Rockford Mayor's Good Friday Reprieve Saves Two Lives

Rockford, IL –ProLifeCorner – 4 22 2011 – by James – Rockford Mayor’s Good Friday Reprieve Saves Two LivesOver one hundred Christians gathered in the cold and mist at Rockford’s abortion mill on Good Friday to pray the Stations of the Cross.  Today also marked the return of the mobile ultrasound clinic to Rockford after weeks of its absence,  based on false charges of violating its permit by a Rockford alderwoman.

In an act of courage, justice, and compassion for the people of Rockford, Mayor Larry J. Morrissey granted a "Good Friday Reprieve" so the mobile ultrasound could return to Rockford while the city council still debates granting a six-month permit extension.
It was one of the most beautiful sights ever seen at Rockford’s abortion mill when at the exact moment a large but quietly reverent group of Christians began praying the Stations of the Cross, a young mother entered the mobile clinic to see an ultrasound of the child in her womb.  It  seemed as if because Jesus Christ had taken up His cross, this young mother was saved from the cross of an aborted baby. 
As the prayers continued well on into the morning, a second mother used the free ultrasound clinic to choose life. 
The blessings of this Good Friday morning continued as a mother who used the ultrasound a month ago saw it was back in Rockford and let pro-lifers know that even though she is working, it’s still difficult for her to pay her bills.  This mother was, of course, given the assistance she needed.
The power of prayer and the goodness of God was very clear this Good Friday at Rockford’s abortion mill. Thank you to everyone who came to pray.
Because of the courage of Mayor Morrissey and the hard work of City Attorney Patrick Hayes and Kerry Partridge, two human beings will live to see Easter Sunday and beyond.
 Rockford Mayor’s Good Friday Reprieve Saves Two Lives


Rockford Illinois – ProLifeCorner –  4 20 2011 –The city of Rockford has granted a one day permit for the mobile ultrasound to offer life saving help to mothers at Rockford’s abortion mill this Good Friday.


Thanks to the concern for mothers and children in need we believe Mayor Morrissey and city attorney Patrick Hayes have granted this one time permit as an act of charity and good faith.


The full city council will take up the issue again on Monday April 25, of granting a six month permit for the mobile ultrasound in Rockford.


Please join us in prayer at Rockford’s abortion mill at 8:00am this Friday to mourn the loss of children by abortion, to honor our Savior Jesus Christ on this Good Friday, and as a prayer of thanksgiving for the return of this essential life saving help for the people of Rockford.






Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 4 20 2011

40 Days for Life ends with 7 Babies being saved in Rockford at NIWC, and the average number of abortions fell by almost 50%;      Pro-Abortion Alderman’s Deceit And Lies Exposed At City Council;     Good Friday Stations of the Cross and Rosary at Rockford’s Abortion Mill;      Thank you to everyone who participated in 40 Day for Life;     Thank you to everyone who prayed or came to the city council meeting;     Silent No More…..In Rockford;     Canadian Pro-Life Martyr Linda Gibbons…..

On Friday April 15, an estimated seven children were killed in the Rockford’s abortion mill.  Please follow this link to read how God blessed the closing of this years 40 Days for Life.
On Wednesday April 20, an estimated nine children were killed inside of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center. 
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.

Pro-Abortion Alderman’s Deceit And Lies Exposed At City Council
Good Friday Stations of the Cross and Rosary at Rockford’s Abortion Mill

On Good Friday Christians will gather at the foot of the Cross in Rockford for prayers of love for Christ and repentance for the sin of abortion.
At 8:00am on April 22, Christians will join together at a place where Christ has been crucified in union with the over 60,000 babies killed by abortion in Rockford’s abortion clinic, 1400 Broadway.
In the past few years the abortion mill has been open for business on Good Friday. Please join us as a witness to life and the love for our Savior Jesus Christ as God’s beautiful children are facing their own Crucifixion this Good Friday morning.
For more information contact Kevin at 815-494-0333 /
Thank you to everyone who participated in 40 Day for Life
7 Babies were saved in Rockford and the average number of abortions fell by almost 50%.  Because of you children are alive today.
Thank you to everyone who prayed or came to the city council meeting
Because of you the truth was made very clear to our alderman about the mobile ultrasound
Please join us this Friday at 8:00am for the Stations of the Cross at Rockford’s abortion mill
This is our chance to stand for Christ and life on this Holy day – everyone is welcomed and needed.
Silent No More…..In Rockford
Canadian Pro-Life Martyr Linda Gibbons

Pro-Abortion Alderman's Deceit And Lies Exposed At City Council

Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – April 18, 2011 – by James – On a day that saw four murders in Rockford, the City Council spent most of its time trying to figure out if they will or will not grant a permit for a free ultrasound to offer life to the people of this city. This free ultrasound has already saved five lives.  When a city’s aldermen are so confused by a simple permit request that they can’t come to a decision, it’s no wonder that killings are taking place in our streets, and babies are killed in a run-down abortion mill filled with signs of bigotry and hatred toward God, women, and children.

Alderman Karen Elyea who has been Wayne Webster’s mouthpiece on the City Council was so incompetent at this meeting that she offered a motion not to take any action on the permit which, if passed, would have allowed the city to freely grant the permit at will.
When Alderman Elyea’s motion was explained to her, with a rather quizzical look on her face, she withdrew her own motion.
Mayor Morrissey and the City Attorney did their best to patiently explain the mobile ultrasound permit to a number of confused aldermen who seemed to want to support Alderman Elyea but could not even figure out what the abortion-supporting friend of Wayne Webster’s was asking of them.
Earlier in the evening three pro-lifer speakers made the case very clear to the City Council that;
1. Alderman Elyea had used lies to misinform the media and the City Council about the mobile ultrasound.  She claimed it had violated its permit.  At the Council Meeting the police, through the City Attorney, clearly informed her and the other alderman it had done nothing of the sort.
2.  The City Council was informed that any parking problems that may have occurred on Broadway have come not from the mobile ultrasound but from Wayne Webster who parks 10-12 cars in such a way they take up 20-25 parking spaces. 
3. The City Council was also informed about the vile and disgusting nature of the signs the abortion clinic places in public in order to intimidate women into not using the mobile ultrasound.
4. The City Council was made aware of the five human lives that have been saved by the mobile ultrasound.  This exposed to the aldermen the true intent of those who are trying to block this free help.  They simply want to promote the killing of children in the womb.
Presented with this information, some of the aldermen who had shown support for Elyea and abortion in the past were very reluctant to take a public position on the issue and wanted to send it back to the traffic commission and force them to decide the issue. 
The Mayor and City Attorney would not let them pass the buck.
It was explained to the aldermen that if they did not act. the City could simply reissue a permit.  So while we have murders in the streets of Rockford, and the abortion mill continues to kill children, the confused aldermen decided to take another week to think about a simple permit application.
Please pray that on Monday April 25, the day after Easter, the City Council of Rockford will act with justice and grant a permit for free ultrasounds to be offered in Rockford.  It is time for a resurrection of life, love, and hope for children facing death in Rockford by abortion.



Silent No More…My Story

Rockford, Il – ProLifeCorner – 2-17-2011 – by Jodi Bartlett Kasprak  My name is Jodi Kasprak. I am here today to tell you that I not only once, but twice chose abortion and I have never stopped regretting those decisions. I was 14 the first time I got pregnant. I was scared, and I remember feeling all alone….

 I have to admit, immediately following the abortion, I did feel a sense of relief. However, this “relief” quickly turned into a dark emptiness that would not go away for many years. The sadness and grief accompanied me daily. I tried to fill this void in my soul by becoming increasingly promiscuous. Jodi is on the right.

At 16, I was dating the man who has now been my husband for 15 years, and I became pregnant again. At first, I was very excited. I think deep down I thought having this baby would fill the emptiness I felt over my first abortion. But my excitement soon turned to confusion. My boyfriend was afraid, and scared of the consequences he would face with his parents. I too, had a family member pressuring me to abort. Accompanied by my boyfriend and my mom, I soon found myself, again, seated at the abortion clinic.

The memories of this event are so vivid, it still feels like it was only yesterday. I remember the smell and the people crying in the waiting room; I was one of them. I remember my boyfriend looking at me and asking “are you sure you want to do this?” I said “what are we going to do?” I cried as they called my name and I followed the nurse back to the counselor.

I felt totally uninformed about what I was about to do. I was not told the risks involved with this decision, nor was I told about the pain and regret I would feel for years to come. The counselor only asked me two questions about this life changing decision before the nurse showed me into a room where I was supposed to change. But I couldn’t change, I just sat there and cried. The nurse returned and quickly became angry as she saw me sitting there still in my clothes. She told me to change and said “Do it NOW!” She left me there again to change. This time I did, and I cried the whole time. So much was running through my mind and I wanted to leave so bad. But I didn’t.

As I was lying on the table, I felt humiliated. The doctor looked at me and said to the nurse “ Oh, we’ll see this one here again.” I looked at him and said “you will never see me again.” He laughed as he replied “yeah, right, that’s what they all say.” I felt so alone and afraid.

After the abortion, I was overcome with grief. I remember that night I cried hysterically, curled up in a ball, alone in my room. A part of me died that day. I felt alone, sad and disconnected.

I again tried to fill the void, tried to cover the pain. I became heavily involved with drugs and alcohol. Through the years since my abortions I have suffered from depression, anxiety, nightmares, and relationship problems.

I wish someone would have told me how much I would regret my abortions. I wish someone would have told me the risks and the pain I would feel for years to come. But no one did.

At the age of 19, I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

About a year after receiving Jesus, I attended a women’s retreat where I prayed about my abortions for the very first time and I asked for forgiveness. I wish I could tell you that healing and relief came quickly after this prayer, but they did not. I would think of my abortions and cry almost daily for the next 18 years.

For years I was not able to forgive myself, or accept the Lords forgiveness. I felt like I had to repeatedly ask God’s forgiveness for what I had done.

But God had not given up on me. In His wonderful plan of redemption, he lead me to an abortion recovery Bible Study. As I went through the study I began to see and believe the Lord had forgiven me and loved me. I also went through a grieving and healing process and I learned to forgive myself.

I named my babies Jeremiah Andrew and Jessica Ann. We had a memorial service and I knew that I would hold them someday. As I received and experienced true forgiveness the overwhelming guilt and sadness I carried for so long were replaced with peace and Joy.

There really is hope, healing and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

I want everyone to understand how deeply abortion affects your life. You can never go back. I hope and pray that my story will help someone to be spared from the scars and devastation caused by abortion, and that is why I am silent NO MORE.


Canadian Pro-Life Martyr Linda Gibbons

Mark Pickup and his wife LeRee are pro-life advocates from Canada.  They have a wonderful pro-life website.  The link can be found at the end of this article.  Please visit it often.  Mark recently posted an article regarding a pro-life advocate named Linda Gibbons, who is being martyred for her pro-life stance.  Please read his tribute to Canadian pro-Life martyr, Linda Gibbons, and to all who have sacrificed so much in the pro-Life cause.

FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011
Deep Peace to you fellow pro-Life champions – wherever you may be.
Linda Gibbons is a Canadian pro-Life martyr. She has spent years in Canadian prisons for praying inside arbitrary "bubble zones" around abortion clinics and offering women in crisis pregnancies life affirming alternatives to abortion.  A crime? She will not promise corrupt judges that she will stop her "crime" against the "freedom of choice" to kill one’s unborn child.
Do not forget Linda for our Lord has not forgotten her. Tonight, as in close to 2,000 other nights, Linda Gibbons languishes in a jail cell away from her family, because she will not stand by while 100,000 unborn children are slaughtered annually in Canada on the altar of so-called sexual freedom of their parents. God will remember his faithful servant — Linda Gibbons in His deep peace.
Increasingly, unprecedented numbers of theologians and biblical scholars are now convinced that we are very near the Rapture and Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I believe this too.
Very soon we will meet our Lord. I believe that Christian pro-Life  people, like Linda, who have given so much of themselves to stand for the sanctity of all human life will meet the children who were denied life. Those pro-Life people will hear God’s voice say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."
Sleep well tonight, Linda Gibbons. May you experience God’s deep peace to you. And may all pro-Life champions experience deep peace — wherever you may be. A great reward awaits you in heaven. For now, I offer you the following video:
See my latest blog at . Deep peace to you champion for Life – wherever you may be.
Mark Pickup

Here in the USA, a pro-life citizen, Joan Andrews, went into an empty abortion mill surgical room and unplugged a suction machine.  She was sent to prison for three years.
Joan Andrews Bell Freed on Unsupervised Parole :


Babies Saved On Last Day Of 40 Days!

Rockford, Il – ProLifeCorner – 4-15-2011 – by James – 40 Days For Life In Rockford Ends With God Blessing Pro-Lifers And Silencing Three Pro-Aborts.  On Friday April 15, at Rockford’s abortion mill, pro-lifers came out in force to pray for life and offer help to mothers in need.  Three abortion supporters also showed up to block help offered to mothers in need and to stand in the driveway of the abortion mill and scream at women to go in and end the lives of their children.  Through the power of prayer and the grace of God, the number of children killed by abortion this day was half of its pre-40 Days for Life average in Rockford.

Yet today, even with three abortion supporters working very hard to have babies killed, God gave a sign that seemed to all present, possibly even the abortion supporters, that Christ and life are the answer.
A car with a young couple pulled into the abortion mill parking lot.  They seemed as if  they wanted to stop for help, but an elderly pro-abort began ranting at the driver and waving her sign in an angry manner.
A short time later the car came out.  Mom rolled down her window and looked two of the pro-aborts right in the eye and said, "I’m keeping my baby."   Then Mom, with joy in her eyes, looked at the pro-lifers, smiled, and shook her head as if saying yes.   Dad with a huge beaming smile gave a "thumbs up" and a smile to the pro-lifers as they drove away.
The two pro-aborts stood in stunned silence.  One of them was gritting her teeth, and the other started to say something, but no words came out of her mouth.
As the pro-lifers began to thank God for this child’s life that was saved, the three pro-aborts were already across the street and heading for their van, like bats out of an abortion clinic.
They seemed so frustrated and angry that a mother had chosen life, they couldn’t stand being at the mill any longer and left.
That was good because a few minutes after they left, another mother and father stopped for help.  Pro-lifers took them into the Labor News building and will be working with this couple who chose life for a long time to come because of their difficult economic situation. 
What we experienced this morning at the close of 40 Days for Life was God’s silencing the voice of death, babies saved, mothers and fathers strengthened in life and love and, we believe, God’s saying to His people, "Well done, good and faithful servants."

A Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Clinic

It makes one wonder how a unit like this would be received in Rockford, IL.  In mid January our company, Imagi-Motive, completed a bus conversion that is now a Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Clinic. This unit has enabled the Houston Coalition for Life to have a presence in front of the largest Planned Parenthood facility in the Nation.

Saving Lives:
In just twenty-two outings this mobile unit has provided a variety of services to sixty-five women. Of those who were pregnant, ultrasounds were provided, and I ask you to Praise the Lord with us because seven lives have been saved!
These seven babies were already scheduled to be aborted. One of the mothers was sitting on the abortion table when, in tears, she got up and went back outside to the bus to save her baby’s life. God is awesome and this mobile ministry is making a difference where it counts – a difference for life.
ED:  This is an article we found on the internet.  Does anyone think this could work in Rockford, IL?  Give us your opinion in our comment section.

Northern Illinois Women's Center BUSTED In Pedophile Abortion Sting.

4 16 2011=NOTE: This article has been updated.  Please read. 
Rockford, IL- ProLifeCorner – Regarding the NIWC Busted story written below:  One of our readers had this concern “I’m curious as to why you are posting the life dynamics phone interview as new.…On the Life Dynamics site they state the study was in 2002. It seems that this is recycling, not something new.”
We are grateful for her bringing this to our attention. In presenting this story we did not present the date of this event; it was not our intent to mislead our readers. 
The fact is, nine years later NIWC is still covering the fact that they will protect child predators as was shown in our recent article “Underage Girls Brought to Rockford, IL Abortion Clinic”.  This article clearly shows that an older man can get a minor girl, as young as 14 years of age, an abortion at NIWC with no accountability.
In 2002 Life Dynamics exposed NIWC and their dirty way of doing business and there is nothing to indicate that they have changed.    Following is the story as originally presented.

Life Dynamics, out of Denton Texas,  printed a transcript of a conversation with a receptionist at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center in Rockford, willing to schedule an abortion for a thirteen year old girl after the clinic receptionist had already been informed that the girls boyfriend was twenty-two years old.
After the clinic receptionist, a mandated reporter of suspected child sexual abuse, was told by the 13 year old caller that the man who got her pregnant is 22 the receptionist was willing to "pretend" she never knew anything about him and even coaches the girl not to say anything about the 22 year old boyfriend. 
Below is just a part of the transcript.
CALLER: Well, would it be better if I just didn’t talk about my boyfriend and he just dropped me off?

CLINIC: It’s really entirely up to you. I don’t know. We do have to know some information.

CALLER: Well, do you have to know about my boyfriend?

CLINIC: Nothing. About you. Do your parents even know at all?


CLINIC: Do your parents know at all?

CALLER: Well, they know we’re going out. He works with my dad. But they don’t know we’re having sex. If they found out about that, they’d be furious. They can’t find out at all. I mean, I don’t know — they just can’t find out.

CLINIC: I mean, he has nothing to do with this. But you have to (?) yourself. It has everything to do with you. We don’t require any information about him at all. I mean, we do ask who you came with, but all you have to say is my boyfriend.

Here is a link to the actual phone call and a transcript of the conversation.
Abortion clinics around the country have been consistently caught covering up for pedophiles and child sex offenders.
The receptionist at the Northern Illinois Woman’s Center was also recently caught willing to make an appointment for an abortion for a 14 year old girl brought to the mill by an older man while keeping this information hidden from her parents.
The children of Rockford deserve better than this.  As far as we know the Northern Illinois Women’s Center has never in it’s 25 year history reported one case of an underage girl being brought to them for an abortion.
Abortion is a child predators best friend.  It quietly covers up the evidence of his crime and allows him to continue to prey on children.

Dave Posted This! Even though the phone call is from 2002, it was not made public until April 13, 2011.




Catholic League president Bill Donohue addresses the lawsuit brought by attorney Jeffrey Anderson against the Vatican:  Jeffrey Anderson has tried several times to sue the Vatican over alleged abuse cases that date back decades. He has never won. Nor will he win this time. That’s because his charges are bogus.  Anderson accuses Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now the pope, of knowing about the conduct of a Wisconsin priest, Rev. Lawrence Murphy, who allegedly abused Anderson’s client in 1960. The lawsuit, filed last year, was procedurally defective and therefore went nowhere. Now the proper channels have been pursued, but the end result will be the same.

The fact is that the Vatican was never notified of Murphy’s behavior, which involved many boys extending back to the 1950s, until 1996. The Vatican could have ignored the case, maintaining that the statute of limitations had expired, but instead ordered a trial. The judge in the trial, Father Thomas Brundage, has already testified that Ratzinger’s name never came up during the proceedings. The trial was called off once it became clear that Murphy was near death; he died soon after.
Anderson knows he will lose again, but losing is no deterrent to his ambitions. His goal is to keep this issue alive. Obviously, his dream is to take down the pope.
The man who is being treated as a hero in this case is, in fact, no hero at all. It is being widely reported that the Vatican was notified about Murphy in 1996 by the former Archbishop of Milwaukee, Rembert Weakland. What is not being reported is that Weakland, who left the archdiocese in a homosexual and financial scandal, knew about Murphy’s behavior long before the mid-1990s. There is evidence, in the form of a letter written by the Coadjutor Bishop of Superior, Wisconsin, Raphael M. Fliss, to the Vicar for Personnel, Rev. Joseph A. Janicki, saying he had discussed Murphy’s record of abuse with Weakland. The letter was dated July 9, 1980. But Anderson will hear none of it—he’s out to get the pope.

Jeff Field
Director of Communications
The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
450 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10123