A Nation Gets The Kind Of Politicians It Deserves

A Nation Gets The Kind Of Politicians It Deserves

“A nation always gets the kind of politicians it deserves.  If a time ever comes when the religious Jews, Protestants and Catholics ever have to suffer under a totalitarian state, which would deny to them the right to worship God according to the light of their conscience, it will be because for years they thought it made no difference what kind of people represented them in Congress, and because they abandoned the spiritual in the realm of the temporal.”  Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

ProLifeCorner – 11-20-2015 – by Annarae – These words of Bishop Sheen certainly apply to us today.  What has brought our country to this selfish, apathetic state?  Let’s look back in history for a few years and see some of the causative factors of our moral decay.

After World War I we had a short time of relief.  People thought it was the ‘war to end all wars’ so they lived their lives in a madcap manner, the “Roaring Twenties”.  Then came Black Tuesday  and the great depression.  Times were hard; jobs were scarce, people were hungry, and many were homeless.  Yet there remained a hopefulness for better times.  Those better times finally came and brought a short-lived time of happiness.  This was ended by the entry of the United States into World War II.  While this was a frightening time, it was also a time when the nation pulled together.  People looked out for each other and churches were centers for strength and courage.  With so many of our young people going off to fight, the home front was united in prayers for their sons and daughters.

Finally the war ended and a time of prosperity reigned for several years.  Unfortunately then came Korea and VietNam.  With these conflicts came a time of anti-military, anti-American demonstrations all across the country.  During these turbulent times prayer was removed from our schools and was followed shortly thereafter by the  birth control pill, ‘free love’, and the ‘if it feels good do it’ mentality. Then came decriminalized abortion on demand.  Since then our country has been in a moral free fall.

We’ve experienced good and bad times over many years and have emerged positively because we continued to have faith.  The bad times reminded us we needed our faith.  This was never more plain and true then after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  The churches and synagogues were packed and lines to enter were blocks long in some places.

Now, just a few short years later, we’re seeing a lack of faith in God and the transferring of that faith to man and government.  Our elected officials talk one way when running for office and do the opposite when elected.  Do we even care anymore?  The latest ball game, movie, or drive to make more money supersedes anything else.  We’re apathetic to what is happening around us on a daily basis.  That’s way over 58 million babies have been aborted in America since 1973.  Human life at all stages has been cheapened; we don’t want to hear or experience being around our brothers and sisters who are suffering from illness, an unexpected pregnancy, a disabled child or  adult,  or be involved in anything that will take us away from gratifying our own ideas of pleasure.

If and when we help each other we can once again become the great nation we once were.  If we keep on our present path, we will continue spiraling down the slippery slope to oblivion.

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  1. You are so right. People voted for Obama because they though they would get a lot of free stuff but what we got was a sagging economy, ISIS, sodomy, and abortion.

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