A Major Change in the Abortion Wars

ProLifeCorner.com- Washington, DC- 1-26-2013 – By Frank Munda- This year’s March for life is over and I am encouraged by the presence of so many young people.  Last year the March hosted approximately 400,000 pro-life citizens.  Many of the reports are saying there was a significant increase in the numbers this year.  One report stated that there were 500,000 people at the rally this year.  Think about that; one half million citizens marching, praying, and letting their voices be heard. 

The expense, the time, and the travel can be a burden on many of these loving souls.  I am so grateful to all of these wonderful people for putting their light on the lamp stand so that all the world can see the love they have for all of God’s children.

Many of us are aware of the work of Michael Voris and churchmilitant.tv  Michael and his organization generate new videos on an almost daily basis; the cost of such efforts must be astronomical.  If you are in a position to support his efforts with a donation, please do so.  In my opinion there’s no one else out there doing the quantity and quality of the work that he does.

Michael had this to say  “There is about to be a major change in the abortion wars and the pro-life movement simply cannot be caught asleep at the switch again like 40 years ago. GOD Bless you and your loved ones”

We need to study the tactics of the enemies of life so that we can have a successful counter measure and then be more aggressive in putting the culture of death on the defense.  It is not possible to win this battle by constantly reacting to their attacks; it is impossible to win a defensive war.  May God grant us His wisdom so that we can be successful in bringing an end to abortion and freeing women from their enslavement on the sexual plantation.

To seeing more of Michael’s work.  Click on the link below.


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