Romney: “As President I will Protect the Sanctity of Human Life”

Mitt Romney made the pledge Thursday night during his GOP presidential nomination acceptance speech that pro-life Americans wanted to hear. Romney not only promised he would be a pro-life president but said he would affirm the freedom of religion that has been under attack by the Obama pro-abortion HHS mandate. Continue reading

Man attacks pro-life activists; two weeks later, still no arrest made

ROCKFORD, IL, August 30, 2012,  by John Jalsevac- Two weeks ago pro-life veteran Kevin Rilott was standing on a street corner in Rockford, Illinois, holding a picture of Jesus as part of a pro-life demonstration, when a car pulled up beside him.Moments before Rilott had witnessed a man in the car throw a full can of soda at a female pro-life demonstrator, which fortunately ricocheted off her sign. Immediately, Rilott switched on his video camera. Continue reading

A Time For Reflection And Prayer

Rockford, Il – ( – 8-30-2012 – A time for reflection-the killing has stopped.   In reference to Rockford’s abortion killing center:  The Illinois Department of Public Health issued this statement on September 30, 2011:  “The department had found conditions at the facility that are a direct threat to the public interest, health, safety and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action.”  This action led to the immediate closing of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC). Continue reading

Two Examples Of Lives Well-lived.

( – 8-30-2012 – One of our favorite people and a faithful contributor to the Pro Life Corner is our friend Mark Pickup.  We’ve included his brief statement below is a picture of Mark and his grandchildren.  Now we can see why “assisted suicide” is such an evil.  Look at the joy Mark is finding with his grandchildren and the wisdom and knowledge he is imparting to them.  This is what quality of life really means!  How you use the life God has given you to do good for others. Continue reading


By Mark Pickup- “He (Barack Obama) wants to fundamentally change the essence and national ethos. The startling fullness of that change will come into full view during Obama’s second term. It is critically important he not get it.” — taken from my blog under the title AMERICA AT A CRISIS POINT. Continue reading

One Man Can Make A Difference

( – 8-27-2012 – On Thursday, August 18th 2012 the Prolife Action League organized three prolife protests around Rockford.  One of their volunteers was Chris Iverson.  He has been involved in prolife activism since 2004 and has a passion and enthusiasm for the movement.  I asked Chris to tell us a little about himself, about how he got involved in the movement and about some of his experiences.  Here’s what he said: Continue reading

Rockford Area Pregnancy Care Center Fundraiser

Rockford Il.-  Help raise money for life. “BETTER HEALTH 4 LIFE” (HEALTHCARE, FREE REFRESHMENTS AND PRIZES) – All Proceeds Go To The Rockford Area Pregnancy Care Center to Help Save Moms and Their Babies. Continue reading