Alberta’s Floods Cannot Destroy The Human Spirit

Alberta Ca.- By Mark Pickup-    I’m going to step away from my usual blog offerings because my Canadian province of Alberta is hurting. Floods have devastated vast areas of southern Alberta — along with the beautiful city of Calgary. See the video below. People’s homes and dreams have been destroyed. That’s the bad news. The good news is that my fellow Albertans are resilient. Whether it’s the Slave Lake fires or this latest disaster,  Albertans come together in times of need and support each other.  The human spirit is alive and well. We shall overcome. God is good.

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By Mark Pickup-  Modern western culture tends to view piety with suspicion. The word piety and the word hypocrisy are often seen as synonymous to the 21 Century North American mindset. That is because modern understanding of piety is based upon ignorance and caricatures of a  fast fading memory of a former greatness of western Christian civilization. That civilization is quickly descending into a brutal neo-paganism and materialism.

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