God Bless Those Who Served

God Bless Those Who Served

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DR EB with txtGod bless the men and women who served and are serving our country.  This is my prayer, not only on this Veterans Day but it should be offered every day.  What would our life be like without those who have served?  And it isn’t just those who so gallantly served in our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard; we should also include those who serve us every day as police officers and firefighters.

When honoring those who served where do you start? World War II, Korea, Vietnam? I believe we have to go all the way back to 1776 and honor those courageous men and women who stood up against the tyranny of the British. Then it is a mind boggling journey through all the wars from that moment right on to today with our many present day struggles throughout the world, and especially in the Mideast. Volumes could be written about the dedication of those who served throughout this pain-filled history.

As a veteran of Vietnam myself I can speak to the many harrowing, heart stirring stories of that era. Of those who gave their all in the hills, jungles, and rice paddies of Vietnam. Of my good friend, Denny Redmond who served in the Brown Water Navy, whose wounds were not caused by bullets but by the effects of daily combat. Or the Jeremiah Denton’s who suffered over seven years of torture and unimaginable anguish in the “Hong Kong Hilton”, as the infamous POW camp was called.

The greatest generation

We often hear the soldiers and sailors of World War II referred to as the “greatest generation”.  I believe that it is not only appropriate, but very true.

I don’t think there was a family in America that was not affected in some way by World War II. Sons and daughters went off to war; some were volunteers, some were chosen through a lottery system called the draft, but all served.

Let us not squander our freedom, let us not allow anyone to take away from us what so many have suffered and died for.

We are grateful to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and offered up their lives so that 70 years later we can still enjoy our freedom.

Sometimes surviving is a fate worse than death

Many of those who served came home with unspeakable memories burnt into their mind, and had great difficulty readjusting to family and civilian life. Sometimes these effects are still felt even today. I had a good friend Tom who never could understand his father’s dependency upon alcohol until he became old enough to understand that his Dad was in the Battle of the Bulge and countless other battles.  At one time he was the only survivor in his whole platoon, at another time down to just a handful of men in that battle.

POWs and MIAs

The anguish and the pain that families felt when a loved one went missing in action, or a prisoner of war is unimaginable. Let us pray that we will never have to suffer that kind of pain. German prisoner of war camp, Japanese prisoner of war camp, they all had their own personal kind of terror. I bring this up not to resurrect old pain and terrible memories. I bring this up because I know people today whose father, brother, son or friend fell into the hands of the enemy. Often when these men returned home they brought with them physical and often mental scars which tortured them for the rest of their life, but often impacted their families and loved ones in many painful ways. Please, remember to pray for all families who gave up much of their joy and happiness because a loved one had languished or is languishing in a POW camp.

This short little article cannot do justice to all who have served. But as for myself, I will not take my freedom lightly. And through God’s grace I ask for the strength to do whatever is necessary to preserve this legacy of freedom left to us by all the veterans and their families. Unless you have been closely associated with someone who has a loved one in combat, you cannot understand the pain that they bear. I ask for God’s blessings upon these families whose loved ones have served in earlier wars. I especially ask for God’s blessings for those who are serving us now and for their families.  May our Lord grant them all His perseverance, His peace, and His love.

God bless America


Below is some information regarding the Iwo Jima photograph in the above article.

A Texas ranch about 10 miles west of Fredericksburg contains a hill that bears a remarkable resemblance to Mount Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima.  To mark the 60th anniversary of the taking of Iwo Jima, a full scale re-enactment was held.  Veterans of the war, both American and Japanese, came to watch and to participate.

Iwo Jima Re-Enactment Held in Texas


To reenact Iwo Jima, Texas ranch sets scene




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