Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser Monroe, WI.

Announcement-  Monroe WI.-    Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser to Benefit the Pregnancy Center of Green County.

The Pregnancy Center of Green County is holding an all-you-can-eat Spaghetti Supper fundraiser this Monday – February 4th.  Would you please support this wonderful organization.  Please tell all your friends, coworkers and neighbors about this event on Monday evening.  Anna and her colleagues have been working for many years, defending and promoting the culture of life.  Now they need your help.  Bring your family, friends and have a delicious dinner while enjoying good fellowship.  If you can’t attend please consider a donation to help the pregnancy center to continue their important work as they defend life in Monroe and Green County.  Continue reading

The Inspiring Story of Dominic Pio Gundrum Introduction by Christopher Clukey- During a second trimester ultrasound appointment, Mark and Mary Gundrum experienced what every expectant couple fears: They were told their child was going to be born deformed if he survived to be born at all. Many couples would have chosen to abort, but the Gundrum’s are devout Catholics and committed pro-lifers and put their trust in God for the result. What followed was an amazing trial of faith, a loving response from God’s people and a groundbreaking surgery. As radio host Charlie Sykes put it, “This is what Choosing Life looks like.” Continue reading

The 45th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae by Larry Plachno- In recent months we have seen an increase in information and reports from researchers, demographers and even the secular media on how our social problems, ideal family size and how we vote are interconnected with marriage, choice and fertility. Some of them are making reference to and quoting Humanae Vitae. Continue reading

National Catholic Reporter Sinks Even Lower

Rockford, Il – ( – 1-30-2013 – by Staff – The National Catholic Reporter, which has been condemned by two Bishops for distorting the Catholic faith and promoting dissent concerning the Churches teaching on sexual morality, is now promoting an event by the author of the perverted Vagina Monologues. Continue reading

The National Catholic Reporter Misleads AGAIN!  By Staff-  1/28/2013-  In a defiant statement issued by the National Catholic Reporter against Bishop Finn’s decision confirming they do not have the right to use the word Catholic in their masthead or identify themselves as an authentic Catholic publication the National Catholic Reporter is again falsifying the facts. Continue reading

National Catholic Reporter And Accountability – 1-28-2013 – by Staff – This newspaper could accurately be referred to as the National Dissenting Reporter (NDR).  The news paper known as the National Catholic Reporter has used the sexual abuse crisis as an excuse to attack Catholic teachings on Papal authority, celibacy, our male Priesthood, and the structure of the Church. Continue reading

Breakfast To Honor Sister Rosalia

Announcement-   Rockford, Il – ( – 1-27-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – For years Sister Rosalia Bauer was a regular on the sidewalks outside of Rockford’s abortion mill either sidewalk counseling or praying the Rosary.  Her joyful spirit and strong witness for life has inspired many of us.  When Sister was not defending life at the Rockford abortion mill she was praying and working at St. Jude Parish in Beloit.  Now after decades of service in this area Sister Rosalia is returning to her mother house of the Franciscan Sister’s of Perpetual Adoration in La Crosse WI. Continue reading


By  Rev. John H. Hampsch, C.M.F.- The strangest anomaly in the burning issue of abortion is the presence of pro-choice advocates who claim to be bible believers. For these, Jesus’ words to the Sadducees apply: “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures” (Mt. 22:29). Before surgical abortion was technically possible, unborn babies were killed only when the mother was slain also, as recorded in Amos 1: 13; Ammon’s genocidal act God punished by a tumult of nature and deprivation of national leadership. Continue reading

A Major Change in the Abortion Wars Washington, DC- 1-26-2013 – By Frank Munda- This year’s March for life is over and I am encouraged by the presence of so many young people.  Last year the March hosted approximately 400,000 pro-life citizens.  Many of the reports are saying there was a significant increase in the numbers this year.  One report stated that there were 500,000 people at the rally this year.  Think about that; one half million citizens marching, praying, and letting their voices be heard.  Continue reading

Bishop Condemns The Dissenting National Catholic Reporter

Rockford, Il – ( – 1-25-2013 – Bishop Joseph Finn of the Diocese of Kansas City St. Joseph has written a clear and decisive condemnation of the dissenting National Catholic Reporter.   Please read for yourself Bishops Finn’s article concerning the numerous attacks on the Catholic faith that stained the pages of this publication for years: Continue reading