Abortion and Informed Consent

American Thinker – By Carol Brown-   Informed consent is a big deal in health care. And it should be.  If a person is planning to undergo medical treatment, his or her doctor will go to great lengths to make sure the patient understands what is involved — whether for preventative care, elective procedures, or treatment for serious illness. Continue reading

Rockford Face The Truth Tour

Rockford IL.-  7-31-2013-  On Wednesday August 14, The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative will be joining the Pro-Life Action League in showing the people of Rockford the truth about abortion. Throughout the year, pro-life activists all around the country are conducting Face the Truth tours. Holding pictures of beautiful unborn babies and huge graphic signs of aborted babies, we line the roads at major intersections, to show Americans the truth about abortion. We need you to help show people that abortion is the deliberate taking of an unborn child’s life. Continue reading

Letterman Libels Pope and Priests

July 24, 2013- Bill Donohue comments on David Letterman’s opening monologue of July 23: Last night, Letterman mentioned Pope Francis’ appearance at World Youth Day in Brazil by saying, “And I’m telling you if there’s anything the kids can’t get enough of, it’s a 76-year-old virgin. Come on! World Youth Day. Or as the Vatican calls it, salute to altar boys.” Continue reading

Racial and Religious Profiling

July 22, 2013- Bill Donohue comments on two genres of profiling:  “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down a street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery—then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” According to those who have slammed George Zimmerman for racial profiling, those words would qualify as the penultimate expression of racial profiling. Continue reading

“Call To Action” And Liturgical Abuses

Updated with Milwaukee Diocese contact information.

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 7-21-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative –  Should “Call To Action” Be Allowed To Honor Abortion And Liturgical Abuses With A Mass?

Call To Action, a group that distorts then attacks many teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church will be holding a conference in Milwaukee on November 1-3, 2013.  Among the many workshops will be presentations attacking the Priesthood, the Authority of the Church, and the Magisterium. Continue reading

Family Prayer

ProLifeCorner.com-  Many people ask me why prayer is so important. There are many benefits to daily prayer. Maybe we feel we are not doing anything. But we are! If we have a conversation with others, we feel that we are doing something. Conversations have the potential to change the world. I think of all the conversations Jesus had that changed so many lives. Hitler had many conversations with his cronies to organize his evil deeds. If we have no problem conversing with others whatever the intention from idle-talk to deep convictions; why do we not value our conversations with Jesus or His blessed Mother? There are many benefits to prayer from received grace to lower blood pressure. But how we learn to pray comes from the home. When was the last time the family sat down and prayed the rosary together? Continue reading

IRS Chief Counsel Conspired IRS to Target Pro-Life

IRS Chief Counsel Conspired IRS to Target Pro-Life, Conservative Groups

by Mathew Staver  LifeNews.com – In newly uncovered evidence, four GOP leaders now assert that the office of the Chief Counsel of the IRS is likely to have conspired in the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

In prior testimonies, the IRS maintained that Chief Counsel William Wilkins, an Obama appointee, and his office had no involvement in the review and decisions regarding the applications of conservative groups. Continue reading

America’s Civil War on Abortion

ProLifeCorner.com- 7-13-2013-  by Larry Plachno- July 1-3 of 2013 marked 150 years since the Battle of Gettysburg. It was one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, leaving more than 6,650 dead, another 32,000 wounded and nearly 12,000 captured or missing. The Civil War was the worst of American conflicts, exceeding World War I and World War II as well as other battles and wars in the number of deaths. A total of two percent of the population of the United States, approximately 620,000 people, lost their lives in the Civil War. Continue reading

Pope Cracks Down on Sex Abuse

ProLifeCorner.com- Bill Donohue comments on Pope Francis’ crackdown on sex abuse: As Pope Francis proved today, he has no stomach for child exploitation, or for any type of sexual abuse. His decision to revise the norms affecting these crimes, complete with more stringent penalties, is a welcome tonic. However, he does not need to be congratulated for this initiative—he needs to be supported by those in a position to do so. Continue reading

New Book: “Religious Freedom Isn’t Free”

ProLifeCorner.com – 7-10-2013 – “Religious Freedom Isn’t Free; and Neither is ObamaCare” is the title of a book recently published on Amazon’s books for the Kindle.  The authors, Chris and Frank Munda, have spent the past 30 years as advocates for the preborn, infirm, and elderly. In 2012 tens of thousands of Christian patriots gathered all across America to pray and stand up for religious freedom.  Pastors of all denominations, educators, lawyers, politicians, and many other citizens spoke out against and warned others of the dangers of socialized medicine, “ObamaCare”.  Continue reading