An Open Letter To Cardinal Donald Wurel

ProLifeCorner – 12-16-2015 – by Editor –  UPDATED 12 17 2015 –  We recently received a request to publish an open letter from the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative to Cardinal Wurel.  Following is the letter that was sent with a link to further information concerning this incident.

Letter 250xAn Open Letter To Cardinal Donald Wurel

 Your Eminence,

This is a letter from a group of concerned Christians.  The question at hand is simple.  Why was Catholic journalist George Neumayr forcibly removed from your book signing at the book store of the National shrine when he did absolutely nothing wrong?  

See here church militant report!

We know you have repeatedly said you will not ban Catholic politicians from receiving Holy communion (in opposition to Cannon 915),  then it appears you called the police to have a Catholic journalist removed from Church property by the police.  

Is being a faithful Catholic journalist, and in Mr. Neumayr’s case a very well respected one, grounds for being removed from Catholic Church property by armed police officers, while Catholic unrepentant and proudly pro-abortion politicians who vote for and make possible the vicious and brutal murder of millions of children welcomed?

Your Eminence, you can see this is a very confusing situation.  Thank you very much for your considering this question.  We hope to hear from you.

God bless you,

The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative

UPDATED 12 17 2015

This was posted by George Neumayr on facebook today:

Last night, Cardinal Wuerl, with the help of his flunkies within Opus Dei, had me once again escorted off a Church property by a police officer. The incident happened at the Catholic Information Center on K Street in Washington, D.C. around 6:45, after I merely introduced myself to the cardinal (privately, during the book-signing stage of the evening, not during the lecture or his question-and-answer session) and asked him simply: Why won’t you speak to me? This is obviously within my rights as a journalist and a Catholic. His goons then tried to bully me into leaving the bookstore, even pushing up against me. (They touched me; I didn’t touch them). I, of course, as a self-respecting journalist, refused to flee, saying, “I am a member of the press.” Wuerl’s devotees then showered me in condemnations and brown-nosing browbeatings of one kind or another. I stood my ground until a police officer arrived and escorted me out of the Opus Dei bookstore.

Needless to say, I have retained legal counsel and am considering civil and canonical lawsuits against Cardinal Donald Wuerl and potentially other parties. Expect coverage later today. 

To protest Wuerl’s open abuse of power against me, please call Fr. Cortinovis, his personal secretary, with whom he shares his penthouse floor at 2200 California Street in Northwest Washington, at (301)853-4516.

To protest Opus Dei’s role in mistreating an orthodox Catholic journalist, call Fr. Arnie Panula, who pushed up against me repeatedly for no apparent reason and tried to browbeat me into leaving the bookstore for the non-offense of speaking privately to the cardinal about his stonewalling of my interview requests, at (202)783-2062. Don’t destroy last night’s records, Fr. Panula! That could constitute spoilation of evidence.


14 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Cardinal Donald Wurel

  1. I’ve been observing this situation and I have to say that over the last few weeks, Neumayr has been acting quite a bit like a stalker. What’s the deal with his obsession with Wuerl?

    Editor: Please be careful. It sounds like you came in the middle of the story. In order to assess this situation, you need to know all the facts. If a reporter quietly shows up at a meeting as part of his investigative work and questions are allowed, he should be heard. It has come to our attention that it is the Cardinal and some of the people around him who are trying to silence this individual because he is trying to expose improprieties that have been surfacing in the Diocese.
    It pains us to even carry articles such as this because we truly love the Church and we pray for all the Cardinals, Bishops, and priests who are trying to do the will of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is our duty to support and protect all the holy priests, but we also believe it is our duty to expose improprieties that are contrary to the will of our Lord.

      • A stalker? Not even close. George Neumayr is an excellent journalist who is writing a story about the corruption taking place in D.C. and by Wurel. The Cardinal is upset that he has been caught living the high life and allowing baby killers to desecrate the Eucharist.

        Thank God for George Neumayr and journalists like him

        • I’m with Matt. The guy wants to interview the cardinal and force him to answer his criticisms. The cardinal, as is his right, declined. So the guy hangs outside his residence and attends every public function involving the cardinal that he can to try and force the cardinal to engage him. That sounds like stalking to me.

    • We have no evidence, none at all that any stalking took place. Only a good reporter and a Cardinal who wants to hide the truth.

      In the end Cardinal Wurel welcomes the killers of babies to mass and abuses his authority to remove people he personally does not like.

      This is a serious and dangerous situation for the souls of all involved.
      I pray George does not give up on exposing the hypocrisy in this situation.

  2. Cardinal Wuerl also allowed the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia to be forced out of a Catholic School by a Pastor in his Diocese. Denying Children the education and Catholic influence of these Wonderful Catholic Sisters.

  3. I would ask you to read various assessments of Wuerl in the writings of Malachi Martin who died in 1999. They are not very flattering. Martin is the former Jesuit advisor to the pope at Vatican II who died in 1999 after a prolific writing career.

  4. I did not know Opus Dei supports Babby Killers receiving the Holy Eucharist of our Lord. What a bunch of hypocrisy. That’s right members of Opus Dei do also live in very nice elite Mansions just like Cardinal Wuerl. Like the nice Mansion Opius Dei owns in Paris, France. Shame on them.

  5. While in Pittsburgh Wurel sold cemetery property to Freemasons so they could build a temple. What does that tell you about man?
    Editor: Unfortunately it looks like there is truth to the above statement.

    An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic
    Rosemont Cemetery-Masonic Temple-Catholic Church CONNECTED


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