Pro-Life Witness / Prayer Vigil Sunday

Rockford, Il – – 5-28-2014 – Please join your Christian neighbors this Sunday June 1st, 2-3pm at the corner of State and Alpine in Rockford for an hour of prayer and public witness to our Savior’s love for every person Continue reading

Coronado Claims Maher’s Bigotry “..big laughs.”

Rockford, Il – ProLifeCorner – 5-24-2014 – by Staff – Coronado Web-Site Claims Bill Maher’s Bigotry Is “unflinching honesty and big laughs.” The City of Rockford has upped the ante concerning its support for bigot and racist Bill Maher who will be appearing at a Rockford-owned venue on June 7.  The website for the Coronado Theater is now describing Bill Maher and his history of vicious bigotry as “unflinching honesty and big laughs” as well as “uproarious.” Continue reading

Roots of the Culture of Death

Uncovering the Ideas Behind the New Cultural Scourge

By Dr. Donald DeMarco   In Chapter 11 of Evangelium Vitae, Saint John Paul II refers to abortion and euthanasia as attacks made against human life at the time of its greatest frailty. He calls our attention to the fact that these attacks are no longer regarded as “crimes,” but as “rights”. They are carried out by health-care personnel and, even more disturbingly, more often than not, with the approval of the family, which is called by nature to be “the sanctuary of life”. This development, so widespread in its scope, so convoluted in its ethos, provoked the Holy Father to ask, “How did such a situation come about?” Continue reading

Would Donald Sterling Be Welcomed To Rockford Coronado Theater? Rockford Illinois- 5-21-2014 – By Staff-  The Rockford Metro Center Authority and BMO Harris Bank will be welcoming one of Americas most vicious bigots to the Coronado Theater on Saturday June 7th.

No, It’s is not Los Angeles clippers owner Donald Sterling who will be welcomed to the Coronado theater but a man who has been in the discrimination, public hatred, and bigotry business a lot longer than Donald Sterling has – Bill Maher. Continue reading

Abortion and the Rockford Race Hustlers

Rockford, Il – ( – 5-20 -2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – In Chuck Sweeny’s recent column in the Rockford Register Star titled ‘Predicting fallout of GOP vote leader” , about Winnebago County Republican Chairman Jim Thompson’s joke calling President Obama an ass, Mr. Sweeny seems outraged that Mr. Thompson is still allowed to keep his job after making this comment.  Mr.Sweeny also quoted Rep. Chuck Jefferson who was outraged by what he thought was an inappropriate joke. Continue reading

“I Walked – After a Decade In A Wheelchair” – 5-14-2014 – by Staff – This is one of the most delightful and welcome articles we have ever had the pleasure and privilege of putting on our site.  As most of you are aware, Mark Pickup has contributed so many wonderful articles and we always love putting them on the PLC.  This one,  however, stands out from the rest!  After so many years of being confined to a wheelchair because of his MS, Mark was able to get up  and walk!  He has been a tripligic for many years and has suffered greatly because of this terrible disease, and yet yesterday, through the grace of God, Mark used a walker and actually was able to walk a short distance.  Please take the time to go to his site and read his remarkable account of this miracle. Continue reading

Jesus The Good Shepherd

A Good Shepherd Sunday Homily

“… and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice.  A stranger they will not follow, … for they do not know the voice of a stranger.”

A few years ago, the theology department at a major university hosted a church leader from central Europe. The Soviet Union had just come apart and the pastor’s country was emerging from a long dark night of Communist oppression into the first light of freedom. At a dinner for the pastor, guests were full of questions about what was happening in Europe and the former Soviet bloc. Continue reading

Thank You, Dear Bishop And Good Sisters

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The following “letter” is presented in the form of satire in the hope of making the point that a Catholic hospital that allows  known abortionists on the staff is totally ludicrous, hypocritical, scandalous, and shameful at best.

La Crosse WI.-  ( – 5-10-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – To my reasonable Bishop Callahan and Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, Thank you for having Dr. Rose on staff at Franciscan Mayo Hospital. I know some religious extremists call Dr. Rose an abortionist, but we can all admit he is a professional and efficient at preventing the hearts of children in the womb from beating. We have never heard of him botching even one abortion. This kind of efficiency and professionalism is hard to find. A true hallmark of Franciscan Health Care. Continue reading

Are We Really Christians?   by Larry Plachno

        Recent surveys indicate that many if not most Americans are unhappy with the directions their country is taking. More and more people are asking why? Those doing the research are suggesting that we have caused most of our own problems by turning away from basic Christianity.

        We have turned our back on God by giving up on good and evil while replacing them with relativism. We have made a mockery of Jesus Christ’s suffering and death by replacing sin with selfishness. And, we have ceased to be concerned for others and have replaced responsibilities with rights. In short, we have moved away from the moral guidance of God, church, husbands and fathers. Continue reading