Another Heart Wounded By Abortion At N.I.W.C.

The life long scars and pain of abortion are something that the abortion industry want to keep hidden from the world.  In the poem below we have a glimpse into the wounded heart of another victim of the (N.I.W.C.) Northern Illinois Woman’s Center in Rockford Il….

On the Morning of November 17, a pro-life sidewalk counselor asked two of the Rockford abortion mill workers about this poem and about the pain and suffering they cause both mothers and children.  The clinic workers remained cold and stone faced as they went inside the mill to continue killing children and wounding mothers.
After you read this poem we hope you will be strengthened in your resolve to bring an end to pain, suffering, and death abortion inflicts on the people of Rockford by abortion.
Please pray for Stephanie and all the victims of the Northern Illinois Woman’s Center.
This Poem Was Written By 17 Year-Old Stephanie Lindsay Who Aborted Her Twin Girls In The Northern Illinois Woman’s Center In The Spring Of 2010
Now I lay thee down to sleep
Heartbeats beneath my skin, I weep
Tomorrow your souls are not to keep I fight the sorrows,
I battle the sins.
These two little lives
That just cannot win
I want to love you,
I wanted so much
But it was all taken before it was even touched
Tears flow through me
Chills down my spine
What was inside my body
Wasn’t even mine
Everything is taken,
No mother to be.
I took your sight before you could even see
There is no going back, no tomorrow to change
Just two paths of life completed rearranged
Horror and regret seep through my pores
I’m stuck on a path with no unlocked doors
I look at the sky My two angels wonder why
I collapse to my knees
I’m not ready for goodbye
Forever questions race through my head
Back to that long horrid night that I lay in my bed
Holding my stomach with two gifts from above,
Mine to keep
Mine to love.
They are gone now
And will never come back;
I fight for control and for the sanity I lack.
Everything’s blurry fading to black
keeps spinning out of control on a one way track.
Change never ends
Reality never bends
Happiness seems fake
His love was only pretend
Everything is gone now
The silence drowns my ears
My vision seems blurry
Tears just drain the years
Pain is just a virtue
Mistakes bring tears
And along with tears there’s never-ending fear.
I felt so alive, so bright and so blessed
I await in this room as I slowly get undressed
I lay on the table my mind is a mess
I don’t want to go through with it
Why are their lives worth less?
I scream in my thoughts my palms wet with fear
What am I doing? Why am I here?
Before I can change my mind it is already finished
A decision too fast and two futures diminished
My life keeps going when I ended two others,
I took the role of a killer instead of a mother.
Sick to my stomach can’t trust my own thoughts
I gave in so quickly when I could have fought
I hate myself for not loving you
We always want things the most
After they are through
I imagine your laughter, your cries in my head
The joy I could have had my happiness now dead.
Now I lay thee down to sleep
Mommy loves you please don’t weep
And if I die before I wake
Your two little souls are the first to take
Please don’t be scared or lonely or cold
I wish you were warm in my arms safe to hold
There’s nothing to fear I may not be near but
Look in your heart and Mommy is here.

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