How Has God Used The Mobile Ultrasound Clinic In Rockford After One Year?

Rockford, IL – ( – 8-31-2-11 – by James – It has been a year since the mobile ultrasound clinic came to Rockford to park outside the Rockford abortion mill one day a week.  This is a good time to examine how God has used this free ultrasound service in the city of Rockford.

13 mothers who were scheduled for abortions used the free ultrasound to choose life.

Over 10 other women who were not abortion-minded used the option of a free ultrasound to see their daughters or sons in their wombs.

Many of the mothers who choose life are still receiving moral, spiritual, and material support from the Rockford pro-life community.

When the abortion mill building owner wanted the mobile ultrasound banned from Rockford, he fed a local alderman lies concerning the mobile clinic.  These lies were exposed in an open session of the Rockford City Council, thus destroying any credibility the mill building owner or the pro-abortion alderman may have had concerning this and other issues surrounding abortion.  God used the mobile clinic to shine the light of truth on those who would use lies to promote the killing of babies.

Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey clearly saw through the misinformation given to the local media by the abortion mill building owner concerning the mobile ultrasound clinic.  In an act of political compassion and courage, Mayor Morrissey has continued to grant permits for the mobile ultrasound clinic to offer a real choice to the women of Rockford.  The Mayor was completely vindicated in his actions when the Rockford mill was cited by the Illinois Department of Health for some of the most disgusting, unsanitary, and dangerous conditions ever found in a medical clinic in Rockford.

God has also used this mobile ultrasound clinic to show our city the real motivation of "pro-choice" supporters.  The clinic landlord is so opposed to babies being born alive, he placed signs next to the mobile ultrasound filled with lies such as "women raped in motorhome" or "bedbugs in motorhome."  A few abortion supporters have come to the mill occasionally to yell and scream at women in an attempt to block them from learning about the "choice" of the free mobile ultrasound.  The real motivation of Rockford abortion supporters has been exposed because these people have shown the city they will use vicious lies and intimidation to block women from having a real "choice."

Not only have human lives been saved because of the mobile ultrasound clinic, but hearts have also been changed and souls strengthened.  Many of the women and families who have used the mobile clinic have experienced what true Christian love is meant to be.  They not only have chosen life but have had profound life-changing experiences because they have found people who love then unconditionally.

After one year we have seen many wonderful ways God has used the prayers of his people and the mobile ultrasound clinic to help build a culture of life and love in Rockford.  And we have only begun!




Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 8 31 2011

An estimated ten babies were killed inside of Rockford’s abortion mill this past week;       Because Of People Like You, Mothers In Rockford Are Being Helped;     What Wayne Webster Is Teaching The People Of Rockford;     Rockford Shows Overwhelming Support For Traditional Marriage;     PLEASE SUPPORT THIS UPCOMING GARAGE SALE;      The 40 Days for Life, 2012 committee is forming and needs your help;     Enough to stop a beating heart……

On Friday August 26, the abortion mill was closed.
On Wednesday August 31, an estimated ten babies were killed inside of Rockford’s abortion mill.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.
 Because Of People Like You, Mothers In Rockford Are Being Helped
What Wayne Webster Is Teaching The People Of Rockford
Rockford Shows Overwhelming Support For Traditional Marriage
On Fri, Sept 16 & Sat, Sept 17, a garage sale to support Rockford Pro-Life activities will be held at the Hatfield’s, 2595 Woodmar Dr, Rockford (near RVC).  Donations of items in excellent condition would be appreciated.  Also, help for the set up and during the sale days would also be welcome.  Please contact Jackie at 815-494-8560 or Sue at 815-963-6340 or if you can help in any way.  The money raised will be used for 40 Days of Life outreach materials, help for moms in need, and for the ultrasound mobile van. 
The 40 Days for Life, 2012 committee is forming and needs your help.  We would like to hold a meeting on one of the following days; Sept 25, Sept 26, or Sept 30 at 7 pm.  We will be discussing budget & fund raising, community contact strategies, web issues, material distribution, and more. 
Please let us know what time(s) you can come if you are interested in helping.  Please contact Sue at 815-963-6340, or Pete at 815-601-7383,
Enough to stop a beating heart
By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

What Wayne Webster Is Teaching The People Of Rockford

Rockford, IL – ( – 8-30-2011 – by James – The Screwtape Letters is a satirical Christian apologetics novel written by C. S. Lewis, first published in book form in February 1942. The story is a series of letters from a senior demon, Screwtape, to his nephew, a junior "tempter" named Wormwood, so as to advise him on methods of securing the damnation of a person, known only as "the Patient".

Each letter is a masterpiece of reverse theology, giving the reader an inside look at the thinking and means of someone who is promoting evil.
Tempters to evil, according to Lewis, have two motives: the first is to strike fear, the second a hunger to consume or dominate other beings.
This is an excellent description of what abortion supporters do every day.
On the other hand, the goal of the Creator is to woo us unto Himself and to transform us through His love from "tools into servants and servants into sons."
It is the dichotomy between being consumed and subsumed completely into another’s identity or being liberated to be utterly ourselves that Lewis explores with his razor-sharp insight and wit.
For 25 years the owner of the Rockford abortion mill building has used various methods to promote the abortion business, intimidate pro-lifers, and ensure no child is safe from abortion in Rockford.
(ED NOTE:  It is not clear what the legal ties are between Webster and the abortion business housed in his building, but for over 25 years his actions indicate that his involvement is more than just that of a landlord.)
Just as in The Screwtape Letters, we can learn from the methods of the evil one who tempts us to do evil, we in Rockford can learn much about the methods of a man who has been working very hard for 25 years to continue the slaughter of the innocents inside the abortion mill.
1. Disregarding the lives of one group of people leads to hatred of all people – The Rockford abortion mill is in business to end the lives of children in the womb.  In attempting to defend this practice, Wayne Webster has put up signs in the clinic window mocking the children who are killed by abortion, calling women "whores", ridiculing people with HIV and other medical conditions, hanging rubber chickens by nooses that have offended African-Americans, attacking Christians, and making countless personal attacks on individuals.  This is a clear lesson to all of us that if we begin to hate one group of people, in this case the unborn, it becomes easy – almost necessary  – to attack and hate other groups of people.
2. What men intend for evil, God can turn into good – Webster hatched an elaborate plot to have the mobile ultrasound clinic banned from Rockford.
He used lawyers from one of the most powerful law firms in Rockford, along with some aldermen sympathetic to his cause, to launch his devious plan of using misinformation to block a new permit being issued for the ultrasound clinic.
The plan backfired when his lies were exposed in front of the city council.
But what Webster didn’t know is if he had not attempted to use lies and block the mobile ultrasound, pro-lifers would have run out of money in less than a month anyway.  We were down to less than a thousand dollars in our ultrasound fund.
Because his devious scheme to block mothers from receiving free help made headlines in the papers and TV news, pro-lifers from all over Northern Illinois began donating and donating to keep the ultrasound coming. 
God used Webster and his deceitful scheme as the most effective fund-raising tool the Rockford pro-life community has ever had in 25 years!  You see, God does bring good out of evil.
3. You can try, but you can’t block God – In the past Webster would use amplified loudspeakers to try to drown out people praying on the sidewalk and those who are offering help and support to mothers entering the mill.  More recently, he has used a dozen cars to try to block the mobile ultrasound.  It’s a funny thing that the more he tried to drown out prayer, the more people came to pray.  The more cars he would use to try to block the mobile ultrasound, the more mothers seemed to find it.  Some people try, but no one can block God’s grace.  We can learn from this that the battles to save mothers and children from abortion cannot be stopped because God is in charge.
4. Pride blinds us – Webster has literally put up hundreds of signs in his abortion mill windows over the years, attacking both God and human beings.  These signs do have one common thread – pride.  It is easy to see the motivation behind these signs is pride that viciously attacks everything outside itself.
God has used these pride-filled signs to show our city, our country, and even many people around the world the pride-filled arrogance that drives the abortion industry.
5. It takes self-delusion to commit evil – Webster has on many occasions said about the human lives that are destroyed in his building, "They are not real babies," "I’ve never seen a dead baby,"  "Abortion doesn’t stop a beating heart."   When the truth is too awful to face, we have to deceive ourselves.
God is showing us that life must be based on reason, truth, and faith, or we end up deluding ourselves into seeing neither God nor our neighbor.
6. Money doesn’t buy happiness – Whenever Webster emerges from his abortion mill, he usually does one of two things.  He brags about how much money they are making or shares some rather unkind words with the people praying outside.  He always seems angry, sullen, bitter, or choleric.  Webster is the perfect example that money does not buy happiness.  Contrast the demeanor of Webster with that of the joyful pro-lifers praying in the snow, wind, heat, or rain, and God teaches us again that real happiness is only found in loving God.
7. The more a person attacks God, the more Grace flows – When a group of Catholic Priests began praying regularly outside the abortion mill, Webster responded by putting a devil’s mask in the window (and on one occasion even wore it), putting up signs attacking Priests and God, and using verbal assaults against these men of God.
God responded by continually allowing his grace to flow into the hearts of women so the numbers of abortions have been cut by more than half.  The more people like Webster attack God, the more grace flows to the innocent victims of the culture of death.
8. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world -Webster is a man who puts up signs about the large amounts of money he has made from his abortion business.  But in reality the Northern Illinois Women’s Center is located in a slum of a building and has the respect of no one in this city. 
God is again teaching us that all the money in the world cannot change the fact that when we harm our fellow human beings, nothing can profit us except true repentance and the mercy of Jesus Christ.
9. Harming others leads to paranoia – Cameras in the trees, cameras in upper windows, cameras in lower windows, cameras on fence posts, cameras on ladders,  cameras on the roof, cameras on a balcony, even a camera in a little hole in a wall he thinks no one knows about.  Webster even CARRIES a camera!  As we have seen in so many biblical characters from Herod to Pilate, God teaches us again that when we harm others, we can never find internal peace.
10. The greatest or the hardest lesson is yet to be learned – After a few short years on this earth, we will all face eternity.  The greatest lesson we could all learn from this is that God’s love and mercy are more powerful than any evil actions that have taken place in the hearts and lives of those who promote abortion in Rockford.  Let us pray together for the conversion of the hearts, souls, and lives of those involved in abortion so this final lesson learned can be one of forgiveness, love, and eternal joy.
If no conversion, repentance, or change of heart takes place, the hard and eternal lesson that will be learned is too terrible to contemplate.

Rockford Shows Overwhelming Support For Traditional Marriage

Rockford Il.-  ( On Friday August 26, 2011 The American Society for the Defense Of Tradition, Family, And Property Caravan for Marriage came to Rockford and received tremendous support from passers-by as they stood in public for traditional marriage and against homosexual unions.

Holding signs that said "honk for traditional marriage" the intersection of State and Alpine was filled with the sound honking horns for well over an hour.

Many Christians from the Rockford area joined in this enthusiastic pro-family rally and held signs in support of marriage and the family.

Please go to this web-site  and print out a petition to help get the Illinois Defense of Marriage Initiative advisory referendum on the 2012 ballot.

Is The Rockford Register-Star Acting As A Propaganda Arm For The Rockford Abortion Mill?

Rockford, Il – ( – 8-27-2011 – by James – The legendary former editor of Time magazine once said, "Journalism can never be silent: that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air."

In Rockford it appears that Rockford Register-Star has decided to remain silent concerning some of the most vicious and openly vile bigotry, discrimination, and public hatred ever seen in this city and is keeping a tight lid on a report concerning possibly the most dangerous and disturbing medical violations by any medical facility in the history of Rockford.
The Register remains silent on these explosive situations while only covering a few issues concerning abortion, seemingly at the request of abortion supporters.
Here are the facts;
What has not been covered in the Register-Star.
1. Racism, bigotry, and discrimination – The Rockford abortion mill has displayed what many consider to be the vilest and most vicious public signs of bigotry and discrimination in the history of Rockford.  From numerous signs attacking people with HIV and claiming they will "rot and die" to symbols that have offended African-Americans, signs mocking women and children and celebrating the death of babies by abortion, to the most openly anti-Christian hatred in the history of the city of Rockford. 
The Register-Star did not bother to cover any of this.  Could it be they don’t want the abortion mill to look bad?
To our knowledge, the Rockford Register Star never reported on this vicious, racist tirade by an abortion supporter of Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC).  Anti-Christian, racist video: Bigotry and hate speech video shot at Rockford, Il abortuary.
2. The most disgusting, unsanitary, and dangerous conditions ever found in a Rockford medical facility – Back alley abortions would be a step-up from the conditions the State of Illinois found inside the Rockford abortion mill. The Register-Star has abdicated its responsibility to inform the people of Rockford about some of the dangerous conditions describe below which were found by the State of Illinois inside Rockford’s abortion mill.
 It was determined "that 3 of 3 operating rooms inspected failed to ensure a sanitary environment."
NIWC failed to prevent potential contamination of clean equipment.
Gynecological cannulas were stained with a "brown substance!"  (Cannulas are surgical instruments inserted directly inside a mother.)
Shoes were stored inside an open box of surgical gloves.
Operating room #1 contained a box of opened surgical gloves stained with a dried brown substance.
The equipment used to sterilize medical instruments, called an autoclave, failed biological testing on at least two occasions!  
NIWC failed to meet the requirement that a qualified Registered Nurse be present in the operating room.  This dangerous and illegal situation went on for well over three years.
NIWC did not have an RN in the operating room for over three years.  It didn’t even have one on the payroll.  There was no "director of nurses" to oversee care.  Unqualified and unlicensed personal were doing the work of a professional nurse.
NIWC failed to document who was accompanying a patient when leaving the facility post-surgical procedure.  It is possible that women were left to care for themselves after surgery.
The people of Rockford count on their local paper to keep them informed of dangerous situations like this.  Does the Register-Star think it is more important to protect the reputation of the abortion mill than to inform the people of the unsanitary and dangerous conditions that have existed inside that place for many years?
What the Register-Star has covered;
1. The Bubble Zone – When Alderman Karen Elyea tried to get a bubble zone enacted in Rockford to prevent mothers from receiving help from pro-life sidewalk counselors, she accused pro-lifers of being dangerous.  The Register-Star jumped on this story.
Thankfully, the Rockford police at a city council meeting publicly stated they do not have one, not even one, accusation in their records of a sidewalk counselor ever being accused of doing anything wrong.  This fact was not printed in the Register-Star.  The bubble zone idea failed miserably.
2. The mobile ultrasound clinic – When the mobile ultrasound clinic first came to Rockford and was helping women, the Register-Star made no mention of it.  But when abortion mill owner Wayne Webster fed Alderman Karen Elyea a pack of lies about the mobile clinic’s supposed violation of local laws, the Register-Star printed the lies without ever checking the facts.
The facts are that the mobile ultrasound clinic NEVER violated any state or local laws, despite the Register-Star printing that it had done so.  Printing misinformation without checking the facts is a disservice to the people of Rockford.
3. They’re Back!  The Register-Star recently ran what appeared to be a propaganda piece encouraging abortion supporters to come to the mill.
Why do we call it a propaganda piece? The word propaganda sounds very strong, but we believe the definitions bears out our usage of this word; the definition, according to Webster’s Dictionary is: “…ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause.”  On the day the Register-Star photographer arrived at the mill to take pictures for the story, one of the abortion supporters said, "She’s here. It’s time to line-up." They apparently knew in advance the Register-Star was coming to cover them. The pro-aborts got into a nice group for the picture and were congratulating themselves on getting the Register-Star to do the story. 
A pro-lifer asked the Register-Star photographer to take a picture of the pro-life sign he was holding, and the photographer declined.
For over 25 years a group of pro-life sidewalk counselors have stood outside this mill in all weather and all conditions.  They have saved hundreds of babies, yet the Register-Star has never run a story on them.  However, a small group of abortion supporters shows up at the mill for a few weeks (they haven’t been back in a month), and the Register-Star rolls out the red carpet.
The Purpose Of A Newspaper
Definition of a newspaper:  “Publication usually issued daily, weekly, or at other regular times that provides news, views, features, and other information of public interest and often carries advertising.”
When we think of a newspaper, sometimes we see it as having an entity of its own.  But it’s only an object or a tool; the building it was printed in is only brick and stone.  At the heart of a paper are men and women who sometimes forget it is their responsibility to report ALL the news, give ALL the facts, both sides of the story, the five “W’s” –who, what, when, where, and why.  More and more readers today are more sophisticated and better informed, and when a paper tells only half the story or puts its own spin on it, many people can see right through that.  We are asking the media, print, and T.V. to return back to the day when they reported ALL the news, ALL the facts, and then allow the reader to come to his/her own conclusion.
The horrific incidents of racism, bigotry, and hatred displayed by the staff of the Rockford abortion mill and the grossly unsanitary conditions inside the Rockford mill have made it into national newspapers such as the Washington Times and web-sites throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia yet our own local paper has failed to inform the people of Rockford about what is happening in our city.
It certainly gives the appearance that the Register-Star has betrayed the people of Rockford to protect an abortion mill that is known throughout the country as being a disgrace to the city of Rockford and an unsafe, dangerous place for both babies and women.


Northern Illinois Women's Center Told A Second Time By State Of Illinois To Stop Lying To The People Of Rockford

Rockford, Il – ( – 8-26-2011 – by James – Last week the State of Illinois sent a polite email to the Rockford abortion mill telling it to remove a sign from its door that claimed it had passed a health inspection.  So when Rockford’s abortion mill put up another sign on Friday, August 26, filled with lies, claiming it passed inspection, the Health Department acted swiftly and decisively in ordering the mill to remove the deceitful sign.

In light of a health department inspection of the notorious Rockford abortion mill that found all three operating rooms unsanitary, no registered nurse for over three years, equipment used to sanitize surgical instruments not working, and many more violations, the Health Department was in no mood to put up with this abortion facility’s lying again to the public about these disgusting, unsanitary, and dangerous conditions.
So when Rockford’s abortion mill put up another sign on Friday, August 26, filled with lies, claiming it passed inspection, the Health Department acted swiftly and decisively in ordering the mill to remove the deceitful sign.
Mill landlord Wayne Webster sheepishly took the sign down on the orders of the State of Illinois.
Another blessing from the State’s investigating this rundown abortion mill is that it was closed today.  All of the workers showed up, but no mothers were harmed, and no children were killed inside the mill. 
It is assumed that NIWC was closed today and the entire abortion mill staff was on hand to try to clean up and improve the deplorable conditions the State of Illinois found inside the mill.
For the health and safety of the people of Rockford, it is good to see the abortion mill again being caught in a public lie. For the safety of women and lives of children, it was a blessing that they had to close its doors again today. 

The Comcast-Obama Alliance


August 26, 2011   American Thinker-  By Ed Lasky- -The media is still showing the love for Obama. Not only does the fawning coverage continue but media executives are putting their money where their collective mouths are, by showering the Obama campaign with money. Comcast, the nation’s largest cable operator and the new owner of NBC (and MSNBC) is the company that tops out the list of executives giving money to the Obama Victory Fund.

Abby Phillip writes in Politico:
President Obama raised eyebrows this weekend when he visited Comcast CEO Brian Roberts’ Martha’s Vineyard home on Sunday. Comcast, beyond being a telecommunications giant, is also the parent company of NBC and MSNBC.

It turns out that Comcast employees are also the most generous organizational donors to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee between the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Comcast employees have donated nearly $200,000 to the fund, according to an Open Secrets analysis. They top out a list that includes Goldman Sachs employees (No. 4), law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, & Flom (No. 2), and Dreamworks (No. 8).

Of course, the 2 networks have always been in Obama’s corner. During the 2008 campaign my favorite cover article was National Review’sshowing Obama petting his pet peacock — the symbol of NBC and what might as well been Obama’s campaign mascot. The network was long home to Keith Olbermann, who has never had a nice word about a Republican and never less than glowing words for Obama and other Democrats. His legacy carries on with Chris Matthews.
There may be crony capitalism at work.  Barack Obama’s administration approved the mega-purchase of NBC by Comcast last year. This was a key strategic move by Comcast that will make it far easier for them to compete with other companies; it gives them a stable of media properties that it can choose to share (or not) with other cable and satellite companies.
One would think that a man who rails against big business and a man who prides himself on being a constitutional scholar would realize such a concentration of media power chills free speech.  But Barack Obama — in his own words — has said that politics is all about punishing "enemies" and rewarding friends.  He has given Comcast a reward and now they are friends.
Thomas Lifson adds:
When companies like GE (which still maintains a significant minority stakein NBC Universal as Comcast’s partner) and Comcast ally themselves with a political faction, they put their shareholdrs at risk in the event of a swing of the electoral pendulum.  I do not regard this a prudent management.

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Nighttime Scares: Working at the Abortion Clinic After Dark

by Abby Johnson | |   When I was at Planned Parenthood, I used to work a lot…I mean, a lot.  Sometimes, I would work as many as 80 hours in one week.  In order to do that, I would have to go in at night.  Lots of buildings are eerie at night…none are creepier than an abortion clinic.

I remember going into the clinic by myself for the first time in the morning.  I used to go in with a group of employees.  But I had gotten there before anyone else, so I went ahead and decided to make my way in.  One of the guys that worked there had there had made a joke about being in the clinic alone.  He said that when you there alone, you could hear babies crying.  I always thought that was a weird joke…but we made lots of weird jokes there.  I knew it certainly wasn’t true.  Even still, this first day I went in alone, I was a little nervous about it.
I walked in and heard the heavy door slam behind me.  It echoed as it closed.  The clinic had high ceilings and every noise echoed like you were in a cave.  It was silent…no creaks, no water dripping, nothing…totally silent.  So silent in fact, I could almost hear something…and I’m telling you, it almost sounded like babies crying.  I know that sounds crazy and I totally disregarded it at the time.  I ran up to the front of the clinic, away from the freezer where the babies were kept until the medical waste came to pick them up.  I didn’t want to be next to that freezer.  Did I really hear that?  Surely it was just my imagination.
After several more trips alone to the clinic, I stopped hearing the sound…the crying.  I wasn’t scared to go there anymore.  I would go to the clinic by myself all the time.  I would be there until late at night.  All alone.  Not scared. No longer running to the front, trying to get away from the freezer.
Maybe there weren’t really babies crying in the clinic when I first started going to the clinic alone.  But I heard something.  I think it was my conscience.  The longer I was there, the quieter my conscience became.  I silenced my brain.  I silenced what I knew was right.
This is sin, right?  That is immorality.  We know right from wrong.  We have to justify abortion to make it right.  We have to justify all sin to make it right.  But we do it…because sin is easy…it is comfortable…it is, many times, fun.
I wish I would have listened to that noise in my head…to the crying.  I wish I would have listened to a lot of things.  But, I can’t change that.  We can’t change the past.  We can only move ahead.
I worked in that clinic night after night.  The crying was gone.  The echo became familiar.  I enjoyed the silence.  Sin had taken over.
But even after all those years, there was still some discomfort…except for twice a year during 40 Days for Life.  Two times a year I wasn’t alone.  There was a presence there.  Not in the building with me, but outside.  I was working and they were praying.  And I’m sure that they were praying for me.  Shouldn’t that have made me frustrated?  Shouldn’t I have been aggravated they were there?  Wouldn’t they just go home?  Maybe I should have been, but I wasn’t.  A part of me was glad they were there.  I guess I was glad to have the company.  Their presence brought on a sense of peace for me.  Praying brings peace…even in the midst of evil.
40 Days for Life is coming again in September.  You can bring comfort to clinic workers.  You may never hear that from their mouths.  But at night, when they are alone in that building, they will be glad to look out and see you standing there in prayer…even if they never say it.  I can tell you that now, since being on the other side, I have more interaction with clinic workers at night…when they are alone.  When there are no eyes on them, no one else looking out the clinic windows, no supervisors around, just me and them.  That is when they talk.  That is when the wall comes down.  That is when relationships develop.
Don’t be afraid of the night.  Don’t be afraid to pray outside of an abortion clinic after hours.  People might say it is silly…after all, no abortions happen when the building is closed.  But amazing things can happen after hours.  The workers still come and go.  Your presence can be the reason that one day those workers walk out of those doors and stand with you on the other side.
For more information about getting involved in a 40 Days for Life campaign near you, please visit Even if you are afraid or uncomfortable…do it anyway.


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the decision by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to ban the clergy from speaking at the 9/11 ceremony next month:  After the Twin Towers were leveled on 9/11 ten years ago, two steel beams in the shape of a cross were found; they were subsequently moved to St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church. Last month, when it was announced that the World Trade Center cross was being moved to its new home at the 9/11 Memorial Museum, American Atheists sued on church-state grounds to stop it.

Almost everyone, including non-believers, were critical of this mean-spirited gambit by American Atheists. Among those who could not summon the courage to condemn it was Mayor Bloomberg; without criticizing these activists on moral grounds, he simply affirmed their constitutional right to sue. But when it comes to granting the clergy their constitutional right to freedom of speech on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, he does not equivocate: he simply elects to ban them. 
The reason given for this grand act of censorship is spurious: Bloomberg’s office says the focus should be on the families who lost their loved ones. According to this logic, when the clergy are invited to speak at public events, or to open ceremonies with an invocation, they are detracting—not adding—to the overall theme. There is little doubt that if the families were asked about the propriety of allowing the clergy to speak, most would gladly say yes.
Mayor Bloomberg should reverse his decision, allowing a priest, minister, rabbi and imam to make a short statement. This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, thus the rationale for the presence of the first three clergymen; the inclusion of an imam—to the exclusion of the clergy of other religions—can be justified on the basis of a goodwill gesture to the Muslim community. Aside from kooks, is there anyone who would object to this proposal?
Contact Bloomberg’s Press Secretary, Stu Loeser:



On Friday, August 26, Bill Donohue will appear on Fox News’

"Fox & Friends" to discuss New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to ban members of the clergy from the 9/11 memorial ceremony.

He will appear at 6:20 a.m. ET.

Tonight, 8 25 2011  Donohue will appear on EWTN’s

"The World Over with Raymond Arroyo" to discuss his recent report on SNAP.

The show airs at 8 p.m. ET and re-airs several times during the week.


Because Of People Like You, Mothers Are Being Helped

Rockford, Il – ( – 8-25-2011 – by James – Because of the prayers, support, and generosity of pro-life Christians like you, children are being saved and mothers are being helped in Rockford.  One woman’s story illustrates the many ways pro-lifers help people in need. 

A mother who was inside Rockford’s abortion mill a number of years ago for a scheduled abortion, demanded to see her ultrasound.  When the abortion mill technician reluctantly showed her the ultrasound, this mother recognized she was carrying twins.


When mom saw the two beautiful children inside her, she knew she couldn’t go through with the abortion.  After she decided to choose life, those inside the mill had no use for her anymore so she turned to the people who really cared about her – the pro-lifers outside.


For years pro-lifers have been in touch with this courageous mother of twins.  She has stopped by the mill in the past with her children to thank pro-lifers for being there when she needed them.


This summer, years after choosing life, she ran into a few personal difficulties and again turned to Rockford pro-lifers for help.


Because of people like you who support the Rockford Pro-life Initiative, both mom and twins were helped again.