A Suspected Murderer Goes Free!

 Rockford IL.-4-22-2012 – A commentary by the Rockford Pro-life Initiative.    While State’s Attorney Spends Countless Hours Prosecuting A Pro-life Citizen for Jay-Walking,  A Suspected Murderer Goes Free! Winnebago County State’s Attorney has not been pleased with Rockford area pro-lifers ever since they asked him to file charges for assault against the boyfriend of a Democratic Rockford city councilwoman when he attacked a pro-lifer in 2010.  Please refer to link below.


Sadly, for the people of Winnebago County, his apparent bias against pro-lifers and a  pro-life citizen for taking a few steps onto a quiet residential street may be costing the people of Winnebago County a lot more than wasted man hours, resources, and time for the State Attorney’s Office and the already over-burdened court system.

Because pro-life citizen Kevin Rilott questioned a Rockford police officer about a skull the officer was wearing on his uniform cap while at the Rockford abortion mill, Mr. Rilott was ticketed for jay-walking on a quiet residential street that hundreds of people cross every week, free from police harassment..

Because the courts did not know what to do with this flimsy charge and the State’s Attorney’s continued motions, this jay-walking case has been going through the courts for over a year with at least 15 hearings to date and more scheduled for the future.  

On April 17, 2012, the Winnebago County State’s Attorney issued a ten page document to the 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Winnebago County attempting to explain why this jay-walking case should even proceed.  The document had numerous factual errors, outright lies, and even listed an incorrect location where the alleged jay-walking incident took place.  


This ridiculous jay-walking charge would just be a bad joke if it were not for accused murderer Antwan Maxey. Read Article


 Maxey was accused of killing Charles Spivey at a house party in 2011.  Maxey was arrested and jailed by the Rockford police. The Winnebago County State’s Attorney did not bring accused killer Antwan Maxey to trial in the 120 days required – so Judge Ronald White has dropped the homicide charges him!  During this time period a pro-life citizen was being forced into court numerous times for a jaywalking charge.

Is it possible that if the Winnebago County State’s Attorney had not spent so much time, energy, and resources on a bogus jay-walking charge, he might have actually had time to do the work necessary to bring to trial an accused murderer in Winnebago County?

At least we know as long as Joe Bruscato is Winnebago County State’s Attorney, alleged jay-walkers on quiet residential streets will be held accountable – it’s a shame we can’t say the same thing for accused murderers.

Alderman’s Boyfriend Threatens Pro-Lifers: http://www.prolifecorner.com/node/387



 Our Video :  Jay-Walking For Life?

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  1. Bishop Jenky came out and BLASTED the whole State of Illinois for being corrupt. there you have it. Come on citizens get on the ball and do your job – THROW THE BUMS OUT !!!

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