Hello, and welcome to The Pro Life Corner (PLC). If this is your first experience with the PLC you might be interested in a little of its background. The PLC consists of 52 short pro life statements pertaining to life issues:

* Abortion
* Euthanasia
* Stem cell research
* Assisted suicide
* The effects of the above on society in general

Sometimes there are quotations from church leaders, political leaders, pro life activists, and often we paraphrase or condense a thought to keep it short, but we work to maintain its accuracy and effectiveness.

Since 1989, churches in the US and Canada have been using the PLC in their church bulletin each week. The purpose of the PLC is to educate people of all faiths in matters pertaining to life issues. Many Christian churches have what is called a church calendar. This calendar simply tells the pastor which epistle and gospel reading to have on a particular Sunday, thereby bringing unity to that denomination. The purpose of the PLC is the same.

Whether you are Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, Independent, or Jew, if you are interested in saving God’s unborn babies we all will have the same pro life thought in the church bulletin each week, thereby educating parishioners and showing the unity in the pro life movement.

The Pro Life Corner was started in 1989 by Stephenson County Right to Life, Inc., a non profit, non-denominational organization composed of volunteers from within the community dedicated to the saving of human life from conception to natural death. We produced our first Pro Life Corner in 1989. We have a list of churches and individuals to whom we send the Pro Life Corner each year, at no cost to them. This is a grass roots ministry. We receive letters from people who tell us they make copies and then take them to churches of all denomination in their area and ask the pastors to please use them in the church bulletins.

Having this web site is a major leap forward in our efforts to educate the public. Central to our pro-life activities is the Pro Life Corner.

You, the reader, can be involved. How? By sending a link of our home page to all in your address book, make copies of the PLC and ask your pastor to not only use it in his bulletin but to encourage his fellow pastors to do the same.

This is truly a networking ministry for the purpose of saving God’s unborn babies. We thank you for your involvement and may God our Father bless you abundantly for your help.