International Day of Persons with Disabilities marked by conflicting messages

News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Beaumont, Alberta, November 30th 2011 ― The United Nation’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities will be observed globally on December 3rd 2011. Canadian advocate for disability inclusion, Mark Davis Pickup applauds UN initiatives to ensure people with disabilities have a voice in their communities and countries as well as inclusion and afforded full equality rights. Pickup observed that although Canada has made strides in areas of accessibility, citizens with disabilities are getting mixed messages. He stated:  “This past October the House of Commons gave its unanimous support to a National Suicide Prevention Strategy and now in November the British Columbia Supreme Court is considering a challenge (Carter case) to whether Canada’s law against assisted suicide should be overturned for the terminally and chronically ill and disabled.”

Pickup is chronically ill with aggressive multiple sclerosis (MS) and is electric wheelchair dependent. He continued:
“Let’s understand the message people like me will hear if the BC court rules in favour of the assisted suicide lobby. The healthy population should receive suicide prevention when suicidal. The old, sick and disabled get help committing suicide.”
Mark Pickup supports the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition’s intervener standing in the Carter case to protect people with disabilities, the chronically ill and elders. Their efforts to preserve Canada’s laws that protect people from euthanasia and assisted suicide must be supported. Pickup believes that laws and public policy must promote life with dignity for people with disabilities through supports for Canadians with disabilities to reach their full potential as individuals and citizens. Ensuring access to education, transportation, appropriate housing, recreational opportunities and other forms of reasonable accommodation can help full inclusion in society.
Mark Davis Pickup
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Illinois Abortion Clinic Plagued by Health Code Violations Will Remain Closed For The Rest of 2011

Documentation from Thomas More Society Helps to Keep it Shut, For Now.
November 29, 2011 (Rockford, Illinois) – This week, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) delivered an early Christmas present for many unborn infants in Northern Illinois, when an Administrative Law Judge ruled that the suspension of the license of Rockford, Illinois’ notorious abortion provider, the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC), would be extended until January 4, 2012, when a formal public hearing will be held at 9:30 a.m. in the Michael Bilandic State of Illinois Building, at 160 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois, Room N502, on the 5th Floor. The Judge announced her ruling during a teleconference yesterday, when IDPH prosecuting attorney, Eva Bylerly, Esq., advised the Judge that “two to three issues remained unresolved” during ongoing settlement negotiations she had been pursuing with Harold Hirshman, Esq., attorney for NIWC, over a series of charges that IDPH had brought against NIWC in the wake of public health inspections, which NIWC failed, triggering the suspension of its license earlier this year.

Last week, attorneys Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, and Jason Craddock, special counsel for the Society, wrote a lengthy letter to Ms. Byerly, expressing grave worries about a possible premature reopening of the NIWC on the part of its clients, concerned citizens residing in the Greater Rockford area, including the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative and also a Registered Nurse who had been instrumental in persuading the public health authorities finally to conduct a series of inspections of the NIWC abortion facility after a protracted period of nearly 14 years — during which no inspections had taken place. The Society’s letter pointed out that IDPH’s long overdue inspections had uncovered a laundry list of “egregious health and safety violations,” which the letter then detailed.
Among these cited violations, of which “many members of the public remain unaware,” were the following:
• “3 of 3 operating rooms inspected failed to ensure a sanitary environment”;
• Failure to prevent contamination of clean surgical equipment;
• Gynecological cannulas (surgical instruments inserted during abortion procedures) were stained with a “brown substance”;
• Shoes were stored inside an open box of surgical gloves;
• Operating room #1 contained a box of opened surgical gloves stained with a dried “brown substance”;
• Autoclave equipment used to sterilize medical instruments failed biological testing on at least two occasions; such equipment should have been tested weekly but was untested for four months and then failed, leaving an undetermined number of patients exposed to unsterile surgical instruments;
• Failure to meet legal requirement for a qualified Registered Nurse to be present in the operating room during procedures, leaving unqualified and unlicensed personnel to do tasks reserved by law for licensed, qualified professional personnel;
• Failure to keep records as to persons accompanying patients, suggesting that women were left to care for themselves after surgery;
• Repeated deficiencies in record keeping; and
• Failure of abortionists to have local admitting privileges, putting patients in life-threatening situations at risk of serious injury or death.
These and other deficiencies had been brushed off by NIWC in its written filings in the administrative proceeding. NIWC’s lawyers (who also represent Planned Parenthood in other cases in which the Thomas More Society is participating) even made the surprising claim that its patients are “safe” despite its failure to abide by legal requirements.
The IDPH will not discuss the details of its negotiations with “outsiders,” but Tom Brejcha comments, “On behalf of the good people of Rockford and its environs, including folks from Wisconsin and Iowa who may patronize NIWC, we will continue to monitor these proceedings as closely as possible and to do all we can to assure that NIWC is held fully accountable for compliance with Illinois law before it is permitted, if ever, to reopen and continue its grisly business of the mass slaughter of human beings. We pray that this Christmas season may mark NIWC’s permanent closure.”
About the Thomas More Society
Founded in 1997, the Thomas More Society is a national public interest law firm that exists to restore respect for life in law. Based in Chicago, the Thomas More Society defends the sanctity of human life, the family and religious liberty in courtrooms across the country. The Society is a nonprofit organization wholly supported by private donations. For more information or to support the work of Thomas More Society, please visit

What This Three Month Closing Of Rockford's Abortion Mill Really Means

Rockford, Il – ( – 11-29-2011 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – The earliest possible date Rockford’s abortion mill could reopen is January 4, 2012, when a hearing will be held in Chicago.  This means Rockford’s killing center will have been closed by the State of Illinois for at least three full months.  What does this mean for the people of Rockford?

Every week an estimated 25 children were killed in the Rockford abortion mill.  That’s approximately 100 human lives a month destroyed in Rockford by abortion.  This means for the three months the Rockford abortion mill has been closed, up to 300 human lives may have been saved.  Yes, some of these mothers may have gone to other cities to end the lives of their children – but many may have chosen life as well.
Abortion destroys families.  Because Rockford’s abortion mill is closed, many families may have come together to help each other and support both mother and child.  The closing of Rockford’s abortion mill may have saved dozens of families.
A new study just released documented that women who have abortions nearly triple their risk of breast cancer.  The closing of Rockford’s abortion mill means in the years to come, many women will be saved from the dangers of cancer. 
Countless women in Rockford won’t have to suffer the depression as well as the  physical, mental, and spiritual health risks that come with killing a child in the womb.
Mothers and fathers will learn the difficult but wonderful lessons of love that come with raising a child.
We have seen with the closing of the once seemingly invincible Rockford abortion mill that the power of prayer and love overcomes the power of sin, Satan, and death. 
Because of the horrific conditions found inside NIWC and this prolonged closing, the people of Rockford will forever know that NIWC is no better than and in many cases worse than the most disgusting back alley abortion mill imaginable.
Because NIWC will be closed for the three months leading up to Christmas, countless babies in the womb will be born safely into this world to enjoy many more Christmases for years to come.


With the growing evidence strengthening the connection between the possible illegal destruction of records in the criminal case against Planned Parenthood in Kansas, and the current Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, American Life League has called for Secretary Sebelius to resign from her cabinet level position in the Obama administration.

 “At a time when the implementation of major changes to our health systems is drawing near,” said Jim Sedlak, vice president with ALL, “we need a HHS secretary the people can trust to uphold the law and with the time to devote fully to the operation of that area of the government. It is becoming clear that Secretary Sebelius is going to be distracted by the likely criminal allegations against her and her administration in Kansas.”
Under then Governor Sebelius, a prominent pro-abortion Catholic later chosen by Obama as U.S. secretary of Health and Human Services, the Kansas Health and Education Department fought access by Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline to originals of abortion reports.  Kline had launched a criminal investigation that alleged Planned Parenthood had falsified records and failed to follow abortion law.  Kline ultimately got copies under court order but KHED later destroyed the originals. 
In April 2009, Steve Six, an abortion supporter appointed by Sebelius to fill a vacancy in the attorney general’s office, then destroyed the remaining evidentiary copies left in the care of AG’s office — even though the criminal case was still pending in Johnson County.  The recent revelation that key evidence related to all 23 felony charges had been destroyed by Sebelius controlled KHED and Sebelius appointed Steve Six forced District Judge Stephen Tatum to dismiss all the most serious criminal charges as well as 26 related misdemeanor charges. 
“As the leader of ALL’s efforts against Planned Parenthood,” Sedlak continued, “we have long known of the connections between that organization and Sebelius. With the growing data being unearthed by organizations and individuals in Kansas, it appears her legal culpability will be much larger than first thought.  Now is the time for Secretary Sebelius to resign.  Anything less would be a disservice to the American people and to those who believe that government officials are not above the law and their positions should be used to serve the public: not to thwart the law in order to advance individual ideology.”

Media inquiries, please contact Paul E. Rondeau or Jim Sedlak at 540-659-4171.

Rockford's Abortion Mill Closed At Least Until January 2012

Rockford, Il – ( – 11-28-2011 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Attorneys Eva Byerley of the Illinois Department of Public Health and Harold Hirshman of SNR Denton’s Chicago office representing the Northern Illinois Women’s Center told Administrative Law Judge Cynthia Ramirez that a settlement could not be reached because two or three items could not be settled.

A full hearing is scheduled in a court room before a Judge on January 4, 2012, at 9:30am room N 502, 5th floor in the State of Illinois Building 160 N. LaSalle St, Chicago.
Below are a few of the reasons we believe Rockford’s abortion mill has not been able to reopen.
1. The horrible conditions inside the Northern Illinois Woman’s Center have shocked the State inspectors into taking action and the refusal of NIWC to take responsibility for the dangerous conditions found in the mill has made it very clear NIWC doesn’t care about the women of Rockford.
2. The lies and misinformation presented by the NIWC attorneys to the State of Illinois have been easily seen through and proven false – for example;
The quote below is from the Northern Illinois Women’s Center response to the State of Illinois in the legal document they submitted to get back its medical licenses. 
"Finally, Northern acknowledges that neither of its physicians have surgical practice privileges with an Illinois-licensed hospital.  One of its physicians has surgical privileges with a Wisconsin-licensed hospital.  Exhibit C.  Both of its physicians are licensed to practice in the state of Illinois and have practiced safely at this facility for many years.  In addition, Northern has an agreement with a physician who has admitting privileges in Rockford, to provide admissions, if needed.  There is no evidence which suggests that any of these failures in any way endangered the health, safety, and welfare of the patients at this clinic."
NIWC is claiming the State requirements that NIWC must 
* have admitting privileges for its Wisconsin-based abortionists at Rockford hospitals and   
* have a Registered Nurse in the operating room are not needed because as they say in this official court document, "There is no evidence which suggests that any of these failures in any way endangered the health, safety, and welfare of the patients at this clinic."
This  statement is clearly wrong and intentionally misleading.  The words of one of their own abortionists, Dr. Emily Godfrey, which appeared in the New York Times  prove that the abortionists’ not having admitting privileges at a Rockford hospital and NIWC’s not  having a well-educated Registered Nurse who could have handled a dangerous situation could have cost a woman her life.
Here is how Dr. Godfrey describes in the New York Times a botched abortion at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (go to page 4): 
Quote: "And then one snowy day in 2007, Godfrey had a patient with a serious complication who needed to go to the hospital.  She called the OB-GYN who was supposed to be on call.  He was out of town.  She called Sunni, who told her to get the patient to the local hospital.  But Godfrey had no admitting privileges there, and the doctor on call seemed unwilling to admit the patient.  “She said, ‘How dare you come here,’ ” Godfrey remembered.  She looked down at her salad, her face flushed.
“You were really out there all alone,” Sunni said.  Godfrey nodded. “Yeah, I remember you said that,” Godfrey said.  “And I was like, God, you’re right.” Godfrey called George Tiller, the veteran abortion provider who was later killed at his Kansas church in 2009, to ask his advice.  He told her to call an ambulance and send the patient to the hospital."  Stop Quote
Dr. Godfrey who worked in the Northern Illinois Women’s Center placed a woman’s life in grave danger because
* Godfrey did not have admitting privileges at a Rockford hospital
* the out-of-state medical director of NIWC was no help
* the Rockford physician who they claim was there to help was of no use at all.
This was clearly such a very dangerous and possibly life-threatening situation that Dr. Godfrey had to call all the way to Kansas to try to figure out how to deal with it.  Dr. Christensen, the Rockford mill owner, wasn’t available to help. yet the NIWC claims in its response to the State of Illinois that these situations are of no concern or worry to it at all.
Considering the above evidence, from the mouth of an abortionist who worked in the NIWC, it certainly appears the out-of-state owner and abortionists who run the Northern Illinois Women’s Center do not understand their responsibility to provide the safest possible medical care for the women of Rockford and are willing to ignore or hide the truth to get their medical licenses back – the State of Illinois has seen through these dangerous lies. 
3. The major reason this abortion mill remains closed is the prayers and love that have been offered by Rockford’s pro-life community for over 25 years.
Because of people like you who have never given up helping mothers in need and praying for and defending the unborn facing death the Rockford abortion mills reign of terror over the women and children of Rockford has been exposed to the people of Rockford and the State of Illinois. 


Eyes Are Being Opened In Rockford Concerning True Evil Of Abortion

Up Date Nov 26 2011    Rockford, Il – ( – 11-25-2011 – by James – On Friday. Nov 25, a group of Christians gathered at Rockford’s abortion mill to offer prayers of thanks to God for the lives saved while the Rockford mill is closed and to pray for the continued closing of this child-killing center. It is certain  that many people in Rockford now have a much clearer picture of what Rockford’s abortion mill is really about. 

A truck stopped this morning to ask if the clinic was still closed and when the driver was informed that at least for now no babies are being killed, he was very pleased.  Many of the cars that passed this morning while the prayers were being offered honked, gave thumbs up, or shouted words of encouragement.


It’s nearly impossible to find anyone in Rockford who has a good word to say about the Northern Illinois Women’s Center or will defend this seedy and dangerous abortion mill.


Even with the truth becoming more public concerning the facts that abortion is murder and that the Northern Illinois Women’s Center is a dirty, disgusting, and dangerous killing center, there are those who profit from the misery of women and the deaths of children who are still trying to reopen Rockford’s abortion house of horrors.


Much prayer, penance, fasting, and public witness will still be needed.


Up Date:
Think about this.
It’s not so much  the disgusting conditions inside the mill that warrant its closure. It’s the mindset that allowed it. The mess can easily be cleaned up. The callous disregard for Women’s safety cannot be changed except by a change of heart. It’s their unprofessional attitude that allows them to see no problems.
A professional can be defined as,  Someone who puts the interests of his client above his own because he has a specialized knowledge that allows him to counsel and act in a way that the client cannot act on his own. Doctors, nurses, architects, engineers,teachers, lawyers are called to put their financial considerations second to their client’s interest. It is a privileged position. This is to be distinguished from a professional athlete who is considered a professional because he is paid. Abortionists, in general, and these abortionists, in particular, are not behaving professionally. Not because their sign is lacking paint, but because they do not put the interests and safety of their patients above their own interests. 




A Lot To Be Thankful For In Rockford

Rockford, Il – ( – 11-24-2011 – by James – This Thanksgiving the women, children, families, and pro-lifers of Rockford have a lot to be thankful for. Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing.  In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thess 5:18

Below are just a few of the gifts and graces God has so graciously bestowed on the people of our city:

The countless babies who have been saved through the grace of God and by pro-life efforts for over 25 years.

That the Rockford abortion mill, which has been killing children for over 25 years, has finally been held accountable for at least a small portion of the crimes they commit.

The lives saved during this shutdown of the mill.

The faithful and wonderful pro-life Christians of Rockford who have persevered for so long.

That God used the vicious evil and bigotry of the abortion mill landlord to open the eyes of so many people to the sick nature of abortion.

The women and men who have been healed of abortion and now defend Christ and life.

The mobile ultrasound clinic that played a major part in saving at least 14 lives.  And for the Rockford Area Pregnancy Care Center that has helped countless mothers.

For every person who has stood in prayer and love in the cold, rain, snow, or heat outside of Rockford’s killing center.

That if or when the mill is allowed to reopen the Rockford pro-life community will be stronger than ever in offering love and help to mothers in need and to fight the scourge of abortion.

Thanksgiving Prayer
Father in Heaven, Creator of all and source of all goodness and love, please look kindly upon us and receive our heartfelt gratitude in this time of giving thanks.

Thank you for all the graces and blessings You have bestowed upon us, spiritual and temporal: our faith and religious heritage; our food and shelter; our health; the love we have for one another; our family and friends. Dear Father, in Your infinite generosity, please grant us continued graces and blessing throughout the coming year. This we ask in the Name of Jesus, Your Son. Amen.




One More Reason Why Rockford's Child-Killing Center Should Never Be Allowed To Reopen

Rockford, Il – ( – 11-22-2011 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We all know the history of racism, hatred, and bigotry that drives the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.  The frightening, dangerous, and unsanitary conditions that have caused a two-month closing of this abortion mill has also opened the eyes of the people of Rockford to the fact that the Rockford abortion mill is a horrific slaughter house that deeply harms women and kills children.

Below you will see a video of Texas abortionist Curtis Boyd who admits that as an abortionist he is killing children.  He tries to justify what he is doing, but in the end he has just admitted, on video, abortion is the murder of a child.  He also admitted he performed abortions on nine and ten year old girls!  If all this is not enough to repulse you, listen to him say he prays for the baby he is killing!  Life is a gift from God and this gift should never be returned unopened; yet this abortionist mocks God by praying that God will accept this soul back.  What hypocrisy!  God sent that soul into the world for His divine purpose and this person destroys God’s gifts several times a day.  Perhaps his time might be better spent by praying for God’s forgiveness and for his own soul.
We live in a world in which  we have an abortion mill like the one in Rockford that is so repulsive even a liberal state like Illinois has had to shut it down, and we have abortionists admitting they murder babies.  It’s time to end the nightmare of abortion.

Rockford Pro-Life Initiative For 11/15/2011

Rockford IL.-   No Babies Have Been Killed At Rockford’s N.I.W.C. For The Past 54 Days;    Prayers Of Thanksgiving For Lives Saved And Continued Closing Of Rockford’s Abortion Mill;     Prayer Needed As We Approach Another Hearing For Rockford’s Abortion Mill;     An Analysis Of Why Rockford’s Abortion Mill Hasn’t Reopened;     Young Adults Of Rockford Hold Pro-Marriage Rally;     God Mocking Baby-Killers In Rockford…..

On Wednesday November 16, no babies were killed in Rockford’s abortion mill.
On Friday November 18, no babies were killed in the Rockford abortion mill.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative Newsletter
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.

Prayers Of Thanksgiving For Lives Saved And Continued Closing Of Rockford’s Abortion Mill
On Friday November 25, at 9:30am, a Rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet will be prayed outside Rockford’s abortion mill to thank God for the lives saved during the almost two months’ closing of the mill.   
We will also be praying for the permanent closing of the Rockford killing center and for God’s will to be done concerning the hearing for the abortion clinic licenses that will be held on the following Monday.
Prayer Needed As We Approach Another Hearing For Rockford’s Abortion Mill
An Analysis Of Why Rockford’s Abortion Mill Hasn’t Reopened
Young Adults Of Rockford Hold Pro-Marriage Rally
God Mocking Baby-Killers In Rockford

Young Adults Of Rockford Hold Pro-Marriage Rally

Rockford IL.-  By James-  A group of young Rockford adults decided they wanted to do something to show their support for traditional marriage between one man and one woman.  These faithful Christians organized a public gathering and prayer vigil that was held on Sunday Nov 20, at the corner of State and Alpine

Young people and adults held signs supporting traditional marriage and prayed for our country’s return to God’s law concerning marriage and family.

The vast majority of cars that passed by showed their support for marriage and family by honking horns and giving thumbs up.