Anti-life Terrorism Continues

Anti-life Terrorism Continues

ProLifeCorner – 11-1-15 – by Annarae – The attacks against pro-life citizens is nothing new nor are the vicious attacks against the Catholic Church.  But these attacks seem to be getting more frequent and more violent.  When will our law enforcement officials step up to the plate and start arresting and punishing this kind of attack?  We are supposedly guaranteed freedom of speech but it only seems to be allowed if you’re pro-abortion (pro-death).

‘Happy abortions’: Vandal attacks Catholic church with anti-life graffiti

WELLAND, ON, October 30, 2015 LifeSiteNews- A vandalism attack that left St. Mary’s Catholic Church property defaced with anti-Catholic and anti-life graffiti has left parish priest Fr. Raymond Fenech Gonzi not only with a troublesome, costly clean-up job but several mysteries.

Not only is he puzzled why someone would spray an anti-Catholic obscenity on the rectory’s garage door, as well as “Happy abortions” on the side of the adjacent church hall, where Welland Port Colborne Pro-Life association has an office; but he also wonders why the church was vandalized sometime between Wednesday evening, when he came home, and Thursday morning, when the secretary discovered the graffiti.

“I can’t understand, because this was one of the worst nights we ever had,” Fenech Gonzi told LifeSiteNews, adding that it was a night of driving rain and gale-force winds. “In fact, you can see it in the graffiti. It’s not that clear-cut line, it’s spread.”

“I just don’t understand how somebody could come out just for that.”

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