Marriage, Crime and Abortion

Seeking the Reason Behind our Polarized Society

By Larry Plachno

What do marriage, crime and abortion have in common? Actually, quite a lot if you Larry-150x1 blueare seeking the reasons behind our polarized American society.

For quite a number of years the demographers have known how our society is highly polarized when it comes to presidential elections. Red counties tend to believe in responsibility, religion and families. They are typically suburban or rural and usually vote for conservative candidates. Blue counties tend to believe in rights, and may have problems with crime and poverty. They typically have higher population densities and vote for liberal candidates.

This same situation again played out in the recent 2016 Clinton/Trump Presidential election. While there are exceptions, the red counties voting conservative and the blue counties voting liberal tended to fall into the same traditional patterns. What the demographers and researchers want to know is why? Why is it that on one side of the county line you have more income equality but the other side of the county line has rich and poor? Why is it that one side of the county line has more people going to church regularly while the other side of the county line has more crime? Why is it that one side of the county line supports responsibilities and families while the other side of the country line supports rights and abortion?


Some people say that the difference between the two is the lack of jobs in the liberal counties. However, even a cursory look shows that people flock to the big cities for good jobs. Most big cities have substantial public transportation to bring people in for those jobs.

In addition, I can also mention that years ago I served as an elected public official and helped bring a major employer into my community. Hence, elected officials always have the option to encourage more employers and their jobs to relocate to their area.

There is one negative to this. Many people presume that assembly and manufacturing jobs move to other countries because of lower wages there. But another major factor is the corporate tax rate, the measure of the profit that can be retained by stockholders and owners. For years now the United States has had the highest corporate tax rate of any developed country, which is a big factor in why jobs leave here and move elsewhere.

Population Density

Some people suggest that population density may be a factor. There is a great deal of research that tends to support the observation that counties with a high population density tend to vote liberal while counties with a lower population density tend to vote conservative. The big question is how does population density change attitudes and particularly the movement from responsibilities to rights?

But there is also substantial research showing that this is not universally applicable. I grew up in a big city and lived in a neighborhood that had little problem with crime and drugs. But my neighborhood was primarily made up of traditional families with mothers, fathers and children. It was the areas without traditional intact families that had problems with poverty, crime and shootings. This same situation has repeated in other cities throughout America – where a neighborhood was made up of traditional families, there was much less crime and poverty.

Marriage and Family

Actually, there are some very strong statistics suggesting that marriage and family are major factors in reducing crime and poverty. Those who have been doing research on America’s social problems have found that marriage is the single biggest factor in eliminating social problems.

Married people are statistically less likely to be homeless or live in poverty. Married people are statistically less likely to commit crimes or be the victim of crimes. And, with the exception of certain major diseases, married people tend to be healthier and to live longer.

Why is the connection between marriage and less homelessness seen as less poverty? Airplanes have more than two engines so they can stay in the air in case of problems with one engine. Likewise, two married people have twice the opportunities and options to do well if a problem comes along.

Why the connection between marriage and reduced crime? Plain logic tells us that a husband at home changing the diaper of his daughter is much less likely to get in trouble than a guy at a bar looking for a one night stand. Moreover, statistics tell us the single biggest reason why people end up in prison is growing up without the guidance of a father.

Why the connection between marriage and good health as well as longevity? Because partners will take care of each other and help them find medical attention, or will encourage them to live a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, there is also a strong connection between marriage and abortion. Recent statistics show that approximately 80 percent of women seeking an abortion are not married. Hence, if you want to support life and reduce abortions, you should support traditional marriage.

Some of those people doing the research into the causes of social problems have pointed to the connection with the love of God and love of neighbor admonishments of Jesus Christ. Love of God translates into judging actions and decisions as either good or evil. Followers of Jesus Christ define “good” as what is best for other people. These same rules apply to our social problems. Social problems would essentially be eliminated if people judged their actions and decisions as good or evil and did what is best for others.

For Christians, the overwhelming impact of marriage is not unexpected. The first public miracle of Jesus Christ supported marriage at the Wedding Feast of Cana. On several occasions Christ talked about the Church on earth being his bride. Clearly, marriage is an integral part of Christianity.

But you do not need religion to understand this. Our society works much like a team. When we work together for common goals we all come out ahead. Conversely, when we do what we want instead of what is best for the team, then the team is less likely to win. This is why they call the four horses pulling a wagon a team. If they all pull in the same direction, the wagon makes progress towards a goal. However, if each horse pulls in a different direction, the wagon makes no progress and could even be damaged.

Unfortunately, it appears that our federal government has hurt marriage much like they hurt jobs with high corporate taxes. The movement from a family wage to equal pay for equal work moved us from responsibilities to rights and from families to individuals. Moreover, equal pay provides nothing for mothers who are homemakers and invest their time in our country’s next generation.

Hence, traditional marriage appears to be the single biggest factor in the polarization of our society. It is the deciding factor between the support of responsibility and family in red counties and the support of rights and individuals in blue counties. In neighborhoods where marriage is prominent, you find less poverty, less crime and less abortion. In neighborhoods where intact families are hard to find, you find more poverty, more crime, more shootings and abortion.

One of the biggest concerns among the demographers and researchers is that marriage is not being supported well in many rural and suburban areas. Some people are accepting moral relativism where good and evil are choices and no longer based on what is best for others. Red counties will have more crime and poverty, and will turn into blue counties if this movement away from marriage increases.

It is time to ask yourself which side you are on. Are you willing to support responsibilities and marriage? Or, will you give in to rights, crime, poverty and abortion?


Editors Note:   Larry Plachno is a successful businessman, publisher, author, and composer of an incalculable number of articles relating to family, life issues and associated problems and solutions. This barely scratches the surface of what Larry really is. His love of God, family and country is inspiring.

For years now Larry has shared his writings with us here at the ProLifeCorner and we are truly humbled by his generosity.

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