A LUXURY FOUR STAR pilgrimage with Mark Shea?

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 8-19-2013 – by James – Early this year Blogger Mark Shea mocked and attacked Michael Voris and Fr. Z for holding a retreat at sea during Lent.  As it turned out the Lenten retreat at sea was a wonderful experience for all those who attended.  Besides the deeply spiritual retreat the Sacraments were offered to many others on the ship that were not part of the retreat.  What a wonderful way to grow in faith and love during Lent.


That is why it is so fascinating that now Mr. Shea himself is hosting, according to his promotional information, a luxury four star pilgrimage of Italy.


It must be a new concept that a pilgrimage is held in luxury accommodations and four star hotels.  And the cost is over $4000 per person – how that money could have been used to help the poor!  If Mr. Shea is going on pilgrimage it MUST be held in LUXURY with four star accommodations.  But we can be assured the poor will be prayed for on this pilgrimage.

In all seriousness, we know retreats and pilgrimages are a very important, even essential parts of the spiritual life and there is nothing wrong with having a retreat during Lent or a pilgrimage to Italy.

We just wish Mr. Shea could understand the shameless hypocrisy of his attacking Michael Voris and Fr. Z for holding a retreat at sea while just a few months later Mr. Shea is hosting his own luxury four star pilgrimage.

We here at pro-life corner hope Mr. Shea and all those who join him on what looks like an excellent pilgrimage have a wonderful time and grow in faith, hope, and love.

5 thoughts on “A LUXURY FOUR STAR pilgrimage with Mark Shea?

  1. I remember when this happened. Now the same guy who went after Michael Voris is hosting his own pilgrimage!!!!!!!

    Was he jealous of the Voris pilgrimage?

  2. Really, really!!!! Mark Shea has a fit that Michael Voris is going on a retreat at sea and now Mark Shea is himself going on a $4000 a person pilgrimage!

    Come on Mark.

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