him for. It happened like this. I was visiting EWTN to do a show with Marcus Grodi and a couple rushed up in the airport and started saying how much they loved my preaching and my work. I was, of course, flattered to be ‘recognized’ and treated them with gracious condescension as I knew a ‘media celebrity’ should do to his adoring fans. I asked them politely which of my books they most enjoyed, and they looked confused, "What books? Aren’t you Father Corapi?"

"No. I’m Fr Longenecker."

"Oh, we never heard of you. We thought you were Fr Corapi." And off they stalked much disappointed.

So I must thank Fr Corapi for indirectly giving me a salutary insight into my own overwhelming vanity and pride, and for giving me much to think about afterward. The job of being a priest is hard enough without the minefield of psychological tricks the devil has in store for us. Think about it. Most priests have an awful lot of power. No one really tells us what to do. We can make up our own schedule. Many of us hold the check book for the parish and with a bit of ingenuity can spend money as we like. On top of all this we are surrounded by a group of people who really want to love us. They want to invest in us and want us to be the role model for them and their children. They are longing for someone to look up to, and we poor souls that we are and longing to be loved, fall for it hook, line and sinker.

Add to that any kind of a reputation as a writer, speaker or ‘Catholic celebrity’ and the minefield is suddenly doubled. They thought you were wonderful to start with, and now thousands hang on your every word. You start to attract all sorts of vulnerable and needy people. If your celebrity status grows you start enjoying ‘success’. Media people want to jump on your band wagon. Offers come you way. More money flows in. You can’t help it. That goes with success. Meanwhile, you’re probably getting lonely because, while thousands love the person they think you are, very few people really know you and love you for who you really are. If you are a celibate priest (unless you’ve developed for yourself a good support system) you’re stuck in that false world of celebrity with no one to turn to. If you don’t have the inner strength you may start believing in your false image yourself. It’s hard not to.

Why do some priests start believing the false image of themselves? I’m afraid to say that too many men who are drawn to the priesthood already have a poor self image. Often they lack real personal identity or they dislike the person they are. It’s very attractive, therefore, to have a job where you put on a uniform and assume a different persona–the persona of a hero, a good guy, a knight in shining armor. Priests aren’t the only ones who fall into this trap. Policemen and soldiers and nurses and others in the helping professions do the same.

So for the priest: every morning we put on the uniform. We’re God’s guys. We dress the part. We parade up and down in our long robes and we try our hardest to be saints.  Much of it is a part we have to play. The church even teaches us that we’re Christ personified. It’s a part we have to play, and also a part we have to grow into, but until we grow into it fully we have to act the part. It is, very often, a useful fiction, but if we fall into the trap of believing the fiction ourselves we’re really in trouble. The bubble gets bigger and bigger. We feed the adulation and those who adore us grow more fervent in their worship. Meanwhile the real friends–those who would criticize us and bring us down to earth–often simply walk away or worse–in our egomania–we drive them away, refusing to take criticism, we see them as ‘naysayers’ and we are glad to see the back of them.

Then too often the bubble bursts. The secret sins come out. The priest or pastor is disgraced. Why does this happen so often? I think it is almost like one of those ‘accidents’ that the shrinks tell us were somehow ‘deeply intended’. The priest can’t live with the lie he’s living and some deep and dark part of him makes it become public. It’s as if he has to have a public confession. I’ve seen it happen so often, and it’s always the ideal priest, the ‘perfect’ monk, the ‘most fantastic’ bishop or pastor with the most to lose.

What’s to learn from it? Simple lessons really. First of all, don’t believe what you see. Even the  best holy man has got a shadow side. The good ones admit it. Secondly, just because of this don’t drift into cynicism. You weren’t supposed to put your trust in those guys anyway. You were supposed to look through them to see Jesus. Thirdly, while you don’t believe what you see, still strive to think the best. Don’t idolize that priest, but don’t cast him away either. He’s a real man. He has faults and foibles and sins and secrets….just like you. Try to love him for that and not for how good you think he is at his job.  Most of all, look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Putting your trust in a priest–not matter how wonderful he is–will always be a let down. Furthermore, it’s an immature thing to do. Too often instead of doing the hard work of becoming saints ourselves we idolize someone who has become a saint or who we think is a saint. That’s shallow and too easy. It’s like a religious form of those teenage girls who scream and cry and faint when they see their boy pop idol. They mistake their own immature high octane emotions for real love. Likewise, when religious people idolize their parish priest or some media star they often mistake their love and admiration for that person for real religious emotion and fervor.

It’s bubble gum religion, and if God takes away your idol, well then you might just turn your eyes to the one true God instead. And that would do you, and your priest a favor.

What should we priests learn from it all? To make it our first priority to be real. To do the hard work of becoming who we really are. To be ruthlessly honest with ourselves. Not to let ourselves off the hook. To have a good confessor and director. The task of becoming really ourselves is also the path to sanctity. That’s why, in a paradoxical way, I actually have more time for the priests who are not ‘shining stars’. Maybe we should all look again at Fr Grumpy and Fr Sarcastic and Fr Drinkalot and Fr Hissyfit and Fr Layabout. Maybe the ones who’s problems are ‘out there’ are actually more real–even if the reality hurts.

Posted by Fr Longenecker at Monday, March 21, 2011


Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 3 30 2011

 Rejoice!  A baby’s life was spared today and mom was spared a lifetime of regret;     An estimated 17 babies were killed inside the Rockford abortion mill this past week;     The Policeman With A Skull On His Cap;     Some Of The Horrific Damage Caused By The Rockford Abortion Mill May Soon Be Reversed;     A Voice For The Voiceless;     Powerful Pro-Life Video…..


 On Friday March 24, an estimated twelve babies were killed inside the Rockford abortion mill. Please follow this link to learn how 40 Days for Life is still producing life saving results in Rockford   http://prolifecorner.com/node/695


On Wednesday March 30, an estimated five babies were killed inside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.  The hours of prayer in the cold, snow, and rain have again made a huge difference this year as we see the numbers of children being killed inside the Rockford abortion mill fall.  We haven’t had the numbers of abortions this low since last years 40 Days for Life.


This is a week that many high schools and universities are on break and would usually be a very deadly week inside the abortion mill.  Because of the power of prayer this abortion clinic, that a few years ago could kill up to 30 babies a day, only had five children to sacrifice on it’s blood drenched altar of "choice."


To top it off one young mother drove into the mill parking-lot and after listening to the words of a sidewalk counselor left with her child alive and well and did not return.


The power of love, prayer, and sacrifice is saving the lives of children in Rockford.  Thank you to every person who has participated in 40 Days for Life.  

When Easter comes in a few short weeks you will have the beautiful gift of these children’s lives to offer to Jesus Christ on Easter morning.


Please join us in an hour of prayer at Rockford’s abortion mill during this years 40 Days for Life.  The united prayer of the Rockford Christian community is saving lives and souls.   http://www.40daysforlife.com/rockford/



Rockford Pro-Life Initiative Newsletter 



The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.




The Mysterious Case Of The Policeman With A Skull On His Cap, A Jay-Walking Charge, And A City That Can’t Make Up Its Mind!





Some Of The Horrific Damage Caused By The Rockford Abortion Mill May Soon Be Reversed







A Voice For The Voiceless


Rockford Area Pregnancy Care Centers Fundraising Banquet


Featuring Jill Stanek / national pro-life columnist and blogger http://www.jillstanek.com/


Friday, April 15, 2011 / Giovanni’s Grand Ballroom


R.S.V.P. by April 1, 2011  (815) 398-5444


Powerful Pro-Life Video




Announcement: Emergency Help Needed.

Monroe, WI – 3-30-2011 –ProLifeCorner One of the many pregnancy centers in our area that is helping mothers and families in need is the Care Net Pregnancy Center of Green County located in Monroe, Wi.  At this time they have a special need for cribs.  Anna Anderson, director of the center, explains their special needs:

The Care Net Pregnancy Center of Green County is in urgent need of cribs and strollers.  The Pregnancy Center always offered cribs on a “loaner” basis so the community has come to expect that they can send folks to the Center who need cribs.  cribs of any age – new or gently used – will be accepted.  If they do not meet safety standards because the slats are too far apart, a gentleman with carpentry skills will install additional slats so the cribs will meet the safety standards.
If you don’t have a crib of your own to donate, please consider picking one up at a garage sale or sometimes you will see them on sale bills from the storage shed places or call the Center (608-325-5051) if you see one listed somewhere. 
Another option would be to make a monetary donation to the Center specifically designated for cribs.  A volunteer who has a list of the recalled cribs is willing to go to garage sales in search of cribs for the Center.

Local Pro-Life College Student To Walk Across America For Life

Belvidere, IL – ProLifeCorner – 3-30-2011 –by James – Even at her young age, Jessica Foti has played a very important role in building a culture of life in the Rockford area.  Jessica was an active member of the Boylan High school pro-life club, has prayed countless times at the Rockford abortion mill, and has helped bring youth and enthusiasm to the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative and 40 Days for Life in Rockford.  Now Jessica is taking up an even greater challenge. 

This summer from May 20th to August 13th as part of "Crossroads – Taking Steps to Save Lives", Jessica will be walking across America from the West Coast to Washington, DC, while educating the youth of America about the pro-life movement through activism, talks, radio, TV, and newsprint.
We at Pro-life Corner asked Jessica why she is so devoted to helping the unborn.
Pro-Life Corner – Why is being involved in Pro-life ministry so important to you?
Jessica – Being involved in the pro-life movement has been a personal calling and growing passion of mine ever since I learned about the ministry when I was 14. My involvement in the pro-life movement began because of innocent curiosity and enthusiasm to help and has thus developed into an ongoing call to holiness in which I desire to love God through reaching out to others in this ministry. My love, concern, and respect for life and dignity of the human person have blossomed into such a huge part of my life that everywhere I go, I desire to love everyone I encounter. Having spent many hours outside abortion mills in prayer, I have witnessed firsthand how abortion is a direct act against love and has deeply wounded countless people. I wish with every part of my being that I could help in some way, to take away any potential pain and regret on the part of anyone involved in the abortion industry. I realize this is a spiritual battle and thus have depended on Christ. He has led me deeper and deeper into the pro-life ministry and opened my eyes to the ways in which I can act through love to pray and sacrifice for the sake of others.
Pro-Life Corner – What do you hope your participation in crossroads will accomplish?
Jessica – I would love to participate in Crossroads this summer because I have been seeking ways to grow closer to the Lord on a more personal level and contribute more fully to the Pro-Life community in new ways. Having heard about this opportunity, it brought much joy and peace to my heart because I love traveling, meeting new people, and sharing experiences with diverse groups of people in different settings. I enjoy seeking the Lord through natural beauty and find it thrilling and adventurous to embark on journeys which challenge me mentally, physically, and spiritually. I feel the Lord has brought this opportunity to me as a way for me to fulfill personal expectations I have for myself to grow in holiness, sacrifice, partake in daily Mass, pray and witness to different communities, learn about my own strengths and weaknesses, help others with their weaknesses, and encounter Him in a unique way that I will never be able to do again.
Jessica is a young woman who is willing to give up three months of her life to share Christ’s love with thousands of people across the country, but she needs our support.  Please consider helping Jessica in this ministry of building a culture of life and bringing Christ to young people across the country.
Checks to help cover her expenses for her pro-life walk across America can be sent to;
Jessica Foti
969 Tuneberg Drive
Belvidere, IL 61008

A Shocking and Unforgettable Pro-Life Video

 Rockford, IL –  ProLifeCorner.com – 3 27 2011 – God has blessed us in the pro life movement with gifted and talented people who produce awesome and powerful videos in defense of life.  The advocates for life at Silent No More and  Rockford Pro Life Initiative, and James have touched us with their inspiring and informative messages.

Sometimes we come across a video that is produced outside our own little circle that deserves extra attention.  Below you will find one such example.

Only 3 minutes long.

Shocking, unforgettable Pro-Life film-"It’s The Same Thing"

Action Alert Needs Your Immediate Response!

 Rockford, IL.- ProLifeCorner.com – March 26, 2011 – Some Of The Horrific Damage Caused By The Rockford Abortion Mill May Soon Be Reversed.  We are happy to alert you to an important and long overdue piece of legislation.  HB 3156 would require abortion clinics that perform more than 50 abortions a year to meet basic safety regulations of other similar outpatient treatment centers.


By way of history:  In order for the notorious abortionist Richard Ragsdale, who was indicted in 1994 on four counts of child pornography, to operate his killing center in the run down building at 1400 Broadway in Rockford, he needed to get some of the laws changed or erased from the books that offered protection for women seeking abortions.


Ragsdale filed suit in 1988 to overturn Illinois laws requiring hospital standards for abortion clinic operating rooms.  Ragsdale won his case, and almost all standards were dropped for abortion clincs. 


Follow this link to see the deplorable conditions of Rockford’s abortion mill.   http://prolifecorner.com/node/526


The Rockford abortionist and the Rockford abortion mill desired to operate with few or no standards, and by winning their case, we now have the horror stories of child-killing factories like the one in Philadelphia.


The Chicago Sun-Times in a noteworthy series of articles titled "The Abortion Profiteers", documented the shocking reports of the deaths of at least a dozen women following abortions in the Chicago clinics, revealed unsterile conditions in the clinics, documented abortions performed on women who were not pregnant and others performed without anesthesia, showed premature dismissals from recovery rooms and falsifications of medical records, and uncovered kickbacks paid for abortion referrals.


All of this is a result of the Rockford abortionist and his desire to end the lives of babies in the house of horrors at 1400 Broadway in Rockford.


We are happy to alert you to an important and long overdue piece of legislation. HB 3156 would require abortion clinics that perform more than 50 abortions a year to meet basic safety regulations of other similar outpatient treatment centers. (They have never been regulated.) As you may know, Illinois State Representative Darlene Senger (R-Naperville) has been under attack by pro-abortion groups for her chief sponsorship of this bill. 

HB 3156 passed  a House Committee on March 15th and is up for consideration in the Illinois House. Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups are doing everything they can to stop this bill and to intimidate Rep. Senger. Recently, abortion-rights supporters planned to picket her district office. 

Action Alert Needs Your Immediate Response!
 Click HERE to send an email or a fax to your state representative to urge him/her to support HB 3156 or even sign on as a co-sponsor.

Illinois women deserve better. Illinois women deserve protection of their health and safety when they undergo abortions in non-hospital settings. Illinois women need enactment of HB 3156.


Pro-Abortion Supporters Interfere With Women’s Right to Choose

Rockford, IL. – ProLifeCorner.com – by James – On Friday March 26, 2011, pro-death forces gathered in Rockford; four abortion supporters showed up at the Rockford abortion mill five minutes before the first mother arrived for an abortion and left five minutes after the last mother entered the abortion mill parking lot.  They did everything possible to stop women from having the "choice" of receiving free help, seeing a free ultrasound, or speaking freely with someone who would offer an alternative to abortion.

Why were they here?
The reason they came to Rockford was clear.   It was not to offer women a "choice."  They had no desire to empower mothers by receiving all the information they could about abortion.  They did everything possible to stop women from having the "choice" of receiving free help, seeing a free ultrasound, or speaking freely with someone who would offer an alternative to abortion.
They had one objective and only one objective – to ensure that children in the womb, children loved by God, children who are fully human, children who are our sisters and brothers, are murdered in the womb.
Throughout the morning when a pro-life sidewalk counselor tried to offer mothers help, love, and support, these "pro-death" advocates cackled, screeched, waved their arms, and screamed at the mothers who tried to stop for help.  Their frenzied actions whenever a mother might possibly consider choosing life seemed to have a demonic element that went into frantic convulsions at the very thought that a child would escape the abortionist’s bloody death grip.
Jesus answered them, "I am the way and the truth and the life." John 14:6
Praise God-there was a save!
A cab driver pulled into the abortion mill parking lot with a mother in the back.  The sidewalk counselor was able to give the cab driver some information before the pro-death advocates swarmed his cab, and he pulled into the parking lot. 
Many pro-lifers kept praying every few feet around the abortion mill.
The cab dropped the young mother off and left.  A short time later, well before the abortionist arrived, another cab came back and stopped just long enough to tell the pro-lifers with a big smile, "I’m not bringing anyone here. I am going in to pick her up."
Try as they might to block the love and help offered by pro-lifers, the pro-deathers cannot stop God’s grace.  One mother was open to that grace, love, and the life within her this morning.
"Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."  Proverbs 16:18 
A short time later the abortion mill landlord’s girlfriend, who yells from a second-story window encouraging mothers to kill their children, began pridefully boasting, "abortion clinic 100% – pro-lifers nothing."
She was then informed that one mom chose life for her child, and both mom and baby left the mill alive and joy-full.
With a scowl on her face, the pro-death advocate immediately pulled her head back in and slammed the window.
Our Video:


Wisconsin Library Engages In Censorship

Wisconsin Library Censors Showing of Pro-Life Film in “Public Meeting Room” National Law Firm Demands Wausau Library Cease Discrimination Against Local Pro-Life Organization

March 25, 2011—Thomas More Society attorneys issued a letter today to Marathon County library officials demanding that the library rescind its decision to cancel a showing by the Wausau “40 Days for Life” group of the pro-life documentary, “Blood Money.” The director of the library, Ralph Illick, had cancelled the showing of the movie in one of the library’s “public meeting rooms,” because he determined that the film’s topic – abortion – would “interfere with normal use of our library.”
“Having to demand that a library not engage in censorship is outrageous,” said Peter Breen, executive director and legal counsel for the Thomas More Society. “The library’s own policy declares that meeting rooms are to be allocated without regard to the beliefs of those using the rooms, but here, the sincerely held religious beliefs of Wausau “40 Days for Life” that all life is sacred has barred this group from use of these purportedly ‘public’ rooms. We stand ready to take immediate legal action if the showing of the film is not allowed.”
In the letter written to Director Illick, Thomas More Society attorneys cited the library’s own “Bill of Rights,” which guarantees that, “VI. Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.”
Read the entire letter here
For more information or to speak with Peter Breen, please contact Tom Ciesielka at 312-422-1333 or tc@tcpr.net
# #  #
About the Thomas More Society: Founded in 1997, the Thomas More Society is a national public interest law firm that exists to restore respect for life in law. Based in Chicago, the Thomas More Society defends the sanctity of human life, the family and religious liberty in courtrooms across the country. The Society is a nonprofit organization wholly supported by private donations. For more information or to support the work of Thomas More Society, please visit www.thomasmoresociety.org.

Is Jaywalking In Rockford IL. A Religious Issue?

Rockford, Il- ProLifeCorner.com- 3 24 2011- by James-  Judge:  "I’m not going to let you bring your religion into this courtroom!"   The Mysterious Case Of The Policeman With A Skull On His Cap, A Jay-Walking Charge, And A City That Can’t Make Up Its Mind!

Many of our readers may remember that on November 12, 2010, an incident occurred in which  a pro-lifer asked a Rockford Police officer why he was wearing a large skull on his cap at the Rockford abortion mill.  The police officer then ordered the pro-lifer to "get out of my sight."  When the pro-lifer did as ordered and stepped a few feet onto a quiet residential street, the pro-lifer was arrested for jay-walking.  http://prolifecorner.com/node/535
Mysteriously, nothing was said to the abortion mill landlord who crossed that exact same street in the exact same place numerous times that same morning to put up pornographic signs advertising sex acts for sale – right in front of the same police officers.
The first time this case went to court at the Winnebago County Circuit Court 17th Judicial Circuit at 400 West State Street, courtroom 125, was on Monday February 14, 2011.  The judge at this hearing did not seem happy that these charges were even being considered against a citizen of Rockford and even said with a rather mystified look on his face, "I didn’t know walking in the roadway was against the law?"
Not knowing what to do with the case, it was sent over for a hearing at the new Justice Center in Rockford, no longer to be prosecuted by the City of Rockford.  Now this mysterious case was to be prosecuted by the Winnebago County State’s Attorney on March 23, 2011, in court room C.
At 9:30 AM the accused jay-walker was brought before the judge in the new Justice Center. This judge also seemed mystified about this case at first, but then the judge said with a tone that perked up everybodies ears, "Is this case about abortion?"
The mood in the justice center court room had just changed…….and not for the better. 
As the accused jay-walker tried to explain that this is a civil rights case, the judge mysteriously blurted out, "I’m not going to let you bring your religion into this courtroom!"  This was a very odd accusation, seeing as though the judge was the only person in the courtroom who said a word about or was even thinking about religion.
A few more attempts to explain this mysterious case to the judge did not go over too well. With a scowl and a less than sympathetic tone, the judge  rebuked the accused jay-walker and said he had better be prepared to spend a lot of time showing up in court for this jay-walking charge.
Some may think this was an attempt to intimidate….we certainly hope not.  The pro-lifers of Rockford have dealt with the most openly bigoted and hate-filled abortion mill in America that has murdered over 60,000 babies…..we aren’t intimidated.
In the end even this judge seemed to find this case too mysterious to handle as he is sending it back from whence it came – to the 17th Judicial Circuit Court at 400 West State Street, courtroom 125.  With nothing at all settled, no trial date set, questions left unanswered, and not even knowing if it is the City of Rockford or the Winnebago County States Attorney’s office who will be able to demystify and prosecute this mysterious case, we are left to wonder, "What do these people hope to accomplish by trying to prosecute a ridiculous case that they can’t even understand?"