Abortion and the Rockford Race Hustlers

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 5-20 -2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – In Chuck Sweeny’s recent column in the Rockford Register Star titled ‘Predicting fallout of GOP vote leader” , about Winnebago County Republican Chairman Jim Thompson’s joke calling President Obama an ass, Mr. Sweeny seems outraged that Mr. Thompson is still allowed to keep his job after making this comment.  Mr.Sweeny also quoted Rep. Chuck Jefferson who was outraged by what he thought was an inappropriate joke.

It’s interesting that the Rockford Register Star, Rep. Chuck Jefferson, and Chuck Sweeny w ere all fully aware and given proof, both in photos and video tape, of the staff of Rockford’s abortion clinic who for years mocked and ridiculed African- Americans and Christians, including a video tape of a man working with the abortion clinic staff who would get in the faces of pro-lifers and call them the N word dozens and dozens of times repeatedly until the police had to be called.  This happened on many occasions.

The Register Star, Mr. Sweeny, and Rep. Jefferson were all made fully aware of the abortion clinic that hung nooses in their windows to mock the lynching’s of African Americans and all we heard from them was silence.  When the Register Star, Mr. Sweeny, and Rep. Jefferson were made fully aware of the Rockford abortion clinic staff desecrating crucifixes, mocking Jesus with perverted language, and using signs saying the children killed by abortion was a demonic victory over Jesus Christ, they had no interest in this kind of bigotry.

If a Republican makes an ill advised joke about President Obama the Register Star makes it front page news and runs with the story for weeks.  But when the Register Star, Mr. Sweeny, and Rep. Jefferson were informed, with proof, that a medical faculty that effected the lives of tens of thousands of Rockford residents promoted the most vicious racism and bigotry this city has ever seen, they were silent.

It appears both Rep. Jefferson and Mr. Sweeny don’t really care about bigotry and racism. They are concerned with using race to score political points.

Jim Thompson, the head of the Winnebago Republican party, has stood strong against the state Republican party when they have attempted to promote anti-family or anti-life policies or political candidates.  And there is nothing the Rockford Register Star, Chuck Sweeny, or Chuck Jefferson hate more than a Republican who actually cares about morality, the lives of children, and the good of the family.

Rockford is better off without this kind of selective indignation and hypocrisy.

Mr. Sweeny and Rep. Jefferson were asked to comment on this double standard and did not respond.

Editor’s note:  Frank Munda

Attention Chuck Sweeny and the Rockford register Star!  The following is the real face of racism in Rockford, Illinois.  This is an example of the racism and hatred that was put forth by the abortion supporters in Rockford, Illinois.  More shamefully is how the Rockford media and the Rockford Police Department failed to report to the public what was actually being said and done at NIWC (northern Illinois women’s center).  The sad reality is when this bigotry was captured in March of 2008, a pro-life citizens who placed a 911 call for protection by the police department did not receive police assistance for over one hour after the call.  When the police did show up, they refused to view the evidence that the cameraman tried to present.  After the incident, a copy of the videos was hand delivered to a Rockford police detective and, if I recall correctly, they called this free speech on the part of the abortion supporters. 

It would be a fair question to ask the Rockford register Star:  Why did they did not report this hideous, hate filled, racist incident?  And why did they continue to not report the many incidents of hatred and racism at this baby killing facility?

Bigotry, Racism, Anti-Christian attacks and failure of the part of the Rockford police department to protect its pro-life citizens.

WARNING:  What you are about to read will shock and sicken you. We have to ask why the Rockford police have allowed this hatred and these bigoted attacks to go on at the Rockford abortion mill for approximately six months, years longer involving other cases.

WARNING:  This is the reality of abortion; bigotry, hatred, and violence.  The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, and many of her successors were and are racists.  When you see and read what these pro-abortion supporters in Rockford, IL have to say, it is indeed sickening.

WARNING:  To parents:  do not allow children under 18 to read this written text or to hear what is on the upcoming video. 

Proceed with caution.  WARNING:  You are about to see the effect that abortion has on its supporters.

NOTE:  It is very difficult to try to watch this video and transcribe the ravings of a hate-filled racist, anti-Christian bigot.  What is even more difficult is to try and follow verbatim his string of profanity.  As one watches the video and compares it to the transcript you will find it to be accurate enough to indicate clearly to anyone that this man needs a healing, we just don’t know quite what kind of healing.

NOTE:  We do not know if the camera was on DST so times stated could be off by one hour. 

Transcript abortion mill Rockford IL 3/29/08  N.I.W.C.

Conversations involve cameraman Eric, pro-life advocate Kevin Rilott, an assailant Keith, and Wayne Webster owner of the abortion mill building, and dialog with unknown police officers.  (This document was transcribed by Frank Munda and comments noted are his.)

COMMENT:  It is important to note that the dialog pulled from video clip DSCF 0850 was so intense that it cannot be appreciated unless viewed, but know that the following blasphemous, racist hate speech occurred in slightly less than 10 minutes.

The racism is not an isolated incident at the abortion mill.  It seems to be a creed that the pro-aborts live by.  For example, I have a video clip of Wayne Webster calling a good pro-life Christian named Joe G,  a fuckin’, dego, faggot.  I am quite sure this theme can be further documented by others. 

Video clip # DSCF 0850:

Keith is crossing Broadway with his dog, he is still on the south side of Broadway and he’s yelling at Eric: 

Keith:  These fuckin people are psycho, they don’t have any f—in’ shit.  They don’t know shit, they’re all fuckin’ psycho.  Every last one  of these fuckin’ degenerate trash mother fuckers.   Everyone of these fuckin’ idiots.  Take your fuckin’ pictures asshole, I got a right to be here too, fucknuts.  (As he extends his middle finger to the camera and as he strikes the camera with his finger he says,”film that shithole”.)

 Eric says “You’re gonna make it on TV, pal”. 

Keith:  Shit, Cock, fuck, shit, degenerate, film that cocksucker.  What’re you gonna do?  Are you a nigger?  Is your mommy a nigger?  I’ll bet your mom got raped by a fuckin’ black dude.  You’re a half-breed nigger aren’t cha?  (As Keith is raving into the camera, he is so close to the wide angle lens you can see his spittle appear on the lens.) 

Keith:  You’re a half-breed nigger.  That’s right, you’re a half-breed nigger.  You’re a fuckin’ nigger.  A nigger.  A nigger.  You are a worthless, degenerate nigger.  Oh, you are a nigger.  (Keith turns his attention to a woman who is about to abort her baby, while softly in the background Mr. Kevin Rilott is softly calling to the woman about to abort her baby not to do it.)

 Keith yells out to the woman:  “You have a right to choose.  This guy has no right to sit here and say this crap.  He is a degenerate.  He is a degenerate.  I live in this neighborhood.  We’re tired of these psychos.  They’re frickin’ nuts.  They’re total psychos.  You’re doing the right thing and God will honor you.  I believe in you Mom.  (Keith finishes yelling at the mother.)

Time line, 1 min, 37 seconds.

(Keith turns his attention back to Eric, but continues to yell at the mother.  “The doctors will take good care of you, unlike these degenerates.”)

Eric asks, “Can you define the term degenerate?”

Keith:   Getting right in the camera says “You”.  “You idiot-have you looked yourself in the mirror?  Yeah, you, you.  Yeah, I know, you’re a degenerate. 

Eric asks “Then what are you, Keith?”

Keith:  You are a degenerate.  You are an empty skull thinking Jesus is gonna save you cause your’re tryin’ to save a kid.  You’re so empty and stupid you still ain’t saving the kids.  You fickn’ idiot degenerate nigger.  You’re mother was a nigger. You are a nigger. 

Eric asked:  “Do you have problems with black people?”

Keith:  You’re a nigger.  A half-breed nigger.

Time line:  2 min 21 sec

Keith:  Only problem is with you smoking crack and  bringing it into the neighborhood.  Yeah, you’re smokin’ crack because only a crack head would do your psychin’, fuckin’ ways. 

(Keith continues his ranting repeating half-breed nigger,fuckin’ degenerate, etc..)

Time Line 2 min 54 sec.

Eric asks:  “Do you support abortion rights, sir?” 

Keith:  I support what the f—in’ law says we can f—in’ do and the law says we can kill your

 f—in’ kids.  That’s what the law says. 

Eric:  Why do you support that?

Keith:  (pointing to the chimney on an out building) time line 3 min 10 sec.  That’s where they burn the babies

Eric zooms in on a chimney and asks, that chimney there?

Keith says:  “They cook’em up real good, the bloody limbs.  All the black smoke- the smell of baby napalm. Oh you gotta love it. 

Eric:  “do you like the smell of baby napalm in the morning?”

Keith:  Oh, yeah.  It gives me an erection.  The smell of baby napalm.  All the bloody limbs.  Wow, yummy. 

Eric:  Did you take all night to think that up?

Keith:  Yummy.  I can go on before your f—in’, sh__ a__camera runs out of film.  Keep filmin’ boy. 

(Time line  3 min 49 sec. )  Take it home to your superior with the child-molesting f—in’ Catholic religion.  Yeah, that’s right.  Yeah, the Catholic Diocese, the fu—in’ faggots that like raping little children, yeah, the Catholic Diocese raping little children.  Oh, you don’t film that, do you, you f—in’  s__t hole. Take it to your Catholic Diocese.    (Eric softly says, “OK I will”)  The children-raping, f—in’ filthy mother f—rs.  What is it, raping children?  What’s different, raping children or killing them?  You people are f—in’ twisted.  (Keith continues rambling his anti-Catholic hate speech) 

(Time line 4 min 55sec )

Keith continues as he says to Eric:  “You f—in’ queer “  Keith turns, walks toward Eric’s camera, points to the abortion mill and says  “See, there’s cameras up there too.”

Keith boldly proclaims “What the f—k the cops gonna do? “

Keith yells at a car as it pulls in:  “Don’t listen to these degenerates.” 

Another car comes in to kill their baby.  Keith thinks that Eric’s name is Jordan.  Keith says to Eric “Are you about ready to lose another one, Jordan?”   Eric says “I want to ask you something.  Why are you so angry?”

Keith says “You’re the f—ing angry one.  You don’t leave this doctor alone.  I just heard you yelling you f—ing degenerate across the f—ing street you f—ing idiot. 

5 min 52 sec  Keith turns his attention to the people that just drove in the abortion mill parking lot.  He yells “Hey, these abortion protesters are f—ing degenerates.  They’re trash.  You’re doing the right thing, mom  and God will honor you.  You’re doing the right thing-God will honor you.  Don’t listen to these degenerate protesters, they’re empty skull idiots.”

Keith now turns his attention to Eric.  “Let’s wait for the f—in law.  I’ve been calling those f—ing assholes on you  Your’re being filmed too a—hole. (turning to Eric)   Eric says “I know”.  Keith continues “Smile and say AH”. 

NOTE:  Eric does not move.  The camera position is steady and yet Keith warns Eric not to get too close to his dog.    We get the impression that this is a standard MO that Keith uses quite often as a veiled threat.

Keith:  Don’t get too near my dog a—hole. You wanna get bit?  Did you film that?  I’m saying if you get too close he f—in’ will.

Eric says “I thought this was a public sidewalk. 

Keith:  I’m gonna see to it that he doesn’t to your little faggot, bitch ass, fuckin, degenerate nigger, lovin’ mother ain’t got shit to fuckin’ do with it.

 Eric:  If you’re dog is going to start attacking people, maybe you should have your dog put down.  You do realize that you are possessed, don’t you?

 Keith:  You do realize that you’re a fuckin’ butt baby.  You’re a half-breed nigger.  You’re a half-breed nigger. 

Time Line:  7 min 05 sec.

 Wayne Webster interrupts on the loud speaker:  “Hey Keith, this asshole just called the cops.  I just heard it coming over the scanner.  They called the cops because Keith is down here, yelling and screaming at people, and he has a pit bull with him and he’s threatening people.  You’re not acting any crazier than those other assholes. “

Keith:  I know, I know.  Hey just watch them.

Webster:  You gotta watch these lying bastards.

Keith:  I know, I know, Wayne.  I know, buddy.  I’ll talk to you later, Wayne.  Hey, Wayne, but you saw, right? 

NOTE:  No response from Wayne.  He sees all, hears all when it serves his purpose.  Webster alleges that he is concerned for the safety of his business and home.  If, indeed, he was why does he not call the police on Keith,, who is potentially violent, louder than any demonstrator, racist, a bigot and causes disharmony and upset in the neighborhood.  Is it because birds of a feather flock together?  Maybe a jury will have to decide.

Keith starts to walk away.

Eric:  Have a nice day, OK.

Webster:  I didn’t see you threaten anybody and I didn’t see your dog threaten anybody.  These guys are just pussies.

Keith:  Thank you, Wayne. 

Keith turns to Eric:  Yeah, you hear that?  He didn’t see that.  Shut the fuck up, you degenerate.  And if I fuckin’ hear you it’s gonna be me callin the cops.

Eric:  Have a nice day, sir.  Take care.

Webster: (on loud speaker-first part is indistinct.  He’s talking about the bus stop incident.  “He’s suing the city because they wouldn’t let him put a sign on the bus stop.  He’s fuckin’ totally nuts.

Keith:  I know, he’s a fuckhead.  We all know, Wayne, I’ll be callin the law on them. 

Eric:  Thank you, Wayne, thank you.

Wayne alleges that Kevin had the sidewalk blocked with the sign.

Time Line:  8 min 45 sec.

In the background, Keith is still yelling at the top of his voice.  He is out of sight of the camera and can still be heard screaming.

COMMENT: Isn’t he the one that filed charges about people being too loud?

Eric:  It appears to me, Wayne, that you’re pretty loud, breaking the noise ordinance.

Keith is still yelling in the background even though he can’t be seen on camera.

Eric:  Do you have anything else to say, Wayne?

Kevin to Eric:  I’m sorry you had to experience this.  It’s not pleasant.

Eric:  Well, that’s the reality of abortion. 

Kevin:  He is a manifestation of what is going on inside.  A physical reality of the spiritual reality that’s taking place in there.   You don’t see it at every abortion clinic, but we do here.

Eric:  It’s quite a radical step, isn’t it?

Kevin:  It’s not pleasant.  He didn’t bat an eye, did he?

Eric:  No, he did not.  But the nice thing is he got his friend to get…

Kevin turns his attention to a mother coming in.  Softly asks, “Is there anything we can do to help you today?  Every abortion takes the life of a child, a human being.  Please, please, don’t do this. We’ll help you-we’ll gladly help you.  Is there anything you need?  Inside you is a little boy or girl who loves you.  It is your child.  A little child of God.  We don’t have to do this to our children.” 

New Video Clip # DSCF 0969 

Kevin is on camera, Eric is talking. 

Eric:  This is Kevin Rilott of Rockford.  He’s out here all the time at the Rockford (IL} abortion mill.  Kevin, all the incidents we just had with Keith, is this a common occurrence?

Kevin:  Yes, it started four to five months ago.  He’d start coming by calling the pro-lifers names.  We’d always respond with patience and kindness and try not to talk to him, but as you saw earlier like he did with you he gets in your face and starts using the “n” word and mocking God saying things like how good it is these babies are aborted.  And he’s going to make sure that each one is aborted.  It’s either a case of demonic possession or mental illness or a combination of the two.  What you saw today is a common occurrence at this abortion clinic and sadly at other abortion clinics, too. 

Eric:  I found it particularly disturbing with his racial denigration of  black people.  It was kind of odd how when Wayne Webster finally spoke up to tell Keith that the police were coming he never said anything to counter this bigotry.  It’s almost like he was protecting him (Keith). 

Kevin:  I had a clinic worker come out a number of years ago and said to me “what are you doing here?  The only people that come here are  N-word and prostitutes and the world is better off without them.”  I think we’ve seen in the news lately when Planned Parenthood,   abortion, it’s foundations were based on racism.  And those foundations are still in place today.  Look at this abortion clinic.  It’s in a minority neighborhood.  They target minorities.  And with Keith (Webster blares on loud speaker missed words). 

Webster (on loud speaker, speaking to Eric):  “You’re not goanna be too happy when we come to your house.”  Mr. Webster is indicating to Eric that Eric’s car is behind the building near Rockford Labor News and Webster is calling out  Eric’s license number over the loud speaker.  “It’s very easy to find out who you are and where you live.”  (Did Mr. Webster violate any laws by doing this?)

Eric:  How would you find that out, Wayne?  The only way you can find that out is to go through the police department and that’s illegal for them to do those checks for you.  So if you were to do that, you and the police officer would be breaking the law.  Do you want to comment on that?  

Wayne, I found it quite interesting that you called me a pervert for taking pictures of your building, a building where you have everything to do, you provide a place (Wayne interrupts)

Wayne:  (indistinct)…you play games with my house.

Eric:  I think it’s very interesting that you called me a pervert for taking pictures of a place that is akin to Auschwitz.  You kill people here, Wayne.   I have every right to take pictures.  If that’s a perversion, what does that make you?  I know, Wayne, that you think you have no chance of salvation, that you might as well stay on the path.  Well, you’re wrong, buddy.  You have every chance for salvation.  You can walk away from this right now.  You don’t have to continue on.  Look at the friends you have, look at Keith.  The man is mentally ill.  He’s also possessed.  Wayne, you are possessed, too.  I think it’s time for to lay down your arms and walk away from this.  You know who I am already.  You’ve already seen my work. 

New Video Clip  # DSCF 0970 

Opening scene:  Three police cars arrive, it is now over one hour from the time the 911 call was placed.  This time can be verified through the time stamp on the video clips. 

Police officer says Hi, Eric responds.

Kevin starts to explain about Keith.  Kevin says “Keith comes by and he has every right to come by, but this time he got right in his (Eric) face and he (Keith) started yelling and screaming, saying your mother’s a N-word and this kind of thing.  We’re not saying he can’t be here or anything like that, we just think it’s very dangerous when he gets face to face with us yelling and screaming”.

Police Officer:  Is he a black guy or a white guy?

Kevin:  He’s a white guy.

Female Police officer:  And where did he go?

Kevin:  I know he has a lot of problems with you guys. 

Time Line 1 min

At this time Kevin indicates to the police officers  that Wayne Webster had warned the assailant, Keith, that the police were coming…….we tried to speak to Keith peacefully.  It just makes it a dangerous situation.

Eric:  I’m kind of concerned because he (Webster) started telling me where my car was and what my license plate number was.  The only way he can do that is through you guys.

Male Police Officer:  Anybody can do that.

Eric:  No, not in Illinois.

Police Officer:  What’s with the camera?

Eric:  I’m recording everything that I can because he (Webster) records everything we do.  Plus, I have everything with that guy getting in my face which I will probably be sending to you guys.

 He (Keith) told me that his dog, I was standing right where I was and I moved like this (cameral motion at this point is exaggerated; during the actual incident you will see no camera movement at all) and he has that pit bull and he said out of nowhere he started blowing up saying “stay away from my dog, he’s gonna bite you”.  I have it all recorded, everything.

Police Officer indicates that he’s going to go down and talk to Keith.  Talk continues, they get an ID on the assailant, police radio and different people talking.  Difficult to pull out one conversation at this point.  Time Line 2 min 54 sec.

Kevin says “you need to see the video, it’s very interesting. “   COMMENT:  The police walk away and are obviously not interested in facts or the truth.  They did not ask to see the video which was offered to them.  Had they been sincere about police investigative work they would have taken a look at the racist hate filled video clip.  The police are on the scene for three minutes the first time.

The three police cars drive down the street and stop in front of the assailant’s house. 

New Video Clip  # DSCF 0978

Opening scene:  Police are back.  It’s approximately 8:49 AM. 

Eric is asking Wayne Webster “how are you going to run my license plate, Wayne?”

Female police officer is saying:  “ this is what starts all the arguments.  He might have said something to you but don’t instigate it by saying anything to him”  (or words to that effect, sound is difficult).  He says things that you don’t like and that’s why we get called down here because you’re sitting here provoking him to say stuff.

Eric:  No, I’m not, I’m just asking him a question.

Female officer:  I understand because you want to record it and I’m here and stuff like that and you’re trying to get an answer out of him.  What you’re doing is provoking the situation and you’re instigating him.

Eric:  Well, I’m asking him a question.

Female Officer:  You need to leave him alone.  If you don’t feel safe here, you need to leave.  (NOTE:  As I see it, rather than protect the pro-life citizens right to free assembly and free speech, her advice is to give up that right and leave.  This is not acceptable advice from a police officer.  Had they viewed the video as offered to them and arrested Keith as they should have then maybe this situation would not have continued this far.)

Eric:  I actually feel safe here now because you guys are here.

Female Officer:  Then don’t call us because he’s saying stuff to you that you don’t like.

Eric:  Well, isn’t there a noise ordinance around here?

Female Officer:  Yes, there is a noise ordinance but it’s more or less involving music.

Eric:  What about profanity?  Because I have recorded (female officer interrupts)

Officer: “ If you don’t like what you hear, then leave.”  She continues in a very perturbed tone, “You know I’m not going to stay here and argue with you all day long.  I have better things to be doing, more important things.”  She answers Eric’s question, “Yes, there is a noise ordinance.  If we hear it than we can cite them for it.  If I’m not here to hear it then I can’t file unless somebody calls and complains and when I get here and I hear it then I can write them for it.”

Eric:  What about if I have it recorded?

Female officer refuses to answer that question.  “You know what, I’m not gonna go into all this.” she said.  “You need to prefer charges for disorderly.”

Eric:  How can I pursue charges?

Female Officer:  You need to file a report.

Eric:  How do I file a report?

Female Officer:  That’s what we’re doing.

Eric:  I want to prefer charges

Female Officer:  For what?

Eric:  For noise ordinance violation.

Officer laughs.

Eric:  For profanity.  I have everything recorded. 

Another officer (male) ridicules Eric.  “ You are grown men.  If he tells you off, you tell him off, whatever.”

Eric:  We don’t use profanity.

Male Officer:  Very perturbed tone:  “I don’t care, we’re done here.”

Eric:  But you have families that live around here that hear them say fuck, ass, and all this other stuff.

While Eric is talking the male and female officer both jump in and the male officer restates “You’re grown men”  and it sounds like the female officer says you need to call and complain.

Eric:  “I know I’m a grown man but grown men need to stand up and talk about this and start recording people when they do this or other grown men are going to get away with acting like little kids.”

Time Line:  2 min 25 sec.

Male Officer:  If we arrested every person who swore in this town-we can’t arrest everybody.

Eric:  But that’s one thing.  When they’re blaring it over the loud speaker  that’s another thing.  Last time I called the cops and they came out and he (Webster) stopped doing it.  That was the time when there was a bunch of young people out here.

Female Officer:  Like I said, if you don’t like being here and you don’t like what you hear, then you know, you can stand here and record me all you want, it doesn’t matter to me.

Eric:  Well, I’m going to record you.

Female Officer:  Do you know the law is for evesdropping?  You need to read those.

Webster:  You are a peeping tom pervert.  (We notice the police officers did not correct Webster for jumping in there with his irresponsible statement.)

Eric:  Wayne, why don’t we just stop it?  Why do you have to say that stuff over the loud speaker?

Webster:  It’s called freedom of speech.

(While pointing to Kevin)  Ask him about freedom of speech.  He’s suing the city because they won’t let him put his perverted sign on a G—damn bus bench.  And you fucking perverts…..

Eric:  Why are we  perverts? 

Webster:  Because you’re out here harassing women.

Eric:  We’re telling the women we’re here to help them.

Webster:  I come out here and people call me a fucking baby killer and shit and then you act like it’s a crime if I call you a dumb cocksucker for being out here fucking with women, you know.

Eric:  I think it’s bad that you’re blaring and yelling over the loud speaker.

Webster:  It’s called freedom of speech and this is America.  I’m a veteran, I served during a war. 

Eric:  God bless you for that.

Webster:  I can say anything I want to.  I told you that I wrote down your license number.  I was standing there fixing myself a cup of tea.  I heard a noise and I looked out and here’s you fucking taking pictures.  Then you’re standing there waving at me with the long lens on your camera.  It pissed me off because you’re a fucking peeping tom pervert. 

Eric:  What does that make you?  How many cameras do you have here, Wayne?  What does that make you?

Webster:  Hey, I live here.  I have to have security because of cocksuckers like you and your priest come out and drive their cars through my garage door and try to kill me with fucking axes.    You and your perverted fucking priests.

Eric:  Those perverted priests were perverted and they’re not there anymore.  That doesn’t make them all perverted.  You know that.

 Time line:  4min 40 sec.

Exchange continues with Webster and Eric.

Time line:  4:52

Eric asks:  Do you agree with what Keith was saying about black people?

Webster:  I don’t know what he was saying. 

Eric:  You heard it, you recorded it.  I was here when you told him (Keith) to get out of here.  You told him to leave before the police arrived. 

Webster:  I heard it on the scanner.  Shut the fuck up while I’m telling you this.  I heard on the scanner that there’s a guy with a pit bull threatening people and yelling and screaming and acting crazy at the abortion clinic.   And I got up and looked out the window and I seen them and I said hey, Keith, they’re just telling the police (Webster changes his thoughts, turns and points at Kevin and says): and it was that pervert right there that fucking called it in.  Webster continues “He was threatening people with a pit bull.  That’s what the woman said on the G—damn scanner.

Webster:  I didn’t see him threaten anybody with a pit bull. 

Eric:  Yeah, he was standing right by me and out of nowhere it was weird and he started yelling  Watch out for my dog.

Eric:  I am recording still.

Webster:  I don’t give a fuck.  Let me just tell you something.  The state of Illinois eavesdropping is a felony.  And if you don’t have my permission to tape my voice I can fuck you over and call my lawyer and do all kinds of shit to you.  But you know, I tape everybody all the time and I don’t give a fuck. 

Eric:  Do I have permission to  tape your voice?

Webster:  No you don’t.  I don’t give anybody permission to do anything.  But I’ll tell you this, I’m taping everything.

Webster goes on to say that he has a security system justifying his reasons for taping.

He is saying you can’t be on public property and tape people without their permission.  If you’re on your own property and your own home and you have a security system set up that catches them saying something or doing something, then that’s legal.

Eric:  do you really live here?

Webster:;  I have an apartment here, this is my legal address so if I have to I can shoot somebody if they break in here.  Of course, if they cross the line I’ll kick their ass.

Eric:  Can you physically do something to someone?

Webster:  I can kick their ass or break their hands if they resist.

Time Line  7:min 32 sec

Eric:  What about when you’re over there letting your dogs take a dump?

 (Eric is referring to a piece of public land that Webster allegedly allows his dogs to use to take a dump on, knowing that pro-lifers kneel in that area for prayer.) 

Eric:  And you’re not picking up the crap that they leave behind?

Webster:  You know that’s another fucking lie.  We never leave any crap out.  We come out and clean it up every fucking day. 

Eric:  We watched you do it.

Eric and Webster have a short exchange. 

Webster:  I would walk out here and let my dog take a crap on your fucking shoes.  Because you’re a turd.  And you’re a turd because you fucking harass women.

Eric:  We’re not harassing them, we’re trying to help them make a better decision.

Webster:  Is that what you call yelling at people over the fence?

Meaningless dialog continues for another 30  seconds.   End of clip.  

Video Clip # DSCF 0982

Approximately 9:30 AM  on 3/29/08

Opening scene:  Eric is filming the outside of the mini-Auschwitz.  

COMMENT:  Please note the sad irony.  As I understand it, this building was originally called the Turner School, a building which was built to educate and nurture young children into the world and now it is nothing but a place to kill then.  How sad this is.

Webster is harassing Kevin and laughing and calling Kevin a moron.  There is noise in the background.  At this point I cannot understand all that Webster is saying but it’s something about the city attorney and the impending bus bench case.

Webster:  You moron, you stuck it up your own ass.  (Laughter)

4 thoughts on “Abortion and the Rockford Race Hustlers

  1. Chuck Sweeny years ago was a token conservative on the Register Star. He has now joined the liberal forces completely. I’m sure he had to do it to keep his job.

  2. Recently several American flags and an effigy of the President were burned in Manila. I stood up for our flag and our President. Then someone called the President a nigger. Again I stood up for our President. Now some politician who is an elected official has called the President an ass. As much as I despise the immoral policies of our President I must defend his right to dignity as a human being. Granted the RR Star, the Rockford Police, Wayne, and Kieth produced a surrealistic ribald circus act. That being by combined inaction and direct action. The difference is that the man who called the President of the United States an ass is an elected official. He should be held accountable for attacking the President’s personal dignity.
    ED: Thank you for standing up for our flag and for the office of the Presidency. Every person deserves to be treated in a dignified, courteous manner; it is their natural born right. With that being said, that applies going and coming so to speak. You must treat others with respect and dignity so that you will receive it yourself. Unfortunately, this president has treated Christians, pro-lifers, the military, our Constitution, etc. with disdain, disrespect, and oftentimes comtempt. Perhaps you do not recall the vile names our last President was called by members of Congress and so many of the D. Party. No such fuss was raised then. And the contempt in which Supreme Court Justice Thomas has been held is nothing short of shameful.

  3. Don’t expect the Register Star to be fair. They have an agenda to undercut the values we grew up on and replace them with abortion, homosexuality, and socialism.

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