Justice Served In Milwaukee; Will We See Justice In Rockford?

Milwaukee Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor Vindicated:  False Charges Dropped.  Thomas More Society Secures Justice After Abortion Clinic Harasses Pro-Life Advocate with Trumped Up Charges.


MILWAUKEE (March 24, 2011) – Today in Milwaukee municipal court, the Thomas More Society secured justice for a pro-life sidewalk counselor who was falsely arrested and charged with disorderly conduct last August. James Marcou, a veteran sidewalk counselor, was charged after two clinic escorts at the Affiliated Women’s Heath Center claimed he was disorderly and obstructed free access to the abortion facility by striking a “clinic escort.”

"James Marcou can now carry on his life-saving work without this criminal charge hanging over his head,” said Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Chicago-based Thomas More Society.  “The city prosecutor dismissed the charge when the key complaining witness failed to honor the city’s subpoena that he appear this morning to testify at an initial hearing before a city judge.  Indeed, we had learned that this witness, known to pro-lifers as Gwynn and who regularly works as a patient ‘escort,’ gave police a false name – Steve Smith – and was subpoenaed to appear by that name.  No wonder he didn’t show up, as not only his name but also the rest of his story was falsified, and the whole truth would have come out clearly.”

The background of this case is that Marcou was standing outside the Affiliated Women’s Health Center in Milwaukee last summer and making a video recording of peaceable sidewalk counseling and pro-life presence outside the clinic. One of the “clinic escorts” at the Health Center tried to block his view, moving back and forth as Marcou stepped from one side to the other to avoid any conflict. The escort – Gwynn, a/k/a Steve Smith – persisted, lurched at Marcou and forced him into a brick wall. When the police arrived they interviewed the escorts inside the clinic, but they omitted to ask any of the pro-lifers for their side of the story.

“The police should have investigated all the facts before filing these false charges.  Indeed, charges of assault and battery should have been filed against the clinic workers. Instead, Milwaukee police and city prosecutors charged the innocent pro-lifer,” said Brejcha. “Our client has been vindicated and Milwaukee authorities have been put on notice to chase criminals, not life savers.”

For more information or to speak with Tom Brejcha, please contact Tom Ciesielka at 312-422-1333 or tc@tcpr.net


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About the Thomas More Society

Founded in 1997, the Thomas More Society is a national public interest law firm that exists to restore respect for life in law. Based in Chicago, the Thomas More Society defends the sanctity of human life, the family and religious liberty in courtrooms across the country. The Society is a nonprofit organization wholly supported by private donations. For more information or to support the work of Thomas More Society, please visit www.thomasmoresociety.org.



Care Net Fundraiser In Monroe WI.

 Pregnancy Center of Green County Is Having A Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser.  If you can participate and help this wonderful organization it will be greatly appreciated.

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser to Benefit the

 Pregnancy Center of Green County



Monday – April 4, 2011

4:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Hope Community Center

2902 – 13th Street – Monroe, WI



Adults $6.00   4-12y/o $4.00     under 4 free

Take outs available

Vegetarian spaghetti sauce available


Tickets Available at the Door




Donations of desserts are needed and can be dropped off at the church after 2:00p.m. the day of the dinner.  To donate a dessert, please

Call: 325- 5051 or e-mail: pregnancycentered@tds.net


Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 3 23 2011

An estimated 23 children died inside the Rockford abortion mill this past week;      Prayers In Honor Of The Annunciation Of Our Lord;     The "Blessings" Of Being Pro-Life In Rockford;     Is Rockford’s Abortion Mill Receiving Preferential Treatment From Police?;     A Voice For The Voiceless……

On Friday March 18, an estimated eleven children were killed inside the Rockford abortion mill.  40 Days for Life is still bringing many blessing to the people of Rockford.  Again this week we have two reports of people who spontaneously stopped to talk with Christians praying outside the abortion mill.  Both people who stopped shared stories about how abortion has caused deep wounds in their lives.  One of the passersby shared how Christ had healed those wounds.
We have not been able to find out how serious the injuries were to the woman who was taken out of the Rockford abortion mill by ambulance over a week ago but she and all women who have been harmed by abortion continue to be in our prayers.
Through the grace of God the numbers of abortions continues to be lower than they were the weeks before 40 Days for Life began.  Please consider signing up for an hour of prayer during this years 40 Days for Life http://www.40daysforlife.com/rockford/   May God bless you.
On Wednesday March 23, an estimated 12 children died inside the Rockford abortion mill.  One of the saddest sights we have ever seen at Rockford’s abortion mill happened today.  Two white men, one on each side of what appeared to be a mentally handicapped African American girl, escorted the girl into the abortion mill.
As we know, no state or local agency is doing anything to protect young girls taken to the Northern Illinois Women’s Center for abortions. To see a young girl who appeared to be mentally handicapped escorted into an abortion mill by two men who did not appear to be relatives was very disturbing.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.
Prayers In Honor Of The Annunciation Of Our Lord
Friday March 25, 8:00am at the Rockford Abortion Mill
This morning we will gather in honor the Annunciation of our Lord to pray the Angelus, Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Stabat Mater, and the Memorare to seek the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the protection of women and children at Rockford’s abortion mill.
The "Blessings" Of Being Pro-Life In Rockford
Is Rockford’s Abortion Mill Receiving Preferential Treatment From Police?
A Voice For The Voiceless
Rockford Area Pregnancy Care Centers Fundraising Banquet
Featuring Jill Stanek / national pro-life columnist and blogger http://www.jillstanek.com/
Friday, April 15, 2011 / Giovanni’s Grand Ballroom
R.S.V.P. by April 1, 2011  (815) 398-5444


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows:For the past few years, the pro-abortion community has inexplicably said they support "abortion reduction" efforts (it is not clear why they would want to reduce the rates of a procedure they say is non-lethal). In any event, they should now be supporting what is going on in South Dakota (somehow, we believe they will side with Planned Parenthood, which is filing suit against the state).

Yesterday, the governor signed a law in South Dakota to require women who want an abortion to first learn what assistance is available to them in the event they decide to keep their babies; a waiting period of three days after the initial visit with an abortionist was also approved. In a New York Times article today, it notes that this is happening in a state "despite an abortion rate that is among the lowest in the nation." Which made me wonder: Which states have the highest, and the lowest, rates of abortion? Also, what accounts for the disparity? That is why I repaired to the data on these subjects collected by the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood.
The states with the five highest rates of abortion (1-5) are: New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware and Connecticut. Those with the five lowest rates (46-50) are: North Dakota, Nebraska, Kentucky, Utah and South Dakota. None of the five with the highest rates has a waiting period, and none offer written material on the procedure, including fetal development throughout pregnancy. All of those with the five lowest rates require a 24-hour waiting period (now 72 in South Dakota), and all offer written material, including information on fetal development through term. Moreover, Utah and South Dakota also offer information on the ability of the baby to experience pain when he or she is being killed.
If the high abortion states are to mimic success, they will have to abandon their policy of keeping women ignorant. If these liberal states are to be truly pro-choice, they will have to start allowing women to make real choices. Their resistance to informed consent must end.
Jeff Field
Director of Communications
The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
450 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Planned Parenthood-Destroying Lives For Over 100 Years

Rockford, IL-ProLifeCorner.com-3 21 2011- by Annarae- Those of us who work in the pro-life movement are all too much awar of how Planned Parenthood hurts women.  The recent exposure into the criminal activities of this organization is revealing and shocking.

Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) is a well documented effect caused by abortion on demand.  If not soon after an abortion, a year, 3 years, 5 years, etc., a time will come when Mom will wake up to the fact that she was the instrument of her baby’s death.  Couple this with the recent scandals involving Dr. Gosnell, the blatant disregard toward the laws protecting women against abuse and rape and the participation and protecting of sex rings, and we have an evil industry in crisis.
There has been much commentary and countless stories regarding the abortion industry in general and Planned Parenthood in particular.  A Pro Life Corner staff member recently came across a young man, 14 years old, who placed a short video on the net documenting Planned Parenthood’s diabolic past leading up to today.  What this writer has come away with , after viewing this video, is that 100 years later this young man and his family are still hurt and effected by a diabolical crime perpetrated against his great- great- grandmother by Planned Parenthood.  This video clearly shows there is no statute of limitations on the pain and suffering Planned Parenthood causes a woman and her family, even generations later. 
The Planned Parenthood logo could be “Planned Parenthood-destroying women for over 100 years”.  Soon Paul and his generation will be working and voting.  With God’s help may it be his generation that brings an end to this sinister organization.  Only God knows the countless hundreds of millions of people that have been destroyed, hurt, or effected in some negative way by the long arm of this evil group.  It has reached across 100 years of this once great country and it is time for an ending of tax payer support for Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood-Destroying Lives For Over 100 Years

Rockford Police Continue To Cover For Abortion Clinic

Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner.com – by James – 3-19-2011 – Police Appear To Cover For Rockford Abortion Mill Again; All We Want To Know Is – Why?  Recent events seem to show that the Rockford Police are still supporting Wayne Webster and the Rockford abortion mill in its efforts to block the mobile ultrasound clinic in Rockford.

Last fall we all remember when the Rockford Police chased the mobile ultrasound clinic out of Rockford even after an agreement had been reached to bring the motorhome to our city to help women.  Then to top that, at a Traffic Commission meeting where pro-life citizens of Rockford were trying to gain a safe, legal parking place for the mobile clinic, the Rockford Police Department representative opposed this option and voted no without even asking any questions about the proposal. 

Recently in Rockford,  more events have taken place concerning the mobile ultrasound clinic and the Rockford Police Department that have left many citizens very concerned.

1. A few weeks ago the abortion mill owner used one of his cars to block the mobile ultrasound motorhome into a parking place so it could not move to a more visible location closer to the clinic.  The police were called yet no officer stopped for over two hours even though numerous police cars passed by.

On Friday, March 18, a pro-life citizen was parked in a no parking zone.  Mr. Webster called the police, and within minutes four squad cars arrived from all directions.  A paddy wagon was also quickly on the scene for a parking ticket.

The police refused to respond for over two hours when  pro-life citizens called, but when the abortion mill landlord called about a parking ticket, half the police force seemed to arrive – why?

2.  On Friday, March 18, a pro-life citizen was given a ticket for parking in a no parking zone.  That ticket was legitimate and deserved because the car was parked illegally. 

The abortion mill landlord has been parking up to five cars per week on Broadway for hours on end to block the mobile clinic.  Broadway has a two-hour parking limit yet the Rockford police have done nothing to enforce this two-hour parking limit where Mr. Webster is concerned. 

For over six months cars used to block the mobile clinic have parked well past the two-hour limit on Broadway, and as far as we know, no tickets have been issued yet a pro-life citizen parked in a no-parking zone and was ticketed instantly – Why?

3. The abortion mill landlord placed two signs near the mobile ultrasound clinic that claimed "Women Raped In Motor-home" and "Bed Bugs In Motor-home." 

When a Rockford citizen attempted to stand in front of these signs that contain vicious lies, the abortion mill landlord promptly sent a police officer over to force the pro-life citizen to move.

When a pro-life citizen attempted to make a complaint to this same officer about the lies contained in these signs that many Rockford citizens believe are in violation of a city law, the officer refused to take the complaint, turned his back, and walked away – why?

4. Since the police would not allow a pro-life citizen to stand in front of the signs placed by Mr. Webster that were intended to intimidate women into not using the mobile ultrasound, a small sign was placed near by that stated the signs claiming "Women Raped In Motor-home" are false.

Mr. Webster promptly used one of his cars to run over the pro-life sign. The police did nothing about it – Why?

5. Rockford police officers were again berating pro-lifers for walking across 10th Street, a quiet residential street near the abortion clinic.  On Friday Wayne Webster walked repeatedly back and forth across 10th Street to park his cars and block all available parking.

A few moments after Mr. Webster walked across 10th Street unimpeded by the police, a pro-life citizen walked across in the exact same place. 

A police officer warned him sternly not to do it again.  When the pro-life citizen tried to explain, the police officer was very rude, waved his hand in a condescending dismissal, and rolled up his window in the pro-lifer’s face – why?

6.  On the few occasions the mobile ultrasound clinic has been able to obtain a parking place across the street from the abortion mill the police arrive with tape measures and cameras to make sure the mobile clinic is not even a few inches too close to a cross walk.  On more than one occasion the mobile clinic has been forced to move by the police because they measured and it was a foot to close

Mr. Webster, using his vehicles to block the mobile ultrasound clinic this Friday March 18, was parked in the exact same spot that the mobile clinic was forced to move from.  We have photographic proof his cars were in the same spot and parked too close to the cross walk.  He was not asked to move – why?

In the big picture, at the place where human beings are being killed a few feet from where citizens are standing, those unfortunate incidents with the Rockford Police appear not to be of primary importance.

What is important is that the mobile ultrasound clinic is allowed to offer help in the best possible way to mothers in need in Rockford – and that is being prevented.



Bomb Thrown At Pro-Life Prayer Vigil

Bomb Thrown At Pro-Life Prayer Vigil: Thomas More Society Files Anti-Terrorism Complaint with FBI, Decries "Ho-Hum" Response Of Kalispell, MT Police Officers. The victim did not see the bomb-thrower, nor did she see the bomb — akin to a "Molotov cocktail" — before it exploded on the sidewalk behind her, making a loud popping noise like a big firecracker as it burst into flame. Apparently the victim was unhurt.

Kalispell, Montana –   March 17, 2011 The Thomas More Society (http://www.thomasmoresociety.org), acting on behalf of 40 Days for Life, a national campaign that sponsors peaceable pro-life prayer vigils outside abortion provider sites world-wide, has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Field Office in Helena, Montana. The Thomas More Society is calling for an immediate, intensive investigation of a vicious fire-bombing attack on a pro-lifer that occurred March 17, 2011 at around 6:15 p.m. near the All Family Health Care abortion center in Kalispell, Montana.

Karen Crierweiler, coordinator of the 40 Days prayer vigils in Kalispell, said that a homemade incendiary device was thrown at one of the vigil participants, an elderly retired woman, by an assailant — as yet unidentified — as she walked on the public sidewalk near the abortion provider’s premises. The victim did not see the bomb-thrower, nor did she see the bomb — akin to a "Molotov cocktail" — before it exploded on the sidewalk behind her, making a loud popping noise like a big firecracker as it burst into flame. Apparently the victim was unhurt.

Regaining her composure, the victim called Ms. Crierweiler to the scene, and she called the police. After a lengthy delay, a Kalispell police officer arrived. But instead of inspecting the bomb debris or calling evidence technicians to the scene, the officer remarked that police could never get prints or other evidence from the bomb’s remains, and that he would call the city’s garbage service to dispose of all the debris. Then he said that the 40 Days prayer vigil participants should expect this kind of reaction if they’re out there protesting. Questioning Officer Hoover’s assessment of the attack, Ms. Crierweiler called the Kalispell desk sergeant to complain, where she was unable to get further assistance.

Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, said, "We are appalled by this terrible act of violence, while we’re immensely grateful that God’s grace spared this valiant pro-lifer any serious injury. But the reaction of Kalispell police officers after Ms. Crierweiler called them to the scene was equally appalling, indeed outrageous. We intend to file disciplinary complaints against both the officer who came to the crime scene and the desk sergeant whose tepid, indifferent, and grossly unprofessional response to this blatant act of domestic terrorism shows them both unfit to wear a police uniform and at best deserving of severe disciplinary action. We expect much better from the FBI and we will pursue the matter to the very highest levels of the U.S. Department of Justice if this case is not investigated promptly and vigorously and — once the assailant is identified and apprehended — prosecuted to the hilt," Brejcha concluded.

Ms. Crierweiler also reported that an eyewitness has stepped forward, who was not part of the 40 Days campaign but rather a passerby, who saw the incident occur and who may be able to help the FBI track down the bomb thrower and bring him to justice.

About the Thomas More Society
Founded in 1997, the Thomas More Society is a national public interest law firm that exists to restore respect for life in law. Based in Chicago, the Thomas More Society defends the sanctity of human life, the family and religious liberty in courtrooms across the country. The Society is a nonprofit organization wholly supported by private donations. For more information or to support the work of Thomas More Society, please visit www.thomasmoresociety.org

For more information or to speak with Mr. Brejcha, contact Tom Ciesielka 312-422-333, tc@tcpr.net



The "Blessings" Of Being Pro-Life In Rockford

Rockford, IL-3-18-2011- ProLifeCorner.com – by James- Rockford’s abortion mill is in the business of ending human lives and thereby ending the "blessings" of life and love God has so graciously given to His people.  Through the Beatitudes Jesus is inviting us to purify our hearts of sin and selfishness and to learn how to truly love God and our neighbor.  By our faithful living of the Beatitudes of Jesus Christ, we can begin to restore our lives and our community which the culture of death in Rockford is working so hard to kill.

 God put us in the world to know, to love, and to serve Him, and so to come to paradise. Beatitude makes us "partakers of the divine nature" and of eternal life. With beatitude, man enters into the glory of Christ and into the joy of the Trinitarian life.  CCC 1721
The Beatitudes are promises from God concerning the true nature of human happiness and the way a person is to live to find the image of God within himself and his neighbor. 
Rockford’s abortion mill is in the business of ending human lives and thereby ending the "blessings" of life and love God has so graciously given to His people.
Through the Beatitudes Jesus is inviting us to purify our hearts of sin and selfishness and to learn how to truly love God and our neighbor.  By our faithful living of the Beatitudes of Jesus Christ, we can begin to restore our lives and our community which the culture of death in Rockford is working so hard to kill.
The Beatitudes teach us that true happiness is not found in riches or personal well being, in human popularity or power, or in any human achievement, but in God alone who is the source of every good and of all love. The Beatitudes also lead us on the road to our real home, Heaven, which is dwelling in the eternal  joy and love of God our Father. These Beatitudes of Jesus Christ, lived out through the people who love Him, are our hope of ending the slaughter of the innocents and the loss of souls that takes place at Rockford’s abortion mill every week.
The Beatitudes confront us with decisive choices concerning earthly goods and actions; they purify our hearts in order to teach us to love God above all things.  The Beatitudes are not easy to live, but we know it will not be an easy task to make reparations for the 50,000 children murdered in the Rockford abortion mill and to bring an end to the murder of God’s children in Rockford. 
Sustained by the grace of the Holy Spirit, pro-life Christians of Rockford can step by step, by everyday acts, live these Beatitudes and bring the "blessings" of Jesus Christ to those facing death at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center and hope to our city. 
Below is a brief analysis of how and why we can live the Beatitudes for life in Rockford.
Jesus, seeing the crowds, went onto the mountain. And when He was seated, His disciples came to Him, Jesus said; 
1. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. 
To be poor in spirit means to place all your trust in God and to share the sufferings of others.  They are poor in spirit who, like the apostles, leave earthly things for Christ’s sake and become poor. When we pray at Rockford’s abortion mill, we are truly the poorest in spirit because we know God is our only Hope as we stand, poor in spirit, with God’s children who are being murdered just a few feet from where we are praying.  But the kingdom of Heaven belongs to these children and to those who love them.
2. Blessed are the meek, for they shall possess the earth.
He is meek who represses every rising impulse of anger, impatience, and desire of revenge and willingly puts up with every thing for love of God.  The pro-life Christians of Rockford pray and offer love and help to mothers in need at a place where
over 50,000 children have been killed.  It takes a humble and Christ-like heart to remain meek in the face of the murder of so many innocent children.  Because of the meek and humble offerings of prayers and love, countless babies have been saved from the abortionists’ bloody hands at this mill. 
A person who thus conquers himself in the face of the evil of this abortion mill is mightier than if he besieged and conquered strongly fortified cities and will without doubt receive this earth, as well as heaven,  as an inheritance, enjoying eternally there the peace which is already his on earth.
3. Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
As Christians we mourn for the children who have died behind the brick walls of the Rockford mill.  We mourn for the mothers who are hurting; we mourn for the abortionist, nurses, and landlord who are risking their immortal souls by killing God’s children.  When we mourn with and for others, we have the promise that it is God Who will comfort us.
4. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied.
A continuous desire for justice and moral perfection will lead one to a fulfillment of that desire – a transition and conversion to holiness.  By our loving, working for, and praying for the children facing death at Rockford’s abortion mill, God will not only bring life and love to the lives and souls of these children but to our lives and souls as well. This is true for all things in life – what you hunger and thirst for, you will head toward the goal you have in mind.
5. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
Mercy is the loving disposition toward those who suffer distress.  No one in our world is in more distress than a child brought to the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.  The merciful are those who are tender-hearted and who truly feel in the deepest parts of their beings the pain and the suffering of those who need mercy. But most importantly is the fact that the merciful are those special individuals who go out of their way and make the effort to help. Having compassion on the those who are in any way hurting is only the first part of having mercy. Doing something about it is the all-important second part.
Those who go out of their way to love and serve the persecuted children and parents at Rockford’s abortion mill shall also obtain the mercy of God in their hour of need.
6. Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God. 
To be clean of heart requires two things.  First, we must realize we are wounded of heart and are sinners.  Second, we go to God and place our total trust in Him.  Then the pure of heart see God in all His works and creatures because their thoughts are directed always to the Highest Good.  The pure of heart see the presence of God in every child taken to Rockford’s abortion mill.  And out of a heart that is growing in love, he speaks for and defends the lives of God’s children who are killed by an abortion industry that is driven by hearts filled with sin, Satan, and death.
The clean of heart who see, love, and serve Christ in their neighbors in this life will also see Him face to face for all eternity.
7. Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be called the children of God.
Mother Teresa has said, "I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself."   A child’s peaceful life in the womb is destroyed inside  Rockford’s mill and a mother’s chance for interior peace and happiness in life often dies along with her child.
Christians gather at Rockford’s abortion mill to offer love and help to mothers in need and to pray to God for an end to the most violent and deadliest movement the world has ever known, the abortion movement.
Pro-lifers bring the peace of Jesus Christ to the most violent place in the world – an abortion mill.
8. Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Blessed are you when men reproach you and persecute you and speaking falsely, say all manner of evil against you for My sake.  Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in Heaven.
We all know of the Rockford abortion mill’s paranoid and deranged hatred for God, Christians, and anyone who opposes their killing of children. They persecute, slander, speak falsely, and say all manner of evil against Christian pro-lifers because they have stood up and said "No" to the brutal and vicious killing of children that takes place inside  Rockford’s death mill.
The ferocity and demented nature of this abortion clinic’s attacks tells one thing – many pro-life Christians of Rockford are truly living and acting in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.
We should always rejoice and be glad because just as Jesus was persecuted for standing for the truth in love so we have the chance to be persecuted with Christ.  And those who die with Him shall also live with Him who said, "I am the Resurrection and the life."

Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 3 16 11

On Friday two babies were saved from death and two mothers were saved from a lifetime of regret;     25 Five Years Of Child Abuse Cover-Up Exposed At Rockford’s Abortion Mill;     The Pro-Abortion Mindset Exposed;     Are We Willing to Suffer the Consequences of Being Pro-Life?

On Friday March 11, an estimated ten children died inside the Rockford abortion mill.  Two children were saved from abortion this morning and one mother was taken from the Northern Illinois Women’s Center by ambulance.
On Wednesday March 16, an estimated eleven children were killed inside the Rockford abortion mill.   40 Days for life is producing tremendous results in Rockford.  Not only have three lives been saved and the number of abortions is down but the people who have been on the sidewalks throughout the week have been a true witness of life and love.
On Tuesday a man stopped to tell pro-lifers his wife had an abortion 35 years ago, and they would never forget it.  This was one of those chances for healing that God uses 40 Days for Life to offer people in need.
The Poor Clare Nuns from within the enclosure of the Corpus Christi Monastery here in Rockford have at least one Sister praying for 40 Days for Life from 6:00am -6:00 pm every day.
If you have any difficulty using the website to sign up, please don’t hesitate to call or email Kevin at everylifematters@comcast.net or 815-494-0333.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative  
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.
25 Five Years Of Child Abuse Cover-Up Exposed At Rockford’s Abortion Mill
The Pro-Abortion Mindset Exposed
This short video shows how some abortion supporters think.
Are We Willing to Suffer the Consequences of Being Pro-Life?
by Father Frank Pavone | LifeNews.com | 3/15/11 7:26 PM
An 11-year old girl who is a supporter of Priests for Life sent me the following email very recently: “My mother and I are taking a bus and will be coming to the March for Life. My teacher said that I will receive zeroes on any work that I miss and it can’t be made up. I told her missing a day at school in order to stand up for life is more important and I’m willing to suffer the consequences.”
That’s what the pro-life movement needs most – people who say, “I’m willing to suffer the consequences.”
The children living and growing in the womb right now endure a great risk without having chosen it. They live in a place that has become more dangerous than any battlefield or terrorist target, and their lives hang in the balance at every moment. They did not choose this risk; someone else chose it for them.
We who defend these children have to choose to accept a share in that risk. That is solidarity. We bear willingly the risk that they bear unwillingly. Many ask what they need to do to stop abortion. But most know the answer already. They see the next step they can take, but are just trying to muster up the courage to do it. Risk is involved, and there’s no way around it. We’re afraid to speak and to act.
Perhaps it’s because our pastor is not supportive, or we might get in trouble at our job; perhaps it’s because family and friends may not like our pro-life stance, or because it may lose business or votes; perhaps we fear it will impact our health. We make a continuous calculus in our minds and hearts, and often end up in paralyzed inaction.
We are always told of reasons why we can’t speak up against abortion. If we speak in Church, we’re told it’s too political; if we speak in the political arena, we’re told it’s too religious. If we speak in the media we’re told it’s too disturbing; in the educational realm, it’s too disruptive. On the public streets, it’s too distressing for children; in the business world it’s too controversial, in the family it’s too divisive, and in social settings it’s just impolite. So if abortion is wrong, where do we go to say so?
The answer is that we have to stop looking for a risk-free place to fight abortion, and speak up in all those arenas! There is a calculus in the heavens that says, “Greater love than this nobody has, than to lay down his life for his friends.” If we want to protect the unborn, then let’s be willing to give our lives for them. Let’s stop counting the cost for ourselves if we speak up and start counting the cost for them if we are silent. The pro-life movement does not need a lot of people; it needs people who are willing to take a lot of risk.

De-fund Planned Parenthood Now!

Planned Parenthood helped abort my siblings: Pro-life video contest winner

(LifeSiteNews.com) –   Melissa Pereira says that because of the courage of her sexually-abused mother, she managed to avoid an early encounter with the abortion giant – something two of her older siblings sadly did not avoid.

“26 years ago, my mother was forced into a Planned Parenthood with her supposed husband. Dear Congress, he was her sexual abuser,” says Pereira, a student at Caldwell College in New Jersey. “My mother, scared and frightened, was five months pregnant. Planned Parenthood told her that it was just a blob of cells, that it was just tissue. So much for being informed.

“With state-funded money, my sibling was aborted.”

Pereira’s video won $1,000 in the “Tell Congress” Youtube video contest hosted by Live Action, Students for Life of America and others to support the de-funding of Planned Parenthood.

A year after the first abortion, Pereira says her mother became pregnant again. While Planned Parenthood gave her no counseling, an employee referred Pereira’s father to a local hospital where another abortion was performed. Her father “knew just where to go to find the support he needed … and to hear what he wanted to hear about choices,” said Pereira.

But when a third pregnancy happened, “my mother refused to go anywhere, she chose to keep that child. I was that child,” says Pereira. She adds that she and her mother continued to be abused by Pereira’s father, who she says is now a registered sex offender.

Pereira says she was forced one day to call 911 while her father repeatedly punched her mother’s pregnant belly, “a brutal solution to manage her fertility” that ended the life of Pereira’s third sibling.

“Planned Parenthood believes that unwanted children will turn into criminals. But they need to open their eyes and see that these people who are doing these abuses are the real criminals,” she said.

The “Tell Congress” contest was open to all high school and college-age youth (14 to 25). Contestants were urged to use creativity in addressing Congress and explaining why they should de-fund Planned Parenthood. Three more videos won runner-up prizes, and four more received an honorable mention.

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, praised the creative spirit behind the winning entries. “Together, we stand for the protection of our unborn brothers and sisters, and we will work to expose organizations like Planned Parenthood which destroy innocent human beings and cover up the abuse of our young peers,” she said in a statement Tuesday.

To learn more about the effort to de-fund Planned Parenthood, visit the Expose Planned Parenthood Coalition’s website.

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