Dolan Has Taught Us A Few Important Things

Rockford, Il – ( – 5-28-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative –  Cardinal Dolan Has Taught Us A Few Important Things In The Last Few Weeks. In the last few weeks Cardinal Dolan, through his spokesman Joseph Zwilling, has been doing a lot of teaching by word and deed.  Continue reading

Standing Against Tyranny In Rockford

Rockford, Il – ( – 5-21-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Rockford citizens joined thousands of Americans nationwide to publicly protest the attacks by the Obama administration and IRS on the American people. Close to 50 people stood outside the Rockford IRS office to raise awareness of the numerous attacks on freedom and common decency by the Obama administration.  Continue reading

A Cardinal Boycotts Boston College

By  Anne Hendershott –  At Boston College’s commencement ceremony on Monday, Cardinal Sean O’Malley won’t be in attendance. The leader of the Boston archdiocese announced on May 10 that he would not deliver his traditional graduation benediction at the Catholic school because the college had invited Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny—a supporter of abortion rights in Ireland—to deliver the graduation address and receive an honorary degree. Continue reading

It’s Time To Take A Stand For Freedom

Announcement-  Rockford IL-  A protest will be taking place in Rockford at the IRS office 211 Court St, this Tuesday May 21 at noon.  As you know besides targeting Tea Party, Conservative, and Christian groups the IRS targeted Pro-lifers for harassment and intimidation. Continue reading

Irrefutable Evidence of IRS Harassment of Pro-Life Groups

Chicago Il.-  Congress Receives Irrefutable Evidence of IRS Harassment of Pro-Life Organizations Thomas More Society Calls Upon IRS Investigators to Question California Office and to Extend Investigation Back to 2009 (May 17, 2013 – Chicago) Today, the Thomas More Society offered over 150 pages of analysis and evidence to the House Ways and Means Committee about repeated IRS harassment of pro-life organizations. At the request of Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL), Thomas More Society President Thomas Brejcha, Executive Director Peter Breen, and Special Counsel Sally Wagenmaker, prepared the legal memorandum with solid evidence of IRS harassment of pro-life organizations dating back to 2009. Continue reading

Is Satan A Catholic In “Good Standing?”

Rockford, Il – ( – 5-17-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is attempting to pass the most deadly abortion bill in American history. This bill would remove practically all restrictions on abortion, remove medical standards for abortion mills, and allow abortion for all nine months of a child’s life in the womb. Continue reading

IRS-The Administration’s Gestapo – 5-16-2013 – Intro by Staff – It has recently been revealed that the IRS has purposely attacked conservative organizations of many types.  Below are two groups who were scrutinized by the IRS.  If you will note, enclosed is the sentence: “Planned Parenthood endorsed Obama in 2008 and 2012.”  It would have been surprising if they had not endorsed the most virulently pro-abortion candidate/President in our nation’s history.  Now we are reaping what was sown in the two elections-that is further harassment of pro-life citizens from city or county officials all the way to the top echelon of government. Continue reading

Gosnell Not A Rarity – 5-16-2013 –Intro by Staff – We received the following comment from a longtime pro-life advocate, Vicki Johnson of the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative.  She was among the many who stood valiantly in front of Rockford’s house of horrors at 10th and Broadway, so she is certainly qualified to give her opinion on the Gosnell horrors.   After her short statement is another article that demonstrates Gosnell was not a rarity in the abortion business; now we have the news of another butcher whose “clinic” is in Texas.  There have also been reports of the same type of depravity in Florida.  Is the crack in the ice finally exposing what we have known all along, that abortion is violent, brutal to mother and deadly to baby, and one of the greatest sins against God and mankind? Continue reading

Rodolfo Marcial Rest In Peace

Rockford IL- 5 15 2013- Many of you know Rody (or Rudy, as he was sometimes called) who used to spend a lot of time praying at the abortion mill several years ago. He often engaged Wayne Webster in conversation, trying to convert him. For the past few years, I would see him when we had our Saturday night holy hour at Holy Family’s Adoration Chapel as he had the hour right before us. He was a man of prayer and will certainly be missed by all. May he rest in peace. Continue reading