Abortion, Politics and the Slippery Slope

Abortion, Politics and the Slippery Slope

ProLifeCorner-     By Larry Plachno

Larry-150x1 blueMany people may ask whether there is an obvious connection between abortion, politics and the slippery slope. The demographers and researchers will tell you that there is a very obvious connection. Moreover, this connection explains why our society is falling apart.

Our Polarized Society

Those who have been keeping up with research, or even just reading the news, are aware that our society has become increasingly polarized. A poll by a well-known company in late April of 2016 showed that only 26 percent of Americans feel that the United States is heading in the right direction. An earlier poll of likely voters in February of 2016 disclosed that 81 percent of the respondents felt that the Federal Government is corrupt.

Another poll in April of 2016 showed that nearly 30 percent of Americans felt that the political parties were out of step with the voters. This is increasingly obvious as the presidential election campaign unfolds. On the conservative side, the two candidates with the most support were both mavericks who did not follow traditional politics. Even the liberals have a second candidate who is getting support as an unconventional politician. Much of this reflects the fact that our society has become increasingly polarized in recent decades.               

The demographers figured out years ago that you could predict elections based on fertility levels. States with the highest fertility levels generally voted for the conservative candidates while states with the lowest fertility levels generally voted for the liberal candidates.

Since then, researchers have discovered that the polarization of our society is built around a line from right to left. Those on the right are more likely to be married, have larger families, support life, and go to church regularly. Those on the left are more likely to be single, have smaller families, support abortion and are less likely to go to church regularly.

The differences between people on the right and left are substantial. Those on the right are more likely to believe in responsibilities while those on the left are more likely to believe in individual rights. People on the right are more likely to vote for what is best for society tomorrow while those on the left are more likely to vote for what they want today. Those on the right are more likely to make decisions based on what is good or evil for society while those on the left are more likely to make decisions based on personal choice.

You might ask yourself where you stand on this line.

The reason this is important is because when we are faced with a decision or action that could impact others, we have only two choices. We can be unselfish and do what is best for others and society or we can be pro-choice and do what we want regardless of whom we harm. It does not take much thought to figure out that we would all come out ahead if we work together instead of being polarized and fighting with each other.

In fact, some of the researchers have noted that the reports and statistics surrounding social problems echo and endorse the love of God and love of neighbor admonishments of Jesus Christ. Love of God translates into judging our actions as to whether they are good or evil. Love of neighbor means that good is what is best for other people and society. It is interesting that 2000 years before computer statistics made it obvious, Jesus Christ knew that working together and putting others first was the solution that makes society work.

Interconnected Social Problems

While the liberals will tell you there is no good or evil and everything is a choice, logic as well as statistics and reports deny this. Among other things, the liberals limit choice to people who think like they do. Is choice permitted for selling drugs to kids, for shooting guns in schools or to people who do not think like they do?

But the reports and statistics show that our actions and decisions are interconnected. The only real decision is whether to put others first or put yourself first. Once you pick the spot where you want to stand on that line from right to left, your attitude strongly influences your decisions and actions. There are people who say that they can ask you three or four questions to determine your position on that line from right to left. From that they can do a very accurate job of determining where you stand on major issues.

This interconnection may start with fertility levels and elections but it continues on with other things. One good example is that there have been numerous pro-life people who insisted on being pro-choice on marriage. Yet the statistics show that 80 percent of women seeking an abortion are not married. Hence, lack of marriage is a major factor in causing abortion.

This difference in attitude has become so pervasive in our society that it even impacts the dog population. One of my favorite statistics comes from researcher Philip Longman who pointed out that in left-leaning Seattle there are nearly 45 percent more dogs than kids while in right-leaning Salt Lake City there are nearly 19 percent more kids than dogs. The obvious difference is not due to any shortage of canine breeders in Utah but comes from local attitudes on marriage and family.

That Slippery Slope

Worse yet, once you make the decision to put yourself first and move away from marriage, family, children, life, church and God there is a tendency to keep moving towards the left. Many people call this the “Slippery Slope.” The researchers identify it as desensitization.

To best explain desensitization we can go back years ago to the argument about allowing children to watch violence on television. Most parents were opposed to allowing children to watch violence on television. Many liberals took the position that children had a right to be pro-choice in their viewing decisions. However, the experts stepped in and said that as kids watched more and more violence they became desensitized to it and became more accepting of violence as normal.

This same desensitization is working in our society today with both kids and adults. If someone tells you that it is OK to set aside good and evil in favor of choice for your decisions and actions, you are more likely to do that. If you see someone setting aside good and evil in favor of choice in decisions and actions you are more likely to do the same. This is desensitization and the cause of the Slippery Slope.

Several people have suggested that the Slippery Slope started with contraception because that made children a choice. I have seen comments from some of the people who developed the pill that they expected to help families but just the opposite happened. On July 25, 1968 Pope Paul VI issued his famous encyclical letter titled Humanae Vitae (Latin for Of Human Life) pointing out the negative implications of birth control. While initially ignored by many, he has been unfortunately proven to be correct as time goes on.

You do not need much research to figure out that since then both desensitization and the Slippery Slope have moved our society increasingly to the left and away from marriage, family, children, church, life and God. Our society became pro-choice on marriage, pro-choice on abortion, pro-choice on the family wage and pro-choice on religious liberty. Now, people are even talking about becoming pro-choice on euthanasia and which bathroom to use.

Abortion has become a major issue in all of this. While there are numerous legitimate reasons for not keeping a baby, couples are standing in line waiting to adopt. In fact, my experience is that even babies with major medical problems can find loving homes. So why kill the baby? The obvious reason is abortion is a celebration of choice . . . the choice to take the life of the baby.

Choice and the Slippery Slope are Fatal

What many people fail to see is that we will all come out ahead if we work together doing what is best for others and society. When people expect others to support their individual desires, then society starts falling apart. The civilizations of Greece and Rome began going down that slippery slope when their citizens became selfish and began moving away from family, marriage and children.

You may remember that the birth of Jesus Christ took place during a census of Roman controlled lands for tax purposes. Those taxes were sent back to Rome to cover the cost of aquaducts, public baths and major buildings to please the people.

The Greeks passed laws against abortion while the Romans tried to reverse the slippery slope by offering special support for marriage and larger families. But both civilizations kept going down the slippery slope and eventually disappeared.

There was a reason why Jesus Christ told us to love our neighbor. He knew that we needed to put others first in order for society to survive and thrive.


Editors Note:   Larry Plachno is a successful businessman, publisher, author, and composer of an incalculable number of articles relating to family, life issues and associated problems and solutions. This barely scratches the surface of what Larry really is. His love of God, family and country is inspiring.

For years now Larry has shared his writings with us here at the ProLifeCorner and we are truly humbled by his generosity.

Larry is also an ardent blogger and is a prolific writer.  You can follow his work at:   www.unselfish.org


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