ObamaCare Religion Issue Resurfaces

November 26, 2012- The U.S. Supreme Court today ordered the Fourth Circuit of Appeals to hear the constitutional issues involved in two provisions of ObamaCare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act. Previously, the circuit court ruled that a challenge by Liberty University to ObamaCare was premature, but now the high court has vacated that decision. Continue reading

“Merry Christmas ” Pins

November 26, 2012 -The women of the Catholic Daughters of Court John Paul II #2554 are back again selling their famous “It’s OK to Say Merry Christmas to Me” pins ($1) and car magnets ($3). Thousands of these pins and magnets have been sold over the years in all 50 states. Continue reading

A Homily On Christ the King

ProLifeCorner.com –  A good friend of ours, who is a priest, shared his homily with us. It is celebrating the solemnity of Christ the King.  Thank you Father, and may God richly bless you.

The Solemnity of Christ the King

Sunday, November 25th, 2012-  John 18:33-38  “Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.”

In today’s Gospel reading which commemorates the Kingship of Christ we hear of a rather remarkable legal trial. The accusation put forth, was high treason. The judge was a pagan politician named Pontius Pilate, the governor and representative of the Roman emperor. The plaintiffs are the highest officials and dignitaries of the Jewish people. The accused is none other than Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Lord of heaven and earth. Continue reading

Solemnity of Christ the King

The Feast of Christ the King was established by Pope Pius XI in 1925 as an antidote to secularism, a way of life which leaves God out of man’s thinking and living and organizes his life as if God did not exist. The feast is intended to proclaim in a striking and effective manner Christ’s royalty over individuals, families, society, governments, and nations. Continue reading

Rekindling the Fire of Holiness

Archbishop Chaput Writes on the Call To Martyrdom By Archbishop Charles J. Chaput Archbishop of Philadelphia.
PHILADELPHIA, NOV. 23, 2012 (Zenit org) – The Church has many good reasons why people should believe in God, believe in Jesus Christ and believe in the beauty and urgency of her own mission. But she has only one irrefutable argument for the truth of what she teaches – the personal example of her saints. Continue reading

Proclamation Of Thanksgiving

Proclamation Of Thanksgiving By the President of the United States of America

(Obviously not the one we have now!) Following is the 1863 Lincoln Presidential Proclamation celebrated shortly after Lincoln committed his life to Christ and celebrated while America was still in the midst of its Civil War. It was this proclamation which eventually led to the establishment of our national Thanksgiving holiday. Continue reading

“Angry Atheists” War on Christmas

Bill Donohue released the following comments today: One of the most famous atheists in American history, Paul Kurtz, died last month at age 86. While not religion-friendly, he was by no means a hater. Indeed, he hated what he called “angry atheists,” the kind we see with increasing frequency these days. Continue reading

Court Clerk Tweeting Insider Info in Phill Kline Case

Court Clerk Suspended for Tweeting Insider Info in Phill Kline Kansas Supreme Court CaseLife Legal Defense Foundation Says Lack of Integrity in Phill Kline Case “Outrageous” (Kansas City, KS) An irreverent legal clerk in the Kansas Supreme Court has been tweeting inside information from the courtroom, implying that the “fix is in” in a controversial case against former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, who is charged with alleged misconduct in his investigation of abortion provider criminal behavior in the mid-2000s. Continue reading

Crèches Banned but not Public Nudity?

November 19, 2012 Bill Donohue released the following statement today: For most of American history, manger scenes adorned public property at Christmastime without controversy. It was also normal to ban public nudity. But times have changed: now the authorities in Santa Monica and San Francisco are set to rule on these issues. Continue reading