Pro-Abortion Style "Wannsee Conference" Held In Rockford

Rockford, Il – ProLifeCorner – 5 20 2011 – by James – The old axiom “if we do not remember history, we are condemned to relive it” seems to be coming true in our city.  On January 20, 1942, 15 high-ranking Nazi Party and German government officials gathered at a villa in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee to discuss and coordinate the implementation of what they called the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question."  On May 18, 2011, at the Unitarian Church in Rockford IL, a group of abortion supporters led by former and present abortion clinic workers gathered to strategically plan and implement ideas to promote the continued killing of children in the womb in Rockford.

 At the time of the Wannsee Conference, most participants were already aware that the National Socialist regime had engaged in mass murder of Jews and other civilians in the German-occupied areas of the Soviet Union and in Serbia.  None of the officials present at the meeting objected to the Final Solution policy.
On May 18, 2011, at the Unitarian Church in Rockford IL, a group of abortion supporters led by former and present abortion clinic workers gathered to strategically plan and implement ideas to promote the continued killing of children in the womb in Rockford.
One Big Difference
In places like Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Communist China, when the genocide of innocent people has been planned, good people have been either unwilling or unable to stand in protest at the meetings that coordinated the efforts of those who sought the destruction of human life.
In Rockford on this day a group of over 30 Christians gathered to pray and be public witnesses outside this pro-abortion meeting.  These people were witnesses to Christ and the dignity of every human life.
The prayer gathering began when a few Christians arrived.  The pastor of the Unitarian church threatened them, in menacing tones, with arrest for standing in public.  The pro-lifers were not intimidated by a man who was hosting a meeting to promote the killing of children in the womb.
The pastor called the police, but they did not arrive for an hour.  When they did, the officer did not even bother to speak to the pro-lifers who were standing on public property.  The officer gave a friendly wave when he drove away.
The Truth Was Proclaimed
As the participants arrived for the meeting to plan the destruction of children in the womb, surprise could be seen on the faces of the elderly pro-aborts when they saw so many people praying for life.
As the Unitarian pastor stood outside, waiting for the police to arrive, pro-lifers were able to ask him how and why he supports the killing of God’s children in the womb.  He was also asked how in good conscience he can turn his back on human beings in the womb – he did not have an answer for any of these questions.
The Difference Between Wannsee And Rockford
When the killing of human beings was planned at a meeting in Germany many years ago, there was no opposition, no protest.  In Rockford, Illinois on this day, Christians stood in prayer, love, and truth in public to make a statement that the genocide of innocent people will never go unchallenged in this city.

The Shame Of The Culture Of Death Exposed

Ultrasound Continues Miraculous Life-Saving Work In Rockford…..

The owner of the Rockford abortion mill is getting so frustrated that children’s lives are continually being saved inside the mobile ultrasound clinic, he dragged out two elderly pro-abortion women all the way from McHenry County to stand in the clinic driveway and scream at mothers if they dared to stop to take information on the free mobile ultrasound clinic.

The power of prayer and love is always stronger than ignorance and death.  "Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is stronger than death. Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the LORD."  Song of Solomon 8:6

Three mothers used the mobile ultrasound this morning to see the children in their wombs and choose life.  Two of these women are going to need continued help so pro-lifers will be meeting with them to provide both moms with the love and support they need.

One interesting thing happened that shows the difference between a people of life and the culture of death.

A woman who chose life at the Rockford abortion mill 14 years ago because pro-lifers had helped her, sent a sidewalk counselor a letter of thanks and a picture of her daughter who will be graduating 8th grade this year.  A sidewalk counselor was reading the letter to people at the mill and sharing the mother’s words of thanks to pro-lifers for being there when she needed help.

The faces on the two elderly pro-aborts wrinkled in anger and scorn when they heard the grateful mother’s joy at choosing life.  Their faces went from anger to revulsion when they saw the picture of the beautiful fourteen year old girl who was saved from abortion at this very mill.

The one thing that did cheer up the old pro-aborts was when a mother drove into the abortion mill, screaming and refusing to stop for help.  The abortion supporters did a little victory dance that at least this child would not get away alive.

At the end of the day, it was the joy and peace in the faces of the three mothers who used the mobile ultrasound clinic which showed everyone present that it is and always will be Jesus Christ who is "Our Way, Our Truth, and Our LIFE."


Turning the Tables on Atheists

Author Patrick Madrid Discusses "The Godless Delusion" By Karna Swanson GRANVILLE, Ohio, MAY 14, 2011  What would happen if Christians turned the tables on atheists and challenged them on their belief that God doesn’t exist?

This is the premise of the book "The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism," written by Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley (Our Sunday Visitor), in which the internal contradictions of a non-belief in God, as well as the various incoherencies in the atheistic worldview, are exposed.
According to Madrid, "atheists are not accustomed to Christians subjecting atheism to a rigorous critique on its own merits. This is why our primary goal was to take a different approach by providing a philosophical critique of atheism itself."
Madrid is the author or editor of 16 books, the director of the Envoy Institute of Belmont Abbey College, the publisher of Envoy Magazine, and host of the Thursday edition of EWTN Radio’s "Open Line" broadcast (3-5 p.m. ET).
In this interview with ZENIT, Madrid discusses the primary goals of writing "The Godless Delusion," as well as the precarious foundations of the naturalistic morality of atheism.
ZENIT: As you state in your book, atheists have been around for years, but there have also been various Catholic and Protestant responses to atheism. What is unique about your approach to atheism and your understanding of atheists?

Madrid: Given that other Catholic books have already decisively refuted atheism’s major arguments against God, when Kenneth Hensley and I began outlining chapters for "The Godless Delusion," we knew it wasn’t necessary for us to write the same sort of book (three superb examples of which are: "The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism," by Edward Feser, "Handbook of Catholic Apologetics," by Jesuit Father Ronald Tacelli and Peter Kreeft, and "Theology and Sanity," by Frank Sheed).
Atheists are accustomed to being the aggressor when engaging Christians. They attack and Christians defend. But atheists are not accustomed to having the tables turned, and to defend atheist principles. They are not accustomed to Christians subjecting atheism to a rigorous critique on its own merits.
This is why our primary goal was to take a different approach by providing a philosophical critique of atheism itself — one that would highlight its internal contradictions and incoherencies and demonstrate what we believe to be the atheist worldview’s abject inability to account for various immaterial realities we all know and experience, e.g., love, knowledge, goodness, evil, self-awareness, memory, human rights, etc.
Second, we wanted to subject atheism to a strictly rational, philosophical critique that would not rely on evidence for the existence of God found in divine revelation: Christ, Scripture, the Church, miracles, etc. Those things are, of course, rejected out of hand by atheists as wholly irrelevant and inadmissible, so we felt it would be useful for our readers to understand how to critique and refute atheism without ever having to engage in directly proving the existence of God.
At the outset of the book, we specify a premise with which all atheists would agree: Either God exists or he does not exist. There is no possibility of a third option. Thus, if it can be conclusively proven that God does not exist, then atheism is true and we should all become atheists. The corollary is equally true: If atheism itself is false, then by default, God must exist. In "The Godless Delusion," our fundamental goal is to demonstrate that God must exist, but only indirectly, by showing that atheism is false.

ZENIT: In the chapter titled "The Death of Right and Wrong," you discuss the naturalistic worldview of atheism and note its most radical implications vis-à-vis morality. Essentially, if one is to accept that only what can be seen exists, then one must deny the existence of the basic ideas of right and wrong. But isn’t the natural law written on the hearts of all? Why couldn’t a naturalistic worldview also encompass a naturalistic morality?
Madrid: Yes, that’s correct. Atheism’s denial of the existence of God is predicated on what is known as the Naturalist world view. Naturalism posits that the only things that exist are material. Or, to say it a different way, nothing immaterial (i.e., spiritual or supernatural) can exist. In other words, only things in the natural order exist. There is no supernatural order above or beyond the natural. This helps to explain why, on the one hand, atheists disdain any talk of God, angels and souls. They reject the existence of these things since there are immaterial and therefore not part of the natural order.

And on the other hand, the naturalist foundation of atheism helps to explain why so many modern atheists tout science as the supreme means by which the question, "Does God exist?" can be answered. Most atheists confidently assume that science has either disproven the existence of God or it soon will. But, of course, science is completely incapable of answering this question because science deals strictly with pre-given material realties in the cosmos, which can be apprehended with man’s corporeal sense organs. These things are subject to observation, measurement, etc., because they are material. But God is immaterial. So are angels, demons, and human souls. These are pure spirit and, therefore, lie utterly beyond the realm of science. Philosophy, not the physical sciences, is the proper and only adequate means of proving or disproving the existence of God.
Science, for all its stupendous importance, is simply incapable of speaking to the question of God’s existence. And this brings us the crux of the answer to your question: Morality is part of the "real world" we all live in, and even atheists follow moral norms out of a desire to be "good." But what possible meaning can the word "good" have in a truly atheist universe in which God does not exist?
In "The Godless Delusion," we say that terms such as "good" and "evil" would be essentially meaningless in any absolute sense because, if God does not exist and there is no transcendent moral law revealed by God which prescribes how we should act, one cannot say that a given action is good or evil. It just is what it is. One may not like or approve of a particular action, such as murder or theft, but it would be impossible to deem it "evil" in any sense beyond one’s own subjective, personal preferences. This is an example of an incoherence at work within atheism.
The atheist conviction is that human beings should be "good" for the sake of being good, as well as for the general personal and social benefits that accrue from being "good," "moral," etc. — not because God wills that we be good.
This is where a curious lacuna inherent in the atheist moral theory comes into view. Atheist scientists, such as Richard Dawkins, concur with Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which entails the "survival of the fittest" principle of natural selection. The strong dominate and kill off the weak. The superior naturally eliminate the inferior, etc. This principle can be readily observed in the animal kingdom, where stronger, faster, more aggressive alpha males get to mate with the females and produce offspring. Weaker, less dominant males do not.
A significant incoherence in atheist thought becomes clear when atheists insist, on the one hand, that the natural order is governed by the blind, random forces of nature, resulting in the "survival of the fittest" evolution of species and yet, on the other hand, they complain about the problem of evil, or decry violent acts of Muslim jihadism, or excoriate those who engage in "immoral" behavior, especially among those who believe in God (and most especially among Christians).
But if, as atheists claim, God does not exist and all of us are simply the byproducts of natural selection’s "survival of the fittest," why shouldn’t the strong among us dominate and kill off the weak? Why shouldn’t we adopt an "every man for himself" attitude and get what we want from whomever we want it by whatever means we can get it? Atheism can offer no meaningful, much less plausible, answer to that question.
One of the many ironies of atheism is that atheists dismiss the Christian claim that God has revealed a transcendent moral law to all human beings (see St. Paul’s discussion of this in Romans 1:19-23, 2:14-16). Of course, there is a great deal more one can say about the problem this dichotomy presents for atheists, and we examine this issue in much greater detail in "The Godless Delusion."

ZENIT: You state that most atheists are moral people, who do believe in right and wrong. How do they justify not living out the naturalistic worldview to its logical conclusion?
Madrid: Yes, it’s true that many atheists not only regard themselves to be good people, but they really do try to be good people. Many of them strive to be kind, tolerant, generous, and respectful toward others. This is because they recognize that "right" and "wrong" behavior is real and not merely theoretical.

But this recognition, as important as it is for peaceful and harmonious human interaction, is still utterly inconsistent with the atheist worldview’s foundational claim that only natural, material things exist. To be consistent with this claim, they are forced to admit that "being good" is really just a matter of personal conviction or group consensus, not an ideal that God desires for all of us to strive for.
Atheists cannot justify, according to atheist principles, why they believe it is "wrong" to pollute oceans, cut down rain forests, or hack into someone’s bank account and steal their life savings. If the stronger members of the human species engage in such behaviors in their pursuit of dominating the weaker members, and if there is no God and therefore no transcendent, prescriptive moral law given by God to guide us into knowing what is right and what is wrong, then on what grounds can atheists legitimately oppose such behaviors?
Doing so would be intolerant and would have the net result of the atheist forcing his morality on others — the very thing atheists object to in the first place.
On the Net:
Patrick Madrid’s Web site:
Turning the Tables on Atheists (Part 2)
Author Patrick Madrid Discusses "The Godless Delusion"
By Karna Swanson
GRANVILLE, Ohio, MAY 13, 2011 ( If you want to know what happens when atheistic principles overtake a society, look no further than the totalitarian regimes of Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung, says Patrick Madrid.
Madrid is the co-author, with Kenneth Hensley, of the book "The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism" (Our Sunday Visitor), which exposes the internal contradictions of a non-belief in God.
According to Madrid, "the atheist claim that there is no God entails the claim that there is no absolute standard of morality," which in turn means that "what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is simply what the individual or groups of individuals decide is ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’"
He explains that in this situation, what is "good" is often what is "what is expedient, what promotes the consolidation of power and privilege, what facilitates the elimination of resistance and ideological competition (Christianity, for example)."
Madrid is the author or editor of 16 books, the director of the Envoy Institute of Belmont Abbey College, the publisher of Envoy Magazine, and host of the Thursday edition of EWTN Radio’s "Open Line" broadcast (3-5 p.m. ET).
In this interview with ZENIT, Madrid discusses the atheism of the 20th century and today, as well as what he has learned over the years about individuals who embrace a disbelief in God.
ZENIT: You address in your book the problem of proselytism by atheists. First, why is it important for atheists to push their non-belief in God? Second, what happens to society if they succeed?
Madrid: Perhaps the most vividly convincing evidence of what happens to a society when atheist principles are put into practice on a grand scale are the repressive, totalitarian, genocidal horrors wrought by atheists during the 20th century. Avowed atheists such as Stalin and Mao systematically imposed atheist principles as state policy, and in the processes liquidated more than 100 million men, women and children.
As we discuss in "The Godless Delusion," the atheist claim that there is no God entails the claim that there is no absolute standard of morality. And if there is no absolute standard of morality, then what is "right" and "wrong" is simply what the individual or groups of individuals decide is "right" or "wrong." In this scenario — as countless doomed Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, and others discovered — what is expedient, what promotes the consolidation of power and privilege, what facilitates the elimination of resistance and ideological competition (Christianity, for example) is "good."
Among the more ominous characteristics of the early 21st century is the rise of the "new atheists," men such as Christopher Hitchens ("God is Not Great"), Richard Dawkins ("The God Delusion"), Sam Harris ("Letter to a Christian Nation"), and Greg Epstein ("Good Without God"). These new atheists are militant in their commitment to atheism, ferociously anti-religion, and quite prepared to engage in a public struggle with theists through their books, movies, DVDs, Web sites, magazines and public lectures.
What separates the new atheists from previous generations of less combative and, frankly, more intellectually formidable atheists such as Bertrand Russell, is that the new atheists are actively, relentlessly "proselytizing" for converts among Christians. And unlike the earlier, more staid, Bertrand-Russell brand of intellectual atheists, Dawkins, Hitchens, and the rest of the new atheists see their worldview as a righteous cause that must be carried forward aggressively with the goal of converting as many believers as possible so as to free the world of the evils they argue are inevitably fomented by religion and religious people.
As atheists often proclaim: "Religion Kills." They see ridding the world of religion to be a singularly worthy goal that will bring about enlightenment, happiness, and freedom from "superstition," ignorance, suspicion of science and violence perpetrated in the name of God.
Obviously, we Christians have a lot of work to do to help atheists see that even if individual Catholics are guilty of such things, the question of whether God does or does not exist is in no way predicated upon the behavior of those who believe he exists.
ZENIT: You mention in your introduction your first encounter with an atheist as an 11-year-old boy, and how you were on that occasion "thoroughly routed." What is the biggest lesson you have learned since then when discussing the existence of God with those who don’t believe? And do you have any advice for the rest of us?
Madrid: One of the key things I’ve learned in the 40 years since that discussion with the atheist lady who lived across the street from us is that many atheists are very intelligent, even brilliant people. They place a very high value on seeking truth based on facts and evidence, rather than what they regard in Christians to be "blind faith" and superstition. Fair enough.
While I reject the atheist assumption that Christianity relies on blind faith or wallows in superstition, I do not hesitate to admit that atheists are admirable in their desire to find evidence for what they believe. But what amazes me is that many atheists will close their eyes, cover their ears, and refuse to even consider the evidences that abound for the existence of God.
How it is that so many very intelligent and clear thinking people can fall for the lie of atheism is perplexing. It is a subtle lie, and it appeals to human beings on different levels, not the least of which is the attracting notion that if there is no God, then there is no hell; and if no hell, then there are no ultimate, eternal repercussions, good or bad, for how we live out our mortal lives. Of course, atheists will complain about the problem of evil and insist that people should be "good without God." But why? If God does not exist, why be good?
ZENIT: What can Christians do in the face of aggressive attacks from the other side?
Madrid: My view is that Christians must do three things if we are to adequately meet the challenge of atheism and conclusively demonstrate to atheists that their worldview is rationally untenable and cannot account for certain fundamental realities, and that Christianity can account for them.
First, we must pray fervently for atheists and rely on God’s illuminating grace as far more important than our own efforts to refute atheism. Second, we must become proficient in both understanding and explaining the many compelling reasons for believing in God, including the classical proofs for his existence, and the rationally powerful and convincing answers to the arguments atheists raise against God (see Kreeft, Tacelli, and Feser for a head start in that direction, by the way).
And third, we must understand how to critique atheist claims on their own merits. Moving beyond responding to atheist argument with proofs for God’s existence, we need to show atheists why atheism itself is false. And that last part is precisely our goal in "The Godless Delusion."
— — —
On ZENIT’s Web page:
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On the Net:
Patrick Madrid’s Web site:

What Is Motivating The People Who Want To Block The Mobile Ultrasound ?

Rockford IL.-  ProLifeCorner-  By James-  5 13 2011-   It doesn’t seem to make sense that any decent person would not want women to have access to a free ultrasound so that they could be fully informed before making a life and death decision.

Below is a screen shot from a web-site run by Alderman Karen Elyea.  She is the driving force in promoting abortion on Rockford’s City Council.  From her failed attempt at placing a bubble zone around the clinic to her relentless efforts at blocking the mobile ultrasound from helping mothers and children in need, Alderman Elyea is the most powerful promoter of the culture of death that Rockford politics has ever seen.

What is her motivation?  Where does she get her political, spiritual, and philosophical ideas and inspiration?

Below is a look at a few of the people and books her website promotes  – this may give us the answer.

Books on Wicca – Wicca promotes witches, the pentagram (a demonic symbol).  Its usual deities are the horned god and the triple goddess — maid, mother, and crone.

This website has a link to Ed Rosenthal  – He is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on marijuana in his more than 30 years as the "guru of ganja."  Rosenthal has written or edited more than a dozen books about marijuana cultivation.  On his website he gives tips for growing marijuana. 

Posters of Che Guevara – A radical communist – terrorist who murdered many innocent people.  A famous quote from Guevara is, "If Christ Himself stood in my way, I, like Nietzsche, would not hesitate to squish Him like a worm." 

Books by Timothy Leary – Leary is known  for advocating the benefits of psychedelic drugs.  A hugely controversial figure during the 1960s and 1970s, he defended the use of the drug LSD.  Leary also popularized the phrase "Turn on, tune in, drop out".

If you have been wondering how we have reached the point in Rockford, where the majority of the members of the Rockford City Council are working extremely hard to ensure mothers are not allowed to see ultrasounds of children in their wombs (the result of their actions being more dead children in this city), all you have to do is look at the ideas and people their leader follows.

If we don’t stand up now and defend Christ and life, these kinds of people and their ideas will be governing our city and making life and death decisions for our children.


40 Days Action Committee Meeting

Announcement- Rockford IL.-  PLEASE ATTEND!  The40 Days for Life Action Committee is meeting this coming Wednesday, May 18 at 7pm at St Bridget’s Parish Center, 704 Clifford Ave, Loves Park, IL.  (The entrance faces the parking lot).  We will be reviewing our 2011 campaign efforts so that we can make set up strategies for 2012. 

We hope to utilize our volunteers, actions, and budget as effectively as possible.  Suggestions on what went right and what can be improved will be greatly appreciated at this meeting.
Each of the 3 years that Rockford has been involved in the international 40 Days campaign, more faith communities and individuals have become involved.  This year, we observed a 50% decrease in the number of young women who came to the abortion mill during the Lent prayer vigil time period.  More yard signs and banners were set out and more communities participated.  All in all, there seems to be a growing participation by faithful people and a decrease in abortions during that same time.  But, how can we make it stronger next year?  Help us find the answer.
In His service,
Sue Richards; co-coordinator, 40 Days for Life/Rockford

Democrat Members Of The Rockford City Council Continue To Champion The Culture Of Death

Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – by James – On Wednesday May 11, 2011, the Rockford Traffic Commission met to put into place a process in which the mobile ultrasound clinic could be granted a permit to continue to help mothers in need in Rockford.  At the request of the three pro-abortion aldermen, the Traffic Commission "took no action" on the permit process.  This means that when it does go before the full City Council, it will take a super majority of 10 affirmative votes to pass.

The continued success of the mobile ultrasound in saving children’s lives is NOT pleasing at all to three pro-abortion aldermen – Karen Elyea, Venita Hervey, and Linda McNeely who joined with abortion mill owner Wayne Webster’s lawyer Nick Zimmerman in convincing the Traffic Commission to "take no action" in putting a permit process in place that would allow non-profits to serve the people of Rockford.
Pro-lifers Bonita Stahl, Steve Garbe, and Larry Jacobs made the clear case that the mobile ultrasound has every right to be in Rockford and that it has already saved many children from abortion, but the traffic commission seemed scared to make a decision.
At the request of the three pro-abortion aldermen, the Traffic Commission "took no action" on the permit process.  This means that when it does go before the full City Council, it will take a super majority of 10 affirmative votes to pass.
In the past month alone because four mothers saw their children on free ultrasounds outside the Rockford mill, they have chosen life.  This is something that is not acceptable to the supporters of the particular brand of bigotry, anti-Christian hate and child-killing that is the hallmark of the Rockford abortion clinic.
What a sad commentary on the city of Rockford that the lives of children in the womb may depend on people such as these.





Why Five Judges For A Jaywalking Ticket?

Rockford, Il – ProLifeCorner – 5 11 2011 – by James – Four Judges Aren’t Enough – Fifth Judge Will Be Needed To Handle The Case Of The Jay-Walking Pro-Lifer.  In a case that is progressing from the ridiculous to the bizarre, a Rockford pro-lifer is being bounced around from judge to judge to judge to judge because none of them seems to know what to do with the "walking on highway" charges being leveled at him by Democrat Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joseph Brusactto.

A quick recap of the case:  On November 12, 2010, pro-lifer Kevin Rilott was at the Rockford abortion mill when the clinic owner made a complaint that  someone had taken his parking space.  When a police officer arrived, Mr. Rilott asked the officer why there was a large skull on the cap he was wearing.
The officer told Mr. Rilott to get out of his sight, and Mr. Rilott immediately followed the officer’s instructions.  In following the officer’s direct order to "got out of my sight", Mr. Rilott stepped a few feet into 10th Street, a quiet residential street, to avoid the police officer who was blocking the sidewalk.
As soon as Mr. Rilott stepped onto the residential street, that dozens of people cross every day, the officer ticketed him for jay-walking.
The fact that the officer in question was suspended by the Rockford Police Department for one day without pay for wearing a skull on his cap and that  the pro-lifer was following the direct instructions of the police officer has not slowed down the prosecution by the Democrat State’s Attorney.
The first judge (Vecchio) in this case said he didn’t even know that what Mr. Rilott was being charged with was against the law – he sent it to another judge.
The second judge (Heaslip) didn’t want the case in his court so it was sent to a third judge.
On Monday May 9, 2011 the case no judge seems to want came before Judge Randy Wilt, a former attorney for abortion mill owner Wayne Webster.  This judge had no clue what to do with it so he had to recess the court, leave the courtroom, and call judge Brian Shore to see if he would take the case.
Judge Shore was either unwilling or unable to hear the case so it will be sent to a mysterious fifth judge.
Who this fifth judge will be is anyone’s guess.  Mr. Rilott was told he will be notified when a judge is found who will take the case.
Some have speculated that the continued persistence with this absurd case by the Democrat Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joseph Bruscatto is in some way a pay-back to the strong pro-life opposition to the Democrats on the Rockford City Council who are trying to block the mobile ultrasound.
Some other facts would seem to bear this out.  A videotape of the interaction between the police officer and Mr. Rilott, that proves Mr. Rilott’s side of the story, has been offered to the State’s Attorney on numerous occasions.
The State’s Attorney office refuses even to look at the videotape.
What this comes down to at best are public officials so incompetent that they can’t even figure out how to handle a bogus jay-walking case.  
At worst this is a prime example of the Democrat party closing ranks to protect their own and use the legal system to harass an innocent citizen simply because he is pro-life.
Either way we are hoping that the fifth judge this case will go to will have the common sense to see through this abuse of the legal system.
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Abortion-What Kind Of Religion Is That?

Rockford, IL – ProLifeCorner – 5 9 2011 – by James – Since when did baby killing become a religion? The Rockford abortion mill has a large sign in the door of one of its main entrances that claims the law and the clinic’s religious rights have been violated.  A very interesting perspective, coming from a place that is in the business of killing human beings and mocking God.

The part of the sign about a possible violation of the law by the mayor is at best delusional. 
There is absolutely no law on the books that the mobile ultrasound has even come close to violating. 
In fact, Wayne Webster has embarrassed Alderman Elyea and made her look completely foolish in public by encouraging her to claim the mobile ultrasound violated the law.  She has had to backtrack on her claims, and even the Rockford Police Department has made a public statement that the mobile clinic has violated no laws.
We need input from our readers regarding the abortion mill’s sign which claims its religious rights have been violated.
We want to know if any of our readers know which religion supports what this abortion clinic does and stands for. 
A few facts about this mill.
1.  Over 60,000 human beings have been killed inside its walls. 
2. The founder of this clinic was arrested on child porn charges.
3. It has prominently displayed a mask of Satan in one of its upper windows.
4. It has mocked God in countless ways. including desecrating a crucifix in public on numerous occasions.
5. It has displayed a sign in its window, claiming the 50,000 (at that time) children killed by abortion is victory over Jesus Christ.
We are sure every child in the womb who has been murdered in this mill, every mother who lives with a lifetime of pain and regret because of this mill, and every family that has been destroyed because of abortion in Rockford would like to know what kind of religion the mill owners and landlord claim to have.

Rockford's Choice-Hypocrisy or LIFE!

Rockford Il.-  ProLifeCorner-  May 7 2011-  By James-  Mobile Ultrasound Clinic Continues To Save Lives As "Parking Issue" Excuse Exposed As Fraud.  In Rockford on Friday May 6, 2011, two mothers used the mobile ultrasound, thanks to Mayor Morrissey and the Republican aldermen supporting the granting of a 45 day permit for the mobile ultrasound to be in Rockford

Because of these faithful public servants who are working for the good of all Rockford citizens, two more children are alive today; two more mothers have been saved from a lifetime of pain and regret, and two more families can now look to the future with hope.
As always the pro-life citizens of Rockford were there to offer mothers any help they might need in bringing their daughters or sons into the world.
This is as it should be.  Caring politicians such as Mayor Morrissey, Aldermen Beach, Curran, Mark, Beck, Durkee, and Timm  are working for the good of the community and its people, stepping up to help those in need.
We know some in our city led by Wayne Webster and Alderman Karen Elyea, are doing all in their power to block access to the mobile ultrasound clinic.  They are using parking issues as an excuse to hide their real agenda, abortion.  And yet a friend of the Pro-Life Corner has taken pictures of a truck parked in the street at City Hall. What hypocrisy!!
This Fed Ex delivery truck took up an entire lane of the two lane street behind City Hall as it was possibly making deliveries to some of the very aldermen in City Hall who want to ban the mobile ultrasound from parking in a legal parking place.
When these pictures were taken, no driver was even near the truck – it was just sitting, locked up, blocking an entire lane of traffic behind City Hall.  
A few moments later another delivery truck was photographed parked in a no parking zone for an extended period of time right in front of the Winnebago County Courthouse!
It’s time to drop the facade that the mobile ultrasound clinic issue has anything at all to do with parking.  The mobile clinic legally parks for a few hours once a week in front of the Labor News business, which welcomes its presence. Yet in downtown Rockford the city streets are filled with trucks, some of them parked for days at a time, in no parking zones, and other trucks even parking at City Hall and the Court House in no parking zones for as long as they want.
We hope and pray the Democrat aldermen of Rockford will open their hearts to the lives of the unborn that this mobile ultrasound clinic continues to save.
We hope and pray the Democrat aldermen of Rockford reject the false notion that this issue has anything at all to do with parking – it is all about the lives of the children of Rockford.