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Since most conservative Mennonite and Amish churches sing only a cappella hymns in their churches, it is not surprising to find that there are numerous Mennonite and Amish a cappella choirs, quartets, and family singing groups. Most of these groups sing in simple four-part harmony. Continue reading


Announcement-   ProLifeCorner.com-  Monroe WI.-  The CareNet Family Support System is in desperate need of cribs.  We have been giving out pack-n-plays instead of cribs but we now have some clients whose babies can not use the pack-n-plays and must have cribs.  Some of the babies have medical conditions that require cribs.  The federal government has made it illegal for us to distribute any drop-down cribs which greatly limits the number of available cribs.  If we use the manufacturer’s “fix” on the drop down cribs, we can then use them but that will take time.  These babies need the cribs now. Continue reading

Spreading Germs, Pollution And Choice

ProLifeCorner.com- by Larry Plachno- Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

This is primarily intended for my friends in the Pro-Life Movement to bring you up to date on all of the new research and reports showing how marriage, fertility, families and abortion are all interconnected. It is absolutely ridiculous that an increasing number of prominent secular publications, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, have published major articles on how under-population is harming our country while our government continues to spend taxpayer money for contraception and abortion because it feels that pregnancy, babies and children are evil. Continue reading

Amnesty Internation And Abortion

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 2-10-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Following is an open letter from three families, written to Amnesty International.  The letter  was written to them regarding their support of abortion.  If you or anyone you know is supporting them, perhaps you would consider writing a similar letter to them expressing your displeasure and disappointment in their action. Continue reading

A Celebration Of Life!

 Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 2-9-2013 – by James – On Friday Feb 8, pro-lifers gathered at the Stockholm Inn to wish Sister Rosalia well and thank her for her years of pro-life ministry in the Rockford area.  She is returning to her mother house of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in La Crosse WI. Continue reading

Bishops Respond to New HHS Rules

February 7, 2013 Bill Donohue comments on the response by the bishops to the revised Health and Human Services (HHS) rules that were released last Friday: Today’s statement by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), and the remarks made by its president, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, make plain their interest in pursuing the on-going conversation with Obama administration officials on the HHS mandate. Continue reading

Spiritual Adoption of Wayward Politicians And Clergy

ProLifeCorner.com – by Staff – In his seemingly prophetic statement made over sixty years ago, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen said:

“A nation always gets the kind of politicians it deserves. If a time ever comes when the religious Jews, Protestants and Catholics ever have to suffer under a totalitarian state, which would deny to them the right to worship God according to the light of their conscience, it will be because for years they thought it made no difference what kind of people represented them in Congress, and because they abandoned the spiritual in the realm of the temporal.”  Ven. Fulton J. Sheen, The Catholic Hour, How To Meet Communism, 1947. Luke 9:23 Continue reading

NCR Declares Obama The New “Miracle” Worker

National Catholic Reporter Declares Obama The New “Miracle” Worker.

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com – 2-2-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – In one of the most stunning piece of mind numbing journalism ever published by the National Catholic Reporter,  the liberal writer Michael Sean Winters declared “It is really nothing short of a miracle” that Obama has wonderfully and graciously condescended to allow a few Christian organizations not to pay for contraception but STILL FORCE ALL CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATIONS TO PROVIDE DEATH DEALING CONTRACEPTIVE AND ABORTIFICIANTS TO ALL THEIR EMPLOYEES BY FORCING THE INSURANCE COMPANIES TO PROVIDE AND PAY FOR THEM. Continue reading