Abortion, Civil War and a Modest Proposal

Abortion, Civil War and a Modest Proposal

ProLifeCorner-  By Larry Plachno

Whether we accept the fact or not, the reality is that the United States is in the Larry-150x1 bluemidst of an undeclared Civil War. One side believes in good and evil and life while the other side believes in choice and abortion. Huge amounts of time, energy and money are involved as the two sides battle each other in politics, legislation and morals.

Are we heading for a bloody civil war over abortion? More than 600,000 Americans lost their lives in the American Civil War fighting over slavery and whether it was right to set aside good and evil to declare groups as inferior. While our country has been involved in other wars, none of them matches the Civil War in the number of deaths. It was easily the most deadly and bloodiest war in our nation’s history and it took place on our own soil.

Even prior to the recent Presidential election there was substantial talk about our country being polarized into two different camps with abortion as a major difference between the two. While there are differences other than abortion, the killing of unborn babies has become a key point between the two sides, much like slavery. Following the election, these differences are again in the news and the possibility of a civil war has been mentioned numerous times.

It is a fact of life that two groups cannot live together if they cannot agree on good and evil. And, abortion has obviously become a major point of division. Let’s talk about the background and details on this polarization as well as similarities to the Civil War over slavery.

Our Polarized Society

This polarization of our society goes back many years. Some historians say that there were signs as far back as the 1950s that some people started moving away from children and marriage. As the years went on, these trends became more obvious and easier to define.

In recent decades it was the demographers who pointed out that voting could be predicted in different areas based on the local fertility rate. Areas with the highest fertility rates statistically voted for conservative candidates and conservative issues while areas with the lowest fertility rates statistically voted for liberal candidates and liberal issues. It was obvious that the determining factor was fertility level, a measure of children being brought into our world.

Years of additional research were able to expand on this. It became obvious that the conservative people statistically had larger families, were more likely to be married, and were more likely to attend church regularly. The conservatives were more likely to judge actions and decisions as good or evil based on how their actions and decisions impacted other people and society. The liberals were more likely to make decisions based on personal choice regardless of how it impacted others.

Continuing on, the differences became increasingly obvious. Conservatives tended to believe in responsibilities while liberals believed in rights. The conservatives tended to make decisions on how they impacted things in the future while the liberals tended to make decisions based on what they wanted today. The conservatives tended to put others first while the liberals tended to put themselves first. And, ultimately, the conservatives tended to believe in doing things the Christian way while the liberals did not

As time went on these differences became more obvious in different areas as people moved to live near others who shared their same beliefs. Families began moving out of the inner cities and to the suburbs and rural areas to raise their families in places that were friendly to families and children. Meanwhile, the “swinging singles” began moving to the big cities to be with people like themselves. All of this tended to reinforce the polarization by geographic areas.

Christianity and Polarization

As time went on, it became increasingly obvious that this polarization was caused by one group that supported basic Christian principles while the other group was moving away from basic Christian principles.

The best way to show this is by the foundation of Christianity in that God the Father sent His Son to earth to suffer and die to atone for our sins. Clearly, good and evil is a major issue with God. When Jesus Christ walked our earth He gave us two basic rules to live by: love of God and love of neighbor. We love God by judging our actions as good or evil. We are a follower of Jesus Christ when “good” means what is best for others and society; not what we want.

Some of this is just basic logic. If we do not believe in judging our actions as good or evil then why should we bother with laws, courts and prisons? At the same time, doing what is best for others and society is also logical since people obviously come out ahead by working together as a team.

In more recent decades those studying social problems have discovered that the reports and statistics echo and endorse the love of God and love of neighbor teachings of Jesus Christ. When we judge our actions as good or evil and work together for what is best for society, we all come out ahead. When we accept choice over good and evil, and when individuals put themselves first, it causes social problems.

This, in fact, is what has been happening to our society. We are having increasing conflicts and spending a great deal of time and effort because people put themselves first instead of working together for what is best for others and society. A good example is that if you have four horses pulling a wagon and they all pull in the same direction, the wagon makes progress. However, if the four horses pull in different directions, the wagon makes no progress and could easily be damaged.

Historians will tell us that this inability to work together for the good of others and society is what caused the downfall of Greece and Rome. When people put themselves first instead of doing what is best for society, then their society begins to fall apart. In our case, the people who do not want to work together for the good of society are causing major problems that some think might lead to a civil war.


At this point I feel obligated to digress to speak of marriage because it is so important. In all of this research, traditional marriage emerges as the most important factor in reducing or eliminating social problems. Married people are less likely to commit crimes or be the victim of crimes. Married people are less likely to be homeless or live in poverty. Except for some series diseases like cancer, married people are statistically more likely to be healthy and live longer. Moreover, growing up without a father in the house is the most typical indicator that someone will end up in prison.

Jesus Christ blessed marriage with His first public miracle at the Wedding Feast at Cana. When He said: “love your neighbor” He provided no exceptions for marriage or abortion. In fact, lack of marriage is statistically tied to abortion in that something like 80 percent of women seeking an abortion are not married.

Abortion and the Election

I have seen very little in the mainstream media on how this recent presidential election was impacted by the question of abortion. Clearly, they are embarrassed to report on news and information that is not favorable to their liberal position. However, the actual facts are worth noting and explain a lot.

Those following the election fairly will acknowledge that abortion played a major role in this election and was a key factor in polarizing the voters. Abortion may have been an issue in previous elections but this time it became a major platform and was clearly brought out. The liberal position of abortion anywhere, at any time, paid for with tax dollars was the most pro-abortion position that has ever come out in a Presidential election. There are voters who decided to vote against this simply because it was so liberal.

Do we know how much of an influence abortion had on this election? A nationwide poll by the polling company Inc./Woman Trend surprisingly discovered that nearly half (49 percent) of voters said that the issue of abortion had influenced their voting decision. Of the 49 percent who said that, 31 percent said that they voted for candidates who opposed abortion while 18 percent said that they voted for candidates who favored abortion.

This gave a 13 percent advantage to the pro-life side. Considering that some states went conservative by only a narrow margin, this means that abortion was either the major factor in a conservative win or at least one of several factors that made the difference.

Abortion and Slavery

While liberals try their best to deny connections between abortion and slavery, logic shows numerous ways that the two movements share similarities.

Inferior – In both situations of abortion and slavery, the justification for these actions was inferiority. Unborn babies are inferior because they were not yet born while black people were inferior because they were black. What is even more interesting is that this same position follows through with virtually all forms of genocide. The Holocaust of World War II was justified because the Jews were inferior since they were not Arian. This extends to the millions of people killed by the Chinese Communists and Soviets because they were inferior.

Government Involvement – In both abortion and slavery, the government and courts had been involved in supporting the liberal side. A good example is the Dred Scott decision of 1857 that allowed slave owners to retain ownership of slaves in free states and held that black people were not citizens. In addition, the 3/5 Compromise held that only 3/5 of the population of black people would be considered for representation. Important decisions for abortion included Roe v. Wade in 1973, Doe v. Bolton and several other court decisions.

Politics – Both slavery and abortion have become highly involved with politics. In fact, the election of Abraham Lincoln as the first Republican president in 1860 has strong similarities to the recent 2016 Presidential race. Lincoln, who was anti-slavery, won over Democrat Stephen Douglas. In 2016, Donald Trump won over Democrat Hillary Clinton who is pro-abortion.

Geographic – It is also interesting that differences on slavery and the current conflict between liberals and conservatives and on abortion all have specific geographic limitations.

In dealing with slavery, it became obvious that the southern states were in favor of keeping slavery. Part of this was obviously because of the advantage of slavery in growing cotton although there were other related issues including states’ rights. A major factor that prompted the Civil War was the question of whether slavery should be permitted into new territories.

However, we also found a strong geographic trend in the recent Presidential election. As a general rule, counties with the lowest fertility rates generally voted liberal while counties with the highest fertility rates voted conservative. Hence, it was obvious that the counties with high city population turned blue and liberal while counties with more rural population turned red and conservative.

What is also interesting is that some demographers noted that the blue counties generally matched the areas of the United States with the highest crime rates. Hence, voting liberal, setting aside good and evil in regard to abortion, and setting aside good and evil in regard to laws are statistically interconnected.

A Modest Proposal

Several people suggest that the two sides of this issue should compromise on good and evil. Should we outlaw abortion on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but encourage it on Tuesday and Thursdays? Should we support traditional marriage in the mornings but discourage it in the afternoons? Should we encourage church attendance for people with names starting with A through M but discourage it for people with names starting with N through Z?

I think that the time has come to agree on the fact that we disagree. A team has to work together in order to win. When team members demand a choice to do what they want, then the team cannot work towards victory. We reached this same point prior to 1776 when the King of England and the American Colonies could not agree. It is obvious that we have a similar situation today. My Modest Proposal is that we vote by county on whether we believe in good and evil or whether we believe in choice. Then we can stop fighting and each group can go their separate way.

The choice people can have the big cities: Washington, D.C. and Hollywood, places that reflect the work of man. Those of us who believe in good and evil will keep the farms, mountains and plains that reflect the work of God.

Expectedly, the choice people will want to keep abortion. They may also want to abolish laws, courts and police since many of them seem unhappy with keeping law and order.

We will let the choice people keep the U.S. dollar now that they have destroyed it with their spending. Those of us who believe in good and evil will have to create a new currency based on budgets and on both fiscal and moral responsibility. We will encourage jobs and business.

“Choice” people can also keep their illogical and selfish political correctness. Those of us who believe in good and evil will support the family, traditional marriage and the right of a child to have two parents.

However, we would like to have the American Flag. It is obvious that the “choice” people do not want it since they burn and desecrate it. I am one of many who served in our armed forces and one of many who believe in what our American Flag once stood for . . . and not for what the “choice” people tried to turn it into. Maybe our American Flag can once more fly over a country that believes in life and in good and evil.


Editors Note:   Larry Plachno is a successful businessman, publisher, author, and composer of an incalculable number of articles relating to family, life issues and associated problems and solutions. This barely scratches the surface of what Larry really is. His love of God, family and country is inspiring.

For years now Larry has shared his writings with us here at the ProLifeCorner and we are truly humbled by his generosity.

Larry is also an ardent blogger and is a prolific writer.  You can follow his work at:   www.unselfish.org

4 thoughts on “Abortion, Civil War and a Modest Proposal

  1. This is a fantastic article but I have one comment I would like your thoughts on.

    I believe the liberals are frighting a war against God and against human life. But and it’s a big but we have to remember the Republicans have funded Planned Parenthood for decades and the Catholic bishops do talk a good game against abortion but welcome pro-abortion politicians to Mass and never take any action against them.

    My conclusion is the liberals have murdered over 55 million babies, driven God from our public life, and have made a mockery of marriage because the Republican leaders and the Catholic Bishops will NOT fight a war against evil. They will say abortion and gay marriage are bad but they won’t take any real action to stop them.

    Only one side is fighting this way. The other side (at least the leadership) will NOT fight.

    • Hi Paul,

      As I mentioned, our nation is strongly polarized. The conservatives are on the side of God, Christian principles, traditional marriage and life. The liberals are on the side of doing what they want regardless of whom they harm. Statistics are on the side of the conservatives.

      I agree that there are many politicians, religious leaders and everyday people who fail to take a stand on this. I would encourage you and others to speak up and try to do something. Maybe we stand a chance with this new administration in Washington.

  2. You nailed it when you said, “people put themselves first instead of doing what is best for society, then their society begins to fall apart.”

    • Jesus Christ gave us the answer 2,000 years ago with “love of God” and “love of neighbor.” Sadly, we still have not listened to Him. Love of God means judging your actions as good or evil. Following Jesus Christ means that “good” is what is best for others and society. More and more I keep hearing that we decide our own eternal reward or punishment. Heaven is made up of those who put others first. Hell is made up of those who put themselves first. Where would you like to end up?

      Larry Plachno

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