Conversion Can’t Wait

Conversion Can’t Wait

“… the Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”

It was a devastating winter in the Appalachian coal fields that year back in 2006. On the day after New Year’s, an explosion at the Sago Mine in West Virginia led to the deaths of 12 miners by carbon monoxide poisoning. Rescue crews desperately tried to reach the twelve in time, but to no avail — the twelve coal miners were found dead late the following day.

As he huddled with his 11 fellow miners trying to find shelter from the poisonous carbon monoxide filled air, Martin Toler took out an insur­ance form he had stuffed in his pocket and a pencil. In faint sentences, he managed to scribble out a goodbye to his family, assuring them that he and the others died peacefully.

The note read: “Tell all I’ll see them on the other side. It wasn’t bad, I just went to sleep. I love you.”

Other notes were found. The messages assured their families that they had not suffered, that they had just gone to sleep. On any scrap of paper they had with them, the miners scratched out their farewells and last “I love you’s. “

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Easter Triduum

Easter Triduum

Easter Triduum  Latin:  Triduum Paschale,  Holy Triduum  Latin: Triduum SacrumPaschal Triduum, or The Three Days  is the period of three days that begins with the liturgy on the evening of Maundy Thursday  Holy Thursday  and ends with Evening Prayer on Easter Sunday.  It recalls the passiondeathburial, and resurrection of Jesus, as portrayed in the Gospels.

Over the past several years I have found much peace and joy while listening to these audio presentations. I listen to these on and off throughout the year, however these talks are especially prepared for the Lenten season.  May I suggest that you listen to these presentations as part of your Easter preparation.

(Audio, listen while you work)

Holy Thursday


Good Friday


Holy Saturday, leading to His glorious Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

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Saint John Vianney Coming to Freeport Illinois

Saint John Vianney Coming to Freeport Illinois

VIANNEY Freeport, IL 160x600 BannerFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Vianney Drama Captivates Audiences and Renews the Heart of the Church Event: Vianney, the live theatrical production performed by acclaimed actor and producer Leonardo Defilippis of Saint Luke Productions.

Details:  Monday, February 26, 2018 at 7:00pm  229 W Washington Place, Freeport, IL 61032

Admission: $12 each pre-sale,  $15 each at the door, Free for ages 17 and under Suitable for Ages 10 & Up Tickets & Information: Cynthia Saar, (815) 232-7400

About the Production: Vianney, a popular live production, filled with all of the elements of professional theater, a moving musical score, full theatrical lighting, and a video backdrop offering a full cast of characters, creating a fast-paced and engaging drama. More than 100,000 people have seen over 200 performances of this gripping drama, which began touring the U.S. as a part of the worldwide celebration of the Year for Priests. Since then it has been the centerpiece for celebrations in parishes, seminaries, universities, schools, and pastoral conventions. The response has been overwhelming – young men have felt the call to the priesthood, audiences have a new appreciation for the Sacraments, and thousands of priests have been renewed and encouraged in their priestly vocations. After years of devastating scandals and of attacks on the priesthood in the Catholic Church, a renewal and revival of respect for the role of the priests is needed all over the world. To reinvigorate and inspire fervent prayer for vocations and a new and deeper understanding of this most important calling, Benedict XVI chose the beloved Saint John Vianney as the model of all priests. The one-man drama Vianney is not only a perfect introduction to the saint, but is a riveting performance which gives a new and encouraging answer to the question, “What is a priest?” Continue reading

Jesus Can Heal our Fevers, Too

Jesus Can Heal our Fevers, Too

“[Jesus] approached, grasped her hand, and helped her up. Then the fever left her and she waited on them.”

A story by Thomas Farragher, from The Boston Globe, in November of 2017.

The way to Ender’s Island off Mystic, Connecticut, is a tiny one-lane bridge. But for the teens and young adults whose lives have been wrecked by drugs and alcohol, who have left behind a trail of betrayal and defeat, of hopelessness and paralyzing fear, it’s nothing less than the passage of a lifetime.

On the other side of that bridge, they are met by Father Tom Hoar. He asks a simple question: “Have you had enough?”

It’s a question he’s had to confront himself a long time ago. Now it’s a question that he helps others answer, step by step, day by day.

I’m grateful for God’s blessing in my life and in the life of the folks who come across that causeway,” Father Hoar says. “Because people who come across that causeway are looking for hope.” Continue reading