Memorial Day Mass and Ecumenical Service.

Freeport, Il 5 31 2011 by Annarae – Memorial Day is the day when we honor those who made the supreme sacrifice so that we can all live in a free society.

At the All Veteran’s Memorial Park in Freeport, IL.  the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered by Father Timothy Barr, of St. Joseph’s/St. Mary’s parishes.  Taps was played and then Pastor Carol of St. John’s United Church of Christ gave a tribute to those who gave their all for our country.  The Memorial Park was a result of many years of planning; it took ten years of hard work to bring the All Veteran’s Memorial Park into being.  The All Veteran’s Memorial Park was built by donations and cost approximately $95,000.
Father Barr spoke of how, on this Memorial Day, we memorialize those who in service of our country made the supreme sacrifice and offered themselves so that we may live in freedom.  He went on to say by having this freedom we can do good or bad.  He encouraged us to use our freedom to do what is good, right, and just.  By doing this it will give us our dignity and will give dignity to those who have given up their lives for us.
Hymns were sung and Taps was played.
Pastor Carol stated she would like to bring us a message of hope and peace.  She spoke of Abraham Lincoln two times and read from a letter he wrote to a Mrs. Bixby of Boston who lost 5 sons in the war.  She also addressed the need for us to encourage veterans to speak out and tell their stories to others; to tell what war is really all about.  She went on to say we need to finish the job that our fallen have started. 
The pastors had many other wonderful things to say; we regret we cannot bring you all of what they said at this time.
In a separate service, Mass was also offered  at Calvary Cemetery that same morning.
We are grateful to those who led us in prayer and to those who came this day to honor our nation’s dead.  May their deaths not be in vain and may we, as a nation, come back to one nation under God.
God Bless America.

Ultrasound's Image Saves Unborn Lives

 Rockford, IL/Edmonton, Canada – 5 31 2011 –  article by Mark Pickup – Mark Pickup, our wonderful friend and a pro-life advocate from Canada, has graciously consented to allow the ProLifeCorner to reprint an article he wrote, which appeared in the Western Catholic Reporter, the largest religious weekly newspaper in Canada.  This article centers around ultrasounds in general and in Rockford, IL in particular.



Ultrasound’s image saves unborn lives



The city council of Rockford, Ill., was recently asked to vote on whether to allow a mobile ultrasound van to park near a local abortion clinic. It would offer free ultrasound services to women about to enter the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.

In the interest of helping women make informed decisions about such an important and irreversible decision such as abortion, any reasonable person would conclude that an ultrasound service is a good thing.

Not in Rockford. The city council went behind closed doors where a majority of councillors voted not to allow mothers to see ultrasound images of their unborn children prior to abortion. Their action flew against the principle of allowing the free flow of accurate information to create a well-informed public.

Rockford is not unique. During my years of pro-life work I have come across people objecting to the idea of offering ultrasound to women at risk of aborting their babies. It is hard to understand anyone trying to keep women ignorant about the children they are about to abort.

As the Rockford example illustrates, it’s still happening. Abortion advocates justify keeping women from seeing ultrasound imaging of the babies they carry by saying it makes difficult decisions harder. Precisely! Decisions to kill a human being should never be easy.


It is unfair not to provide easy access to all the information. It is condescending and insulting to think women in crisis pregnancies are incapable of handling the facts.

Keeping important information from people faced with tough decisions in not the answer. Allow women considering abortion to see the humanity of their unborn children. It’s an important information tool when considering a decision so serious and irreversible.

Decisions made in a vacuum are rarely good decisions because ignorance causes error and regret. This is illustrated in post-abortion grief. Millions of women experience deep regret long after their abortions — when they eventually discover the true nature of prenatal life.

Offering abortion-minded women ultrasound and support services saves lives and helps to protect women’s health.


In 2004, the American Christian organization Focus on the Family launched the Option Ultrasound Program to put ultrasound and pregnancy support services in cities across America. They report that 90 per cent of abortion-minded women who receive ultrasound and pregnancy support carry their babies to term.

Another group that provides mobile ultrasound services to abortion-minded women found a 70 per cent drop in abortion rates for women who used their ultrasound service. These numbers are staggering.

Edmonton’s abortion clinic performs an estimated 6,000 abortions annually. Imagine the impact of a mobile ultrasound van parked near the clinic, just outside the bubble zone, offering to abortion-minded women free ultrasound by a qualified ultrasound technician.

Or imagine the impact of having ultrasound services at crisis pregnancy centres, or simply having somebody standing across the street from Edmonton’s abortion clinic respectfully offering ultrasound imaging to women at risk of aborting their babies.

A critic of this idea may say that many abortion clinics already have ultrasound. True, but it is a tool for the abortionist to determine gestational age of the child about to be killed – and the image is kept from the mother’s sight.

An ultrasound service, augmented by other supports, could have an impact on Edmonton’s 6,000 abortions each year. Suppose half the mothers entering the abortion clinic took advantage of the mobile ultrasound service. If 70 to 90 per cent chose to carry their children to term – as has been the experience in other jurisdictions – that would save between 2,100 and 2,700 children annually.

If a third of the women about to enter the abortuary took advantage of the ultrasound service, 1,398 to 1,798 children would be saved. If only 10 per cent of the abortion clinic’s customers took advantage of the service, between 420 and 540 children would saved each and every year. And if only five per cent of abortion minded women about to walk into that terrible abortion clinic took advantage of the service, that would still translate into 210 to 270 babies being saved each year. It’s still successful despite terrible human carnage.


I have good news. The Knights of Columbus is committed to supplying ultrasounds precisely for this purpose in communities where abortion clinics exist. Government bureaucratic snags are holding things up. But right will prevail and ultrasound service will be established to help women make informed decisions.

God bless the Knights of Columbus and the children that will be saved from abortion.




Is Rockford "Choosing" Tattoos Over Mothers And Children?

Rockford IL. – ProLifeCorner – 5 28 2011- small group of pro-abortion Rockford aldermen are attempting to rewrite city laws to have a free mobile ultrasound clinic banned from city streets.  The abuse of power by some Rockford city council members continues.  Some city aldermen continue to abuse the rights of pro-life citizens to free speech and assembly by blocking access to the mobile ultrasound clinic, one example is their attempt to implement a bubble zone law which is an attack on citizen’s free speech and assembly. 

When a small clique of tyrants control the city council it can jeopardize all citizens.  Remember when we were a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?  There can be no justice in Rockford until our citizens, through the voting process, insure that we are represented by aldermen who are open to the will of the people and cease using  political offices for the promoting of their radical agendas.
Think about this:  if you’re thinking of bringing a business to Rockford or are just going to come here to live, knowing that a clique is in control of the city council and will use existing law or create law to use against one segment of society, be aware that as long as this is tolerated, anyone can be next.  This group of radicals have proven themselves to be untrustworthy.  What if they don’t like your business practices or your point of view?  Look out!  You could be next.
Ask yourself if Rockford, IL would be a good place for your business or home.  Know that a small group of anti-life radicals are using their political powers against some citizens of Rockford because they disagree with their views.
While the operators of a mobile ultrasound clinic that has saved eleven lives in Rockford are under continued persecution by these aldermen, who are working with abortion clinic building owner Wayne Webster,  a for profit mobile tattoo parlor motor-home is getting a free pass.  This mobile tattoo parlor is just one of many mobile-home businesses/organizations who are getting a free pass to operate on the streets of Rockford, IL while the life-saving ultrasound clinic continues to be terrorized and persecuted against by the agenda driven aldermen of Rockford, Il.
Below is a link to a recent Rockford newspaper article regarding the city council.
Our video speaks for itself!

Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 5 25 2011

An estimated 21 children were killed inside the Rockford abortion mill this past week;     Jay-Walking Pro-Lifer Update;     Ultrasound / city council update;     Pro-Abortion Style "Wannsee Conference" Held In Rockford;     Open Letter To Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson-Doyle, Unitarian-Universalist Church;     A Conversation with A Rockford Aldermen?…..

On Friday May 20, an estimated eleven babies were killed inside Rockford’s abortion mill.   A group of about ten abortion supporters arrived at Rockford’s abortion mill to block access to help for mothers in need and to promote the killing of babies.
The two elderly pro-aborts who come about once a month were joined by a group of students from Western Illinois University.
Most of the pro-lifers continued to silently pray throughout the morning, but a few pro-lifers spent two hours trying to engage the abortion supporters in conversation.
One thing became painfully clear.  Not a single one of the people standing in public to promote the killing of children in the womb could give a rational defense of what they were doing, what they believe, or why abortion should be legal.
The best answer one of the elderly abortion supporters could give in response to being shown a picture of a baby murdered by abortion was, "Oh yea, but you support war."  When he was told by the pro-lifer showing him the picture of the baby killed by abortion that he does not support war, all the pro-abort could do was turn and walk away.
One of the most powerful and enlightening moments of the morning was when a mother arrived at the mill with an eight-month-old baby in her arms.  She showed her child to the pro-abortion college students, and a pro-lifer asked them if they would have supported the killing of this eight-month-old child – eight months and one day ago while the baby was still in the womb.
The college students were absolutely silent until one of the girls said something about having a beer when this was all over.
Jay-Walking Pro-Lifer Update – Many of you may be familiar with the story of Rockford pro-lifer Kevin Rilott who is being prosecuted for jay-walking by Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joseph Bruscatto. 
This strange case has already been looked at by four judges and went before a fifth judge on Friday May 20, in courtroom D of the new Justice Center in Rockford.
Now it was hoped we had found a court that might be able to figure out what to do with this case.  Sadly, Judge Lowrey in courtroom D was not ready to make any rulings or decisions on the case so he sent it to another judge and courtroom in June.
The good news is we are getting closer to actually finding a court for this case.  It will be going from courtroom D in the Justice Center to courtroom C, just a few feet away from courtroom D!!!
Many citizens of Rockford are very pleased that our judges and prosecutors and starting to get a handle on this monumental jay-walking case!
We leave this to our readers’ opinions to decide: 
1)  State’s Attorney Joseph Bruscatto refuses to look at a videotape of the bogus jay-walking incident against Mr. Rilott.
2)  The tape proves the actions taken by Mr. Rilott on the morning he was arrested for jay-walking were a direct result of promptly following the orders of a Rockford police officer.
3)   Is Mr. Bruscatto simply and bouncing this case from court to court to exact some kind of penalty on the pro-life community for making life difficult for his fellow Democrats concerning the mobile ultrasound clinic?
Interestingly, the fact that the police officer who issued the bogus jay-walking ticket was suspended without pay for his actions on that morning has not been commented on by Mr. Bruscatto.
Ultrasound / city council updateOn Monday May 23, two members of the Rockford Pro-Life initiative spoke to the city council about the lifesaving service the mobile ultrasound clinic has already provided Rockford.
The city council decided not to vote on a permit process.  The council taking no action on this permit process allows the city / Mayor to continue to grant permits for the mobile ultrasound to continue to help the women and children of Rockford.
Pro-abortion aldermen Karen Elyea hasn’t given up and is still trying to come up with an ordinance or amendment that will block the mobile ultrasound.  Thankfully the longer this process drags on more and more aldermen understand this has all been about aldermen Elyea’s personal pro-abortion agenda. 
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.
On Wednesday May 25, an estimated ten children were killed inside the Rockford abortion mill. 
Pro-Abortion Style "Wannsee Conference" Held In Rockford
Open Letter To Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson-Doyle, Unitarian-Universalist Church From The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
A Conversation with A Rockford Aldermen?


It's Not About Parking – It's About Human Lives

Rockford, Il – ProLifeCorner – 5 25 2011 – by James – A recent Rockford City Council meeting was held in which a pro-life citizen was allowed to address the council concerning the mobile ultrasound van’s parking permit.  It is one of the most powerful addresses we have ever heard.  What follows is a talk given by pro-life advocate Bonita Stahl to the Rockford city council on May 23, 2011.

Bonita-Thank you for the opportunity to speak this evening with regards to the TLC permit. 
It’s not about parking.  According to the police and city legal departments, the TLC Pregnancy Services van of Elgin, IL has violated no laws.  I have personally witnessed cars parked in violation on 10th St.  I’ve even flagged down a city policeman.  A woman had parked in the no parking zone at the abortion facility and entered the business directly west.  Though illegally parked 45 minutes, not even a verbal warning was given.   
Because it’s not about parking. It’s about non-profit corporations offering free health care.  Would Mr. Webster and Alderman Elyea be against the Lion’s Club mobile unit offering free vision checks, the McDonald’s van providing free dental checks, a mobile unit offering free counseling services at the site of a violent crime or disaster, the bloodmobile? 
It’s not about parking.  The TLC van provides free ultrasounds to women who have come to the Northern Illinois Women’s Center for an abortion.  The women who choose to take advantage of this service have the opportunity to view the life within and are offered life-saving alternatives. 
Fetal microchimerism is the persistence of fetal cells in a mother after pregnancy.  Studies show that these cells are still present 38 years after the pregnancy, maybe longer.  A woman who has an abortion will not only have the emotional scars to carry for decades, she will carry the physical presence of that child within her for decades.  I still grieve for my first child whose precious life ended by miscarriage at only 13 weeks.  Perhaps fetal microchimerism provides an answer for such strong, persistent emotions.  How much more may a woman grieve knowing that in a moment of extreme duress and fear, she allowed her own body to become the “killing field” for her child?  It’s not about parking; it’s about restricting free health care services that provide pregnant women with true options.
It’s not about parking, it’s about violence.  Headlines scream eight homicides in two weeks.  My own niece was shot by a total stranger while at a picnic several years ago.  At age 19 she became quadriplegic.  Our aldermen rightly decry the murder and violence in our city, and in their next breath 8 have done everything in their power to ensure the dismemberment of every child carried in the womb of his/her mother to 1400 Broadway.   How can we shed tears for the 16 year old gunned down at Patriot’s Gateway and not for the 60,000 children’s lives lost a few blocks away?  American citizens have, under the banner of “choice,” slain over 52 million children.  Imagine that all the residents of the following states were exterminated:  Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, and Indiana.  Were they killed by a pandemic, our nation would be gripped with fear, in mourning and desperately seeking a cure.  52 million children, why do we not seek a cure?
It is not about parking.  We as citizens of this great nation must ask ourselves just how far we want to go in exterminating our own species.  Let us attempt to reverse the damage already done.  Let us begin right here in our own city.  And let it be known, the nation is watching.
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An Error In The Beginning Is An Error Indeed

Rockford, Il – ProLifeCorner – 5 24 2011 – by James – An Error In The Beginning Is An Error Indeed.  Because the Unitarian Church in Rockford IL, has taken an active role in promoting Rockford’s abortion mill we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at why they support the killing of children in the womb.


Saint Thomas Aquinas rightly taught many times, “An error in the beginning is an error indeed.


Below is just one of many statements the Unitarian Church has made in favor of abortion. It’s interesting to note the Unitarians pride themselves as church that does not believe in or use creeds.  That seems to be true except when it comes to over 10 creeds or public proclamations they have made in favor of destroying the lives of the least of God’s people.


We present this Unitarian pro-abortion resolution to you with our commentary and explanation of the reality of what they are saying in bold red.


Please join us in praying that Unitarian church will one day be a place where the lives of children in the womb are loved and protected.



Unitarian Universalists Right to Choose 1987 General Resolution


BECAUSE, Unitarian Universalists believe that the inherent worth and dignity of every person (A LIE BECAUSE THEY SUPPORT THE KILLING OF CHILDREN), the right of individual conscience (INDIVIDUAL CONSCIENCE DOES NOT GIVE ANYONE THE RIGHT TO KILL A BABY), and respect for human life are inalienable rights due every person; and that the personal right to choose in regard to contraception and abortion is an important aspect of these rights (THE ARE REALLY CONFUSED); and


BECAUSE, we believe in tolerance (BUT NOT FOR UNBORN CHILDREN) and compassion for persons whose choices may differ from our own; and


BECAUSE, we believe not only in the value of life itself but also in the quality of life (QUALITY OF LIFE? IF THEY DON’T THINK A BABY WILL HAVE A QUALITY OF LIFE THEN IT’S OK TO KILL HER?); and


WHEREAS, pain, suffering, and loss of life were widespread prior to the legalization of abortion in 1973 (COUNTLESS WOMEN HAVE DIED POST ROE BECAUSE OF ABORTION AND COUNTLESS WOMEN’S LIVES HAVE BEEN DESTROYED BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE THE UNITARIANS TELL THEM IT’S OK TO KILL THEIR SON OR DAUGHTER) by the U.S. Supreme Court (Roe v. Wade ) and the 1969 amendments to the Criminal Code of Canada;


WHEREAS, the issue of abortion is morally complex (CUTTING THE HEAD OFF OF A BABY IS NOT A COMPLEX ISSUE IF YOU CARE ABOUT OTHERS), abortion must remain a legal option (KILLING JEWS WAS A LEGAL OPTION – SLAVERY WAS A LEGAL OPTION);and


WHEREAS, attempts are now being made to restrict access to birth control and abortion (YES PRO-LIFERS TRY TO RESTRICT THE KILLING OF OUR SISTERS AND BROTHERS IN THE WOMB) by overriding individual decisions of conscience (WE NEVER HAVE THE RIGHT TO MURDER THE INNOCENT AS ABORTION DOES NO MATTER HOW POORLY FORMED OR DEAD OUR CONSCIENCE IS), and attacks in legislatures, courts, and the streets often result in depriving poor women of their right to medical care (UNITARIANS SHOULD NOT SUPPORT THE KILLING OF POOR CHILDREN IN THE WOMB AS THEIR ANSWER TO POVERTY); and such legislation is an infringement of the principle of separation of church and state (IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHURCH AND STATE BUT WITH THE MURDER OF CHILDREN) in that it tries to enact private morality into public law (JUST WATCH A VIDEO OF AN ABORTION AND SEE THE CHILD FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE AS SHE IS BEING KILLED AND THEN LOOK IN THE BABIES FACE AND SAY IT’S PRIVATE MORALITY); and


WHEREAS, there is a movement to re-criminalize (ABORTION IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A CRIME AGAINST HUMAN BEINGS AND GOD) abortion both for women and their health-care providers (ABORTIONISTS WHO WOMEN NEVER MEET UNTIL THE ABORTIONS KILLS HER CHILD) which could bring back dangerous alternatives to clinically safe (A BABY DIES IN EVERY ABORTION – IT IS NEVER SAFE) abortions;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the 1987 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association reaffirms its historic position, supporting the right to choose contraception and abortion as legitimate (THEY CALL THE BRUTAL-VICIOUS MURDER OF A CHILD LEGITIMATE)aspects of the right to privacy; and



Individual Unitarian Universalists educate themselves (THEY SHOULD LOOK AT AN ULTRASOUND VIDEO OF AN ABORTION AND SEE THE FACE OF THE PERSON WHO IS MURDERED), their congregations, and the public about the new moral understandings emergent in the works of feminist theologians and social ethicists; and


Unitarian Universalists oppose any move to deny or restrict the distribution of government funds as a means of restricting access to full contraceptive and abortion counseling and/or services, at home or abroad (UNITARIANS WANT TO KILL BABIES ALL OVER THE WORLD); and

Unitarian Universalists actively oppose all legislation, regulation and administrative action, at any level of government (BECAUSE OF ATTITUDES LIKE THIS WE GET UNREGULATED ABORTION SLAUGHTER HOUSES LIKE THE ONE IN PHILADELPHIA), intended to undermine or circumvent the Roe v. Wade decision; and


Unitarian Universalists communicate their opposition to such attempts to their legislative representatives and to the electorate; and

Unitarian Universalists expose and oppose bogus clinics (THIS MEANS THEY OPPOSE PREGNANCY CARE CENTERS THAT OFFER MOTHER FREE HELP AND AN ALTERNATIVE TO ABORTION – THIS MAKES UNITARIANS PRO-ABORTION NOT PRO-CHOICE BUT CLEARLY PRO-CHILD KILLING) and other tactics that infringe on the free exercise of the right to choose; and



Individual Unitarian Universalists, congregations, and the Unitarian Universalist Association open discussion with those of different mind, and seek opportunities to work productively from shared values to promote family planning and education for responsible sex; and


BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED: That we reaffirm the right to choose contraception and abortion as a legitimate expression of our constitutional rights.



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Open Letter To Rev. Dr. MatthewJohnson-Doyle, Unitarian-Universalist Church

Pro-Abortion Style "Wannsee Conference" Held In Rockford

Will The Rockford Abortionist Please Stand Up?

Rockford Pro-Life Initiative Nov 11 2009


Open Letter To Rev. Dr. MatthewJohnson-Doyle, Unitarian-Universalist Church

Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – 5 22 2011 – (Intro by editor) – Below is an open letter written by the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative to the Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson-Doyle, the senior pastor at the Unitarian-Universalist Church in Rockford, Il.  The letter is in response to the recent meeting, held at the Unitarian Church, of pro-abortion supporters seeking to further promote the killing of the unborn here in Rockford at the NIWC abortuary. 
Warning:  Graphic pictures are contained within the open letter and are NOT appropriate for young children.

The abortion supporters continue to try to seize the moral high ground and they vilify pro-life citizens when they gather to express their rights through peaceful means.  All citizens must be reminded that what the pro-life community does in these protests is a God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech and assembly.  It is corrupt politicians and an ill-informed group of people who are behind these actions.  Through the grace of God we must defeat a biased media and corrupt activists who are sitting in seats of power, i.e. aldermen who are immorally using laws to systematically steal the rights of the pro-life advocates.  For example, using a jaywalking ticket and harassing citizens with the court system, using a parking permit issue to promote their pro-abortion agenda, using their positions of power to try to implement a so-called bubble zone which is nothing more than an attack of free speech and assembly, and a legal system that consistently looks the other way when pro-life citizens rights are infringed upon by pro-abortion supporters.  It is our sincere hope that responsible city officials will say enough is enough and return all rights back to the pro-life advocates and enforce all existing laws equally to those on the right and those on the left.
Below is the letter from the Rockford Life Initiative.
An Open Letter To The Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson-Doyle, Senior Minister, Unitarian-Universalist Church
Dear Pastor Johnson-Doyle,
In this open letter to you, we are presenting some facts about the Northern Illinois Women’s Center also known as Rockford’s abortion mill.  We are contrasting these facts with information taken from statements you have made as well as other information on the Rockford Unitarian web site
The reason for this open letter is the hope that you will open your eyes to the bigotry and racism publicly displayed in the windows of the abortion clinic building in Rockford for 25 years – that is a very, very long history of the most vicious racism ever seen in Rockford.
The second reason for this open letter is to plead with you to open your heart to the lives of your sisters and brothers in the womb.  Over 50,000 of these children have been brutally killed for profit inside the Rockford abortion mill.
These pictures will ask the questions that many people would like to ask of you regarding your support for abortion, your support for the Rockford abortion mill, and the hosting of pro-abortion planning meetings you allow at your church.
Our prayers for you are included with this open letter, as we hope you will pray for us.  If these prayers are to be authentic they must also include the least of Christ’s people who are murdered by abortion in Rockford. It is our sincere hope that one day you will join us in loving all human beings – including the children facing death by abortion in Rockford.
May God bless you,
The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative


Adam Rilott Will Walk To Receive His Diploma

Milwaukee, WI – 5 21 2011 –  At the ProLifeCorner we don’t like tragic stories, but we love them when they have a happy ending.  Adam Rilott suffered a severed spinal cord injury and was being prepared for life in a wheel chair.


Because of prayers and the remarkable work on Adam’s part, he will walk on stage on Sunday and receive his college diploma.  Adam-congratulations on your graduation from Marquette and may God bless you in all your endeavors.  We will pray for His continued blessings as you move forward in your life’s calling

For a full report and video from WISN News. 


Mothers Day Should Be Honored Every Day

 Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – 5 21 2011 – by Annarae – The greatest vocation in the world is motherhood.  Respecting and honoring mothers is at the very core of the pro-life movement.  On Mother’s Day we, at the Pro Life Corner like to have something special honoring mothers.  Our small staff just did not have the time to do the job properly this year, so we did nothing.  Motherhood is not to be honored and respected on just one day of the year, but every day.


Every time our staff reviews the videos, pictures and reports streaming in from Rockford’s NIWC, we realize more and more that yes, those wonderful sidewalk counselors are not only fighting to save the life of the baby but at the core of all this is to protect the mother from doing something she will regret the rest of her life.


Abortion is more tragic than the loss of the babys life and his/her potential of being a great person in our society;  it is also the tragic loss of motherhood and fatherhood, it is another brick ripped out of the foundation of the human family.  A friend of the Pro Life Corner graciously consented to allow us to reprint his homily from Mothers Day of this year.  It will be well worth your time to read this excellent homily.



The Dignity of Motherhood.


A century ago life was very simple; women from all walks of life looked forward to a rewarding and fulfilled life as wife and mother. Motherhoodwas upheld as a noble and esteemed vocation. Nowadays if one meets a pregnant friend one has not seen in a long time it is natural to ask: is that your 1st baby? Then she just might apologetically answer: no, this is my third one, as if she had just committed a heinous crime to humanity. Pregnant women nowadays are present day martyrs without dying. They face the criticism of society for bringing to earth another mouth to feed; one more person who will use up the earth’s limited resources.


Contemporary culture’s negative outlook towards pregnancy and motherhood is best exemplified in the derogatory use of the label "barefoot and pregnant" for women who make a career of being a wife and mother. Having a baby has become a matter of choice nowadays. Contraception allows women to choose whether to bear a child at all and wherever abortion is legal, women can choose not to have a baby already conceived. For social and career considerations women can time their babies appropriately. Even the very term "unplanned pregnancy" would imply that having a baby should be something that one chooses to do and by implication a baby conceived accidentally is unwanted. It has gotten to the ridiculous point that this "choice" is now called a right – a reproductive right. The late Pope Blessed John Paul II rightly called this a wrong affirmation of a human right as the exaltation of the individual in such an absolute way as to deny the baby a basic right – the right to human life.


Society’s negative attitude is confirmed by a recent survey in the US that showed that although women derive a deep sense of satisfaction from being a mother they feel that society has come to value them less since becoming a mother. How did the world’s attitude to motherhood undergo this drastic change? The assault on motherhood came from many fronts-the political and economic interests inspired by neo-Malthusian ideologies, the feminist rebellion against a culture perceived to uphold male dominance, and the weakening of marriage through divorce and cohabitation to highlight just a few. This assault from many fronts is what has given motherhood a negative connotation, transforming pregnancy into a disease giving rise to the advocacy that women should be given access to contraception and abortion for the sake of reproductive health.

Fertility decline has reached global proportions. Population of many of the rich countries is now imploding and many poor countries are following suit. In fact, the European and American cultures as we currently understand them are expected to disappear in about 50 years, since their fertility rates have fallen well below the irreversible 1.9 fertility rate. In fifty years, the European and American cultures will be a combination of oriental, Hispanic, and Muslim. This is irreversible, notwithstanding divine intervention, of course, but this depends on us! The signs of aging and the resulting economic crisis are now appearing in the demographic horizon of these countries. Many fear that the coming demographic winter is a foreshadowing of the unprecedented decline of the human family. It’s therefore important to restore motherhood to the place of dignity and honor it deserves.


The dictionary defines dignity as those qualities that ennoble something, making that thing or someone deserve esteem and honor. Dignity is the main reason why something is valued, and considered worthy. Dignity is a word closely associated with persons. Human beings are persons – created in the image and likeness of God, possessing knowledge and free will, capable of achieving their own fulfillment, thereby possessing qualities that ennoble them far above the created world. Every person of whatever sex must be respected for himself or herself, in his or her physical, intellectual and spiritual integrity. A person should never be treated as an object or be subjected to exploitation.


This simple reminder of the dignity of the human person is a reminder of how murder is a grave crime. Contraception and abortion are even graver because they are committed against a defenseless life by the mother – the very person naturally sworn to protect its life. These grave crimes against motherhood do not go unpunished. In the US it is now recognized that 500,000 women are suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome, the psychological disorder arising from the guilt and the trauma of having killed one’s own baby. These women are high risk for suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism, and so on.


Where does the nobility and worth of motherhood come from? How does the dignity of motherhood enhance the dignity of women? According to the late Pope John Paul II, "In its personal and ethical sense motherhood shows a creativity on which the humanity of each human being largely depends; it also invites man to learn and to express his own fatherhood. Thus women contribute to society and to the Church their ability to nurture human beings." Genetically we all arrive at our humanity through our parents and in a special way through our mothers. Mothers are the primary companion, teacher, and nurturer, who watch over children. Thus to be the redeemer of mankind our Lord Jesus Christ became true man by being born of a woman. This then is the most important reason for the esteem and honor we accord to motherhood.


Beyond the very basic level of genetics there are many other contributions unique to motherhood at the social and spiritual level. At the social level, a very important element of motherhood is motherly care and motherly love. It is through the fundamental experience of motherly care that every person discovers their self worth as infinitely valuable and precious in the eyes of their mother. Those who have been deprived of a mother’s love are out of touch of their "belovedness"; they become convinced that they have no moral obligations and will not suffer the consequences for their unloving behavior. If one has not been loved it is difficult to know how to return love. The mother’s love is a very important ingredient to our education as humans. The unique humanizing and civilizing influence of Motherhood on the person is motherhood’s gift to society. At the spiritual level a person intuits God’s love for him through the motherly love he receives. In the words of Benedict XVI: "The joyful love with which our parents welcomed us and accompanied our first steps in this world is like a sacramental sign and prolongation of the benevolent love of God from which we have come. The experience of being welcomed and loved by God and by our parents is always the firm foundation for authentic human growth and authentic development, helping us to mature on the way towards truth and love, and to move beyond ourselves in order to enter into communion with others and with God."


Economics is another equally important area where we can appreciate the value of motherhood to society. Motherhood makes women skilled at multi-tasking and time management, as she works as tutor, laundry woman, cook, housekeeper, psychiatrist, nurse, and so on. She works a 60-hour work week, 52 weeks of the year. In the US computing at just the minimum wage level – although she deserves much, much more – she would get an annual salary, without benefits, of more than $28,000.


The value of motherhood is upheld in all cultures regardless of time and place. Even in the most primitive culture the activities of sexuality and parenting is tolerated by societies only in the environment of committed marriage. The marriage vows even in the most primitive tribes have always been a religious rite implying the divine nature of the creative forces inherent in the exercise of sexuality. In the Church marriage is a sacrament – a visible sign of grace providing the married couple special help in fulfilling their parenting duties. This has given birth to a Christian culture that frowns on pre-marital and extra-marital sex as an offense against God and limiting sexuality to marriage. Men and women are expected to discipline their sexuality and keep it exclusive to marriage for a specific social purpose: the protection of motherhood.


Unfortunately the advent of the contraceptive elimination of pregnancy has brought on the sexual revolution – making premarital and extra-marital sex "free fun". This has served to detach sexual activity from the serious responsibilities of marriage and family and to open the way to widespread practice of cohabitation (that is, living together without the benefit of marriage). Moreover, since no contraception is 100 % effective in eliminating pregnancy it is also associated with the rise of single parenthood, leaving motherhood unprotected. Research in the West associates single parenthood with the rise of poverty among women. Children from single parent households have been found to have poorer academic performance, have higher risk for substance abuse, for juvenile crimes, and so on.

Since motherhood is the exclusive privilege of women we have already seen the privileges nature has accorded to women. We can now look at motherhood’s contribution to the feminine genius.


Becoming a mother transforms the woman into a person who generates, which means bringing up and bringing up not only children but all other people as well – with love and intuition. A mother’s task is that of educating. Women combine this unique purpose and capacity with their roles within and outside the family in a manner that makes them uniquely different from men. "Motherhood implies from the beginning a special openness to the new person: and this is precisely the woman’s part." This is woman’s unique contribution to mankind.


It’s in choosing the great rewards and challenges of family life, as wife and mother that a woman finds ample opportunity to express the profoundly feminine part of herself, simultaneously serving others, developing her potential for greater love, greater service, greater fruitfulness and ultimately, a greater expression of herself. It’s in her openness; to conceive and give birth to a child, that woman discovers herself through a sincere gift of self. Although parenthood belongs to both father and mother it’s undeniable that it is realized much more fully in the woman. Motherhood involves a special communion with the mystery of life, as the child develops in the mother’s womb. The mother is filled with wonder at this mystery of life, and understands with unique intuition what is happening inside her.



This unique contact with the new human being developing within her gives rise to an attitude towards human beings – not only towards her own child, but to every human being – which profoundly marks the woman’s personality. This makes women more capable of paying attention to another person, something that is all the more enhanced when they become mothers. Women who become mothers are uniquely equipped to attend to others through their sensitivity to the expressed needs, hungers and yearnings portrayed by the tone of voice, a look in the eyes, slumped shoulders and heavy sigh. The capacity to render a deeply humane attention to the seemingly not so special people who constitute always and everywhere the overwhelming majority of the human race is the humanizing contribution women make to society.


Women are biologically hard-wired to be receptive, a capacity which comes to fruition in motherhood when she actively receives, embraces, nourishes and nurtures new life. This gives her a special genius to receive and assimilate new ideas into her world view. She has the openness to help new ideas along by helping the originator of new concepts, by reformulating and expanding on them. She is well disposed to seeing other people’s intellectual offspring succeed, rooting for them like a mother encouraging her own child to take his or her first steps.

There is no telling how much the loss of prestige of motherhood has made women lose touch of these aspects of the feminine genius and through this decline have contributed to making the world less harmonious and less peaceful.


My brothers and sisters in Christ, since women are by nature mothers, there is a primacy in motherhood for defining the true identity of woman. When women deny or compromise their vocation to motherhood they endanger not only the good of those for whom she is primarily responsible, but also her own physical, emotional and spiritual well being. They are cutting themselves off from their own nature – frustrating their own natural desire to love and care for those entrusted to her, to be receptive to them, and to be fully attentive to their needs, and in return to be cherished, to be held in high regard and to be understood and blessed by them.

Mary, Mother of Our Redeemer, pray for us!




"Permit Issue" Excuse Is Clearly Being Used To Promote Abortion In Rockford

Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – 5 20 2011 – by James – As the mobile ultrasound motor-home continues to save babies from abortion in Rockford a small group of pro-abortion aldermen continue to try and have this lifesaving ministry removed from Rockford over what they call "permit issues."  To people of good will and common sense it is becoming very clear this "permit issue" excuse has no basis in justice, common sense, or the good of the people of Rockford.

Parking permits have been granted to semis, trucks, and over-sized motor-homes pulling large trailers to park downtown.  A BBQ stand has been given a permit to set-up shop on downtown sidewalks and we haven’t heard a peep, not a word, not one question from the pro-abortion aldermen about the permits given to all of these vehicles and businesses that park or set up shop on sidewalks in many places in Rockford.


It is time to face facts – if permits can be given to all of these and many other vehicles to park in Rockford and then a permit is refused to the mobile ultrasound, that refusal would be for one reason and one reason only.  Because the mobile ultrasound saves children from being killed by abortion and the aldermen who refuse to grant this permit will grant a parking permit to just about anyone except people who are saving children from a brutal death by abortion. 


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