40 days for Life Aurora and Beyond

 ProLifeCorner- Aurora Illinois- by Staff-  40 days for Life Aurora and Beyond-

It is time once again for the 40 days for life campaign. God hears our prayers no matter where we are located. At home, in church, no matter where we are at, however there is something special about offering your prayers at an abortion clinic where the babies are being sacrificed. Not only does our Lord pay special attention to your prayers but your presence at an abortion clinic can often give an abortion minded mother the moral strength that she needs in order to choose life.

What is 40 days for life ?

40 Days for Life campaigns are managed by local volunteers in each of the cities involved in the effort. A 40 Days for Life campaign consists of 40 days of prayer and fasting combined with vigils in shifts outside of a clinic or hospital that performs abortions. With enough volunteers, this protest may be round-the-clock. A small national office coordinates communications and provides training and other resources for the local volunteers. The organization states their efforts have prevented 8,973 abortions since 2007, leading to the closure of 54 abortion clinics.

Northern Illinois Women’s Center: Closed

Praise God that your presence is no longer needed at 10th and Broadway in Rockford, where the northern Illinois women’s center (N.I.W.C.)  is no longer in operation.

The personal witness, prayers and sacrifice over countless years is what brought an end to the slaughter of the unborn at Northern Illinois Women’s Center in Rockford. If you have the ability, please go forth to one of the cities listed and stand up for God’s babies who have no voice but yours.

Many of the Rockford area pro-life advocates will be going to Aurora Illinois between February 18th and March 29 to witness fast and pray. Find a city near you and stand up for life.

 In Illinois the cities are, Aurora, Champaign, Chicago, Downers Grove and Springfield.

In Wisconsin the cities are Eau Claire, Green Bay, Medford, Milwaukee, Stevens point, and Wausau.

Four times, locations and maps go to:  http://40daysforlife.com/browse-campaigns/

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  1. Do you know how I can contact the Aurora sign up for picketing outside PP? I am signed up for Oct 16th but cannot now be there on that date and I can’t seem to locate the site to remove my name from 10/16 and sign up for a different date. Thanks.

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