Forcing Christians to Eat Pork  By Selwyn Duke –

While Barack Obama has often been compared to leaders of the past, it’s unlikely anyone has yet associated him with Antiochus IV Epiphanes. Ruler of the Seleucid Empire between 175 and 164 B.C., King Antiochus is best known for the persecution of Jews, and one story from the second book of Maccabees is particularly relevant here. As the passage tells us, the king was bent on forcing a Jewish woman and her seven sons to, of all things, eat pork. The boys resisted and were tortured and killed one by one as their mother, who ultimately was also murdered, looked on. What’s interesting, though, is that while the victims were being faithful to what they believed was divine dietary injunction, there was no Seleucid commandment stating “Thou shalt compel others to dine on swine.” The act of eating such meat was but a trivial matter to Antiochus, yet he nonetheless insisted on imposing his will. Continue reading

Political Correctness Is Cultural Marxism

By  W.A. Beatty- The excellent AT article “Conservatives Pushing Back” by Bruce Walker explored what we conservative thinkers (We are, after all, American Thinkers) have known for quite some time: political correctness (PC) is to culture what Marxism is to economics.  To recognize that fact arms us with what we need in order to push back.  As Walker says (emphasis added), “[t]hese marketplace ballots are the key not only to the survival of a non-totalitarian America, but also to the final defeat of those whose minds and wills are chained with hard, cold manacles of leftism.” Continue reading

Are We Following Russia In Socialism, Religion and Abortion?   by Larry Plachno- Many of us remember the days of the “Cold War” with Russia when ideological differences prompted fear of nuclear war and caused us to look at Russia as a Godless country. As a result, fallout shelters, numerous novels of intrigue and even the James Bond 007 movies have forever changed us. Continue reading

Happy Birthday America

Pro-Life Corner – Freeport, Il – 7-4-13 –  Happy Birthday America!  July 4th is a special day for those of us who love God, country, and the freedoms granted by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  We celebrated the 4th by going to Mass to thank God for blessing us with this once great land, America. Continue reading

Wendy’s Late Term Democrats

By David Catron- The Democratic Party is once again on the wrong side of history. In ancient Sparta, any newborn judged abnormal by the council of elders was exposed to the elements. The parents were required to desert the baby in the wild, where thirst, hunger, extreme temperatures or predators would kill the unacceptable infant. Today’s typical feminist, in the unlikely event that she were sufficiently literate in ancient history to know of this barbaric practice, would probably denounce it as an inevitable artifact of a militaristic, patriarchal society. And yet she would, along with most progressives, ferociously defend a remarkably similar modern barbarity — late-term abortion. Continue reading