Al Smith Dinner Willing To Accept Pro-Abortion Group

Rockford, Il – ( – 8 14-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative -Al Smith Foundation is happy to include a pro-abortion group table and take their $25,000.  Sadly, with the permission of Cardinal Dolan, the 67th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York is honoring the most radical pro-abortion president in American history.

Update: New Sting

In an effort to see how accepting the Al Smith Dinner really is of the “pro-choice” message,  an email was sent to the organizers of the dinner from a fictitious “pro-choice” minister thanking them for moving beyond abortion politics and offering to back-up this “pro-choice” support by purchasing a table for the Al Smith Dinner that could cost as much as $25,000.

It was hoped this offer of big money, from a clearly identifiable pro-abortion group, would be turned down.

But in New York it seems that money talks, even if it is being offered to a Catholic organization by a pro-child killing group.

In a response to the pro-abortion email sent to the Al Smith Dinner, a reply email was sent directly from a representative of the Al Smith Dinner thanking the pro-abortion group for “the kind words” and expressing a clear willingness to have a table from a pro-abortion group at the Al Smith Dinner.

It is a bitter pill to swallow to realize that many in the Church turn a blind eye to abortion when prestige, power, acceptance by the culture, and big money are involved.

In 2004, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement on “Catholics in Political Life.”  It said:  “The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.  They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

When Obama spoke at the 2008 Al Smith dinner he said:  “Contrary to the rumors that you’ve heard, I was not born in a manger.”  And:  “If I had to name my greatest strength, I guess it would be my humility.”  “Greatest weakness?  It’s possible that I am a little too awesome.”

Even if these comments were meant to be amusing they are certainly not respectful of Christianity and clearly show his arrogance.

Some argue that money is raised by this dinner to help the poor.  Blessed John Paul the Great said:  “You cannot do good with one hand and evil with the other.,”  Obama’s position on abortion was known in 2008 and he should not have been invited then.  Obama has since attacked pro-life citizens labeling them terrorists, shut down Catholic Charities in Illinois, shredded the Constitution on freedom of religion and currently is forcing a government takeover of health care, read here socialized medicine.  In short, he is the enemy of freedom and religion.  To invite Obama to this dinner would be the same as if the Jews were to have invited Hitler to a fundraising dinner in the late 30’s.  Judas sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.  The only difference with the Al Smith dinner is the current rate of exchange.


Update: New Sting

Purpose Of Al Smith Dinner Is Flawed



From: Susan Beil <>” <>
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2012 1:25 PM
Subject: Ticket information


Dear Al Smith Dinner,

I am writing to inquire about reserving a table at the 67th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner on Thursday, October 18, 2012
at the Waldorf Astoria.

If spaces are still available we would like to reserve a table for ten or twelve people for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Could you let me know if this can be done by credit card on the Internet or over the phone.

You have our full support in the invitation issued to President Obama and we want to financially show our support for this decision to move past the corrosive political fighting that often accompanies the issue of reproductive choice.  We stand with you.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on October 18.

Rev. Susan Beil



From: Al Smith Foundation <>
To: ‘Susan Beil’ <>
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 7:10 PM
Subject: RE: Ticket information

Hi Rev. Beil,

Thank you so much for your email and your kind words.  Tickets to the event are $2,500 each and tables start at $25,000.  If you are still interested please send me your mailing address and I can send you an invitation when they go out in late August.

Many thanks,




41 thoughts on “Al Smith Dinner Willing To Accept Pro-Abortion Group

    • Timothy Dolan wanted to be known as a “happy” bishop. Instead he has become a laughingstock for the whole nation. He is a clown and a coward!

      EDITOR: Cardinal Dolan is neither a clown or a coward. His theology is spot on. The only complaint concerning Dolan is that he is allowing himself and the Church to be used, through the Al Smith dinner, by Obama and others on the left.

  1. It’s pretty clear from this link that the Al Smith Dinner just wants the big bucks and will even take money from vicious pro-abortion groups.

    • These e-mails definitively prove that the Al Smith dinner is a yuckfest dinner for rich wealthy elitists in the world(the ruling class) and the church of the world- the Vatican II “church”, both of which more or less support the crimes of the modern state. Pornography, Sodomy, Contraception, and Abortion.

      EDITOR: There is no such thing as a Vatican II church-the liberals highjacked Vatican II and fooled many in the Church into what they called “the spirit of Vatican II”. Read here-their interpretations. Many fell for this for over 40 years and praise God are we are now realizing we were duped.

  2. Quote; “It was hoped this offer of big money, from a clearly identifiable pro-abortion group, would be turned down.”

    Did you really think the unborn would mean more than 25 grand?

  3. Whats the old movie line, “Show me the money.”

    The social justice Catholics will take the money over the unborn everytime.

  4. I just responded to Cardinal Dolan’s weak, newly -published explanation as to why he invited President Obama to the Al Smith dinner. This I sent before I read the above e-mails about accepting monies from a pro abortion group. All this shows how clearly the political aspect of the Catholic church has become corrupted in the United States. I believe Cardinal Dolan is a sincere man but he is very much misled. I pray for him because he needs to have the courage to uncover and clean out the underhandedness in Church political policies which are so very scandulous to the people in the pews.
    He should not wonder why people are leaving the Church, not attending Mass and why he has a flock that is divided and so very confused.

    • Cardinal Dolan is not allowing comments on his response. I left a comment early this morning and it has not yet appeared.

      I am getting more angry by the minute, first the Obama fiasco now this!

  5. All the money in the world will never make abortion right. They tell themselves it’s OK to honor abortion supporters as long as they are getting $2500 a plate to do it.

    The life of just one child is worth more than all their money.

  6. Does Dolan think he’s going to convert any of the people at the dinner? This is the definition of cooperating with evil. Dolan is showing how well the church gets along with those set for her destruction.

  7. I think I’m gonna be sick. Jokes and laughs at the Waldorf while babies are butchered. I wonder how many babies will be butchered in New York city alone on the day of this dinner party for Obama.

  8. Without strong leadership that explains and demonstrates Catholic teaching on “intrinsic evils” and the sin incurred by supporting them, the Church cannot hope to stand as a beacon against the “culture of death”. Too many leaders publicly dabble around the fringes. Mixed messages result in mixed results – as was demonstrated by the Catholic vote for Obama and his abortion stance back in 2008. Our bishops are continuing to lead us down the same paths.

  9. Can you say busted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The pro-aborts always give themselves away….over money!

  10. Let’s face it, the Al Smith dinner is just another hypocritical, smoke and screen, event to raise money to redistribute to whatever and whomever they choose, just like (CHD) the Campaign for Human Development has been doing for years, which our USCCB has encouraged. Then it is revealed that much of the money goes to support causes that are anti-lfe. Our Blessed Mother warned us during the Akita, Japan (1973) appartitions that “Cardinals would be against Cardinals, Bishops against Bishops and Priest against Priests during the time of tribulation, confussion and apostasy. Satan is having his day now, but we know it is coming to a close soon.

  11. Before becoming Pope Pius XII, Archbishop Eugenio Pacelli served as Papal Nuncio to Berlin, Germany. He never had dinner with Adolf Hitler.
    As Cardinal Pacelli, Vatican Secretary of State he never had dinner with Benito Mussolini.
    This dinner should be cancelled.

    • Judas, Jesus Christ and the 30 pieces of silver « Big B Mar 21, 2008 – The 30 pieces of silver today would be worth around $950 today. According to the Professional Coin Grading Service, “The value of 30 of these …

      EDITOR: Very interesting-isn’t $950 about the average cost of an abortion today?

  12. What a stupid and inane topic. Do you honestly expect the people who are selling tickets to a charity event to spend their time determining whether someone’s moral and political views disqualify them from attending an event? What possible difference could it make what audience members views are on any particular topic? They are sitting down and eating dinner. Period.

    When is our pro-life movement going to end the circular firing-squad tactics? Grow up and get a life.

    EDITOR: We suggest you go to this link: and read what a long-time pro-life leader has to say about this matter. You need to be informed about the real issues and get facts, not knee-jerk reactions.

    • Goodness gracious me! The response from the Al Smith foundation, Meghan, looks like a generic response that would be offered to all inquiries wishing to attend.
      Rather than jumping on the front foot, WAIT and see how the dinner pans out, WHO actually attended (not just fake inquired), WHAT Cardinal Dolan does on the night, and WHERE this all ends up, before JUDGING! By the way, which “good Catholic” came up with the “trap?- you are a loser!
      Everyone as made up their mind about the good Cardinal and the outcome through scare-mongering, and for me this is a read flag that all the pious know-it-alls just want to diss the Church and arrogantly remark how it is going down the drain- the outcry is driven by
      Pride that they know better than the faithful leader who is leading them and Christ flock. You go do a better job!!! I’d like to see how many treat their own mothers when she doesn’t do things their way. No loyalty left in our Church, for our leaders! None!
      Sorry but I’m not buying all this conspiracy theory rubbish. Too many people with too much analytical thinking time on their hands. Don’t they have a job, mass to attend, rosaries to say for the Church…for Cardinal Dolan, for the unborn? Get a life.
      You know the old saying, to ASSUME makes as ASS out of U and ME.

      EDITOR: We have the greatest respect for Cardinal Dolan. With that being said, the idea that anyone involved with the Catholic Church and with pro-life would purposely invite the most radical pro-abortion president to speak anywhere is mindboggling. Bill Clinton was not invited to the Al Smith dinner after he refused to sign a bill that would ban partial birth abortions. Obama has been much more pro-abortion than Clinton, yet he was invited, This makes no sense. By inviting Obama, it gives the impression to many Catholics that abortion must be OK since a pro-abortion speaker is allowed to speak.
      Ez-you said: “Sorry but I’m not buying all this conspiracy theory rubbish. Too many people with too much analytical thinking time on their hands.” What foolishness. If there is conspiracy it is on the part of Obama. He knows that through the Al Smith dinner he has a group of useful fools; he used the Al Smith dinner to great political advantage in 2008 and it is documented that dinner said to many Catholic voters that Obama is OK. Statistics prove a high percentage of Catholic votes were garnered as a result, in part, of Obama’s appearance at this dinner. It would appear Christians need to do more analytical thinking about what Obama is doing to our country and to our Church. We deal in facts and in truth; any assumptions being made are being made by you, and you know what that means.

      • Well, ez… I write this nearly 2 years after the event.
        I came across this discussion, and noticed your comment that we should WAIT and see how this dinner pans out.
        Guess what? We are now in a position to say that it was a COMPLETE MISTAKE, aren’t we?
        All of you who refused to see the problem with inviting Obama should now consider that:
        —Obama won the election (not saying that this dinner propelled him to the win, but it sure didn’t hurt him)
        —Obama proceeded to push his health care plan (which heavily promotes anti-Catholic principles)
        —Obama’s HHS created a “mandate” forcing Catholics to violate core principles

        This whole thing with the Al Smith dinner was ugly. Catholics are supposed to be fighting for our God and the souls of our neighbors. Instead, a prominent leader of ours rolled out the red carpet to a key player in promoting evil, all under the guise of “setting aside differences for a night.”
        Where did it get us? Answer: Worse than before.
        Card. Dolan, you are A-OK on the textbook principles of the faith, but just awful in “prudential matters” such as this dinner.

        EDITOR: Thank you for your comment. To use the vernacular of the world, Cardinal Dolan talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

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  14. I read the letter of Judie Brown. She has long believed that we need to shun pro-abortion politicians. Nothing new there.

    Her view about Obama being invited to speak at an event has nothing to do with whether it is somehow immoral to allow pro-abortion people to ATTEND a charity dinner and make a donation to a worthy cause. People who go to a dinner do not normally hold up signs with their views or make speeches, so how would anyone else at the dinner even know they were there?

    Are we supposed to send moral questionaires to everyone who we interact with on any level? Is it immoral for a grocery store to sell food to people who think abortion is morally acceptable? Ride on the same bus with them? Can we breathe the same air?

    This “sting” operation is simply pointless and makes the pro-life movement look ridiculous. This hurts our cause more than the Al Smith dinner will.

    EDITOR: Thanks for your comments but we couldn’t disagree with you more. Holy Scripture says if your brother offends you, rebuke him. The Cardinal and it would appear the whole Al Smith crowd deeply offends all of us who have the God-given sense to see what is going on. Therefore, we have and we will continue to rebuke them until they cease aiding the enemies of the Church and the enemies of freedom. Time will prove that our position is right.
    Obama will more than likely make a speech as he did in 2004. Thus it becomes a platform for him and gives credibility to him even though he has done and is doing much to destroy our religious and civil freedoms. This action merely makes the Al Smith Foundation to be nothing more than useful fools.

    • “HumbleGenius”,
      I think it fair to tell you that I find your view VERY revolting!
      OF COURSE we have a right to inquire about a prospective donor’s views! Honestly, if one of Kim Jong Il’s son would come to the US and offer us money, so long as we made certain we didn’t even remotely slight North Korea, we would surely refuse his offer as politely as possible.
      If we never make plain that there ARE moral causes to be concerned about, we may as well cease offering ourselves as a faithful Church.
      If someone merely needs to offer us money to make us be quiet, we don’t have any faith left worth mentioning!

      • How sad and pathetic, using completely unrelated analogies about North Korea to justify your point. The invite offends you, because it hurts your pride. Loosing the “upper-hand” on the argument.
        NOT because it is wrong!
        And the irony remains: I have said it before and I’ll say it till my tongue goes dry, if you tried to talk to a hostile pregnant woman who wanted to abort her child, with YOUR attitude, she will slam the door in your face! THEN she will abort the child.
        I know. I’ve counseled these women for many years. Your hard-nosed approach, along with many other good Catholics only drives further wedges and hostility. The good Cardinal explained his approach. It’s a good one, one of dialogue, especially very difficult dealing with such an obnoxious government like the Obama administration. Why isn’t that good enough? You haven’t even given him a chance, but rather crucified him before he has begun. Enough with this scare-mongering, personal attacks. It’s no-good for our Church or each other.

        EDITOR: Note-we are not attacking Cardinal Dolan and would never do so. However, his actions in inviting this radical pro-abortion president are being questioned. Did Pope Pius XII invite Hitler to speak at a dinner? The answer is no, of course not. Hitler was responsible for millions of deaths and yet that number pales compared to the number of abortions promoted during Obama’s political career.

  15. I do not think making a pro-abort group give its money to help children is a bad thing. Their letter stated they were pro-abortion. Letting them attend is not an endorsement of their view of abortion. Their letter then only stated that they supported the Al Smith dinner invitation of Obama as they saw the invitation a move beyond ‘corrosive’ political fighting on reproductive rights. Although the vast majority of the corrosiveness is coming from the pro-abort side, the letter is seeming to acknowledge Cardinal Dolan’s continuing hospitality and outreach to all people, the Christian approach. This dinner invitation is not a honor. It is not a platform for Obama to push his horrific policies. For good or bad, it is a tradition that now would seem sniveling and small to discontinue. From what I know of Dolan, he will not give Obama carte blanche at this dinner, and will not let any horrific remarks go unchallanged in the end.

    EDITOR: Perhaps this dinner is a tradition that should end. It would appear you do not understand the dangers of propaganda and spin. This dinner only serves Obama’s political purposes; it would be better the dinner would be canceled altogether. That way the Church and the dinner would not used as a platform for anyone.

  16. I find this expose of this scandal to be a wake-up call for a more militant stance in protesting this invite of this brazen anti-Catholic president.. E-mail Archbishop Dolan requesting he rescind this invitation immediately. His e-mail address is

  17. Humble Genius,

    If someone emailed them from the KKK and wanted a table you can be sure they would be turned down cold. This is just another example of liberal hypocrisy.

    I love that you end your post with the line “Grow up and get a life.” It’s liberals like Obama and the social justice Catholics who make darn sure babies in the womb never get a chance to grow up and get a life.

    Abortion is murder, the murder of a child in the womb, we pro-lifers will never rest until the murders end.

    EDITOR: Thank you for your excellent comments.

  18. I’m dumbfounded by the moral relativism of people who think it is no big deal to honor Obama the baby butcher and invite pro baby killing groups to the party.

    One thing I know forsure is God does not need money from pro-abortion groups to help the poor. The love of money is the root of evil.

  19. Especially for the purposes of offering the organizers of the Dinner a small portion of a benefit of doubt, I think it worth noting that the alleged response COULD be taken as a comparatively standard form letter auto-response. Granted, having a particular person’s name at the bottom tends to weaken that case; I’m hoping that the organizers have enough to do with that they’re making use of technology to reduce hassles. If that might be the case, any follow-up correspondence might be considerably more rigorous in screening out potential donors.

    I will readily concede though that this doesn’t look like a good situation. Seems to me there’re better means of handling the myriad requests for seats and tables. I also can’t help but think that mentioning “reproductive choice” would be a DEFINITE red flag.
    Even if the event is explicitly religious, I should hope they’d be concerned about accepting money from those who’re interested in fomenting abortion and other ills.

  20. Quote from John:

    if one of Kim Jong Il’s son would come to the US and offer us money, so long as we made certain we didn’t even remotely slight North Korea, we would surely refuse his offer as politely as possible.

    Where in the “sting” letter did it say that the pro-abort minister was trying to get the organizers to avoid speaking against abortion? There was no suggestion that they were trying to “buy our silence” – just that they wanted to come to the dinner. I am sure that no one is polling the audience for their views and then deciding what to say based on who paid the most. That is just absurd, as is this “sting”.

    • This “sting” proved that murdering babies in the womb is of no concern to a lot of people who call themselves “catholics”

      Would you sit down to dinner with a bunch of concentration guards? That’s what Obama and his pro-abortion friends are.

      This “sting” showed that the Al Smith Dinner organizers are glad to honor people who kill millions of babies.

      This “sting” separated the sheep from the goats.

    • “There was no suggestion that they were trying to “buy our silence” – just that they wanted to come to the dinner.”

      No need.
      If the pro-choice lobby wishes to demonstrate the hypocrisy of Catholic faithful OR demonstrate that some Catholics don’t mind the pro-choice side that much, they may easily buy a ticket, then demonstrate to potential donors or clients that they were allowed to attend the dinner.
      That CAN be a legitimate argument against the pro-life case.

  21. What all this means is we are a ship without clear direction on these moral issues that mean life and death for millions and eternal life or death for all of us.

    If we had strong leaders instead of nice leaders the fight would be more difficult because we would all have to defend the church or leave it. Now it’s all warm and mushy.

  22. Should we all take our lead from Cardinal Dolan. Let’s just get past our diffrences with those who slaughter the innocent babies. Can’t we all just sit down to a nice $2,500 a plate dinner, enjoy some good jokes, pat ourselves on the back for raising money for charity and go home and sleep well.

    That would be nice.

    Except, except, those darn babies that keep getting their heads cut off by abortions that the honored guest of the dinner Obama makes sure happen thousands and thousands of times a day, every day in this country.

    Oh well, what’s a little baby blood and suffering when we have a chance for a party at the Waldorf Astoria!

  23. At times like these I begin to wonder if some in clergy and hierarchy lack the burning Faith of the faithful laity in the pews. Obama lied to the Cardinal…Obama mocked the Church/the Cardinal by offering on extra year to adjust Catholicism’s tenets/teachings/truths to come into conformity with obamaism .

    EDITOR: Excellent comment! These are the times that try men’s souls. What blindness has fallen upon many in the Church. Obama was indirectly responsible for 88 pro-life citizens being drug through the courts at Notre Dame. It was Obama who made an unprecedented attack on Jesus Christ by demanding that the very symbol of our faith, the crucifix, be taken down or covered up when he gave a speech at a Catholic university. What was even more shocking and shameful than his anti-Christian demand was the cowardly response by the representatives of the Church. They caved! Come Lord Jesus.

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