College Males Play “Kill The Baby” – 2-28-1013 – by Staff – The article from the Catholic League we have posted below concerns one of the most vile and disgusting acts of depravity we have heard of.  Of course, if one studies the beginnings of Planned Parenthood and its founder, Margaret Sanger, it becomes easier to see just how these sick acts are perpetrated.  Free sex with no responsibilities, no concern for any human life, and the treatment of foolish women who condone abortion are just the surface of the evil practices that have come about since Planned Parenthood and the legalization of abortion for any reason.  This is proof that women have allowed themselves to be used and abused and that young (and not so young) men know they can use her and if she conceives a baby they can just kill the child-all legally and without any moral regrets. Continue reading

AA-1025 2/26/2013- By Frank Munda- Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into the Church by Marie Carré   I just completed reading for the second time a short little book with an even a shorter title, “AA 1025”.   The first time I read this book was well over 20 years ago and although I found the book disturbing,  it somehow did not register all that clearly with me at that time.  We all know how smart we can be when we look back with that so-called 20/20 hindsight.  With hindsight, all of a sudden things are very, very clear.  We know that Holy Mother Church has been under attack by many groups, organizations and the media in general, especially for the last 50 years.  Some may feel that these attacks are random, others might feel that because the Church has the courage to speak out against sin in the world, that is why the Church is under attack.  Continue reading

Sinners-R-Us—By Timothy Barr-   Lent is a time of penance, a season of confessions. Confession can be a scary thing to do. I suppose many from outside the Church do not understand why we would go. In fact, I think many of us wonder the same thing. Pope John Paul II used to go every week. Why? What did He see or experience in confession? Continue reading

CRS Responds To Another Scandal – 2-23-2013 – by Staff – Below is Catholic Relief Services (CRS) response to information that they have been knowingly funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico.  The CRS statement does not address the disappointing news that CRS has not responded to media and donor request for information on other organizations they may be funding and how much money they have given to all of the organizations in question. Continue reading

Beware Surveys of Catholics

February 22, 2013 -Bill Donohue addresses a Pew Research Center survey of Catholics that was released on February 21: The Pew Research Center survey is entitled, “U.S. Catholics Divided On Church’s Direction Under New Pope.” Not surprisingly, most media outlets ran similar headlines. I have a high regard for the work of Pew, but there are a few important caveats that need to be respected. Continue reading

Donate To Operation Rice Bowl – Support Abortion? – 2-21-2013 – by Staff – Catholic Relief Services has a long history of partnering with pro-abortion organizations.  It has been revealed today that Catholic Relief Service has been funding more pro-abortion groups in Mexico.  CRS also seems very unwilling to answer direct questions concerning these groups and how much CRS has given them. Continue reading

Opposition To Abortion Is A Christian Issue. Intro By Frank Munda- The writings of the early church fathers and the councils of the church help to clarify much of what we Christians believe today.  Whether you are a Catholic or non-Catholic Christian, we can all benefit from going back and reading much of what the early church fathers had to say regarding particular issues.  This article has to do with what the early church fathers had to say regarding abortion. Continue reading

USA- Union of Socialist America This is Obama’s vision for our country, the USA- Union of Socialist America.  At this point in time, it should be very clear to everyone that Barak Hussein Obama is an enemy of freedom.  It should be very clear to everyone that his course is clear, that is to change America from a free Republic to a socialistic state.  His contempt and hatred of the Christian faith cannot be tolerated anymore.  Catholic and non-Catholic Christians must unite in their love for Jesus Christ and stand up to the dictatorial freedom-destroying dictates of the Obama administration. Continue reading

What to Do For Lent Lent is a time of repentance, conversion and coming closer to our Lord Jesus. It is a time when Jesus calls us closer. But we live in a world that pulls us in another direction. It is a direction that goes anywhere but towards holiness. The world wants to make us comfortable where we are at; in front of the screen, in the fridge or on the phone. In short, the world wants us to forget about God, His mercy and healing power. I invite you to enter into Lent as a retreat. There are many ways we can come closer to Jesus and grow in holiness and grace. Continue reading

The Passing Of Deacon R. William Steltemeier, Jr.

Irondale, Ala.-   EWTN mourns passing of Deacon Steltemeier, founding president. Deacon R. William Steltemeier, Jr., founding president of the Eternal Word Television Network, died in Hanceville, Ala. on Feb. 15 at the age of 83 after a lengthy illness. Continue reading