How the Pill Kills Marriage – 12-31-2011 – Below is an excellent video by STOPP on “The Pill” and other forms of birth control.  Fr. Dan McCaffrey speaks to many of the problems caused by the pill and how it effects women and families.  He explains how all Christian Churches, up until the mid-1930’s, were against artificial birth control.  Father comments that this is a misuse of words since there is no birth and there is no control!  Guess who was promoting this agenda at that time? 

The same ones who are promoting it now; that is the diabolical organization called Planned Parenthood, which got its roots from Margaret Sanger and her Birth Control League in the early 1930’s. They have their octopus-like tentacles reaching out into all taxpayers pockets.
Father also speaks about how priests have failed parishioners by not preaching on sterilization and artificial birth control.  We encourage anyone who is interested in hearing the truth to watch this video. 
Father Daniel McCaffrey, Internationally renowned speaker on Humanae Vitae, Director of NFP Outreach, and contributing author to A Preachable Message: The Dynamics of Natural Family Planning, speaks at the Pill Kills Marriage seminar in Dallas, TX; sponsored by Stop Planned Parenthood, International and STOPP of Dallas.

Violations Of Professional Standards At N.I.W.C.

GUEST EDITORIAL:  Rockford Il.- ( Dec 30 2011-  By Jay Ware
On Oct 3 The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) suspended the operating license for the Rockford abortion clinic. The beleaguered clinic was cited for several health and safety violations in June and again in September. The Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC) at the corner of Broadway and 10th in Rockford, was fined $15,000 before ultimately being suspended." 

 The reasons for the suspension are outlined in a three-page notice, dated Sept. 29 and signed by Damon T. Arnold, the director of the state department. The department “found conditions at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center ( NIWC) directly threatening to the public interest, health, safety and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action.”
What has happened here in Rockford is hardly unique. Since 2008, similar scenarios have played out in clinics in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Louisiana and Virginia.
 The NIWC problems are made even worse when violations of professional standards are considered. The owner of the clinic displayed an image of Jesus flipping the middle finger with the caption "Even Jesus Hates you. This was done to antagonize the pro-life protesters, but think for a moment how women facing the most difficult decision in their lives may have been affected. It’s unimaginable that images such as this could be displayed by a clinic that performed vasectomy, or in vitro fertilization, also opposed by the Catholic Church.
Ten years ago several of us at Democrats For Life of America became convinced that a new, more honest, more thoughtful conversation should emerge. We explored a concept, "Standard of Care" which is an everyday familiar legal term among medical professionals. Incredibly enough Standard of Care is almost never applied to discussions of abortion policy. Consequently, the conditions in abortion clinics all across the country have sunk to dangerously low levels.
 In legal terms, Standard of Care is the level at which the average, prudent provider in a given community would practice. It is how similarly qualified practitioners would have managed the patient’s care under the same or similar circumstances. The medical malpractice plaintiff must establish the appropriate standard of care and demonstrate that the standard of care has been breached.

An example is when the doctor asks you if you are allergic to penicillin before prescribing it. A significant percentage of people are allergic to penicillin. For those patients, prescribing it will harm rather than help them ,so doctors are EXPECTED to do some level of screening before prescribing it. It’s the old "9 out of 10 doctors agree…" thing, and the oddball Doctor who fails to take the expected precaution is vulnerable to being sued out of existence. This vulnerability helps maintain high standards in everything from plastic surgery to brain surgery because bad practices are continually compared with better practices. But it appears that 9 out of 10 doctors in abortion clinics are "oddballs" that do not screen.
Pre-operation screening practices in US abortion clinics are often inadequate. Far too many post abortion women express regret… the notion that if they only knew then what they know now, they would have done something other than end the pregnancy. The percentage of women who ultimately regret their abortion is impossible to say with certainty but what can be known is:
A. Such women are probably the minority of post abortive women, but undoubtedly exist in significant numbers. I have met or conversed with at least 100 such women since 2001 when we started DFLA. They are all around us. At school, work, church, in our families and in our neighborhoods. I bet you know one too. Keep in mind the number of women who experience regret is much higher than the number who express it.
B. The pre-operation screening practices used in most clinics were not robust enough to identify the "high risk" women found in post abortion recovery groups like Rachael’s Vineyard and Silent No More. The very existence of post abortion recovery groups is a testimony to the failure of abortion clinics to properly screen patients. Think about it. In every community  abortion recovery groups outnumber abortion clinics.
C. Academia has produced some solid scholarly work on the subject of identifying high risk patients.
Abortion has been legal for nearly 40 years. It’s time for the debate to go beyond legal vs illegal to safe vs unsafe. Legal abortion does not automatically mean safe abortion any more than legal investments are automatically safe investments. Unsafe, under-regulated, unwanted, forced, coerced, emotionally devastating and ultimately regretted abortion performed at seedy, unprofessional dives happen far too often. They can be eliminated by establishing sensible Standard of Care expectations. Such standards must be established by statute because the overall Standard of Care in abortion clinics serving the poor is too low.
Rockford. This is a serious public health issue not a political football. If the clinic reopens, the city council must figure out how to regulate it properly.
Jay Ware
Rockford Illinois
Jay Ware is a co-host of WNTA Rockford RAPS on 100.5 FM (1330 AM) Saturday morning 8:00AM -10:00 AM
Visit The General’s Journal at Pro-lifers will find these media outlets sympathetic to their concerns.


Prayer Needed As We Approach January 4 Hearing For Rockford Abortion Mill

Rockford, Il – ( – 12-30-2011 – by James – The Northern Illinois Women’s Center has been closed for three months because of the dangerous conditions inside and its being a threat to public health. This closing has resulted in hundreds of lives being saved.  On January 4, at 9:30 AM, a hearing will be held in room N-502 of the Michael A. Bilandic Building, 160 N. LaSalle St., Chicago; this hearing could result in NIWC being allowed to reopen in Rockford.


Attorney Eva Byerley of the Illinois Department of Public Health will represent the people and State of Illinois.  Harold Hirshman of SNR Denton’s Chicago office will represent the Rockford abortion mill.   They will appear before Administrative Law Judge Cynthia Ramirez, where the fate of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center may be decided.


It is possible the mill will be allowed to begin killing children again, or it could continue to be held accountable for the dangerous and illegal conditions inside and be kept closed by the judge.  It is also possible another hearing could be scheduled.


Please pray, fast, and do penance in the next few days that a just and righteous decision is handed down that will protect the women of Rockford from a dangerous and unsanitary abortion mill and that the Northern Illinois Women’s center will never be allowed to kill another baby.



Forced Abortions In Rockford IL. And China

Rockford, Il – ( – 12-29-2011 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – In July 2011, Rockford pro-lifers witnessed the horrible sight of a confused and scared young woman, who did not speak English, being forced into the abortion mill by an angry group of abortion supporters.  Every abortion is a human and spiritual tragedy of unmanageable proportions, but a forced abortion adds to the misery and suffering of all involved.

Forced Abortions In Rockford IL. And China
Do not think that forced abortions are something that take place only in a distant land.  As you can see from this article, they are occurring right here in our own nation, our own cities.  With the upcoming “health care” being shoved down our throats by the present pro-abortion politicians, forced abortions will only increase and those who oppose abortions will be forced to participate in them in one way or another or be fired or imprisoned-just like in China.
Below is a video of a blind pro-life advocate in China who has been beaten and imprisoned because he fights against the horrific practice of forced abortions in China.
Please watch this moving and powerful video to see the courage of those who are fighting abortion in China and to be reminded of what abortion supporters right here in Rockford have already done in our city. 

Forced Abortion is not a “choice”. To sign the Chen Petition:

Rape Exception: Why Do We Kill Babies Instead of Rapists?

by Sara Johnson | |  I got into a debate with a pretty good friend about abortion the other day. She’s typically a pro-life gal, but she has adopted (no pun intended) the GOP’s ‘get out of a debate alive’ exception to the rule—that abortion is murder, unless it’s the fetus of a rape victim, then it’s just removal of lifeless tissue.

For some reason, she was completely dumbfounded that I don’t have exceptions to my pro-life stance. My argument is that I don’t need them.
As a former student at a medical college, I’ve taken the Hippocratic Oath in order to participate in clinicals. (Full disclosure: I quit that job in order to save America from idiotic ideas, much like this one.) Because of this, I know there is a “first do no harm” clause. So no, I don’t think doctors should have to let a mother die in order for their baby to live. I think that is up to the mother and her doctor—at least until Obamacare kicks in.
The mother is a patient of a particular doctor. It is that doctor’s job to be an advocate for their patient. I have the same opinion in the case of a young child who is a victim; if delivering a baby is going to do irreparable physical harm to that child, no I don’t think they should be forced to have it. They should be well aware of what that means, but it is that doctor’s job to ‘first do no harm.’ Not saving the life of a patient is first doing harm, and that’s against the oath.
Where I always get into trouble with my “politically correct” friends is in cases of rape. Yes, I am aware that the woman lost her choice in this situation. Most women know someone who has been a victim of sexual assault, (I’m one who personally knows a sexual assault victim), so I’m not devoid of feelings here. However I don’t believe killing the baby is going to make the rape victim feel any better.
Let me cut to the chase here… if we can’t kill the rapist, why can we kill the baby? The baby is innocent. The rapist is a soulless loser who is going to get out of jail in 5 years, and in many cases will repeat the act. If I’m violently attacked, raped, and end up pregnant, killing my unborn child isn’t going to make me feel any less raped and isn’t going to bring me to peace. If my rapist was getting the death penalty… I’d at least feel safer.
I’m not saying rapists should get the death penalty. Granted… I’m not, not saying it either… What I am saying is, that being pro-life, except in the instance of rape, is one of the most illogical “exceptions” to a rule I’ve ever heard.
It’s like saying “This guy has been convicted to serve a sentence of ten years in jail for murdering your brother, but we’re going put his innocent daughter in the electric chair. Feel better?” Obviously that’s not going to make anyone feel better. In fact, I’d feel guilty for the innocent victim getting the death penalty.
I think an innocent baby is about the only positive, pure thing that can come from such a terrible situation. Is it ideal? Of course not. But whether that baby goes to a different home or stays with it’s mother, it is as innocent as the victim.
Critical thinking skills America…let’s use them.
LifeNews Note: Sara Johnson writes for Misfit Politics, where this opinion column originally appeared.

Video Tour Of Closed Abortion Mill Shows The Horrors Of Dangerous Abortion Mills Like The One In Rockford

Rockford, Il – ( – 12-28-2011 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – One can only imagine what a tour of the horrific Rockford abortion mill would reveal!  The State of Illinois cited the NIWC for unsanitary and dangerous conditions inside, and if the signs of bigotry and discrimination the NIWC has used in its windows and doors are any indication, there has been no respect or care for human life for a long time in this abortion mill.

Below is a video tour of a closed abortion mill in Wichita, Kansas.  This video is truly shocking and shows us the Rockford abortion mill is not alone in its lack of sanitation, common cleanliness, or decency.

Four Stories Show Why Fighting Abortion In Rockford Is Still Our Most Important Mission In The Coming Year

Rockford, Il – ( – 12-27-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We don’t know the future of Rockford’s killing center, but we do know abortion has destroyed more lives and souls than any other political, economic, social, cultural, or moral catastrophe in human history.


A brief look at just four of the many stories in the news recently demonstrates how abortion destroys lives and souls and is a reminder to us as this new year approaches that fighting against the culture of death is absolutely essential for all Christians, no matter if the Rockford abortion mill reopens or not.

 Former abortion worker: my sleep was haunted by dismembered children


‘I had you aborted,’ mom told famed gospel singer,  "And I was supposed to go home and have a miscarriage, and bring you back in a bag."


50,000 Girls Murdered In The Womb Every Month By Sex Selection Abortion In India


Armenian women still have average of 8 and as high as 20 abortions in lifetime

2012 PLC: Church Bulletin Inserts

For Your Convenience:

Below you will find links to download the 2012 PLC (for more information on what the PLC is, please see our About Us page). It is available in 3 formats (pdf, doc, and text).

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The 2012 Pro-Life Corner
Church Bulletin Inserts
Compiled by Stephenson County Right to Life
PO Box 697, Freeport, Il 61032
Telephone: 815-232-2538
Without life nothing else matters – The purpose of the Pro-life Corner Church bulletin insertis to present to the church-going community a message pertaining to a pro-life thought.

But more important than the message itself is the fact that all religious communities, Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish, will have the same message each weekend to show the world that in the name of God the Father, the Giver of all life, we are united in our efforts to stop the slaughter of the unborn through abortion and of the elderly through euthanasia. 

When we started the Pro Life Corner back in 1989, we really thought that like slavery, abortion on demand would also pass away.  How wrong we were!  It seems that the culture of death has hardened its heart and dug its heels in deeper than ever.  We Christians believe that there cannot be an Easter without a Good Friday. It seems that we are more at Holy Thursday and many in the movement are in the garden, suffering along with our Lord Jesus Christ.

With the culture of death fully entrenched in Washington, DC we must pray and work harder than ever. May God grant us strength, courage, and His grace and lead all of His people out of this darkness, the darkness of the culture of death, and into His light and the culture of life where once again the womb will be the safest place on earth for God’s little babies to grow.
We have reason to rejoice
In spite of the pro-death mentality in this country, we have reason to rejoice in Rockford, IL.  The conditions at the local abortion killing center, Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC) were so filthy and outside the law for an ambulatory surgical center that the State of Illinois Department of Public Health was forced to close this center on September 30, 2011.  They cannot petition to reopen until January 4, 2012.  If the state enforces all the laws on the books, it’s a strong possibility this killing center may never reopen.  Please pray that God’s will be done.
We especially ask God to richly bless all the men and women in the pro-life movement who tirelessly fight in this war on the unborn every day.   We pray for all those who fight the battle at pregnancy centers across this country and minister directly to mom and baby and for the tens of thousands of prayer warriors, and sidewalk counselors who risk it all every day when they show up at the abortion killing centers hoping and praying for at least one save because this is how important even one life is to them.  May God bless them and keep them safe.
Like hunger must be fought on a day by day basis, so, too, the war on the culture of life must be fought each and every day of our lives.
May God bless each and every one of you.  May His joy, peace, and love be in all of our hearts every day of our lives, but especially at this most holy time of the year when we will gather with friends and family to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 
Merry Christmas to all.
The Staff at Pro-Life Corner
Below you will find the 2012 Pro Life Corner.  Please copy and paste for now and e-mail and send to your pastor.
When we update our website, you will be able to download the 2012 files from the upper left side of our home page, as in the past.
The 2012 Pro-Life Corner
Church Bulletin Inserts
Compiled by Stephenson County Right to Life
PO Box 697, Freeport, Il 61032
Telephone: 815-232-2538
Without life nothing else matters
Our best wishes and prayers go out to all our pro-life friends.  Since 1989 we have been compiling these pro-life quotes and statistics in the hope of educating people on life issues.  As we go into our 39th year of decriminalized abortion, we note a slight decrease in surgical abortions.  That is giving us hope.  We also see a majority of people in our nation consider themselves to be pro-life.  In this election year, let us vote accordingly. Now is not the time to slow down or sit back.  With God’s mercy abortion can be a thing of the past.  We must continue to fast and pray for an end to this holocaust.
For extra copies of the Pro-Life Corner, contact us or go to our website for a free download.
January 1 – Be counted among His chosen few.  Pray at least one hour a week for an end to abortion and euthanasia; fast, witness at abortuaries, help out at pregnancy centers, and write letters or wherever God directs you.  We must try to stop the evil of abortion or God will judge this nation accordingly.
January 8 – We need to go back to basic values.  What we should be doing is working to achieve a world in which the power to bear children is viewed as a gift to be protected rather than a burden from which to be relieved.
January 15 – Lord, please help America awake to the immorality and unconstitutionality of abortion and the duty and power of the government not to promote it but to abolish it.
January 22 – Abortion is a moral and a civil rights issue that has been made into a political issue.  The truth is no matter what label they place on abortion and euthanasia, it is our duty as citizens to fight it.  Issues that are moral questions before they become political, remain moral questions when they become politicized.

January 29 – “Not even one abortion per week is acceptable.  Not one per month.  Not one per year.  Not one in our lifetime…The dignity of the human person begins at the moment of conception, not at birth.  The dignity, as recognized by the signers of the Declaration of Independence, is bestowed by the Creator, and no one has the right to destroy innocent unborn life.” 
February 5 – History shows that when civilizations degenerate morally, the strong and powerful begin to victimize the weak and defenseless.  Abortion victimizes the most vulnerable of all, the unborn child.
February 12 – Many people who say they are pro-life are sitting in their houses instead of getting up and joining us on the field of battle.  Go to an abortion killing center and pray.  Your witness can save lives.
February 19 – Evil acts such as rape and murder remain evil acts.  They can never become good.  Abortion is an evil act that can never become good.  It is a common tactic to use rape and incest as a battering ram to break down opposition to abortion.  Once exceptions were allowed for extreme cases, it became much easier to make exceptions for non-extreme cases.  Then exceptions become the rule.  We must never make exceptions that will subvert the moral law.
February 26 – Who would ever have guessed that we would live in a time, when moms and dads would pay to kill their own flesh and blood, and that human remains would be thrown out in dumpsters?  Investigators in Texas discovered packets containing the refuse from several abortions in a pubic dumpster behind a woman’s “health center”.
March 4 – How different our world would be if Joanne Simpson had chosen to abort her unintended pregnancy.  Instead, she gave birth to a boy who was adopted by a loving couple.  That boy was Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, Inc. and the creative genius behind the iPhone, iPod, and iPad and creator of tens of thousands of jobs.
March 11 – In God’s plan, every man is born to seek self-fulfillment, for every human life is called to some task by God.  At birth a human being possesses certain aptitudes and abilities in germinal form, and these qualities are to be cultivated so that they many bear fruit.  By developing these traits through formal education of personal effort, the individual works his way toward the goal set for him by the Creator.  Pope Paul VI
March 18 – Did you know that 70% of women who seek abortions claim to be Christian?  Many of these women state they have prayed and sought the counsel of their pastor and are comfortable with the idea that killing their God-given child is the best option.  No wonder we are barely making a dent in this barbaric culture of death.  Oh, God, bring us back to your ways so that we may choose life.
March 25 – When the record of our life is set down, there are three pairs of eyes who see it in a different light.  There is the life as I see it, as others see it, and as God sees it.  While there is still time in our life to do the will of God, we must protect all life, from conception to natural death.
April 1 – Because of abortion on demand, countless plans of God have been thwarted.  Can anything offend God more?  Abortion affects the present in an absolute way, but it affects the future in an unfathomable way.  Abortion is an intrinsic evil, never right, always wrong.
April 8 – You know that there are the world’s standards of perfection, and then there are God’s, and these are the final measure.  Every child is beautiful before God, and dear to Him for their own sake.  And the truest measure of any society is how it treats those who are most vulnerable. Pray for an end to abortion.
April 15 – Abortion is the number one cause of death in America. Over 3500 surgical abortions and, because of abortifacients, over 36,000 chemical abortions occur every day.   Sadly, you read that right.  Combined, that figure is almost 40,000 dead babies every day of the year!  Abortion is killing the future of our nation.
April 22 – How bizarre that a government that protects many forms of animal life and some plant life with both fines and/or imprisonment, would turn its back on the most innocent and defenseless of humans, the baby in the womb, and actually fund their death through tax dollar supported Planned Parenthood.
April 29 – America the beautiful: “They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and their daughters…and the land was polluted with blood…”  Because of abortion and euthanasia, America has lost much of its beauty.
May 6 – Mothers are closer to God the Creator than any other human creature.  God joins forces with mothers in performing this act of creation.  What on God’s earth is more glorious than to be a mother?  Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty
May 13 – Let us celebrate motherhood and marvel at how perfectly a mother’s body provides a nurturing environment for her tiny baby to grow and develop.  May all mothers choose to give their children the gift they deserve-a birthday.
May 20 – Because abortion has been decriminalized many women go blindly through the process believing that if the government says it’s legal, then it must be OK.  Countless women who have had abortions are shocked at the realities of the experience, both physically and mentally.  Abortion always leaves a dead baby and a wounded conscience.
May 27 – Pray for an end to abortion so that God’s plan for every life He sends into the world can be fulfilled.
June 3 – Every day over 3500 surgical abortions occur in America.  The mothers and/or fathers pay on average, over $800 to a paid assassin to kill their own flesh and blood, thereby telling God that He made a mistake in the creation of this unique life.
June 10 – You don’t have to be a scientist to comprehend that when a woman is pregnant, she is pregnant with a child-not a plant or a fish; it is a human baby that should be protected by man and law.
June 17 – Are you aware that the father of an unborn baby has no rights; the father of an unborn child cannot protect his baby from abortion? There have been cases when a father has been threatened with arrest for trying to save his child from abortion; if a mother decides to have an abortion, he is not allowed to be a part of this decision. 
June 24 – Abortion is money-big money, but beyond that, it is demonic.  There is an insatiable lust for blood. Many people in the culture of death see it as a blood sacrifice on the altar of the mother’s womb.
July 1 – The chief purpose of government is to protect life.  Abandon that and you have abandoned all. Our country’s chief purpose has been abandoned with the onset of decriminalized abortion and the use of tax dollars to pay for them.
July 8 – If abortion is not “the business of government” why are taxpayers funding it?
July 15 – For us, murder is once for all forbidden…It makes no difference whether one takes away the life once born, or destroys it as it comes to birth…the fruit is always present in the seed.
July 22 – It’s only since the decriminalization of abortion that the push for euthanasia has been born. We are seeing the slippery slope, predicted by the pro-life movement many years ago.
July 29 – How barbaric we have become! Did you know that aborted babies are being used for experimentation and for cosmetic products?  One abortionist said a baby is becoming property that we can kill, keep or sell as we see fit.  
August 5 – It is not necessary to teach children the details of reproduction before they learn that abortion is a bad thing.  The basis for teaching about abortion is not the reproductive system, but the dignity and worth of every human person, whether that person is big or small, young or old, healthy or sick, wanted or unwanted, convenient or inconvenient.
August 12 – Winston Churchill once said:  “Show me how a nation treats its elderly and I’ll show you the soul of the people.”  As a nation, our immortal soul is in grave danger because many people have rationalized not only abortion but now assisted suicide and euthanasia, as moral and a right.  No good can ever come from doing evil.
August 19 – The forces behind the pro-death movement are not merely human but demonic.  It is imperative to understand, as Christ reminds us, that the devil was a murderer from the beginning.  The evil spirit has remained a murderer all through human history, and he is the real leader behind the philosophy of homicide which now pervades whole nations of what we still call a civilized world.
August 26 – Lenin once said, “The US will rot from within, so there is no need to destroy it from without.”  Since 1973, the US has aborted (killed) over 54,000,000 babies by surgical abortion.  We are, indeed, rotting from within when we continue to allow this holocaust of our future generations.
September 2 – “Abortion has been founded on lies and deception from the very beginning. All I did was lie about how I got pregnant…but my little lie grew and grew and became more horrible with each telling…With the help of willing media and the credibility of well-known columnists, the lie became known as the truth these past 39 years.”  We must end abortion and euthanasia.  Our life depends upon it.  Norma McCorvey- Jane Roe of Roe v Wade
September 9 – As parents and grandparents we have a crucial, sometimes decisive role in the attitudes of our children and grandchildren toward abortion.  Do we pass on a concern for life?  Do we convey compassion, so that if our daughter or granddaughter were to become pregnant, she would know she could turn to us for understanding, rather than turn to the abortionist?
September 16 – Many women argue that “it’s my body, I can do what I want” when they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  A body part is defined by the common genetic code it shares with the rest of its body; the unborn’s genetic code differs entirely from the mothers.  Being inside something is not the same as being part of something. A car is not part of a garage because it is parked there.  Babies should not be discriminated against because of their place of residence.
September 23 – Some simple abortion facts:  Abortion always kills the innocent.  Abortion is the premeditated killing of a baby.  Abortion pits mothers against their children.
September 30 – Because of abortion on demand, death stalks every child in the womb, up until the day of birth.  Where is the outrage?  Why are we not protecting our children and our future?
October 7 – Terror in the womb gives birth to terror in the world.  Until we stop abortion, there is no place in America that is safe; there is nowhere to hide.  Terror in the womb produces terror in the world.
October 14 – If we fail to defend innocent human life in the womb, we will confront the culture of death on our own death bed!  Let us never forget Terry Schiavo and the others who have been victims of the culture of death.
October 21 – “Abortion solves no problem, but kills a child, destroys the woman, weighs on the conscience of the father and often ruins a family.”  Pope Benedict XVI 
October 28 – We are living in a “culture of death” where the pre-born, elderly, and infirm are seen as disposable, and the pro-death forces profit from their death.  It’s difficult to understand, but that’s what is happening in America. Please pray and work to end abortion and euthanasia.
November 4 – May God have mercy on us, enlighten us, send us bold leaders who are not afraid to stand up and defend the innocent and defenseless, no matter the cost.  The sad reality is that our society would never tolerate the cruelty of abortion on animals, yet our nation destroys over 1.3 million human babies every year by surgical abortion without even a second thought.
November 11 – Abortion is a terrible form of murder, though decriminalized, for the simple reason that the victim is an innocent and defenseless baby in the womb and cannot plead for his/her life, cannot run, cannot reason with his/her parents who are the very same ones who are paying an assassin to end the life of their own flesh and blood.
November 18 – Abortion is not just a “private sin”; it is one which the world calls “choice” or a right.  Abortion affects everyone alive today.  Just as one prayer affects an entire community, the grave sin of abortion affects not just the parents of that innocent child, nor the abortionists and clinic staff, but also our communities, nation and world.
November 25 – As a “civilized” culture, we respect animals, plants and even the planet, but we consider the pre-born disposable!  That proves we are not as civilized as we think.
December 2 – Many people have funeral services for their pets; they bury them with care and dignity and much sorrow.  But of no concern is the fact that human babies are being disposed of in dumpsters and sewers every day because of abortion.  Pray for an end to abortion.
December 9 – We see documentaries about Adolph Hitler’s hideous so-called “medical” experiments on human beings, but abortionists today are helping to do the same thing by killing babies and selling the body parts to pharmaceutical companies and universities for so-called “medical” experiments.  As a nation we are no better than Hitler because we are still allowing abortion to continue.
December 16 – “When the final judgment comes …You will have no advocates; you are there alone standing before God and a terror will rip through your soul like nothing you can imagine.  But I really think that those in the pro-life movement will not be alone.  I think there will be a chorus of voices that have never been heard in this world but are heard beautifully and clearly in the next world and they will plead for everyone who has been in this movement.  They will say to God, “Spare him because he loved us.” And God will look at you and say not, “did you succeed?” but “did you try?”  Henry Hyde
December 23 – Let’s keep Christ in Christmas. This Christmas let us not forget the first coming of Christ so we won’t regret His second coming.  May God’s blessings be with you.  Merry Christmas.
December 30- Teaching children about abortion is not as difficult as some may think.  Children are particularly receptive to the message of equality of all people, and to the truth that might does not make right.  They have a keen sense of justice and fairness; they know what a baby is and they know it is wrong to kill a baby.  It is never too soon to teach respect for all life.



2011 Rockford Pro-life Year In Review

Rockford, Il – ( – 12-26-2011 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – 2011 was a challenging year for pro-life ministry in Rockford, but by the end of 2011, we may be seeing the triumph of the grace of God over the culture of death in Rockford. 

January – The year began with the mobile ultrasound clinic continuing to help mothers in need and save babies.  Throughout the year every mother who used the mobile ultrasound to see her child in her womb chose life.  Thanks to the generosity of many donors, we had the mobile ultrasound in Rockford at least once a week.
February – During Lent 2011 we held our 40 Days for Life.  Many people spent a lot of hours praying on the sidewalks in front of the mill and praying in homes and in churches.  The result was that the number of babies aborted declined and the number of mothers who chose life increased during the 40 days.
March – Pro-lifers, as they have done for 25 years, continued to pray and offer love and support to mothers in need at the Rockford abortion mill.  No matter the weather or difficult conditions, Christians have been a constant and faithful presence at this killing center every day of the decades  it has been open to end the lives of Rockford’s children.
April – The abortion mill landlord Wayne Webster, backed by Alderman Elyea, used misinformation and deception to try to have the permit revoked for the mobile ultrasound.  By the grace of God and hard work and prayers of many people, the lies of those trying to ban the lifesaving ultrasound were exposed, and a permit was granted.  Thanks to a special permit granted by Mayor Larry Morrissey for Good Friday, two mothers used the mobile ultrasound to choose life on this holy day.
May – Those who run the Rockford abortion mill continued to see the numbers of babies killed by abortion fall so starting in the spring of 2011, they brought in a small group of abortion supporters to attempt to prevent pro-life sidewalk counselors from offering help to mothers in need.  These pro-abortion supporters’ attempts generally failed, but they did everything they could to block mothers from having a real "choice”.  The prayers, love, and public witness for life of the Rockford pro-life Christians were stronger than the heartless attempts of the abortion supporters to block help to mothers in need.
June – In June 2011 the Illinois Department of Public Health inspected the Northern Illinois Women’s Center for the first time in 14 years.  The findings of the Health Department revealed unsanitary, dirty, dangerous, and illegal conditions inside the abortion mill. 
July – On July 8, a tragic incident occurred at the Rockford abortion mill that is a reminder of why abortion is the greatest human tragedy of our time.  A young Hispanic woman who did not speak English was driven to the abortion mill in a taxi.  The taxi did not enter the abortion mill parking-lot but stopped so the young mother could talk with a Spanish-speaking sidewalk counselor.  The mother clearly indicated she wanted a free ultrasound, and the taxi she was in pulled away from the abortion mill driveway and drove to where the mobile ultrasound was located.  A group of abortion supporters who saw this young mother about to choose life became enraged and surrounded the taxi as it parked near the mobile ultrasound.  When the frightened mother, who did not speak English emerged from the taxi, thinking she was being led to the mobile ultrasound, the pro-aborts surrounded her and physically forced the confused mother into the mill. 
August – The Rockford abortion mill began putting up signs claiming they had passed all Health Department inspections.  When the Illinois Department of Public Health was informed that NIWC was lying to its patients about the conditions inside the mill,  the NIWC was forced to remove the signs and another Health Department inspection took place soon after.
September – In September something happened that had deep spiritual significance.  A group of Christians from outside Rockford felt compelled to come to pray at Rockford’s abortion mill.  They brought with them a large beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  After they were done praying, the abortion mill security guard unleashed a string of blasphemies directed at the mother of Jesus that was demonic in its shocking and hellish nature.  To date not another child has been killed in the abortion mill since this blasphemous tirade was unleashed.  It was as if this was the last, dying, hate-filled tirade directed against God, mothers, and children coming from the demonic forces behind the Rockford abortion mill.
October – The Northern Illinois Women’s Center was closed by an emergency order from the State of Illinois.  Illinois Department of Public Health officials gave the abortion mill a three-page report of deficiencies signed by Damon T. Arnold, the director of the state department.  The notice says officials “found conditions at (the Northern Illinois Women’s Center) that are directly threatening to the public interest, health, safety and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action.”
November – The Northern Illinois Women’s Center had two hearings in court where the abortion mill’s high-powered Chicago law-firm assumed it would be reopening soon, but information began to emerge of a NIWC abortionist’s directly placing a woman’s life in danger by not knowing how to deal with a botched abortion in the Rockford mill.  In documents submitted to the court, the NIWC finally admitted it has been breaking the law. 
December – One more hearing was held between the NIWC and the State of Illinois with no resolution.  The abortionists who kill children in the NIWC need admitting privileges at a local hospital and a proper nursing staff to reopen.  It seems no local hospital and no local surgical nurses are willing to work with this abortion mill that has such a horrific history of killing babies, disgusting and unsanitary conditions, and the most open and vicious bigotry and discrimination the city of Rockford has ever seen.   Pro-lifers are continuing their prayers at the mill on Wednesdays and Fridays until the day this killing center is closed forever.

Rockford Pro-Life Initiative For 12 25 2011

Rockford Il.- By the grace of God no babies were killed by abortion in Rockford this week;     Feast of the Holy Innocents On Wednesday December 28th, Rosary at the abortion mill 9:30am;     two articles concerning the Rockford Register Star’s;     A Confidential Letter To The Rockford Abortion Mill Staff From The Founder Of The Pro-Choice Movement;   The 2012 Pro Life Corner Is Now Available;     Dr. Alveda C. King To Speak At Pro-Life Breakfast In Rockford;     Please Join Us For A 40 Days For Life Meeting;     Respect Life Banquet Friday January 27…..

By the grace of God no babies were killed by abortion in Rockford this week.
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative Newsletter
The mission of Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is to eliminate abortion in the Rockford area through Prayer, Fasting, Education, and Personal Sacrifice.
Feast of the Holy Innocents On Wednesday December 28th, Rosary at the abortion mill 9:30am
During this octave of Christmas the Church celebrates the memory of the small children of the neighborhood of Bethlehem put to death by Herod. Sacrificed by a wicked monarch, these innocent lives bear witness to Christ who was persecuted from the time of His birth by a world which would not receive Him. It is Christ Himself who is at stake in this mass-murder of the children; already the choice, for or against Him, is put clearly before men. But the persecutors are powerless, for Christ came to perform a work of salvation that nothing can prevent; when He fell into the hands of His enemies at the time chosen by God it was to redeem the world by His own Blood.
Our Christmas joy is tempered this day by a feeling of sadness. But Christians look principally to the glory of the children, of these innocent victims, whom are in heaven following the Lamb wherever He goes.
The Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet will be prayed on Dec  28th, at 9:30am at Rockford’s abortion mill as an act of love for the thousands of children killed by abortion in this city and to pray for the continued closing of Rockford’s abortion mill.
Below are two articles concerning the Rockford Register Star’s unwillingness to inform the people of Rockford of the very real dangers to the safety and health of Rockford women because of the horrific conditions women have been subjected to at the Rockford abortion mill.
Yes Mr. Gass, Credibility Does Matter
RR Star Ignored Dozens Of Signs In A Major Rockford Medical Center Containing Bigotry And Discrimination?
A Confidential Letter To The Rockford Abortion Mill Staff From The Founder Of The Pro-Choice Movement
The 2012 Pro Life Corner Is Now Available
Dr. Alveda C. King To Speak At Pro-Life Breakfast In Rockford
Follow this link for ticket information
Please Join Us For A 40 Days For Life Meeting
On Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 6:00 pm, a 40 Days for Life meeting will be held at St. Bernadette Church, 2400 Bell Ave.  This is across the street from Rockford Memorial Hospital.
40 Days for Life Rockford will be held this year whether the Rockford abortion mill is open or closed.  If the abortion mill is open, we will hold a 12 hour a day sidewalk vigil at the mill as we have done for the last three years during Lent.  If the mill remains closed, we will focus on 40 Days of prayer for life during Lent in our own homes and churches.
Please join us at this very important meeting on January 4 to stuff envelopes, help plan this year’s 40 days, and plan for the future.
If you have any questions, please contact Sue at  guy.richards@sbcglobal
Respect Life Banquet
Friday January 27, 2012 at Holy Family Church
Social Hour 6:00-7:00pm
Dinner 7:00pm followed by program
$25.00 per person / $15.00 students
Choice of dinner available
The Keynote Speaker Will Be Patricia Pitkus Bainbridge Of Human Life International.
Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society will also be speaking.
Proceeds from this banquet will go to the Thomas More Society.  The attorneys from the Thomas More Society have been defending the rights of pro-lifers throughout America and in Rockford at no charge for many years.