An Open Letter To Sister Carol

Will Sister Carol And The CHA Apologize?

See update below:   Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – 11-11-2013

Dear Sister Keehan,

When I first heard about your support for the Affordable Care Act I emailed you about my concerns that it would promote contraception and abortion.

You graciously wrote back and told me I need not worry and that the Affordable Care Act would be good for America.

Mr. Obama told us all we could keep our insurance and doctors and Obama Care would be great for all Americans as well.

Because of Obama Care my wife’s health insurance went up $100 a month and on Friday Nov. 8th, when she showed up for her doctor appointment she was told that because of “changes” her insurance no longer covers my wife’s visits to her doctor of 15 years.

This doctor helped my wife through a serious cancer surgery and through a miscarriage. My wife is healthy and well today because of this doctor. 

A fantastic doctor who has helped my wife more than I can explain here.  Now my wife is without a doctor.

Because I have hemophilia and other health conditions I have an annual blood test, or at least I did for the last twenty years.  My doctor called in my blood work but a couple days after that I received a call from the hospital. Because of recent changes in health care laws my blood test is no longer covered by my insurance.

I was told I was still welcome to have the test done but it would cost a little over $300.

Because of health issues I can only work part time and my wife can’t work anymore.  I cannot pay for this blood test.

Can you tell me how the Affordable Health Care Act that you support is good for us.  As far as I can see it has taken away our health care.

Can you also help me understand how making the abortion industry the big winner in all of this is good for America? 

It is clear beyond any doubt that abortion and contraception will be covered big-time by the Affordable Health Care Act pumping billions of dollars into an abortion industry that was, until Obama Care, collapsing under the weight of it’s own destructive nature.  Obama Care will help save abortion in America.

I would greatly appreciate any help you can give to my family and millions of others like us so we can understand how taking away our health care and pumping billions of dollars into the abortion industry is the right thing to do.

Sister, I just watched your CHA video that is supposed to help people sign-up for Obama Care.  It starts with the line, “we all know someone who does not have health insurance.”  Thanks to you and the Catholic Health Association my family is losing it’s heath insurance along with millions of other Americans.  It seemed the video you produced was mocking us.

The Catholic Health Association has supported a health-care bill that is harming and will continue for decades to harm millions.

Kevin Rilott

Kevin- Thank you for your eloquent letter to Sister regarding her complicity in promoting a pseudo-healthcare plan, which will bring incalculable pain and suffering to the American people. We have been  blessed to know you as a friend and are honored to work with you in the pro-life arena. It pains us to see how this evil takeover of the medical industry is affecting you already regarding your much-needed annual blood test. What other needed tests and procedures will you and millions of other Americans be denied in the future because of Obama’s takeover of the world’s greatest medical industry, through the controlling of granting or denying medical procedures? Years ago we asked the question ”who lives, who dies and who decides”?  Unless this madness is stopped, it will be Obama’s death panels that will decide your family’s fate.  May our Lord have mercy on you, your family, and may He have mercy on America.

In Christ,   Frank and Chris Munda

10 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Sister Carol

  1. Recently I checked out these three books from the public library, all published 2013:
    1) Obamacare survival guide / Nick J. Tate.
    2) ObamaCare survival guide : the Affordable Care Act and what it means for you and your healthcare / complied (compiled) by Batholomew Okonkwo
    3) Beating Obamacare : your handbook for surviving the new health care law / Betsy McCaughey.
    Notice the word “survive” in all three titles. My fellow Americans – we’ve been HAD! We were warned but we were duped into believing that nothing “bad” could happen. Something very BAD has happened. Now we can read the summaries of what the 2572-page law says and plan how we are going to “survive” as well. God save America!

  2. Sr. Carol Keehan is a disgrace to the Church and to Catholic women religious. Her annual salary and benefits come to $962,467. CHA endorsed the Obamacare mandates.

    While all his worldly needs are met, the pope receives no salary. He serves over 1.1 billion Catholics and billions more through Catholic charities, hospitals, and humanitarian outreach programs. Pope Francis eschews the pomp of office and remains a servant for God’s people.

    Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta worked around and in poverty all her life, serving the lowest of the low. She founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation with over 4,500 sisters active in 133 countries.

    Luke 12:20-21: “But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your soul is required of you; and now who will own what you have prepared?’ 21″So is the man who stores up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.”

  3. Sister Carol sold her faith for a pen…. At least Judas received something of value….

    At what point will her Bishop step in and hold her accountable? I assume, at a minimum, she’ll be denied communion until she publicly repents. As part of her penance should be tasked to advocate against ObamaCare in equal measure to advocacy efforts for ObamaCare.

  4. It sure would be interesting to hear what Sister Carol and the Catholic Health Association would have to say for themselves now that their beloved Obama Care is destroying health coverage for millions.

    She sure spoke out when the CHA wanted Obama Care past, now all we get is silence as people are harmed. The CHA needs to take some responsibility.

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