Thank You Mayor Morrissey For Doing What Was Just And Proper.

Rockford, Il – ProLifeCorner – 4 29 2011 – by James – As Democrats On City Council Dither, Rockford Mayor Grants Seven Week Permit. The confused and perplexed Democrats on the Rockford city council, again claiming they can’t figure out the simple issue of a charitable permit, tried to block the mobile ultrasound from coming to Rockford, but Mayor Morrissey has granted a seven week stay of execution for children in Rockford.

On Friday April 29, the ultrasound motor home was back in Rockford because of Mayor Morrissey’s willingness to grant a seven week permit while the Democrat majority on the city council takes more time to figure out if they are willing to grant the mobile ultrasound operators their First Amendment rights.
Some of the aldermen have been claiming the issue is not about abortion, but about issuing a permit.  Sadly, this is another example of politicians trying to have it both ways.   If the issue were simply about a permit and not about abortion then:
1. Why did Alderman Elyea call pro-lifers “terrorists”?  
2. Why did Alderman Elyea lie to the city council and falsely accuse the mobile ultrasound of parking violations?  Why did she go so far as to give the media a picture of the mobile ultrasound and falsely claim it was parked illegally?  The Rockford police department had to set her straight on this issue.
3. When Alderman Elyea’s accusations proved to be false, she and her supporters on the city council then claimed the issue was WHERE the ultrasound parked.  The Rockford Labor News has offered the ultrasound a parking place in front of its business so why have the Democrat Aldermen  changed their story AGAIN and claimed it’s about a permit issue?
4. Why is it that the permit which has been granted to the pro-life mobile ultrasound unit is the ONLY city-issued permit which the Democrats on the city council are challenging?
5. Why did the Democrat majority on the city council have to go into a two-hour, closed- door session concerning the mobile ultrasound?
What are they ashamed of?
What are they hiding?
6. Why has the Democrat majority on the city council been completely silent about the countless signs of bigotry, of racism, and of hatred for God, women, and children displayed in the windows of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center building?
Why are they trying to protect the Center by keeping the ultrasound out of Rockford?
The answer to these questions is clearly that the only issue here is abortion. 
Do you think for one second if it were about a BOOKMOBILE or a BLOODMOBILE that the abortion-supporting members of the city council would have used lies, closed-door sessions, changed stories, and untold hours of city council time to try to block those other worthy endeavors?
Because Rockford is a city that has killed 60,000 of its own children by abortion, the life and death questions of the rights of children in the womb will be at the core of what we do and who we are as a people.
Right now we have eight members of the Rockford city council who are acting as servants of the culture of death.

Rockford, IL Gets Attention And Concern From Canada.

Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – 4 28 2011 – by editor – A Rockford, IL newspaper declined a guest column opportunity.  We find it difficult to believe that a Rockford paper turned down an article from internationally known writer, public speaker on ethics related to life issues, and blogger Mark Pickup.  The paper missed a major opportunity to do what it is supposed to do, that is to get the truth out to the public and allow the reader to discern what is really going on.  Mark has given the ProLifeCorner the chance to bring you, our readers, his thoughts.  Following is Mr. Pickup’s article:

Dear Editor:
I do not usually respond to municipal matters ― particularly in another country ― but this is an exception. I have been informed that many members of Rockford City Council voted not to allow mothers to see ultrasound images of their unborn children destined for death at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center for abortions. Their action flies in the face of a progressive community where the free flow of accurate information and knowledge are highly prized for the benefit of a well informed public. It’s so egregious to betray these high ideals that I must comment from Canada.
City Councilors Nancy L. Johnson, Carl R. Wasco, Venita Hervey, Leonard Jacobson, Ann Thompson-Kelly, Karen Elyea, Linda McNeely and Bill Robertson all voted to perpetuate ignorance of women considering abortion at the abortuary. A mobile ultra-sound service would allow them to see the humanity of their unborn children prior to abortion. Ultra-sound imaging is an important tool for information when considering so dire and irreversible a decision. It is unfair to women not to provide easy access to all the information. And it is condescending and insulting to think women in crisis pregnancies are incapable of handling the facts.
Decisions should never be made in ignorance; this is illustrated in post-abortion grief. There are millions of women who experience deep regret long after their abortions ― when they eventually discover the true nature of prenatal life.
The above noted members of Rockford City Council voted against giving women needed information. By extension, they voted against the first inalienable human right mentioned in America’s great founding Declaration, and − whether it occurred to them or not − they voted against the principle of universal human rights. Their despicable decision was in favor of ignorance of knowledge, they chose to do it in camera … away from the glare of public scrutiny.
This must not be tolerated by good citizens of Rockford who still believe in full disclosure of information, whether in civic decisions or women about to enter abortion clinics to terminate the lives of their babies. Demand more information not less! Demand that the decision not to provide mobile ultra-sound imaging services at the Northern Illinois abortuary be reconsidered, this time with the cameras running in a public setting.
In closing, I want to congratulate Members of Rockford City Council who supported making ultra-sound imaging available to women considering abortion at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.
Mark Pickup
North American advocate for
Life and disability issues
Beaumont, Alberta
You can go to Mark’s blog; follow this link:

Bus Driver Fired For Refusing Planned Parenthood Trip Wins $21,000 Settlement

by Kathleen Gilbart AUSTIN, Texas, April 26, 2011- LifeSiteNews- A Texas bus driver who was fired for refusing to drive a woman to a Planned Parenthood abortion facility has been awarded a $21,000 settlement, although he has been barred from seeking employment at his former position…..

Kyle resident Ed Graning, 63, filed a federal suit against the Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS) after his former employer terminated him for refusing to drive a woman to a local Planned Parenthood that he discovered performed abortions. The woman quickly received a ride from another bus.
Graning, a former pastor and grandfather of three, told in July that he felt acquiescing to the woman’s request was irreconcilable with his Christian faith.
“I’m a Christian … I love the Lord and I’m not going to be a part of something like this,” he said.
Graning says that when he told his supervisor of his refusal, the latter replied, “Then you are resigning.” When Graning refused, the supervisor terminated him, even though Graning said he had had an otherwise spotless record at the company.
According to a report by the Austin American-Statesman Monday, officials with CARTS, a nine-county public transportation system, said they agreed to the settlement as a means of avoiding the cost of litigation, but Graning has been barred from seeking employment at CARTS.
At least one member on the CARTS board, Burnet County Commissioner Ronny Hibler, said he still supports the decision to fire Graning.
“There’s a lot of things as a county commissioner that I don’t like, but I do it because it’s my job,” Hibler said, according to the Statesman.

Care Net Pregnancy Center Walk for Life Fundraiser

Saturday, May 7, 2011 • 9:00 a.m. Hope Community Center in Monroe Living Word Church in Brodhead….

For More Information Call:
Pregnancy Center of Green County
Care Net Pregnancy Center
Protecting God’s Unborn Children for over 20 Years!
Walk for Life
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The Care Net Pregnancy Center of Green County is offering you an opportunity to support Life.
It’s the easiest Walk you will ever do.  Just:
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1.) Best of all, you don’t have to collect the
 money.  We do that for you.
Questions?  Call 608-325-5051

National Day of Prayer, May 5, 2011

Our friend Mark Pickup, from Canada, has placed some wonderful pictures and information on his blog about America’s National Day of Prayer 2011.  He urges all Americans to participate in this year’s National Day of Prayer so that we can all pray for a revival of our nation….

Please take time out to check out his blog. 
His blog about America’s 2011 National Day of Prayer. Go to
 Here In Rockford
A Mighty Fortress is our God
Thursday May 5th, 2011
Leadership Luncheon 11:45am
Clocktower Resort
National Day of Prayer Event
Coronado Theatre 7:00pm
Prayer Walk 5:45pm

ICU Mobile Response To Parking Permit Review

Michael Homula of Image Clear Ultrasound Mobile sent this press release to clarify his organization’s positions.  Please read his press release below.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Michael Homula, (330) 745-4170
Akron, Ohio April 27, 2011 – TLC Pregnancy Center of Elgin, Illinois operates a mobile ultrasound vehicle under license and operational standards of ICU Mobile, a global non-profit ministry with a fleet of mobiles across the United States. Recently, the parking permit issued by the City of Rockford to TLC operating an ICU Mobile has come under scrutiny by some members of Rockford City Council as part of a broader review of how parking permits are issued.
ICU Mobile executive director Michael Homula made the following comments about the review:
“ICU Mobile is committed to providing high-quality, limited obstetrical ultrasound services to women in a completely non-political and non-coercive manner. We recognize that review of the parking permit practices of Rockford is a local government issue and we await the outcome of such review.
“We appreciate the efforts of Mayor Morrissey and his staff to issue a temporary permit so that the women of Rockford and surrounding communities will continue to be able to receive the free services of TLC and ICU Mobile. ICU Mobile and its affiliates, including TLC Pregnancy Center of Elgin, provide free limited obstetrical ultrasounds for the purpose of verifying pregnancy. These services are performed by trained medical professionals, including a physician, licensed in the state of Illinois. We provide valuable information to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, including reviewing the three options available: parent, adopt or abort.
“ICU Mobile and its affiliates, including TLC Pregnancy Center, do not engage in protests, rallies, legislative lobbying or any other form of political or social activism and we have no affiliation with organizations that do. We provide women with ultrasound images to verify pregnancy and accurate information about their pregnancies, without cost or obligation, and plan to continue this ministry wherever possible,” Homula concluded.
ICU Mobile (pronounced I See You) was founded in 2003 and is the pioneer and leader of mobile ultrasound ministry. Our ministry office is located at 2569 Romig Road, Suite 303, Akron, Ohio 44320. To learn more about ICU Mobile please visit

The Party Of Death Condemns The Children Of Rockford

Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – 4 25 2011 – by James – Pro-lifers knew something was wrong.  The camera was removed from the city council chamber.  Then the city council went into a two-hour, closed-door session to decide the fate of countless children in the wombs in Rockford.  Secrecy is always used by the culture of death to promote its agenda.

Every Democrat on the city council then voted not to allow mothers to see a free ultrasound of her child in Rockford – the city council voted for death for the children of Rockford.
The evening started with five Rockford citizens each giving three minute talks to the city council in support of the ultrasound.  Unfortunately, no one in the city of Rockford was allowed to see these talks as the camera that has always broadcast the city council on cable TV was removed.
With the abortion mill landlord’s lawyer Nick Zimmerman looking over the shoulders of the Democrat aldermen, they completely ignored the lives already saved by the mobile ultrasound in Rockford.  The Democrats also disregarded the fact that a parking space has been found for the mobile ultrasound and that it was proven that Alderman Elyea lied when she claimed the ultrasound motorhome violated its permit.
In Rockford tonight seven Democrats and the only independent on the city council condemned an untold number of children to a brutal, pain-filled death by voting no to approve a permit for the free mobile ultrasound motor home to operate in our city.
Rockford’s abortion mill is internationally known for its bigotry, hatred, and racism.  The Democrats on the Rockford city council seem to be agreeing with one of the Rockford abortions mill’s signs.  This sign celebrated their claim that the Northern Illinois Women’s Center has killed 50,000 babies in the womb while Jesus Christ has only been able to save 50 children from death.
The heartless Democrat aldermen on the city council now want to take away any chance of life for these children in the womb facing death in Rockford.
Below is a list of the Rockford Aldermen and in red how they voted;
Ward 1  PRO-LIFE
Timothy Durkee (R)

Ward 2  PRO-LIFE
Patrick Curran (R)
Ward 3   PRO-LIFE
Douglas Mark (R)
Carl R. Wasco (D)
Venita Hervey (D)
ED Note:  We inadvertantly had Mr. Jacobsen listed as a Republican and pro-life.  We have now corrected that error and apologize for any confusion or upset this may have caused.
Leonard Jacobsen (D)


Ann Thompson-Kelly (D)


Nancy L. Johnson (D)

Ward 9  PRO-LIFE

Bill Timm (R)

Ward 10  PRO-LIFE

Franklin Beach (R)


Karen Elyea(D)

Ward 12  PRO-LIFE

John Beck (R)


Linda McNeely (D)
(815) 962-5424 
Bill Robertson (I)
815-398-3624 (Home)
We understand that Mayor Morrissey may issue another one day permit for the mobile ultrasound because of the inexcusable and callous behavior of the Democrat city council members and the Independant Bill Robertson.

Body of Baby Victimized in Abortion Found in Clinic Parking Lot

Local pro-life advocates helping to offer women alternatives to abortion outside an abortion clinic in El Paso, Texas have found the body of an unborn child victimized by an abortion in the parking lot of the facility.

Gaby Federico, who is also associated with the pro-life group Live Action, discovered a dead, dismembered baby in the parking lot of Hilltop Family Planning Clinic, an abortion center in this western Texas city.The Hilltop clinic advertises abortions up to 15 weeks into pregnancy.

Federico and a fellow pro-life sidewalk counselor at the abortion center were alerted to the baby’s body a man who lives next to the abortion center. He said the night before, his dog had been sniffing around the parking lot and found the baby’s body parts lying on the ground, so he put the remains of the baby in a plastic bag and handed the bag to Federico this morning. The bag contained disarticulated tissue, two bloody legs with feet, and a severed hand.

Federico notified police, who arrived at the abortion center late this morning and investigated the situation and interviewed abortion facility staff. Staffers told officials the body of the baby did not come from the abortion facility and said they “dispose of bodies properly” by using a hazardous waste company to process the remains of the babies victimized in abortions.

“This is horrible to know that these children are killed daily here in El Paso, not only without a burial, but to be disposed of in such an inhuman way. It’s not fair,” Frederico said. “This shouldn’t ever happen, in El Paso or anywhere. The world needs to see what abortion clinics do to children. When dead babies start turning up in the clinic parking lot, no further proof is needed of what abortion is. These clinics need to be shut down.”   Full Story


Rockford 40 Days for Life 2011 Report


Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – 4 25 2011 Our third annual 40 Days for Life campaign has wrapped up a very successful effort by many people from around the northern IL, southern WI region.  Many more faith communities came forward to participate, many new people stepped up to pray, fast, stand as a personal witness at the abortion mill, and place signs on their yards to proclaim their commitment to sanctity of life and the need to protect the unborn children.
Although it is impossible to quantify the success, we do know that the number of women who entered the mill during the 40 Days campaign went down by 50%!!!!!  WOW!  We also know for certain that 7 mothers went into the mill area and then clearly told us that they left because they choose life for their baby.  We saw many other cars and couples leave in ways that indicate that they also choose life but we can only guess.  However, when they drive into the parking lot, sit for a long time without leaving their car, and then leave with a smile, it is a pretty good guess that a baby is saved.
COMING TO THE MILL TO WITNESS AND PRAY MATTERS!!! IT SAVES LIVES AND SOULS!!  IT SAVES A COMMUNITY!  Please continue to pray for the little innocents who are gravely threatened by abortion every week.  Please continue to come to the mill personally and stand "in the gap."  Abortions occur on Wednesday and Friday mornings with scared, ignorant, confused moms arriving around 7am and abortions starting to be committed around 8:30 am until about 11 am.  What is a baby’s life worth?  What is your time worth?  Please continue to come and to pray. 
Thanks again for the commitment to life!
The 40 Days for Life Committee

Karen Elyea: Concerned Alderman or Pro-abortion Activist?

Rockford, Il – 4 23 2011 – ProLifeCorner- by Frank Munda – Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC) has earned the reputation for being one of our nation’s most hate-filled, bigoted, racist killing centers (abortion clinic) in our nation.  A book could be written about the many attacks against the pro-life community that occur at 10th and Broadway.  We will attempt to confine our facts to the anti-life position of the 11th ward alderman, Karen Elyea.

Many of us in the pro-life community have been asking who is this city alderman, Karen Elyea, who thrust herself into the public spotlight?  Why is she taking such radical, left-leaning positions?  She is an elected official and is supposed to represent all of the people of Rockford and promote the greater good and in particular for her constituents in the 11th ward.
When she took public office as a Rockford city alderman we had heard rumors about her dark side which sent up red flags, but we decided to take a wait and see attitude.  But because of her aggressive use of her political office, regarding the bubble zone, we were forced to look into her past in order to understand where she was and is coming from.  The results of this investigation is revealing and shocking.
Her Dark Past.
The interesting thing about cyber-space is when you are an activist, whether on the right or left, the view or position that one takes is out there for a long time and can be retrieved years later.  Some of the easily obtainable information gathered on alderman Elyea reveals that she is not the concerned citizen that she portrayed to her voters.  She is, in reality, an ultra left wing, anti-life (read here pro-abortion), drug using, and drug promoting activist.
The Rockford Police Are To Be Commended For Their Revealing Investigation.
Based upon what investigators could find in police reports, the Rockford police department did a good job in their investigation of complaints of possible drug use at the Minglewood store located on Church Street.  The police should be commended for their selfless work in helping to protect Rockford citizens from the criminal elements.  The sad reality is, as one reads the public records regarding to Karen Elyea’s arrest, Case # 03-003800 and related court docket, one will find that it seems she possibly received special treatment from the legal system OR the system seems to be way too soft on criminals by allowing plea bargains.  It is time for citizens to call upon our government to back up the police department by demanding that the courts prosecute drug-related crimes to the full extent of the law and knock off the plea bargaining; that is possibly how the war on drugs could be won.
Deception and double standards are her guiding principles.  When Karen Elyea ran for public office we could not find, anywhere, where she made it clear to her constituents that she was a radical pro-abortion supporter; nor could we find that she promoted the use of marijuana nor the fact that she used marijuana and was convicted of illegal drug usage, or that she was arrested in her “head shop” as a result of an ongoing investigation by Rockford police detectives; or that she had a smoking pipe in her hand and a large quantity of illegal marijuana and scales on location.  She also admitted to officers that she sold an average of 40 drug pipes a month, mostly to young people.  By selling 40 pipes a month, it makes one wonder how many of her customers are now hooked on a stronger drug, sick, dying, or dead as a result of these sales.  Oddly enough, she seemed even proud of the fact that these pipes were made locally, which raises many questions.  For example, what follow-up did the police do to find the manufacturer of these illegal drug related pipes?  Was anyone involved in the manufacture and distribution of these pipes arrested?  We don’t think the selling of these pipes was even a part of her sentence.  For some strange reason she got only a slap on the hand as a result of these charges. 
Before we go further, this is the point where the opposition will want to attack the messenger.  Resist that knee-jerk reaction.  The information regarding Ms.Elyea’s criminal activity can be found under the Freedom of Information Act  (FOIA) which is a matter of public record and is where we obtained the information.
Why are you bringing this information out now?
Our investigators have had some of this information about Alderman Elyea for some time, and we take no delight in exposing her now, but feel it is necessary to demonstrate that she is not what she would have her constituents believe.  She is, in reality, a pro-abortion, drug using and drug promoting activist.  When all the pieces are put together one can come to a conclusion that she deceived her public as to her true motives and ran for public office and bided her time until she could promote her anti-life agenda.  Her promoting of the bubble zone caused us grave concern because we know it is unconstitutional and an attack on our rights to free speech and assembly.  Free speech is a right that Wayne Webster and Elyea claim for themselves but systematically deny to pro-life citizens. By promoting the bubble zone she demonstrated her double standards and clearly shows she wants free speech as long as it agrees with her anti-life, left leaning thinking.  It was tempting to come forth with this information at that time.  We prayed about it and when the city fathers showed responsibility and shelved this irresponsible proposal, we decided to withhold the information we have.  The straw that broke the camel’s back is her relentless attack on the free ultrasound clinic.  She clearly demonstrated her double standards and hypocrisy, along with her anti-life friends, all the time chanting “choice” while denying women true choice, which is to see a free ultrasound of her baby in the womb.  Her actions are immoral, undignified, and dishonest-we could go on.  This is the reason we are trying to expose her for what she really is.  We have no other agenda than to bring forth the truth and let the public decide for themselves if this is the kind of person they want to represent them and their families or not.
Investigators have found, in a recent Rockford Register Star article, that Rockford alderman Karen Elyea admitted for the first time in her almost 5 year political career she was letting her pro-abortion beliefs rule the fight with pro life advocates.  But in a typical radical move she accused the city administration of letting its pro-life beliefs affect them, implying the city was doing the same as she is doing, that is to let personal beliefs enter into any decisions.  The mayor and Patrick Hayes are both attorneys and, we believe, they would not be foolish enough to allow personal feelings to enter into this most serious concern; that they would make decisions based upon the law and within the guidelines of the law. 
We found it refreshing that Ms Elyea told the truth for a change, that she is a pro-abortion activist.  But this information should have been freely given to her voters a long time ago, as part of her statement of her agenda back when she ran for both of her public offices.
The Wonders Of Cyberspace-or You Can Run But You Can’t Hide
Cyberspace can be a funny place sometimes, especially when someone has a website such as Ms Elyeas Minglewood site.  Sometimes people let out a little more information on their true feelings than they originally intended.  Ms. Elyea, on her business web site, openly supported radical left wing organizations and websites and according to investigators she did it for years.
The things that are posted on a site and then are removed have a way of staying out there and can be retrieved later on.  Several years ago she promoted radical pro-drug and pro-abortion sites.
Below you will find a list of anti-social, drug promoting, pro-abortion sites promoted on Karen Elyea’s Minglewood business site.
Under the banner of “our favorite links” you would find at the top of her homepage:
Erowid is an online library containing tens of thousands of pages of information about psychoactive drugs, plants, and chemicals, including entheogens, psychedelics …
March For Women 2004– The time is right for a public demonstration of historic size in support of abortion rights and reproductive freedom for all women.
Cannabis Culture:  Cannabis Culture is a magazine about marijuana and hemp around the world. Cannabis Culture is published every two months, and can be found at hemp and head shops, retail …   A racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic remarks that are being published at’s …
Pot Tv– Pot TV is a web-based video channel owned by Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery (another example of Minglewood’s anti-social drug promoting attitude.
Naral Pro-choice:  One of the original anti-life, radical pro-abortion organizations.
ACLU:  The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a leftist, secular-progressive organization. It was run for its first 30 years by an American named Roger Baldwin
ACLU Drug Policy Alliance:  Appears to be a spinoff of the ACLU:  DPA is the nation’s leading organization working to end the war on drugs.  Question:  How would this help law and order?  This sounds pro-drug to me.
America Coming Together (ACT) The Federal Election Commission announced on August 29, 2007, that it had reached a settlement agreement with ACT for violations of various federal campaign finance laws during the 2004 US presidential campaign. ACT has agreed to pay $775,000 in fines.
It’s Magic-It’s Gone!
Don’t bother looking at her site now!  It’s been sanitized.  That’s right; investigators found that early in 2005 all references to these left wing sites were scrubbed and removed.  Some speculate that the sanitation procedure was done possibly to hide what one could conclude is her true radical beliefs and six years later these links have never returned to her Minglewood site.  Like a person with a plan, she was quiet as a county board member.  She bided her time until she could secure her position as a city alderman and then promote her radical anti-life agenda by the promotion of the bubble zone.  Later she increased her anti-life stance with her relentless attacks on the mobile ultrasound clinic.
After all of this, we can see how less than open she has been.  Knowing what her true positions are and comparing them to a statement in a recent Register Star article in which the reporter said, in reference to Elyea, “A Rockford alderman admitted her abortion rights beliefs are fueling her fight over fair access to the city’s only abortion clinic.”; the same article later said “Elyea said she’s tried to keep her personal beliefs out of the ongoing debate, but doesn’t think the city’s administration is willing to do the same.”  All these “personal beliefs” are the only things she is really about and has been for the past several years.  Certainly she is not about the will of the decent law abiding citizens of Rockford.  It has been documented that when pro-life citizens respectfully tried to approach Ms. Elyea to ask her a question, she attacked that citizen by saying I don’t negotiate with terrorists.
Investigators have tried to find when she had, if ever while running for public office, stated in any of her voting literature or rallies that she was and is a pro-abortion, pro-cannabis activist long before her political career.  Not to do so is deceiving at the very least.  Now all can see that she was less than candid with her voting public.  We let the readers decide if removing her radical website links from her site in early 2005 was intended to deceive her voters or not.
Some citizens know that Karen Elyea was arrested at her Church Street Minglewood, while smoking pot at the time of her arrest;  there was also another person on the premises who was charged with doing the same.  She admitted to selling an average of 40 drug related pipes per month.  Anyone can make a mistake, but for her to continue to promote her Pot TV and Cannabis Magazine on her website for over two years after her arrest and while she was on a two year probation,  shows she has no remorse, no repentance, no change, but it does show her apparent contempt for the laws.  One can only conclude that her site was sanitized for the purpose of presenting a different image of herself.  Had she scrubbed her site in 2003 after her arrest, admitted her past mistakes, and changed her ways, that would have been wonderful; but I guess that’s a pipe dream.
A Call To Action
In view of this information being brought forth, I think the Rockford government should investigate Alderman Elyea for possible improprieties.  She ran for public office shortly after finishing up a two year drug related probation.  Did she even have a right to run for the respected office of county board member and then city alderman?  On the Rockford City website it is stated that anyone who has been convicted of any felony cannot become a Rockford police officer. Do these same rules apply to our aldermen and/or county board members?  If they do not, then why not?  Does this mean that now convicted drug users can create unjust law and then decent law-abiding police officers are forced to implement those laws?
The government should investigate the apparent cover-up of her pro-abortion past and her sleeper agent-like quietness on the county board until she could get in a position to launch her anti-life ways by promoting the “bubble zone”.  More recently we have her relentless crazed attacks against the mobile ultrasound clinic and her misrepresentation of the facts to city leaders to promote her hidden agenda.
We would encourage the mayor, City legal, and her fellow aldermen not to be swayed by her when considering pro-life legislation or government action.
 And lastly to the people of the 11th Ward in Rockford:  Would it be best for your community to not re-elect this radical agenda-driven activist who gained power over you through deceptive means?  Now that you know the truth, you decide.