America The Beautiful

America The Beautiful

ProLifeCorner- Freeport Illinois- By Frank Munda-  We recently celebrated Independence Day, 2015. As I look back on my many years here on Earth I have had many joys and many sorrows, and yes many regrets; regrets of things that I did and things that I failed to do. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, awesome children who married wonderful spouses, and they in turn have been blessed with wonderful children themselves.

There have been dark times as well. The darkness of Vietnam had just slipped away from the consciousness of many American citizens when the greatest travesty of injustice came upon the scene; when an activist controlled Supreme Court illegally and immorally created law declaring that a mother now had the right to kill her baby through abortion. Many of our young readers are probably not even aware that what occurred in January of 1973 was an illegal move by the Supreme Court. The three branches of government, Legislative, Judicial, and Executive are supposed to be checks and balances. The Judicial branch of the government is to rule on existing laws or proposed laws presented by the Legislative branch of the government.  This was not the case in January 1973. Through Roe versus Wade and Doe versus Bolton, the Supreme Court created law; a law that states a woman has a right to kill her baby in what should be the safest place in the world- the mothers womb.

I would like to ask this question: Would it be proper for a white man to create a law that would put forth an alleged right for him, but would take away rights from the black race? Unfortunately, this was done during  the 1800’s when blacks were considered slaves and property.  We fought a long and bloody war to abolish slavery in the country.  No law should ever be created to put forth the rights of one person and take away rights from another person, yet this is what happened in 1973 when they decriminalized abortion on demand. Planned Parenthood and their minions did not stop there. They demanded that taxpaying citizens, believers in God or not, were to pay for the abortions. Obama has increased the payment of our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood from $350 million to over $500 million in federal tax dollars per year. Their alleged rights to kill a baby in the womb is a direct attack upon my rights as an American citizen by forcing me and others who feel the same way to pay for this crime against humanity.

Barak Hussein Obama has waged war on pro-life citizens and Christians since his inauguration. However in 2012 Obama ramped up his attack on the citizens of the United States by declaring it a  right for all to have health care in this country. This is another alleged right that is not afforded to the citizens through the Bill of Rights, but instead it increases the political power base of those in the White House and Congress at the expense of all taxpaying citizens. Through his seizing control of many aspects of the healthcare industry he is taking away the rights of other citizens. For example, he has declared the murder of a pre-born child in the womb a health care right. Through this declaration he is attacking the rights not only of Catholic and non-Catholic Christians but any citizen who has a business of a certain size who disagrees with this policy is being forced to pay for abortions against their will.

Since 1973 there has been a veritable hemorrhage of people stepping forward with their alleged rights to this or that. Each group is getting its way through an activist controlled Supreme Court. If you do a study of each one of these movements, you will see that in its wake you will find the bodies of everyday American citizens who have lost their rights, or will soon be losing their rights to their free-speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion. This madness will only end when decent people rise up and say “enough is enough”.

Pastor Timothy Barr gave us a short lesson on the up lifting song America the Beautiful.

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