ProLifeCorner.com- 2/26/2013- By Frank Munda- Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into the Church by Marie Carré   I just completed reading for the second time a short little book with an even a shorter title, “AA 1025”.   The first time I read this book was well over 20 years ago and although I found the book disturbing,  it somehow did not register all that clearly with me at that time.  We all know how smart we can be when we look back with that so-called 20/20 hindsight.  With hindsight, all of a sudden things are very, very clear.  We know that Holy Mother Church has been under attack by many groups, organizations and the media in general, especially for the last 50 years.  Some may feel that these attacks are random, others might feel that because the Church has the courage to speak out against sin in the world, that is why the Church is under attack. 

I have always felt, to a certain degree, that these attacks are planned and orchestrated.  After reading “AA1025” for the second time, with the benefit of the past 50 years of history of the Catholic Church and non-Catholic Christian churches as well, one can see more clearly that bad things just don’t happen to the Church.  I now believe that there are sinister individuals who have been placed within the Catholic Church for the purpose of destroying her from within.  I know to some of you this will be a very bitter pill to swallow; so be it, but I ask you if you love God and his Church to please indulge this writer, please hear what I have to say and hold your judgment until the end.  Also realize that for my part, this is only a review of a book.  In order to come away with the same conclusions that I have, one would need to read this most revealing and shocking book entirely.

One might say that this book has it all- murder, intrigue, love, hate beyond belief, espionage; this little book has this and much more.  The book was written by a French nurse by the name of Marie Carré, who had the duty to attend to an accident victim who could not speak and was bedridden.  Over time, she reluctantly went through his papers, which he was carrying at the time of the accident.  She soon realized that her bedridden patient was a very proud and egotistical individual.  And in time she realizes that he was a Catholic priest; not only is he a priest, but he is also a highly trained communist agent.  In his notes he spoke of when he was a young boy in Poland. He was raised by adoptive parents who were devout Roman Catholics.  It is a sad and twisted story that this individual tells, especially starting at the age of 14 when he accidentally found out that he was an adopted child.  Instead of being grateful to the man and woman who loved him and sheltered him, he turned against them, against God and His Holy Church.

It is common knowledge that quite often the worst anti-Catholics are fallen away Catholics and this man could be a poster child for that movement.

The young man fled to Russia for the purpose of becoming a highly trained Marxist agent with the intentions of going to seminary, becoming an ordained priest and then set in motion many schemes to assimilate false teachings throughout the Church and use the media in all of its many forms to spread his hatred and lies.

The attending nurse Marie Carré, gave this accident victim the name of “Michael”.  He certainly did not live up to his nickname.  He was a heartless, cold-blooded killer; not only was he a killer of the body, but he was the killer of souls.  Amongst all of this intrigue is a love story.  He falls in love with a very beautiful young lady, a young lady of great faith and love for God and his Church.  It was “Michael’s” hope to steal her away from God, and possibly include her in his diabolical scheme.

I believe it’s time for me to explain the unusual title to this book “AA1025.”  The AA stands for Anti-Apostle.  He was given this number as a secret agent of the Russian government in the mid 1930s.  The 1025 indicates that there were 1024 agents who had entered the seminary before him.

I hope I’ve given you enough of this powerful story to spark your curiosity so that you will secure a copy for yourself.  I think I can safely say that as you read this book in the light of history, in the light of the past 50 some years in the Church, you will be shocked.  Why?  Because you will realize that much of which this agent spoke  has transpired in the Church these past 50 years.  Much of what is said in the media just doesn’t happen; often it is well-planned and orchestrated in a methodical way. Things just don’t happen to the Church by accident.

Before I go any further I would like to clear up one question that comes up involving this book.  Here’s the question.  If this guy is such a great secret agent, why in the name of heaven is he writing his memoirs and carrying them around in a suitcase?  I caught myself asking this very same question.  I think the answer lies in the character of “Michael”, the secret agent.  First off, he indicated in his notes that he felt safe writing these most secretive things because he knew that they would never be read by anyone or published.  So he thought.  When you read his notes, you will find one of the most calculating, cunning, coldhearted, sinister, diabolical, egotistical, vain,…… sorry I’m running out of words, but you get the picture.  This man loved himself and the mission that he was on-to destroy the Church from within.

A note to my Protestant brothers and sisters:

Be assured that your religion is under attack as well.  This Marxist agent’s hatred is not reserved for just the Catholic Church  His disdain is for all Christian religions, and he has put much in motion to scatter the non-Catholic flock as well.  All Christians need to read this book.  What proof can I offer that the Protestant religion is also under attack?  Our secret agent “Michael” traveled to America in what I estimate to be the late 1940s.  He stated that his mission was to exploit the weaknesses within the Protestant churches, and also to lay a guilt trip on Roman Catholics regarding Martin Luther and his religion.  The proof is in the timeline; the Protestant religion at the end of over a 400 year existence was divided into 300 sects by the mid-1940s.  Even in the Protestant movement they managed to have a general cohesiveness until our secret agent “Michael” comes onto the scene.  In the past 50 to 60 years the Protestant denominations have exploded into tens of thousands of fragments.   The information below will confirm what I just said.

You will read that secret agent “Michael” speaks of the 300 Protestant sects .  This would be in the mid-to late 1940s and I remember a priest saying there were about 400; then in the late 1970s they were talking about 4000 Protestant sects; and today the shocking figure is 40,000 Protestant sects and growing.  I have more shocking news- while preparing for this review, I consulted Wikipedia and they informed me that that figure is now 41,000 Protestant sects.  There can not be unity in all of this disunity.  My dear brothers and sisters, if you love Jesus, and I know you do, don’t you think it’s time that all Christians start to pray and work together?  We can see how the Church has been attacked for these past 50 some years from within and from without.  Currently we have a hostile central government attacking all Christians, the Catholics in particular and the non-Catholic Christians in general.  I am not asking you to convert to Catholicism, but think about this:  If the central government continues its attack on the Catholic Church and she falters here in America, what chance do you think you have to practice your faith as you see fit?  As is so often said, if “we don’t hang together they will hang us separately. “

I do not sell this book, there is nothing in it for me.  But as a brother in Christ, as one who loves Jesus Christ more than anything here on earth, I am asking you to read this book and then once you understand how the Church has been under attack all these years,  pray and ask God ‘what can I do to help undo these terrible things that have been done to your Church?’  One thing that comes to mind is to participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass like never before.  The Mass is one of the most beautiful prayers offered here on earth.  The older I get, the more I love participating in Mass, especially at the consecration when I can offer up to Jesus all my concerns, all my pains, and also all my joys.  It is my sincere hope that all of us are better Catholics/Christians today than we were yesterday and through the power of the Holy Spirit that we will all grow stronger in our faith.

We know that our seminaries are turning out a very high caliber of priests today, more than ever before.  Priests who are holy and taking the Church back to where she belongs.  But these holy man can’t do it by themselves.  They need a strong laity, stronger than ever before, men and women who will stand with these holy men and take back what Satan and his minions have taken away from us – that is a one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Title and subtitle of this book

“AA1025- Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into the Church by Marie Carré”

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Tan Books



It is also available for download on your book device at several sites on the internet.

7 thoughts on “AA-1025

    • by a priest whose hioilmes focus on the core messages of the New Testament. If anyone knows of an alternative parish in our part of the country where the spirit of Christ is truly alive and excites action, we would love to hear about it.

  1. We need to pray, pray, pray, this can be stopped.

    Pope Benedict did a good job fighiting these people, let us pray our new Holy Father can finish the job.

  2. You have done a great service to the Church by bringing up this book again.

    Athiests and communists have hated the Church for years. Now we can include homosexauls in that group.

    We understand that the nature of homo sex can be analyzed from many different perspectives including “unnatural sex,” “neurotic sex,” “pseudo sex,” “masochistic sex,” “depersonalized sex,” “exploitive sex,” and “profane sex.”

    Now we can see it as an anti-Christian crusade.

    The Homosexual Collective recruits like the Army. Individual homosexuals proselytize and seduce new recruits. For the homosexual, every male is a potential homosexual, either overt, latent, or suppressed.

    We have a battle on our hands both inside and outsode the Church.

    Thanks pro-life corner for leading the charge against these groups that hate Christ.

  3. We Catholics must pray for our Holy Church and her servants, our pope, bishops, clergy everyday. Though Jesus has promised that the gates of Hell cannot prevail over our Holy Church but individuals will still fall. We must all pray with our Holy Virgin Mother together with all the Heavenly hosts, by the power of God, to vanquish Satan beneath our feet. This war is never going to end before the triumphant Second Coming of Christ.

  4. I think the current pope is a communist. Why was the last pope able to resign? Never heard of this. I’ve been a catholic all my life. I think in the era of Obama, who is a Marxist, we got the communist pope. He says-the strangest things.
    ED: To quote you “He says-the strangest things.” this is true. Always remember this is Christ Church, run by fallible men. Pray for a new Pentecost. Ask for God’s Holy Spirit to descend upon all of us.we need the Holy Spirit to guide his church,all Christians in and outside the Catholic Church, and our political leaders. Ask our Lord to spare His Church and our country “for the sake of the righteous few.” Peace be with you!!

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