God Bless America

Fr. Andrew was invited to lead the opening prayer at the 2012 Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention in the Magness Arena at the University of Denver. The moral challenges facing our country are not caused by political affiliation, but rather by attacks on religious freedom. He invites all people of conscience to uphold religious freedom. Continue reading

Okay To Mix Politics And Religion

June 29, 2012 Here is what Michelle Obama told members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday: “And to anyone who says that church is no place to talk about these [political] issues, you tell them there is no better place—no better place. Because ultimately, these are not just political issues—they are moral issues.”
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June 28, 2012 Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding ObamaCare: The only way Catholic non-profits could have survived the encroachment of the federal government on their right not to buy insurance for services they deem immoral was if the entire ObamaCare legislation had been struck down. That did not happen. Continue reading

Discrimination: Lake County Fair Bans Religious Groups

ProLifeCorner.com- (CHICAGO, IL) – Today, Thomas More Society attorneys demanded that the Lake County Fair reverse its rejection of booth applications from Lake County Right to Life and “Peter’s Net,” an initiative promoting Lake County Catholic churches. The Society claims that the Fair’s rejection of the groups is based on their respective religious messages, including the promotion of the Catholic Church and Church teaching by Peter’s Net and the religiously motivated pro-life message and use of a prenatal development display including life size fetal models used by Lake County Right to Life in its Fair booth for the last 37 years. Continue reading


Los Angeles, CA — Scores of pro-life youth activists with the organization, Survivors, will descend upon the Los Angeles Chinese Consulate (443 Shatto Place), Tuesday, June 26, at 11 AM, in protest of China’s draconian family planning policies and countless human rights abuses, especially the recent arrest of Chinese mother, Feng, and the killing of her seven-month-old preborn child, which caused an international furor after a photo of the beaten mother lying side-by-side with her dead child on a bloody hospital mattress circulated the internet. Continue reading

A Dangerous-Space In Rockford

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 6-25-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Christians began to realize something was deeply wrong with a place in Rockford called Woman’s Space when it was learned one of the founders and now Executive Director Sister Elaine Hirschenberger,  presided at the funeral service for , Kate Trainer, a longtime abortion advocate and employee of the notorious Rockford abortion mill.   Over the years Woman’s Space has had numerous new age speakers and programs featuring radical feminism and paganism. Continue reading


The jury in the trial of two Philadelphia Catholic priests has reached a verdict. Msgr. William Lynn was acquitted of conspiracy; on the two charges of child endangerment, he was acquitted on one of them, and found guilty on the other. The jury was deadlocked on two charges against Rev. James Brennan: one for attempted rape, and one for child endangerment. Continue reading

Rockford Pro-Lifers Schedule Another Trip to Aurora Abortion Mill

Rockford, IL. – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 6-23-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – The litany of crimes committed by Planned Parenthood against God and human life is too long to list here. It is enough to know that Planned Parenthood has been caught promoting the most vicious racism imaginable, participating in gendercide, covering up for pedophiles and child molesters, and murdering millions of innocent children in the womb. Continue reading