Baby Emma is walking with Jesus today

This article has been updated with a letter from Emma’s father.

It is with a sad and heavy heart we post the following letter.  Please
continue to pray for the family as they mourn the loss of little Emma
Kate.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them and we know that Emma is
at peace in the arms of her heavenly Father and will suffer no more.

Aug 26 2010
Dear Family and Friends & Prayer Warriors,
Emma was called home to be with Jesus this morning.  She touched so many
lives and God used her little life to draw others in a closer walk with
Him. Please keep Shane & Jackie, Tannis & Hailey in your prayers and
their families and friends. If you want to send a card or note:
Shane & Jackie Schultz
Tannis & Hailey
Box 102
German Valley, IL 61039
Thank you & God Bless you all.

A Letter From Emma’s Father, Shane
This is Emma’s Daddy Shane and since I had not written to you yet I thought that perhaps I would take this opportunity.  As you may have heard Emma went home to Our Father’s House on Thursday morning at approximately 1:30am. 
  Emma had been recovering rather well at Hope Hospital and things were actually looking up. Honestly, I do not believe anyone saw this coming or expected it, but yet when it did, there was no surprise. You can imagine that of course there is heartache and heartbreak. And I have often heard that NO parent should EVER have to bury a child; that now has a whole new dimension that cannot be expressed.
  For whatever reason, God chose me to be the receiver of her last moments here. Jackie was at home with Tannis and Hailey and I was at The Ronald McDonald House. I dont find it ironic in any way, but I was unable to sleep. I recited The Lord’s Prayer and then rolled over to try and sleep some. The phone rang. It was a mother that was a couple of rooms down from Emma’s. She didnt really even need to speak because in my heart I already knew. I ran to the hospital and when I got upstairs to her room there were between 40 and 50 people in her tiny little room. I walked in to see them working on her and I then asked the Dr how long she had been down. "12 minutes" he replied; "three rounds of med’s with no effect" he then stated. I told them to stop. Just as they stopped one of the nurses said they had a weak pulse at 70 but it immediately went to down to 30. I said again to just leave her alone.
  You know, I fully agree with the notion that Mothers have a special bond with their babies. But I and my Emma had something even deeper and more meaningful than that. Every time she was at her sickest or most ill is when Jackie was unable to be there, due to obligations at home. I do not say this in a boastful manner as that is not my nature. It just always worked that way. The point of this story is I guess, would be to love every breath someone close to you breathes; enjoy every little wiggle and giggle and jiggle. It is a miraculous work of God shown in and through Emma. She has brought not only my wife and I closer to Him but countless others as well. We have made lifelong friends through this and she has been instrumental in closing divisions between units in the hospital. She has made so many smile and so many cry with joy. She had the softest skin and the sweetest smile that would show up and melt you even after the most painful operations and procedures.
 I could be angry and I am definitely sad, but her life and body were perfect because that is how The Lord made her. Now there are no more surgeries, scalpels, IV’s or pain of any kind. It IS sad but also a relief; not a selfish relief, but that she no longer has to feel that pain. Thank you all for sharing.
                                                  Your friend in Christ,  
                                           Shane A. Schultz (Emma’s Daddy)



Rejoice in knowing that you belong to God and that He is
conforming you to the image of His Son. See every event of this
day as part of that process.  Yield to the Spirit’s prompting,
and take heart that God will accomplish His will.
      — John MacArthur

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