Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 6 29 2011

An estimated 18 children died inside of Rockford’s abortion mill this past week;     A series of articles that identify a man who has taken a leading role in the promotion of the killing of children by abortion in Rockford;      A Jay-Walking Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma In The Courts Of Rockford……

On Friday June 24, an estimated seven children were killed by abortion in the Rockford abortion mill.  Follow this link to read about the power of the Gospel made present at Rockford’s abortion mill
On Wednesday June 28, an estimated eleven children died inside of Rockford’s abortion mill.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.

Below is a series of articles that identify a man who has taken a leading role in the promotion of the killing of children by abortion in Rockford.
Minister Of Death Arrives At Rockford’s Abortion Mill
An Open Letter To Rev. Frank Moyer From A Mother Who Had An Abortion In Rockford
The Loss Of Faith And Reason Is Killing The Children Of Rockford
 A Jay-Walking Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma In The Courts Of Rockford
Kevin Rilott, the pro-lifer who was given a jay-walking ticket by a Rockford police officer when he followed the officer’s orders at Rockford’s abortion mill to "get out of my sight", was back in court on Monday, June 20, 2011. 
Again, the many judges involved in the case didn’t quite know what to do!  The first judge Mr. Rilott was sent to was Judge Heaslip who said to Mr. Rilott, "What are you doing here? Didn’t I remove myself from your case?"  When Mr. Rilott informed the judge that he had in-fact removed himself from the case, Judge Heaslip sent Mr. Rilott to another courtroom.  (This was, of course, after intentionally making Mr. Rilott wait until he was the last case he called that morning.)
The last time Mr. Rilott was in the Winnebago County Justice Center, he was told by the judge in Courtroom D that he didn’t belong there and was sent to the judge in Courtroom C.   This time Mr. Rilott was told by the judge in Courtroom C and told he didn’t belong there and was sent back to the judge in Courtroom D.
Judge Lowery, to whom Judge Heaslip had intended to send Mr. Rilott in Courtroom D, was not in.  It was probably a good thing Judge Lowery was not in because the last time Mr. Rilott was before Judge Lowery, Judge Lowery said he didn’t want Mr. Rilott in his courtroom for a jay-walking ticket and sent him to Judge Heaslip.  Judge Heaslip (he is the judge who said no religion was allowed in his courtroom) clearly doesn’t want Mr. Rilott in his courtroom and bounced him back to Judge Lowery. 
At least it is a short walk between Courtrooms C and D. 
Neither judge wants the case so maybe it was a good thing Judge Shore was filling in the courtroom at this time.  The problem is Judge Shore doesn’t want the case either and has rescheduled it to go back before Judge Lowery in July, but we already know Judge Lowery doesn’t want the case.
Some observers have noted that the one hope we do have of finding a judge who knows what to do with the jay-walking pro-lifer case is that if this case keeps going at the present pace, some of the current judges who don’t want the case may be up for retirement in a few years.  Maybe, just possibly, a new judge will know how to handle a case in which a pro-lifer was given a jay-walking ticket by a police officer who was angry because he was asked about the skull on the cap he was wearing at the abortion clinic.  The skull-wearing officer then ordered the pro-lifer to "get out of my sight", and when the pro-lifer tried to follow the officer’s orders, he was arrested for doing what the officer told him to do.
To top it all off, the officer was suspended by the police department for a day without pay for his actions.
Now, if you’re confused by all of this, the good thing is that you do qualify to run in the next election for the position of Judge in Winnebago County.

The Power Of The Gospel Saves A Child At Rockford's Abortion Mill

Rockford, Il – ( – 6 28 2011 – by James – A group of pro-abortion supporters showed up again at Rockford’s abortion mill to block offers of help to mothers in need at the driveway of this killing center.  Between encouraging mothers to kill their babies and blocking offers of help to mothers, the pro-child-killing protesters made crude jokes about Mother Teresa and were mocking the pro-lifers who had gathered to read the Gospel of John with comments like, "It’s just words.  They mean nothing."

"So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it."  Isaiah 55:11

While the group of pro-aborts was present at the mill, blocking help and encouraging mothers to abort, a group of Christians was also present, but they were prayerfully reading the Gospel of John from beginning to end.

The power of the Gospel and grace of God opened a mother’s ear to life this morning.  As this young mother was driven into the abortion mill parking lot, the driver slowed down as if he wanted to take some information, but two elderly pro-aborts began screaming at him so he drove into the mill lot.

As the young mother got out of the car, she walked slowly across the parking lot, listening to the words of two pro-life sidewalk counselors.  The words that seemed to cause her to stop dead in her tracks were those which told about how much her child in her womb already loves her.

After only a few minutes in the mill and well before the abortionist arrived, she came out.  As mom and dad left the mill, again they appeared as if they wanted to stop and speak with pro-lifers, but the raging pro-aborts surrounded their car.

So dad looked directly at a man holding a pro-life sign and mouthed the words, "Thank you."  When asked, "How’s the baby?", he gave a thumbs-up!

From the passenger seat, mom looked at the pro-life sidewalk counselor and with a huge smile nodded her head.

Again at this place of death, the Gospel of Jesus Christ brought life and love.




Minister Of Death Arrives At Rockford Abortion Mill

Rockford, Il – ( – 6 27 2011 – by James – Frank Moyer, a retired Lutheran minister from Machesney Park, IL, is starting to become a regular fixture at Rockford’s abortion mill, assisting Wayne Webster in his attempts to prevent mothers from receiving help at the abortion mill driveway.

Pastor Moyer only comes to the mill on Friday mornings when the mobile ultrasound clinic is in Rockford.  He has made public statements against the mobile ultrasound clinic so it appears he has taken it upon himself to make sure mothers do not have the "choice" to see a free ultrasound of the baby within them.

For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh. Such a one is the deceiver and the antichrist.  2 John 1:7

This wolf in sheep’s clothing has written letters to the Register Star in favor of abortion, but the full extent of his culture of death activism was not known until he arrived on the sidewalks of the Rockford abortion mill.  This "pastor" has physically pushed a pro-lifer and used very un-Christian language in his attempts to intimidate pro-lifers and promote the Rockford abortion mill that is nationally known for its racism and bigotry.

We ask you to keep in your prayers this man who is working so hard to ensure the killing of children in the womb.   





Loss Of Faith And Reasoning

Rockford, Il – ( – June 24 2011 – by James – A Loss Of Faith And Reason Is Behind The Murder Of Babies In The Womb In RockfordBelow is an essay by the pro-abortion activist Rev. Frank Moyer.  We share this with our readers so we can gain a deeper understanding of the faulty reasoning and the distorted faith that allows some to support and even promote the greatest mass murder of human beings the world has even known.  We have placed a common sense commentary in red that cuts to the reality of the faulty reasoning and deceptive faith that allows this man and a few others like him to try to justify the killing of children who are loved by God.

Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth, and God has placed in the human heart a desire to know the truth—in a word, to know himself—so that, by knowing and loving God, men and women may also come to the fullness of truth about themselves.  Pope John Paul II
As pro-life Christians who want to love God and all of God’s children, we are always seeking to understand why some people, including a few supposed Christians, have turned their backs on God’s children in the womb and support the vicious and brutal killing of these persons by abortion.
Particularly since 9-11-01, many of us have become aware of ways of violence used by people to control the lives of others. (an excellent description of the violence of murdering a child in the womb) We have seen such violence especially used to control women in other cultures (not only other cultures–some in this culture want to do violence to children in the womb by hiding the facts about abortion from mothers.  Rev. Moyer has campaigned to block the mobile ultra-sound clinic when it has been proven not every mother inside the mill is allowed to see an ultrasound.  Rev. Moyer doesn’t want women to have the choice to see a free ultrasound – the result being dead children.) – keeping them from being educated; keeping them from exercising freedoms re: dress or driving or even being seen in public; even demanding violent surgery to insure that they experience no joy from intercourse [even with their husbands!].

The major share of that violent activity gets identified with an ultra-conservative crowd within Islam. Some nations enact laws to control that behavior of Muslims they find troubling: (Rev. Moyer is trying to make a case for the government to start controlling the Christians and pro-lifers he doesn’t like.)

– France bans women from wearing the face veil
– Other European countries enact similar constraints
– Even within the U.S. there are attempts to enact laws against any employment of Sharia laws

Such legal bans, perhaps understandable, are unfortunate:
1. They employ the same approach as that used by the oppressors we wish to curtail.
2. We know not to judge all of Islam on the basis of that conservative group! We know they misuse their own sacred writings – and succeed because much of the population under their control are uneducated and are unable to read the Koran for themselves.

What troubles me even more than those activities within Islam (So Rev. Moyer is troubled more by pro-lifers who try to save babies than by the terrorists who kill people every day) are similar activities within Christianity! (He can’t intellectually or morally defend the murder of babies in the womb by abortion so his tactic is to try to compare pro-lifers to radical Islam.)

a. Visit the corner of Broadway and 10th on an early Wednesday or Friday morning! That is the location of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center [the only place within 14 counties where a woman may obtain a safe and legal abortion]. (This line should read the only place within 14 counties where a mother can take her unborn child to have her daughter or son brutally dismembered.) and watch the behavior as protesters against abortion surge towards the woman’s auto as she approaches the parking lot. (A lie. One pro-life sidewalk counselor attempts to offer help.  If the pro-abortion supporters are there, then other pro-lifers must help because the pro-aborts try to block the driveway) Listen to the insulting and demeaning shouts she must endure as she walks to the clinic door. (Yes, shouts like "God loves you!"  "We love you!"  "Can we help you?"  "We will adopt your baby!")
b. Consider the subtle ways we allow Canon Law to structure controls on aspects of our society (Rev. Moyer doesn’t seem to realize the freedoms we enjoy today have their foundation in the Canon Law of the Church.) Communities across the land with access to health care limited to Catholic owned/operated facilities (He seems to be upset because Catholics love humanity enough to open hospitals to care for people.) are unable to obtain a tubal ligation, a vasectomy, or even as assisted pregnancy. (Rev. Moyer wants to take away the right to "choose" for Catholics to run a hospital with a moral foundation.)
c. Think about the doctors and nurses, involved in providing legal and safe abortions (Slavery was once legal and abortions are never safe – a baby always dies,) who have been murdered! The man who killed Dr. Tiller [while he attended his Lutheran church in Wichita] defended his action by invoking his understanding of what the Bible told him to do when children are victimized! (Just like Rev. Moyer is promoting the murder of babies in the womb by his wrong understanding of the Bible – both are wrong – both are responsible for murder) This year we even had one state [South Dakota] attempt to pass legislation that would remove any criminal consequences for one who slays an abortion provider! (This statement is nonsense.)

I know not to judge all of Christianity by the actions of those few! But if we Christians want the moderate Muslims to address their issues of violence – then it is time we Christians do the same! (Rev. Moyer wants the civil law to control anyone who opposes the murder of babies in the womb.)

Such behaviors are acts of “terrorism”. They are attempts to “bully” the woman. They are wrong! 
( Offering love, life, and help to a mother at an abortion mill is an act of Christian love. A good definition of terrorism is the terror of a child in the womb as she is viciously killed by abortion.  It is also Rev. Moyer himself who physically assaulted a pro-lifer on the sidewalks in front of the Rockford abortion mill.)

I. We must communicate to our elected officials that we will not tolerate (but we thought liberals were tolerant? ) any of their behavior that cedes “aid and comfort” to these terrorists – and, we will judge such acts [when done] as being “terrorist” activities in themselves. (Rev. Moyer, you’re going bonkers here! So anyone who helps a mother in need is a terrorist? Nothing will ever stop pro-lifers from attempting to save God’s precious infants from being brutally murdered by abortionists.)

II. We must become involved in supporting those programs which, legally, are offering not only access to abortions (the murder of a person) – but full medical care for low income women! [Such as Planned Parenthood.] (Planned Parenthood has murdered hundreds of millions of babies in the womb and does not offer "full medical care"; that is another lie.  As we all know, Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger to weed out undesirable human beings. The founder of Planned Parenthood  stated in her own words  concerning blacks, immigrants and indigents: "…human weeds,’ reckless breeders,’ spawning… human beings who never should have been born.")  

III. We must educate our people that “person-hood” does not begin at conception! (Person-hood of course begins at conception.  Any person from a child to the world’s most renowned scientists can tell us that from the moment of conception a new and unique person has come into being:
"Father of Modern Genetics" Dr. Jerome Lejeune told the Senate, "To accept the fact that after fertilization has taken place a new human being has come into existence is no longer a matter of taste or opinion….it is plain experimental evidence."
Dr.Hymie Gordon, Chairman, Department of Genetics at the Mayo Clinic, added, "By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception."
Dr. McCarthy de Mere, medical doctor and law professor, University of Tennessee, testified, "The exact moment of the beginning of person-hood and of the human body is at the moment of conception."
Dr. Alfred Bongiovanni, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, concluded, "I am no more prepared to say that these early stages represent an incomplete human being than I would be to say that the child prior to the dramatic effects of puberty… not a human being."
As Genesis 2:7 says – “then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being.” [NRSV] (We don’t have a clue how or why Rev. Moyer believes this passage from the Bible gives us the right to murder a child in the womb.  The Bible and Jesus repeatedly warn against doing harm to children, shedding innocent blood, committing murder, etc. The Bible and Jesus are also perfectly clear that God is the Author and Originator of all life from the moment of conception.  Both in the Old and the New Testaments, there is never a distinction between born and unborn people, nor is there any different language used to describe them.  The unborn child is always referred to in the exact same manner as the born child.  Logically, we have no choice but to accept the fact that God views them as the same and intends for us to treat them in the same way.
Psalm 139: 13.  You it was who fashioned my inward parts; You knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
 Luke 1: 15.  And he will be filled with the Holy Spirit, even from his mother’s womb.
 Luke 1: 41.  And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb.
 Isaiah 49: 1.  The Lord called me before I was born, He named me from my mother’s womb.
 Genesis 25:22.  The children pressed on each other in the womb. 
 Jeremiah 1: 5.  Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.
 Psalm 22:10.  From my mother’s womb you have been my God.
 Hosea 12: 3.  Even in the womb Jacob supplanted his brother.
 Mt 25: 40. Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these My people, you did it to Me.
 Mt 19: 17. If you would enter life, keep the commandments.
 Exodus  20: 13.   "YOU SHALL NOT KILL."

An Open Letter To Rev. Frank S. Moyer

 Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner) – 6 23 2011 – by James – On May 11, 2011, Rev. Frank Moyer, who is a pro-abortion protester, wrote a letter that was printed in the Rockford Register-Star and that contained grossly misleading information.  The gist of his letter was that no mobile ultrasound clinic is needed in Rockford. 


Every one of the eleven babies saved by the free mobile ultrasound from a vicious and brutal death inside the Rockford abortion mill disagrees with him.

All eleven mothers whose babies were saved by the free ultrasound disagree with him.  Especially the mother who had tears of joy in her eyes as she was shouting, "My baby is dancing" when she saw her child jumping about in her womb while receiving the free ultrasound.

The countless mothers with whom pro-lifers have spoken over the years who have said they were denied or not offered a chance to see their ultrasounds before their abortions in the Rockford mill strongly disagree with Rev. Moyer’s heartless statement.

Renee’ Scrivano, a post-abortive mother, has written an open letter to Rev. Moyer below.  You can read for yourself what one of many women has experienced inside the Rockford abortion mill.  It is our hope that Rev. Moyer will open his heart and mind to the truth that abortion is the killing of a child and the wounding of its mother.

Dear Rev. Frank S. Moyer-

I recently read your statement to the Rockford Register-Star, "Every woman seeking medical services at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center receives an ultrasound as well as an opportunity to review the pictures with a counselor. The van parked outside is redundant, plus it is part of the many ways the center’s patients are harassed."
As a post-abortive woman having experienced the effects of an abortion, I am frustrated by this statement.  Being the patient who experienced an abortion firsthand, I can tell you that if I had been offered an ultrasound before my abortion and could have seen the pictures of my baby, I would have never chosen to have the abortion. It’s been 23 years since my abortion, and I still wish I could’ve seen my baby through an ultrasound.  I also wish that the father of the baby would have to experience the abortion and to view the ultrasound images.  
Until an unborn baby flutters and moves, there is a denial of being pregnant…especially if the pregnancy is unplanned.  The knowledge that there is truly a baby growing inside is overwhelming.  The only physical signs are a missed period, tender breasts, and nausea. Until there is movement, every mom wonders, "Is it real?  Is it true?"  Through making ultrasounds available to abortion-bound women, women are able to connect with their unborn children and see that their babies have heads, arms, legs, and body parts.  They are able to walk away and believe that what they are experiencing is true; something really is there.
As a previous Director of a Pregnancy Clinic, I have experienced women CHANGE THEIR MINDS after seeing the ultrasound images of their unborn children.  Again, I know firsthand that many women change their minds once they see their children.  I have watched them cry and laugh and bond with their unborn children.  I can tell you that many of my clients, who had chosen to have an abortion, said that they wished that the doctor hadn’t turned the monitor so that they couldn’t see their children . Many women went home and looked up ultrasound pictures online and said, "I didn’t know…no one told me…if only someone had been honest."  If you believe that the money-making industry of abortion chooses to be compassionate and honest with its patients, you have somehow been misled.  I encourage you to go to an abortion clinic and to stand next to women who are being offered an abortion.  I ask you to pay attention to the "patient", the "mother", the "victim".  I ask that you would look at this from her eyes and only her eyes.  Since you are a Reverend, promoting abortion, I encourage you to wear your clerical clothing while you stand next to her and watch how she is shocked that you are promoting this hideous act.
As a fellow believer in Jesus Christ, it offends me that a Christ-follower would support the activities inside an abortion clinic.  I can tell by this statement that you have not experienced abortion firsthand and that you have chosen to promote something without fully educating yourself.  Genesis 4:10  says, after Cain took Abel’s life, "The LORD said (to Cain), “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground."  Abel didn’t cry out; his blood did!  Every life matters to God because HE created it.  The Bible says that God is the giver and taker of life, not man.  I believe that when you meet your Maker, you will answer for this statement. You truly are on the wrong side.  As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I hope that you will go back to the original calling of a shepherd and that you will reach out to the lost and hurting and that you will take a stand for Jesus Christ.
I believe that the mobile ultrasound clinic offered by ProLifers is an excellent and honorable effort, and I am thankful that they have chosen to be truthful to women so that they will no longer be the victims of abortion.
 Renee’ Scrivano
Northern Illinois Regional Coordinator
Silent No More


Are Death And Injuries From Abortions Being Fully Reported In Rockford?

Rockford, Il – ( – 6 21 2011 – by James – The Chicago Tribune has uncovered some shocking facts that abortion mills in Illinois under-reported over 4,000 cases of complications following abortions in Illinois in the year 2009 alone, including six abortion deaths.  The state’s system for tracking abortions is so broken that regulators also may be missing more than 7,000 abortions per year. 

 A link to Pro Life Action League article below:

Some cases found in malpractice court that cannot be found in state records include a case in 2002.  A woman’s uterus was torn in an abortion, and  she began hemorrhaging, went into cardiac shock, and was hospitalized for 3 weeks. Another mother of 3 experienced seizure symptoms and slipped into a coma following her abortion at an abortion mill. In 2009, a teenage girl suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest and died immediately following her abortion at a north suburban abortion mill.

Just one Chicago abortion mill, Family Planning Associates, said it could not confirm whether it had reported 3 abortion deaths in 1998, 1999, and 2000.

“It’s outrageous,” declared Maurice Stevenson whose wife died in 2002 from infection following an abortion at a mill in Chicago.

All of this raises serious questions about the Rockford abortion mill.  This child- killing center that is nationaly know for the racism, bigotry, and anti-Christian hatred displayed in its windows and by its security guards does not give an appearance of professionalism let alonecommon decency.  

If you or anyone you know has been injured by abortion in Rockford, please have them contact us so we can put them in touch with with professional and legal help.





 A link to Pro Life Action League article:

Mayor Opens The Door To Life By Granting Six Month Permit For Mobile Ultrasound Clinic

Rockford, Il – ( – 6 19 2011 – by James – Rockford Mayor Lawrence Morrissey is true to his word.  During his tenure as mayor, he has consistently put partisan politics aside and worked for the good of the people of Rockford.  After granting temporary permits so the mobile ultrasound could continue to operate in Rockford, Mayor Morrissey has now granted a six month permit for the ultrasound to continue its life-saving work in Rockford. 

The challenge to the mobile ultrasound began in April 2011 when Alderman Karen Elyea, tried to get the mobile ultrasound clinic permit revoked. 


This turned into a string of embarrassing public gaffes for the Alderman because information she provided the news media and other Aldermen turned out to be completely untrue and was even publicly refuted by the Rockford Police Department.

 This is the second failed attempt by the Elyea / Webster team to block help to mothers in need at Rockford’s abortion mill.  In January 2010 Webster and Elyea tried to get a "bubble zone" around Rockford’s abortion mill.  Again, false information was used to promote this pro-child-killing idea, and again, the city council and public saw through the lies, and the idea miserably failed.

The abortion mill landlord has not had a very productive history in dealing with Mayor Morrissey. In March 2009, Wayne Webster tried to embarrass Mayor Morrissey when Webster used lies to obtain Morrissey for Mayor campaign signs and placed them in the windows of his nationally- known, racist abortion mill.

The media saw through Webster’s dirty trick, and he was again publicly exposed and had to take down all of the signs.  This incident may have played a significant part in the loss of the mayor’s race by the candidate Webster was supporting.

What all of this really comes down to is that those who have aligned themselves with the Rockford abortion mill have continually been embarrassed by the lies and vicious tactics of its owner.  Those such as Mayor Morrissey who are not intimidated by the evil of abortion in Rockford have become a significant force for good in our city. 

During the time Mayor Morrissey granted temporary permits for the mobile ultrasound clinic, six babies have been saved from abortion.  It is our firm belief Mayor Morrissey will one day hear from the God and Father of these children whose lives he helped save, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."




Leftists In Madison and Rockford Continue Their Harassment.

Rockford, Il – ( – 6 18 2011 – We recently wrote an article showing how those doing civil protests on the left are given preferential treatment from some authorities and the police in Madison, WI and Rockford, Il.  Wisconsin State Representative Paul Farrow wrote a letter to capitol police chief Charles Tubbs documenting some of the things we mentioned in our All Protestors Are Not Treated Equally In Rockford article….

Is it any wonder why the leftists don’t like the Pledge of Allegiance, especially the last part…”with liberty and justice for all.”?  They want liberty and justice for the left only. It should be noted that those in the left in Madison, Rockford, and across the country are not engaging in peaceful protests; they are inciting mob action.   In our article we documented examples of preferential treatment of the left and bias against the right. See our article All Protestors Are Not Treated Equally In Rockford, IL  also see Raging Pro-Aborts Get A Big Surprise
We must reclaim our Constitutional and God-given rights.  Following is Rep. Farrow’s letter
Rep. Farrow: Letter to Capitol Police Chief Tubbs

Chief Charles Tubbs
Capitol Police
2 East Main # B2
Madison, WI 53072-0001

Chief Tubbs,

I am writing in reference to recent disturbing events in our Capitol building.

As you are aware, throughout the winter months and now stretching into spring, many citizens of Wisconsin and other states have come to the Capitol to have their voices heard regarding legislation which was being debated. Overall the citizens, legally, were well-behaved but the sheer numbers and volume resulted in a significant disturbance to the Capitol’s operation.

This has continued with the Solidarity Singers who, for the past two months and running, have commandeered the Rotunda at precisely 12:00 noon each weekday and proceeded to express their displeasure at the top of their lungs. For 60 minutes, the lawmakers and staff are disrupted from their daily business and visitors to the building stop dead in their tracks in an attempt to decipher the noise and lyrics that reverberate throughout the building.

The most egregious disturbance occurred this past Tuesday, May 31st. As you know, the American Red Cross was scheduled to hold its annual Blood Drive at the State Capitol, between the hours of 9am-3pm. Dedicated volunteers and medical professionals arrived as scheduled, and began to set up the blood drive. Loyal donors and Capitol staff lined up, waiting to donate blood and potentially save a life. However, they soon found it impossible to complete the task.

In fact, this past Tuesday, the decibel level became so unbearable that the Red Cross professionals were forced to close the blood drive and turn away donors. They resorted to rescheduling for Thursday, June 2nd. It is a travesty to think that selfless individuals, willing to donate their own blood to help another in need, would even be put in that predicament. The issue I raise is not, of course, the ability of the Protest group to express its displeasure. There is no question that they certainly are within their constitutional right to do so. I fully support free speech and citizen engagement in the political process. However, I have an enormous problem when the rights of one group infringe on the rights of all others, or completely deprive the opportunity to utilize our State Capitol.

I have read the First Amendment many times. Interestingly enough, nowhere in the Amendment does it include the word “volume.” There is no justifiable reason that one group should be able to shout down the rights of another – or “sing down”, as the case may be.

Yesterday, I was hoping to speak with you directly and gather more details about what transpired on Tuesday. My staff phoned your office, and requested a return call to discuss this matter. Although I did not receive a response, we did garner some interesting information.

As you know, for many years, the policy regarding use of the Capitol grounds has been quite simple. Each and every group – be it civic, educational, or yes, political in nature – has been required to fill out a permit application. This application is kept on file, to ensure that all activities are on the calendar and both staff and security are aware. Furthermore, the permits prevent scheduling conflicts and possible friction between groups.

I was greatly disturbed to learn that the Solidarity Singers have no such permit. Capitol Police staff confirmed that the group has neither requested nor completed such a form. According to your office, the group has “spoken with you” and both sides have a “verbal understanding.” This is troublesome at best, and downright appalling at worst.

I am further outraged to learn that the American Red Cross did, in fact, complete the permit application process. As in every year past, the group completed the form and followed the policy guidelines flawlessly. The reward for their prudence? To be totally disrupted, and ultimately, forced to abandon their nonprofit event.

Sadly, the American Red Cross is not the only group which has been trampled upon by the Solidarity Singers. In the spring, typically thousands of schoolchildren come from all across the state to visit their State Capitol. They travel on buses, sometimes from several hours away, to tour with fellow students and teachers and learn about our state government.

Unfortunately, over 50 of those groups had to cancel their trips this year, during the height of the protest. Just last week, I had a group visit from my district. I witnessed the children holding their hands over their ears, asking their parents and chaperones, “What is that noise?” and “Can you make that stop?” Meanwhile, the protestors attempted to hand them the ‘Union Hymnal’ and encourage them to pantomime for the TV cameras that happened to be in the vicinity. It was extremely disheartening to see the youthful innocence of children exploited.

The reason for the permit policy is for both the Capitol and security staffs to work in concert with one another and ensure the safety of everyone in the building. As we have seen in the past, failure to require groups or organizations to submit a permit for use of the building, contributed to the state spending an additional $7 million for increased security and repairs to the Capitol.

Again, the Singer group is within their right to be present within their building. They are within their right to make their opinion known through whatever channels they choose – be it speech, whispers, or yes, song. But, they must be held to the same standard as every other group. The fact that you have allowed them to dictate the policy is profoundly sad. I request that you immediately rectify this situation, and require the same process of any organization or group, including the Solidarity Singers, both now and in the future.

This is what consistent policy looks like.

State Representative Paul Farrow
98th Assembly District


This is a special edition of the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative

Rockford Il. –  ( 6 17 2011- Because of a few very important items we think you should be aware of.  The first is the link below to a story that contains a video of Rockford abortionist Dennis Christensen.  In this video abortionist Christensen tries to convince women abortion is a "good choice."  

The vicious, depraved, and deadly brutality of child killing by abortion still shows through.
This is a sanitized view of abortion by the Rockford abortionist attempting to shine a good light on child killing, but it still shows beyond any doubt that abortion is the murder of a human being.
Rockford Abortion Mill Owner Is Filmed Killing A Child In The Womb
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.
Bringing The Good News Of Life To A place Of Death In Rockford
Last summer pro-life Christians publicly read the Gospels of Mathew, Mark, and Luke at Rockford’s abortion mill.
On Friday June 24, 2011 we will complete the Gospels with a public reading of the Gospel of John outside  Rockford’s abortion mill.
We need your help.  Please consider emailing or calling Kevin at or 815-494-0333 to sign-up for a 15 minute time-slot to read to the Gospel of John between 7:00am – 10:00am at Rockford’s abortion mill.
This public reading of the Gospels brings the power, grace, and love of Jesus Christ to a place in Rockford where 60,000 children have been killed.  Each time one of the Gospels was read last year at the abortion mill, a mother choose life — please join us in bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of Rockford.
A Time For New Ideas And New Strategies
Dr. Eric Wallace and Mr. Larry Jacobs of the Howard Center will be leading two pro-life meetings on Tuesday, June 21, 2011.
These meetings will cover new pro-life ideas, ways to get African-American churches involved in pro-life issues, and the possibility of a new and powerful pro-life billboard campaign in Rockford.
Please join us.  All are welcome and needed at either of the meetings to help build a culture of life and love in Rockford.
Tuesday, June 21 at 12 noon at Restoration Café (625 West State Street) or 7pm at The Howard Center (934 North Main Street). 

Raging Pro-Aborts Get A Big Surprise!

Rockford, Il – ( – 6 17 2011 – by James – A small but active band of elderly pro-child-killing protesters have made themselves a regular presence at the Rockford abortion mill the last few weeks. This group takes turns standing in the abortion mill driveway screaming at mothers not to listen to offers of help from pro-lifers and many times cheering when a mother decides to go into the mill to kill her child. They are truly a ghoulish and macabre sight.  The raging pro-aborts got a big surprise today.


One mother who entered the abortion mill parking lot did listen to a pro-lifer call out to her about the beautiful child in her womb.  After only a few minutes at the mill, this mother left well before the abortionist arrived and chose life for her baby.

As she was leaving the mill parking lot, the pro-aborts began swarming her car to try to convince her to kill her child.  Mom would have none of it as she told them in a loud voice, "No one is going to tell me what to do with my baby!"

Mom and child drove away from the mill alive and happy.  At least for a few minutes, the raging pro-aborts were dead silent.  Not knowing what to do about about a mother who chose life, one of the pro-aborts decided this would be a good time to pull out her mp3 player and listen to music.  She seemed very awkward.

No matter how hard these aging abortion supporters try to get children killed, they cannot stop the power of Jesus Christ, prayer, and Christian love made present by the Rockford pro-life community at this killing center.