Annual Ecumenical Prayer Service For Life

Fourth Annual Prayer for Life Service Held at Stephenson County Courthouse
FREEPORT– Approximately 50 Freeport residents gathered at the Stephenson County Courthouse for the fourth annual Prayer for Life service, held on the weekday closest to the anniversary of the January 22, 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision. The event is hosted by Stephenson County Right to Life (SCRL).

“The reason we hold this at the courthouse is because the travesty set in motion by the Roe vs. Wade decision started in a courthouse, but it’s going to end with the people of this nation on their knees asking God for intervention,” said SCRL spokesman Christopher Clukey. Local ministers who commented on the conflict between the culture of life and the culture of death included Father Michael Bolger of St. Wendelin’s Catholic Church (Shannon, IL), Pastor Kurt Strong of Bible Community Church (Freeport, IL) and Father Timothy Barr of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Freeport. Pastor John Hollis (a frequent speaker at previous services) and Pastor Mark Tipton of the Bridge were unable to appear due to ministry obligations.
“Abortion on demand has warped our nation’s values,” said Strong, calling for a return to the value of life. Barr referred to the vacillations of politicians (especially Catholic ones) on the issue as simply being “baloney” and called on public officials to “stop lying” about the issue. He then led participants in the Rosary.
During the service church bells could be heard softly ringing in the background for 52 minutes, one minute for each million babies aborted since abortion was legalized in 1973. (52 million in all)
The temperature was in the mid 20’s but the wind made it seem colder.  It was cold, but our spirits were warmed by our guest speakers.  Rather than go into what all was said, we encourage you to simply start the videos and hear for yourself.
3 of Our Videos:

Stephenson County Right To Life Annual Prayer Service 2011

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2011 S.C.R.L. Prayer Service Pt 3

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