A Humble Approach to Adoption

A Humble Approach to Adoption

“… although you have hidden these things from the wise and learned you have revealed them to little ones.”

A relatively recent January, Parade Magazine article by Rosemary Zibart, entitled Their Faces Spoke to the Heart, states that there are nearly 130,000 children in the United States waiting to be adopted — most of them are the hardest to place: older children, minorities, and brothers and sisters. Many of these kids have known only abuse and neglect all their lives; they’re angry, they’re afraid, and they’ve suffered every kind of physical, emotional and behavioral problem imaginable.

Ten years ago, a social worker in New Mexico came up with a new adoption strategy. Tired of the same static, expressionless snapshots that she would show prospective parents, she asked some professional photographers to shoot portraits of these children that would capture the spirit and personality of each child. The photographers readily volunteered. Families consid­ering adopting were then invited to a special showing of these stunning photographs at a local gallery.

That was the beginning of the “Heart Gallery.”

What makes the Heart Gallery project so successful are the photographers. These are among the most talented profession­als in the world — photographers who have traveled around the world, documenting kings, queens and celebrities. Each is an artist with a camera. With help from these pros, the personalities of these kids almost come alive. Their portraits capture the unique light in each child — the joy and delight, as well as the goodness and love that has been buried after years of neglect. It’s not unusual for a photographer to spend two or three hours with a child in order to get that one perfect shot.

Since that first exhibition hundred’s of children have found adoptive homes through the Heart Gallery project.

In today’s Gospel by St. Matthew, we hear Jesus giving humble thanks to His Heavenly Father. The wise and understanding of this world, that is, those who rely on their own judgment, are NOT able to recognize nor accept the supernatural revelation which Christ has revealed to us. Supernatural outlook is always connected with humility. A humble person, who gives himself little importance, sees, knows and understands; a person who is full of self-esteem is unable to perceive supernatural things.

My brothers and sister in Christ, the selfless and humble photographers of the Heart Gallery uncover the inner beauty of these forgotten children and hopefully unlocked a positive future for these young orphans.

The Christian Faith which we embrace and practice is grounded in humility and selflessness!  This humble and selfless Faith enables us to see through the eyes of Faith and against the backdrop of eternity and perceive the image of God that lies within every human heart and to behold the place where God dwells within every soul; only the truly humble souls can see this clearly! May God open our eyes — and our hearts and minds and souls — to see and embrace the dignity, joy and goodness that lies “hidden” within every human person, especially the most unwanted and least lovable.

Mary, Virgin most humble, pray for us!


14th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Cycle A

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Matthew 11:25-30


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  1. My sixth child was adopted at the age of 7. She has gone on to excel in school, serve as a class officer and complete a degree and internship in a medical field. I am very proud of what she has accomplished and the fact that she carries my name.

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